Mercury Retrograde

Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury appears (from our vantage point) to come to a standstill and then move backward. This phenomenon is actually an optical illusion like the kind that happens when two cars pass one another on the street. When Mercury stations retrograde, it asks for our attention. Consequently, Mercury-related issues come up for us in our day-to-day lives.

Some of these Mercury-related themes include communication, transportation, communication devices, computer programs, health, and organization. 

Sometimes during a Mercury retrograde period, you might encounter stressors, like technical breakdowns, travel delays, or things of that nature. However, retrograde periods (especially with the personal planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars) offer some positive experiences, too. They give us opportunities to reevaluate and revisit our big life decisions, relationships, health, jobs, family, and more. They help us clarify our goals and needs. They bring us back into focus about what we find most important in our lives and help us.  I like to think of Mercury Retrograde as a 3-week period of soul-searching, detoxing, clearing your mind, and cleaning house. 

What to do During Mercury Retrograde


This Mercury retrograde coming up is in the sign of Virgo, the sign associated with our elimination and nervous systems. This is an excellent time to start a diet or health routine. You might even start with a cleanse or fast to clear out toxins and restore health. Virgo has been associated with alternative therapies, too, so schedule an appointment with your acupuncturist to bring your body back into alignment, restore health, and prevent any illness. You might consider seeing a healer or an energy work specialist to clear your emotional and spiritual bodies as well. 


If you have an outdated phone or computer, back it up, and start researching options for a new one. 

I don’t recommend buying a new computer, car, phone, or other electronic gadgets while Mercury is retrograde unless you absolutely have to. You could change your mind or find a better deal after September 5.


When Mercury is retrograde, you might stress over minor details. Our obsessive thoughts, worries, and mental clutter can grow louder because you become aware of any unhealthy patterns. I recommend my clients find time to meditate and relax at least once a day to clear all of that mental chatter. 


Relationships can go through ups and downs at this time, too. People from your past could come back into your life suddenly. This is a time to bring closure to a lingering situation, heal from the past, or reconnect with loved ones. You feel more introspective and can have more awareness about what changes you want to see in your current relationship. Communication is key during this time of growth, but try to do so gently. Everyone feels a little more intense during this time, and you want to avoid miscommunications. Be honest and kind. 

MRx: Make the Most of It

Mercury rules communication and communication devices. People often complain of accidents or glitches with phones or computers during a Mercury retrograde, but I find that there are usually hidden gifts in each of those frustrating encounters. For example, have you ever had your phone screen crack and secretly thought to yourself, “I could actually use a mini break from looking at my work email 24/7.” Thank you, Mercury.

If you have been going nonstop and neglecting your health or wellbeing, you might need to rest and relax. When you consider each minor setback as a gift to help you slow down and take a break, you can embrace Mercury retrograde.

In fact, you might want to make the most of this period of time by setting aside time to journal, having a massage, scheduling a detoxing facial, seeing a healer or therapist, or any other self-care activity. 

If you have already been in the process of making a major purchase or decision, Mercury Retrograde could bring completion. Therefore, it’s okay to sign documents or contracts in those situations. However, double-check all fine print in those documents you sign, and give yourself extra time to proofread anything you send out. Especially check those emails and social media posts. You wouldn't want to accidentally "Reply to All" or BCC someone on a confidential email! 

Leave early for appointments and give yourself extra time to avoid feeling stressed in case of traffic or travel delays. Be compassionate to yourself and others; plans change and people do, too.

This is an excellent time to go through your closets and drawers and purge any stuff you no longer need. Clear your clutter. 

Mercury retrograde is a great time to finish up any old business and revisit past decisions so you can identify and clear any roadblocks to your happiness and well-being. You may even get a second chance or an opportunity to make amends.  

If you want to know where Mercury Retrograde stations in your chart or if you have other questions, please reach out! 

Listen to this Guided Meditation to Help Heal for the Retrograde Period


August Horoscopes



Happy birthday! August is Leo season, YOUR time to shine as brightly as your ruling luminary, the Sun! Two eclipses in your sign this month (a lunar eclipse on August 7 and a solar one on August 21), will rock your world. If your birthday falls at the end of Leo season, from August 18-22, you will feel this the most. The eclipse energy makes you want to live bolder and braver. It's a no-nonsense time when you have to confront any one or thing not in absolute resonance with your soul's purpose. 

You were born with a need to create, and a life path dedicated to self-expression. Everything you do has to have that fiery spark of passion, or you can become depressed. Your biggest challenge? A fear of change. Forget that -- you have the green light this month. Now, GO!!! 

If you take a leap of faith right now, you start out on a whole new adventure. Your soul came to learn lessons of self-acceptance and courage. Courage means knowing the truth of your heart and acting according to those deep soul-level desires. When you wait and wait for external validation, you lose precious time. 

So, ask yourself what you need to shine your brightest. If you need to let go of a job, relationship, or anything else, discern what next right steps to take so that you can gracefully make a transition.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is summertime, and the sun's intensity pleases a Leo! You might even consider vacationing in a tropical destination to capture some extra Vitamin D. So, lounging in the sun is necessary and essential for your health and well-being. A perfect time to get away would be August 7 -- the lunar eclipse. Full moons can bring awareness about unpleasant circumstances in your life, and this one is super-charged because of the eclipse. Take precautionary measures, and step out of your routine for expanded perspective. 

We are all going to feel the intensity. Take the high road if any drama presents itself from August 7 to August 21. That is the "eclipse tunnel" when energy is at its greatest strength. When you commit to honoring your purpose in pursuing your path, distractions from others might arise. These are all designed to help you strengthen your resolve. Stay connected to yourself and true to your path.

In your love life, you might have some ups and downs at the beginning of the month. It could all smooth over after the 21st. To keep things fresh and romantic, try not to take things too seriously.  Have as much fun as possible. You might want to find somewhere extravagant for a date night on August 21. 

If you are single, this month offers many opportunities to heal from the past to prepare you for the right kind of love. You might consider attending a workshop to help facilitate the healing process. Once you learn to strike a balance between passion and stability, you have everything you want and more. Nothing throws you off kilter like drama. So, avoid it all this month! You could meet your soulmate any day -- keep an open mind.


Life offers contrasts to help us clarify our wants. When you feel stuck or unhappy in any area of your life, you can step back, reassess, and make changes. Then, you begin the process of manifesting new opportunities. Sometimes, this contrast is an important part of your spiritual evolution. It enables you to discern who or what you will allow into your life. In the time leading up to your birthday, you experience more contrast than usual as you stand face to face with your past, look closely at your life in the present moment and prepare for a new solar cycle. A new year. 

Two eclipses, a lunar eclipse on August 7 and a solar eclipse on August 21, symbolize revelations. You might discover some piece of information that changes your opinion about someone. Or you could experience a shock that alters the nature of your faith. It could even come through a paranormal experience or ESP.  When you wake up to Truth, it’s hard to go back to sleep. 

You might want to dedicate yourself to a spiritual practice this month. Meditate, hang out with spiritual friends, consult with a healer or astrologer, or anything else that feeds your soul’s growth. 

With Mercury moving through your sign most of the month, you have a gift for words at the beginning of the month. Focus on marketing, writing, promotion, or networking outreach to support your business until August 12. After that, Mercury stations retrograde, which is more favorable for completing projects or revisiting past initiatives. Professional opportunities could come from former colleagues. Reach out, plan coffee dates, and assess options after August 21. The sun moves into your sign on August 22, helping you win recognition for anything you do.

Finances feature prominently in your horoscope. Before making a major purchase, compare prices and accurately assess your needs. Jupiter in your second house of money suggests new income-earning opportunities, but Saturn in retrograde could lead to slow starts and extra financial demands. Weigh the pros and cons, and wait for clarity after August 25. If you are thinking about making new investments, research the facts now but wait until Mercury stations direct in September to take action.

Venus in compatible Cancer invites you to socialize; you might reconnect with friends from your past. Social engagements with friends new and old keep you open for connection in all its various forms, including romantic. You could meet someone who turns your world upside-down (in a good way). There is nothing like love to inspire a spiritual awakening because it expands your heart’s capacity to feel and keeps your analytical mind quiet. So, consider the possibility of a love connection. 

If you are in a relationship, you might have to recalibrate some aspects of your love life that don’t work for you. If you and your partner have been distant or disconnected, this is an excellent time to see a therapist or someone who can help you get back on track. The deeper you work on yourself, the more you ready yourself for the passionate and stable relationship you desire. 


Have you ever flown in a plane moving through turbulence? The aircraft shakes, and for a few minutes, things get scary. Despite the bumpy ride, things eventually smooth out, even if it happens after landing. Remember this metaphor throughout the month. Any turbulence you feel in your life, whether internal or external, will smooth. You will land safely. Try to assuage your fears, and trust in your future, while living fully and completely in the present. 

Energy is shifting faster than ever. With two powerful eclipses (lunar eclipse on August 7 and solar eclipse on August 21), you might find yourself the go-to helper among your friends. If you belong to any groups or organizations, you could also be called upon to help in bigger ways than ever before. Be careful not to volunteer too much of your time or exert all of your energy; you could feel overwhelmed with Jupiter transiting through your sign. 

Speaking of Jupiter, ideas you planted years ago are on the precipice of manifestation in your life right now. Think about your life twelve years ago. What did you dream? What did you want to achieve? What were big themes playing out in your life? Evaluate your current projects, goals, and professional aspirations. Which ones will pay off over the next twelve years? Do not focus on short term successes. Keep your eyes looking ahead, and use discernment when making career decisions.

With the last few weeks of summer peaking this month (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), take the time to relax. You could use a break, right? August 16 is perfect for shopping, indulging in delicious food, and scheduling a massage. You might allow your special someone to whisk you away. Go all out -- make it a romantic vacation. 

If you have been obsessing over a relationship that has not worked out, relax. Your fears or resentment will not change the outcome. From August 13-16, try to find ways to heal the pain from the past, grieve any losses, and move forward in faith. If you have been questioning a current relationship or wondering if it will last, rather than looking for definite answers, find what triggers you about your relationship, and heal that. The answers will present themselves over time. 

On August 23, break your routine, get away for an hour or two, and do some deep soul searching. Libras have an innate talent for compromise. You intuitively know what will please others. When it comes to love, you might have to step away to gain clarity about what you want and need. No relationship can be perfect; choose healthy ones that challenge you, support your growth, and inspire your spirit. 


More than a legacy, you've been building a life. It’s easy for you to think about what you will eventually leave behind, like an inheritance, works of art, businesses, progeny, or biographical accounts. You might feel more internal pressure about these legacy ideas this month. After all, with two powerful eclipses this month, each thought, word, or action matters significantly for your future. With the solar eclipse on August 21 beaming through your tenth house of career, you have no time to waste. 

That said, what good is any of it if you’re not enjoying your life? Follow your passion. Your legacy starts there. 

At the beginning of the month, your ambition animates long-term career endeavors. Mercury will be retrograde starting August 12, and Saturn is retrograde until August 25. These two planets moving backward can slow down progress on any pending deals or new initiatives. Wait out the month without taking any steps forward. Wait to sign any legal documents until after September 5 if you can. There are too many shifting energies this month, and while it is an excellent time for inspiration and creative ideation, you could feel frustrated waiting on others’ responses. You get to learn lessons in patience this month. Lucky you! 

For those of you wanting to start a new business or pursue a different career path, wait until Jupiter moves into your sign in October. You could receive unexpected opportunities to help clarify your goals. 

Venus in Cancer shines in your ninth house of adventure. Take advantage of this happy influence and enjoy the last weeks of summer out of town, especially on August 16. You could use a break from the routine at that time, and who knows? You could meet some inspiring people for friendship, social networking, and more. 

Saturn has been hindering your financial sector for a while, and with Saturn in retrograde until August 25, you might have to revisit some financial decisions that didn’t pan out as expected. Recent changes may have made it necessary to restructure your portfolio. Therefore, revisit your budget and tighten your spending. Your future self will thank you for saving extra money right now. 

With Venus in compatible Cancer until August 25, you could feel more amorous than usual. Your significant other will appreciate seeing your sweet side express itself, especially at the beginning of the month. If you feel obsessed about making a relationship change on August 15, relax. Obsessive thoughts offer us the chance to explore our unmet needs. Try to communicate honestly and openly within all relationships, and let go of fear. You cannot control others, and manipulation is a futile effort. Meditate and trust in your future. If you are single, you could experience an emotional/spiritual shift on August 23. When you are attuned to love, you can draw it into your life. Your key to experiencing more love? Trust. 


Free-spirited Sagittarius, you have had to learn a lot about commitment lately, haven’t you? Perhaps you accepted a new job with bigger responsibilities. Or maybe you took a relationship to a new level, adopted a pet, or started a family. Now, you have others’ needs to consider as well as your own. Thank whatever life situation helped you achieve these milestones, and then, pat yourself on the back. Yes! You did it. Congratulations. 

If you can't relate to this message, then you might have an opportunity to make a significant life change this month. Awaken your spirit of adventure and take a leap of faith. 

On August 7, the Lunar Eclipse opens your eyes, allowing you to see truth. Your spiritual catharsis could embolden you to teach, write, or speak. If you have wanted to write a memoir, start the outlining process early in the month. You will receive insights all month long, as these dynamic energies awaken you to your purpose and imbue you to your sacred call. For inspiration, I recommend you read The Book of Truth, by Paul Selig. 

On August 12, Mercury stations retrograde in your tenth house, and you might have to revisit a past career decision. Perhaps you have unfinished business to complete. Try to see all failures as learning opportunities on the road to success, or you could feel remorse. Regret is only valuable if it inspires dedicated action; take strategic steps to make changes. Some of those steps might include apologies. Self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others are part of that big spiritual shift happening for you all month long. On August 23, especially, releasing your hold on the past will set you free. 

What energizes you for the changes happening in your life? Travel. If possible, take a vacation early in the month, especially on August 7. Unplug from it all, turn off your phone, and reconnect with some of your favorite people. 

Mars in Leo heats up your love life for the whole month. You could feel feistier than usual, so try to use that energy productively. Don’t try to pick unnecessary fights or spark debates. Sure, conflict can promote growth, but who needs the stress? Not you this month! Realize that some disputes start with your very own internal triggers, and most likely issues of time and space. When your special someone wants more time or attention than you have to give, gently and lovingly communicate your needs. Then, let that Mars energy express itself physically. Venus enters Leo on August 25. Indulge your romantic side at the end of the month. Single Sagittarians, find new and creative ways to meet people. The amplified energy of this month can make you a magnet for love.


When looking at any financial matters in astrological charts, I start with Venus, the planetary indicator of our values and priorities. If you don't like something about your financial situation, Venus might have a thing or two to share with you. Have financial concerns predominated your thoughts? Have you been hyper-focused on bringing in more income? If so, start asking yourself these questions: 

What is my number one priority as I think about my long-term career goal? 

What can I do to improve my confidence in my work? 

How can I have more fun making money? 

Your ruling planet, Saturn, would lead you to believe the only way to make a lot of money is to work hard. Venus would disagree! She would say it's all about relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself. This month, you might find that the more you relax and enjoy each incremental step of your overall career path, the more favorable financial results you will see. Celebrate your successes. The email you stressed to send to your boss (and edited for an hour), the new contact you made at a fundraiser, your quarterly sales (no matter how high or low they were compared to last quarter). Yay! You did it! Feel the love.

The lunar eclipse on August 7 illuminates the area of your chart we might call “The Financial District.” Circumstances beyond your control could fire up your desire for a career change to make more money. Ride the wave of energy; the shifts you experience about your money mindset will help you align to lasting abundance. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on August 12. Try to hold off on starting any new projects, renovations, or legal matters until after September. Things could change faster than you can imagine. This is a month for planning and preparation, personally and professionally. It is also a great time to finish any projects you have already begun. 

Expect a spiritual shake-up on August 21, when the solar eclipse activates your eighth house. As an earth sign, you probably pride yourself on being practical. You might occasionally experience paranormal activities, wild dreams, or prophetic encounters, but you might chalk it up to your imagination. Spirit reaches out to you when you are ready to receive a gift or message. Allow new insights to come through, no matter the form in which they come. You might even want to consult a healer, shaman, medium, or astrologer to help the process. 

In your love life, relax and live in the moment. Trust that any minor challenges will smooth over with time. Things are intense this month for all of us, especially around August 15. Offer your partner (and yourself) a little extra compassion. By the end of the month, love will win. 



Rabble-rousing Uranus, a planet closely linked to your sign, starts its retrograde journey on August 2. For part of this month, you might feel like you’ve stepped into an altered reality. A different dimension. Have the clocks turned back a decade or so? Steady yourself as you observe current events on the news, converse with family members, or see friends’ TBT posts on Facebook. People can cling to history and the past when they fear the unknown of the future. And in case you haven’t noticed, the present is changing so fast (thank you, Uranus), that our futures are unclearly defined, meaning your path ahead is pure creative potential. 

With two eclipses this month shaking things up, astrologically, we are all being challenged to brave the unknown of our most expansive, enlightened paths. For some of us, the past feels like a concrete pillar we can lean on for support. Some people find comfort in familiarity. But you? You were born with a visionary mind, and this is your time. Recreate the stories of your past, shake things up, get out into the world, and light things up! 

On August 7, a lunar eclipse in your sign could inspire you to make some changes to your appearance or your personal space. You might consult with your stylist to update your look. Give yourself a “you” day if you can or at the very least a few selfish hours. The intense energy of the day could fire up a strong desire to take charge of life and make some changes. Break free and self-reflect.

If you have been thinking about starting a new career or seeking a new job, you can use this time to network. You might even consider working with a recruiter or agent to help open doors. August 10 is a good day to solidify a relationship of that kind. After August 12, Mercury goes retrograde. Any perceived setback may be only a temporary hiccup, and with faith and clear communication, your circumstances could turn around for the better.

For those of you in relationships, this month offers both challenges and opportunities. The lunar eclipse on August 7 will allow you to speak up if your partner seems distant or uninterested. If you and your significant other have had unresolved conflicts recently, you will receive new awareness for how to move forward. Rather than focus on who did what wrong, look at the overall dynamics of your relationship. Where are the pushes and pulls? When you can identify an unhealthy dynamic, you can see opportunities for healing. Someone with abandonment fears can be a vibrational match for someone who doesn’t like to commit. 

The solar eclipse in your seventh house of relationships is... powerful, to say the least. If you have been in a holding pattern with someone, expect the energy of the eclipse to shake things up! If you have been single, wanting a relationship, you could have a breakthrough to open you to a richer experience of love. If you are in a happy partnership, you have an opportunity to experience connection in a whole new way. 



As I started looking at your horoscope for the month of August, Ella Fitzgerald’s “Too Darn Hot” started playing in the coffee shop. Thank you, Spirit, for the Pisces message! So many areas of your life have begun to “heat up” with excitement. You are firing on all cylinders and following your passion! This month’s influences amplify your potential for career advancement and recognition. However, with Venus in sweet, sentimental Cancer, your heart needs a little extra TLC. You might consider romantic date nights with your significant other, get-togethers with friends, or taking a chance on a blind date. This message is especially true after August 22, when your focus shifts from your work routine to your love life. 

Saturn has been transiting through your tenth house, symbolizing a peak point in your career. This is your time to shine. Even if you don’t have a traditional job, this message applies to you. You may have received a call urging you to volunteer for your favorite cause or accept more responsibility from friends and family. Astrological Saturn is the great teacher with valuable lessons to impart. But it’s like that teacher who gives pop quizzes and grueling final exams. When Saturn transits your tenth house, you are going to work hard, but you will achieve recognition for your work. Saturn is retrograde most of the month, until August 25, and you might revisit some of the professional decisions you’ve made this year. 

The lunar eclipse on August 7 shines new light on your spiritual side. Set the intention to meditate or journal sometime that day to receive a special gift from Spirit, like a message of hope or a new awareness. Eclipses help manifest changes in our lives, ones that start with personal realizations and decisions. The solar eclipse on August 21 amplifies your potential for inner healing. If you can give yourself a retreat away from everything that day, you can soak up those positive vibes and maximize the healing potential.  

Mercury moves in retrograde motion from August 12 - September 5. This influence always invites you to look back on your life, evaluating your previous decisions, analyzing your relationships, and more. Influential people from your past could reappear in your life. If your primary relationship has been a little rockier than usual, Mercury asks you to get to the heart of the problems by communicating honestly and openly about your feelings. Being a Pisces, your emotional waters run deep, and you might have a desire to protect your sensitive heart. The eclipses are activating all of our hearts, asking us to be bold on behalf of love like no other time before. Those eleven other signs are finally on the same wavelength as you! 

If you have been single, Venus in compatible Cancer sends some good vibes for improvement in your love life until August 25! Don’t worry about going on the chase to find love. Trust in the unfolding of a beautiful, divine plan, one in which you star in your very own romantic love story. Allow it to unfold.


The eclipse on August 21 has garnered a lot of attention. People are traveling from all over the world to see it. How exciting to witness this rare event! In ancient times, eclipses symbolized the fall of empires, death of kings and queens, and foreboding societal changes. Whoa! Let's take a more optimistic perspective. Astrologically, eclipses symbolize cathartic changes and turning points for our personal lives and the collective. You have grown exponentially over the past few years, and you have skillfully navigated unexpected twists along your path. You have faced fears and overcome doubts. Everything has led to this turning point in your life. Good things are bound to happen; positive manifestations will be realized. Yes, Aries, this is your time to reflect light to the world and shine. From August 7-21, anything that prevents you from being as successful, powerful, joyful, or loveful will clear away. You’ll feel energized, ready to let go of any strings that keep you hold down. 

On August 7, the lunar eclipse activates your house of social networking. This is an excellent time to plan a party or attend a networking function. Any person you meet this day could play a significant role in your life. You might also use this energy to strategize ways to grow your business. Your creative visions could manifest pretty quickly over the next few months. Are you dreaming big enough? If not, brainstorm with a trusted friend, one who wholly supports your success. If you feel any competition from others, use the energy to your advantage and propel yourself further. Mercury stations retrograde August 12, and you could have a few minor setbacks or disagreements. They will smooth over in time; try not to overreact. 

Professionally, you could receive new opportunities for recognition. If you have had any pending deals or job offers on hold, you might receive news after August 25, when Saturn stations direct. For those of you who work in creative fields, push yourselves hard to develop projects and ideas. Even if you lose a few nights of sleep, it will be worth it. After August 25, your hard work can start to pay off. By the time we reach February, you will be glad you invested the extra effort now. 

If you have children, you have back-to-school activities and shopping to consider this month. You might want a little extra “you” time to recharge, as much of your energy will go to meeting their needs. Release any guilt you might feel if you're not a perfect parent. Look at all you do for your little ones!! You are amazing and doing the best you can. Try to see a bigger picture, especially August 15.

For those of you who are single, this month features some incredible influences for your love life! Go out on the prowl, especially on August 10. By the time Venus enters Leo on August 25, your relationship status could change for the better. 

This is a highly fertile month, too. So, if the thought of starting a family sends you down an anxiety spiral, take extra precaution. If you want to welcome a little one into your life, make a lot of love! 


Put on your ruby slippers and say, “There’s no place like home.” As the last few weeks of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) drift by, you might feel a strong desire to gather with family members and spend more time relaxing at home. You might dream of plans for renovation projects or interior design. Make your home more like a sanctuary, a place to recharge. You will need it six months from now when career changes manifest, and your home base balances you out. 

For those of you in school or those of you with school-aged children, as a new academic season starts, you will have to adjust to a different routine. Your back-to-school to-do list might be too ambitious. After all, with two eclipses this month, one on August 7 and another on August 21, everything feels more intense. Realistically reevaluate and see what you can postpone until a later date. Your key objective? Avoid stress!

With any new beginning comes the prospect of change, and an invitation from the Unknown. These times can amplify perfectionistic tendencies; try to relax as much as possible. Dance, do yoga, meditate, take a vacation, or something else to help release tension. 

Mercury stations retrograde on August 12. Before you worry about what could go wrong, understand the benefits of this influence for your creativity. You can finally muster the energy to finish a project that has been on the back burner. Perhaps you have aspired to write, paint, or something else to express yourself. Indulge that desire, especially on August 16. 

With Saturn in retrograde recently, you might have had to reassess your spending habits. Maybe your investments have had a few uncomfortable ups and downs. If you have concerns, rethink your strategy. By the time Saturn stations direct on August 25, you could have new ideas for how to maximize your portfolio. Consult with your trusted financial advisor to explore options, but wait to make any significant changes until after September 5. 

The eclipses and retrogrades this month give us all intense experiences; love, fear, anger, joy, pain, expansion, and contraction. As an earth sign, you are likely the calm, grounded one in your family and among your friends. You are the rock upon which others lean during crazy times. This month, though, you’re going through the same ups and downs as everyone else. Give yourself permission to reach out for help and support if you need it. Feel all of the emotions stirring inside. Fall apart if you have to; you’ll pick yourself back up! We have to feel to heal, and the broad spectrum of emotions available to you right now will color and enrich your life. 

In love, you might let go of some past relationship karma early in the month. When Mercury stations retrograde, you could encounter someone from your past. Maybe they have an apology? Or a desire to reconnect? Use your discretion, but don’t negate all possibilities. By August 23, your love life heats up with passion. You could have an unexpected romantic encounter with hope for a future. 

For those of you in relationships, the intensity of emotions could lead you to realizations about aspects of your relationship dynamic that you’d like to change. Try not to force changes. Make personal shifts that help you grow, and then allow relationship transformations to occur through honest, open conversation.  


Stand up from the bleachers, step away from the wall, and work your way out to the center of the dance floor. Who cares if you don’t know the right moves or if you think others dance better!  You have a rhythm of your own, and it’s all good. Apply this metaphor to any area of your life. You have too much energy, passion, and LIFE to be a wallflower. And no one is putting you in a corner this month. Shine, Baby, shine! 

We have two eclipses, a lunar on August 7 and solar on August 21. Astrologically eclipses symbolize times of huge personal shifts and changes that begin with some awareness or understanding and manifest over time. Because of where these eclipses occur in your chart, you are being asked to uphold truth, to speak with integrity, to live your life authentically. You may not realize the influence you have on the minds of others. You have been called (spiritually speaking) to be a messenger, teacher, and guide. That's why you were with your Gemini mind, wit, and communication skills. The eclipses activate your gifts in new ways. You have received your sacred call. So, write, speak, teach, direct a documentary, post your thoughts on social media, market your business, and use your voice! 

If you have had a strong urge to travel, try to leave town between August 7-21. You might even go somewhere along the eclipse path to see this rare event. 

On August 12, your favorite planet (Mercury) stations retrograde, which could delay any progress you have been trying to make on the home front. Any remodeling projects or repairs could take a little longer than expected. Try to negotiate with contractors or designers; if you want to pull out your hair in frustration, shift gears and regroup. Delays could be blessings in disguise. If you are in the process of making a move, give extra attention to all of the details. Read every word in any contract or lease you sign. 

Venus in Cancer brings warm-fuzzy feels to your finances. Breathe a sigh of relief! Relationships are money for you this month. Network as much as possible, attend parties and social gatherings. With Uranus moving backward through your eleventh house, you might even have a chance to revisit a missed connection with someone influential. 

Speaking of relationships, on August 21, Uranus aspects the Sun and Moon eclipse degree, which could spark a change in a friendship or professional relationship. If you have been hiding your truth or sweeping it under the rug, you might have an opportunity to speak up between August 7-21. It's best to be honest (but not brutal) with your friends and colleagues. 

That same message applies to your love life. If you have had burning feelings for someone, let them know as eloquently as possible. You could shift the entire nature of a relationship if you write a letter expressing your love. Even if you never deliver it, you will still receive the benefit of releasing stuck energy. For those of you who are single, Mars in Leo animates your gift with words. Try updating your online profile and see what happens. When Venus moves into Leo on August 25, the same day Saturn stations direct in your house of partnership, you can end a holding pattern in your love life and finally move forward in love.


Respect yourself. Express yourself. These are two predominant themes for your month. With Venus in your sign throughout most of the month (until August 25), you get a boost in confidence and a more positive personal outlook. So, engage in new social scenes, see and be seen. 

With an improved sense of self-esteem, you might want to give yourself a shopping spree or makeover. Change things up and dress for success. This is especially true before August 15. 

We have two eclipses, a lunar eclipse on August 7 and a solar eclipse on August 21. Astrologically, eclipses symbolize sizable changes that start with a personal realization, an awakening, and then manifest over time. These eclipses could signify shifts in your financial foundation, long-term savings, or personal investments. 

As a Cancer, you have a strong need for financial security. Therefore, when you have any financial fears or worries, you feel shaken to the core. Remedy any fears you have right now by taking action steps to save for the future. Consult with a financial advisor to determine new investment strategies, and pay attention your instincts if you feel a strong need to move away from specific stocks. You have an innate ability to intuit whether a risk is healthy or doomed. Your intuitive gifts are off the charts amazing this month. Real estate could be your best way to invest resources. If you have been thinking about buying property, close any deals early in the month, by August 11, if possible.

You could come up with clever ways to bring money in as an independent contractor or consultant this month, as well. Mercury stations retrograde on August 12, which could lead to some delays in progress toward launching any new endeavor. For now, take inventory of your skills and experience and lay the groundwork. If you own your own business or work in a creative field, market yourself to new audiences after August 22. Use catchy phrases and sound bytes in your social media. People will be paying attention to what you say; you are establishing yourself as a true leader. 

We are all weathering some intense energy this month, and so we need to be more compassionate and loving towards one another than ever before. And compassionate toward ourselves, too! If you are in a relationship, you might experience some emotional ups and downs. You get to feel a full range of emotions, joy, pain, love, fear, regret, passion… and everything in between. Communication is key when conflicts arise. Assert yourself more clearly than ever before. You have an incredible opportunity to take your relationship to a whole new level of connection, but you have to push yourself into uncomfortable territories to get there. If you are single, make amends with your past and heal any emotional scars. Prepare yourself for future relationship success! 

July Horoscopes

July Horoscopes

Cancer (June 21-July 22):

Happy birthday! For a second, let’s consider the crab, your sign’s symbol. It likes to hide in the sand when things get too intense. You might feel that way sometimes but forget about that now. It's your birthday season--time for you to shine! In fact, with several personal planets hanging out in your sign at the beginning of the month, you might have the motivation to get out and explore new places, meet new people, and find hidden talents. In other words: You don’t get to hide away in a protective shell. People love you and want to see you. Seize the opportunity to make it happen. After all, this is the season of pool parties, summer BBQs, and laid-back events.

June Horoscopes

Gemini (May 20-June 20):

Happy birthday! With all of your brilliant ideas, you need more than 24 hours in a day. Amiright? #geminiproblems. You are about to enter your NEW SOLAR YEAR. 2017. It's a one year, too (2+0+1+7=1), which is all about new beginnings. With some retrogrades early in the year, you might have had to adjust your day-to-day focus because of unexpected life circumstances. You're ready, now, to direct your total energy toward one great goal. You have tremendous manifestation mojo; use it wisely and aim high. 

Magic happens when you feel your intention deep in your heart and bring divine light through your entire being. In that process, you animate desire. I repeat: Focused intention and light moving through you. Magic stops when you try to control people, places, and things. So, let go and play. It's summer, after all, a good time to relax on the beach or lounge by the pool.

Mercury moves through your sign from June 6-21. This period is excellent for reading, writing, and preparing business presentations. Your mind functions with heightened creativity, and you can strategize any uncertain situation to work out solutions. This is also an excellent time to promote yourself or your business through social media or one-on-one networking. The Sun in your sign helps you attract new audience members and friends, especially on June 18. You might receive surprising good news about your business. After June 4, Mars helps energize your financial situation by bolstering your competitive edge.

During times of wild change, your creativity reaches a peak.  Bringing beauty and order to chaos is a true Gemini talent. You might want to embark on a creative project or journey. Alternatively, a writing class would help focus your ideas.

Or feed your wanderlust. Travel to gain perspective. Although your travel plans might not manifest until later this summer, you can start prepping now.

This month's influences highlight your independent spirit and ambition. If you are in a relationship, you will have to find creative ways to connect with your special someone. Freedom and intimacy aren't always comfortable bedfellows, but nor are they mutually exclusive. In fact, you might deepen your commitment to your partner by expressing your needs. Your spiritual muscles can stretch and grow as you navigate ways to relate and maintain your sense of self.

Single Geminis, the Full Moon on June 9 highlights romantic possibilities. If you wholeheartedly desire love, keep yourself open and let go of any relationship stand-ins. If you find yourself saying, "I don't think this is the one, but I'm having fun," you may be distracting yourself from something real and lasting.


Cancer (June 21-July 22):

Can you imagine what a baby bird must feel like days before it breaks through its shell? Cramped? Uncomfortable? But still cozy and warm? Think of this image at the beginning of the month, especially if you feel restless or ready for a change. You could be giving life to a new idea, trying to have a baby, starting a work project, or making a significant life change. Anything "hatching" anew in your life needs a little more incubation time.

When the Sun enters your sign on June 20, at the Summer Solstice, we reach our second pivotal activity point in 2017, with the Sun'singress into a cardinal sign. With each Cardinal Ingress (March 20, June 20, September 22, and December 21), we receive a burst dynamic energy. We can either drive our goals to another level or course correct, turning in a different direction. By the Summer Solstice, you will be ready to rock and roll.

Mars enters your sign on June 4, animating your competitive drive and ambition. This is a great month to look for a job or secure new business clients. You might have to work at it, but your determination will pay off, especially on June 20.

Give yourself a little TLC this month, and your health will thank you. Do you need to relax and de-stress? Your body may have more sensitivities to foods and allergens than usual. Consider any ailment a temporary condition, and it may be a good time for a detox, or at the very least, a spa day.

Mars in your sign after June 4 fires up passion. If you are in a relationship, think of this as a honeymoon phase and indulge those more carnal desires. You might want to find ways to release some of that energy if you are single (with no real prospects), like dancing or socializing with friends. Venus in compatible Taurus expands your ability to meet new people, but you will have to reach beyond your comfort zone to connect.

The Full Moon on June 9 offers powerful influences for communicating heartfelt desires and fears. It is finally safe to trust.


Leo (July 23-August 22):

Deep in the heart of every Leo burns a strong desire for self-expression. Whether you sing, write, paint, speak up for a cause, do hair and makeup, decorate your living room, launch a business, parent a child, act on stage, teach, etc., your soul needs creative outlets. If you deny yourself this need, you experience spiritual suffering. This month, do not start any project with outcomes in mind. Ask yourself, "What does my soul want to say?" Your soul is much more sensible than your mind, which thinks of reasons why you shouldn't do what you want to do. (I don't have time... It won't make money.... Everyone else is doing it... I'm not good enough.) Stop second guessing yourself. Take a cue from Nike and just do it.

At the beginning of the month, your social calendar fills up. Make the most of the activity, no matter how much you want to stay at home and relax. Get out and play! It's good for your spirit. June is a great month for networking, meeting new friends, and gathering with people who support similar causes. Art and cultural events can boost your creative spark, especially around the time of the Full Moon on June 9.

On June 23, the New Moon in your fifth house is excellent for planting seeds of all kinds. If you have been trying to start a family, you could receive good news. If you have been gardening, you could see new life in your yard.

On Jun 18, you may have to make a difficult decision regarding an issue with a friend or colleague. Before jumping to conclusions, pray and meditate on the situation. You do not have to see things in black and white, try to understand all sides of the situation.

In love, this month features growth and commitment. After June 20, you might reevaluate your current relationship status. By looking at the past, you can better discern your path moving ahead for the future. You are so loyal to your loved ones, but you may have become frustrated by a seeming lack of reciprocity.  Ask for what you want, and test the waters. See if things can change.


Virgo(August 23-September 22):

Discernment is one of your spiritual gifts. You innately pull toward beauty and elegance, and you would never waste your time with inauthentic people. You try to avoid drama whenever possible. Even your food choices lean toward the pure and healthy. So, in those rare instances when you struggle to make a decision, your world feels off kilter. Several major changes may have happened all at one time. Or perhaps life circumstances hurried you toward a crossroad. This month, you can regain balance and stability by deepening your spiritual practice and taking time out of work to feed your creative side.

Your career endeavors present you with opportunities for visibility early this month, especially on June 4. This is an excellent time to hire someone to help you build an audience for your work or promote your business. Move through any internal resistance or fear by deepening your sense of purpose.

A few minor challenges within your home on June 9 will smooth out in time. By June 20, you will have expanded perspective. Take deep breaths, and find ways to get out into nature for grounding and relaxation. If you can, spend time by the water early in the month. Water, a conductor of electricity, enhances your creative energy.

Mars moves into compatible Cancer on June 4. This influence energizes your desire for relationships of all kinds. Soulful conversations could lead to inspired action. New friends who enter into your life at this time play important roles. If you are single and looking for love, you could connect with someone in a way that feels fated and karmic. While you might need more information about the relationship potential, this heart-opening is a sign of things to come.

For those of you in a relationship, this month's influences strengthen your commitment. You might have to overcome some tests of faith, but if your relationship is healthy, you will experience new levels of passion.


Libra (September 23-October 22):

When the cabin doors close, and the plane prepares to take off, you can't turn around. You have committed - you're moving toward a new destination. This month, the Summer Solstice marks the second Cardinal Ingress of the year as the Sun moves into Cancer. With each Cardinal sign ingress (March 20, June 20, September 22, and December 21), we experience movement in our lives - a turning of the wheel and the invitation to evolve. The intentions you set at the beginning of the year have momentum, and there is no turning back! Regardless of how distracted you may have become or how distant those goals seem, you started a journey, and you will arrive at a destination. Your choices this month matter; you have no time to waste. So, spend time with people who feed your spirit and engage in activities that promote your long-term goals.

Summer travel plans could lead to new adventures. If you have a journey planned, go with the flow. Relax and enjoy the experience, allowing magic to happen. Follow synchronicity, especially if you get lost.

With Jupiter in your sign, this is a time of personal expansion. The universe may have given you a test of faith, but you passed with flying colors. In fact, you might be feeling a bit more optimistic than usual, especially when it comes to your physical needs, like your diet and exercise routine. If you have postponed any health-related activities, you can get back on track this month. Find an enjoyable physical outlet, and find a workout partner to make it a social one as well, especially around June 9.

From June 20-30, you could receive recognition for professional successes. Are you ready to step up on stage and accept your award? If you’re reading this and thinking this message doesn't apply to you, then you might consider finding ways to showcase your work to attract the right kind of attention. For example, spruce up your website or update your profile pics. Embrace your inner rock star, especially if you work independently or in a creative field. Use this month’s momentum to shine on!

Nostalgia can be intoxicating. Remember your first love? Or your first heartbreak? The past can draw you into itself like a vortex, but dwelling on bygones can hurt your current romantic outlook. It’s time to let go of the past and say goodbye to the one that got away. You can experience deep love, bur first, radically accept your past choices. Take a deep breath and truly appreciate this moment in time. Love can be complex, and all choices you made have validity, no matter the outcome.

From June 19-24, you will have the clarity to make major relationship decisions. Until then, journal any thoughts and feelings that come up for you.


Scorpio(October 23-November 21):

With summer in full gear, you may have a bit of wanderlust this month, Scorpio. If you can’t feasibly get out and travel, then at least allow your mind wander. Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Creative ideas to explore? Books you’d like to read? Sometimes, a lack of focus isn’t a sign of slacking so much as it is your soul’s call for relaxation. When you still your mind, you can allow events to unfold as part of a co-creative process. If you can’t concentrate on work because you want to lie on the beach, then give into the urge long enough to relax. That’s when the magic happens; when you create internal space, you can hear divine wisdom and inspiration. You hear answers and gain perspective about your life. Invite a little magic in this month, especially at the Full Moon on June 9.

If you can take an adventure, you can plan a getaway for some time after June 21. Your soul will thank you for the opportunity to see new landscapes and explore a different terrain. If financial concerns deter you from making the commitment to go, find creative ways to restructure your budget or ideas for how to earn more money. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, yours is perhaps the best at manifesting money from out of thin air. Use your intuition to lead you in discovering income sources you never imagined possible.

Powerful spiritual awakenings can happen in your everyday life. You do not need to go on retreat or sit in a lotus position until your legs fall asleep. Some of your greatest aha moments probably happened in the shower or driving to work. The voice of the divine can communicate in subtle ways,  like through dreams, intuitive hits, or even through signs and symbols in your environment. To catch those messages, attune yourself through daily practice. Even if you start your day with a simple intention, like:

I allow myself to receive guidance in both subtle and obvious ways all day long.

Then, at the end of the day, write down three specific signs or messages you received. For example, let’s say you are online and you see an ad pop up to the left of your screen for a book you’ve heard about from friends. That’s a sign. Or maybe you see a penny on the sidewalk, and you had been thinking about a loved one who has passed in spirit. That penny could be a sign that your loved one is with you. When something grabs your attention like that, pause and listen to your intuition.

Romance is a definite highlight of your month. Venus shines her light on your relationship. If you are single, you might have a chance encounter when you least expect it. Listen to the stirrings of your heart for clues. You are moving in the right direction toward real, lasting love. If you are involved in a relationship, find time to connect with your partner. Passion is at an all-time high, and this month could feel like a total honeymoon.


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21):

I’m not going to beat around the bush, Sagittarius. June is a big month for you. Like huge. Like “it’s time to carpe diem and live your life NOW”…big. If you aren’t living your authentic purpose or you’ve been too comfortable in your life to make changes, you could get a Divine wake-up call.

Each year, we start a new cycle at our birthdays. That moment when the sun returns to the same astrological degree it was at the time of your birth is called a Solar Return. At the half-year mark, the Universe shines a light on the biggest themes of your year. Your solar cycle reaches a culmination point this month, and the universe could offer new information about your life path. Here’s what’s cool: You don’t have to do anything special or go out of your way to seek a spiritual guru to get direction. It’s all within yourself. Everything you’re looking for is already within you. Your intuition will guide you. You just need to find ways to deepen your connection and then trust its delivery of truth.

For many Sagittarians, nature provides the sanctuary needed to connect within. Your version of meditation may be hiking up a rocky hillside, as opposed to sitting in lotus position on a pillow. Give into it. There is no wrong way to connect with source energy. You’re a fire sign, after all. So, if you want to carpe diem and live this month to the fullest, take a hike, spend time on the water in a boat, camp underneath the stars, work in your garden, and unplug from technology.

Take advantage of the energy of this month and promote your business. This is an excellent time to recruit new employees (if you are in a hiring position) or develop professional alliances. You might have to work harder than you want during summertime, but it will pay off in the end. Keep focused on your long-term goals. Keep reaching new heights.

Now, let’s talk about your love life, a positive feature for June. You may have opposing wants when it comes to relationships. The desire for passionate connection might conflict with the craving for freedom. This contrast could pull you in different directions: Towards and away from love at the same time. This is especially pronounced when on a family vacation or when your relationship is about to move to a new level of commitment, like moving in together or becoming engaged. If your inner voice tries to talk you out of stepping all in, find ways to heal from the past. Negotiate with your fears, and do not let them win! If you are single and looking for love, reach out to friends and ask this question: "Tell me honestly, do you think I am 100% open to being in love?" Your best friends will tell you the truth. Take it in as guidance for how to do things better

Now, for the juicy part. Passion. The Full Moon on June 9 highlights all kinds of romantic possibilities. Let your inner judge have the night off and play!


Capricorn(December 22-January 19):

Life changes fast, doesn't it? You think things are going one way, and then life throws you a curveball! You weren't expecting that, were you? Perhaps you have just encountered one of these instances. Or maybe sudden change is your biggest fear. (Yikes!) With Saturn as your ruling planet, you need stability in your life and could choose security over passion when making decisions. If you do this too much, though, you eventually feel stuck (thank you, Saturn). This month, you can fix any stuckness, especially on June 20, when the summer solstice launches a new cardinal phase of astrological activity. Any cardinal ingress (March 20, June 20, September 22, December 21), invites us to initiate change in our lives, either to start a new beginning or to course correct an existing path. Up to that point, you have time to figure out the details of any change you want to make. You can assess your life circumstances and make plans for the future.

Work hard and play hard. With Jupiter shining in your career sector, you have opportunities for recognition and reward. Are you up for a promotion? You might receive good news early in the month, especially around June 3. After June 9, you could hear back from unresponsive business associates and clients. Wait until after June 20 to nudge anyone about pending deals or sales.

If you feel restless in your current job and want to make a career change, think creatively. You have more options than you even considered. A life coach could help you strategize your overall mission; an agent can open doors. Why not invest in your future?

Summer schedules lighten up, and you might plan travels with loved ones. After June 21, your focus shifts from tasks and to-do lists to your personal life. You’re going to want to connect. June is an excellent month to get away with your special someone, and preferably somewhere you can unplug and relax.

If you are single, Venus in complimentary Taurus shines her light in your direction after June 6. Under this influence, you feel sexier, more attractive. (It’s a good time to update your look, too, by the way.) When you feel good about yourself, you magnetize attention from others. So, yeah, you could meet someone special. On June 23, the New Moon in Cancer highlights romance and passion. If you are in a relationship, the planetary heat from Mars, the Sun, and Moon fire up your sex life.


Aquarius (January 20-February 18):

Beach towel? Check. Cold beverage? Check. Summer reading? Check. Good friends for conversation? Check. What more do you need, Aquarius? Before you start creating a list in your head, stop! If you want to maximize your creative energy, give your mind a break. Give yourSELF a break. Even if it’s just one day off, indulge. And I only write this because you have so much creative energy right now- the kind that inspires masterpiece paintings, bestselling novels, innovative tech products, and grassroots advocacy campaigns. There is nothing you can’t dream and do right now.

On June 6, Mercury, the planet of ideas and thoughts, moves into friendly Gemini, inspiring you with new ideas for how to solve complicated problems or work challenges. Your mind stretches open to new levels. So, this is an excellent time to learn a new skill or take a certification course, but be wise with how you spend your time and energy. Balance the activities that foster your professional life with those that feed your soul. Focus on activities that support your long-term goals and personal passions.

If you are fortunate enough to have children in your life, you can find fun and creative ways to connect with them this month. Activities like science classes, art camps, picnics, or sports events, create lasting memories and deep, loving connections. This is especially true on June 9, when the Full Moon highlights your playful side. Don’t you need to have fun now that the hectic schedule has slowed down? Of course! So, make enjoyment your keyword all month long.

Now, let’s talk about your love life. Are you married? Or involved in a committed relationship? If so, you might have to think outside the box to keep the romance alive from time to time. Break free from routine; plan a spontaneous getaway to a remote destination. Though you might favor your intellectual, mental side, you still have a soft spot for romance. If you are single, good for you! Relax and enjoy your solo time. In a few months, that could all change (wink, wink).


Pisces (February 19-March 20):

"I'm in the mood for love

Simply because you're near me.

Funny, but when you're near me

I'm in the mood for love."

If you don’t know this song, do yourself a favor and google Julie London's version of “I’m in the Mood for Love.” If you do know the song, then maybe it’s playing in your head as you read this horoscope. (I hope so!) Make it your theme song for the month. This month, you feel warm, gooey, sentimental, sweet, and relaxed, Pisces. Love big this month; give generously to those people who mean the most to you. Open and expand your heart, releasing fear and anxiety. All that love will come back to you tenfold.

The best way to attract love is to be love— to exude that frequency. The more anxious you feel about not having love, the more you separate yourself from the very thing you want. So, be love, love big, and spend time with people you love. If you are in a relationship, take a vacation from your worries. Relationships are fluid, after all, and people do change. Focus on all the positive aspects of your partner. If your romance has been a bit rocky, use this month to keep working on yourself. Through your growth and personal evolution, your relationship will organically shift. Give it time, and you will soon gain the wisdom needed to discern next steps. You don’t have to have all the answers at this moment.

Being a water sign, you will want to spend as much time enjoying the pool, beach, or lake, this month. Bask in the sun and play near the water. Relaxation inspires creativity, which you'll need to solve problems, personally and professionally. After June 20, your creativity skyrockets to new levels. This is a favorable time to take up a passion project or launch a new enterprise. On June 23, the New Moon signifies a major turning point and propels you into a highly fertile period, where anything could happen. If you have been thinking about starting a family, consider this a message of Divine support for your dreams.

Your home and family need your full attention and presence this month. On a spiritual level, acts of service can help your heart’s expansion process, which will deepen your intuitive connection to the divine. Love the little, the big, and even the 4-legged ones in your life.


Aries (March 21-April 19):

If your month were a book, it would have two distinct chapters: June 1-20 and June 20-30.

Chapter 1: Summertime Fun

Your schedule eases up a little, and you can breathe a sigh of relief as life calms down. Relaxation is your absolute need, especially if the past few months have been hectic. (Your horoscope suggests they have been action-packed.) You might want to catch up on some summer reading or take a vacation. Visit distant family or friends early in the month, when the astrological influences favor travel. Your plans can come together seamlessly. Allow yourself to go with the flow. You might even pick up a light summer read to enjoy in your downtime. (I recommend something slightly risqué to speed up your heart rate and pique your imagination.)

You will want to make the most of this relaxed time early in the month because, after June 20, everything changes.


Chapter 2: Change in the Air

After June 20, your life circumstances could pull you in different directions. Don’t worry; it's all for the greater good! You love your family, but they might need more of your time and energy. Also, home-related projects could take longer than expected, pulling you away from work. The New Moon on June 23 signifies a new beginning for you, like a move or home renovation project. While this is exciting, the changes could stir up some stress at home.

If you feel any frustration throughout this month, try to see the bigger picture. Your life advances and evolves powerfully at this time, and you gain clarity about your spiritual/soul purpose.

You have taken giant steps forward on your path. Pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments! You've juggled work projects, supported your loved ones, learned new skills, experienced critical milestones, and moved mountains with your faith alone.

Now, your soul craves emotional connection. Love passionately, boldly, and willingly, Aries. Let past hurts and heartbreaks heal. You have entered a whole new phase of life, and you no longer have to struggle for love. You can finally receive its goodness.


Taurus (April 20-May 20):

Do you have travel plans this month? If not, you might want to pack a bag, load up the car, and head off for an adventure. Nothing stimulates your mind or soothes your spirit like beauty and sensual delights of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. With trees and flowers in full bloom, lush landscapes inspire your inner artist. If you go, make the journey your destination, and experience the magic of the natural world.

Your creative energy reaches a new height this month, and you might take a painting class or find a workshop to help you express your deeper voice. After June 20, your mind easily opens to mastering new skills.

You might have opportunities for professional advancement early in the month. Access courage and ask for a raise or promotion. Finances favor prominently in your horoscope, and you could consider making a real estate or other investment. Consult with your advisors to understand the possibilities. For extra inspiration, you might want to read author Pam Grout’s book, “Thank & Grow Rich: A 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy,” and do each of the exercises to generate some positive law-of-attraction vibes. The Full Moon on June 9 illuminates your earning potential. Think creatively about your finances, and you could come up with a million-dollar idea.

Venus enters your sign on June 6, and you will be looking good! This influence is favorable for receiving a makeover or undergoing a cosmetic procedure. When you feel good about yourself, you exude beauty.

Venus in your sign also shines some light on your love life. Venus's deeper themes emphasize personal value and self-worth. Boost your confidence to attract the love you want. This planet of love is your planetary ruler; you were not meant to have unfulfilling relationships. Therefore, let go of any disappointing or unsatisfying attractions. Wait for one who makes you feel like a king or queen. If your person gives you that attention, then repay the favor this month. The passion between you will be off the charts.

May Horoscopes

Taurus  (April 20-May 20):
Happy birthday! A new solar year begins for you, and under that influence, you have unlimited creative potential. For a moment, think about what that means for your life. Anything could happen, right? So, what do you want to create? A song? A story? A decorated room? We could take this a step further, too, and apply that creative potential to life themes and goals. You could create more enjoyment of life, romance, or financial success. Each event and circumstance manifesting in your life once started with a seed of an idea, and you are planting new ones each day. For the entire month, focus your thoughts on positive outcomes and let hope guide you. 

You could feel more introspective and thoughtful leading up to your birthday. You may still be in that reflective period even if your birthday is in April. Mercury will be retrograde until May 3 and then move slowly for a week after it stations direct. This influence could trigger nostalgia, especially in the first week of the month. If your emotional landscape is a bit bumpy during that time, indulge in your go-to self-care activities. For example, you might want to spend as much time outside as possible, connecting with nature for grounding and healing. 

Finances might occupy much of your mental energy this month, especially if you have been seeking new ways to generate income. On May 9, you could have unexpected insights that lead to golden opportunities. Keep a writing journal with you throughout the day and note any interesting concepts. With your creativity at a peak, you have infinite possibilities. 

As a practical person, you like to have security in your relationships, but we know that life throws an occasional curveball, keeping you on your toes. Under the influence of the Full Moon on May 10, you might feel compelled to take a leap of faith. Trust your heart to lead the way. If you think you can’t have it all, then you may want to change your tune. What if you could have more? If you have had relationship challenges with a current partner, clearly communicate about your needs. See if there are ways to grow together. If you are single, open yourself to a whole new relationship paradigm. You might manifest more than you could imagine. 

Gemini (May 21-June 20):
Get ready for lift-off! This month, you are flying high and taking off in new directions. With the momentum you can generate for your biggest life dreams, no one in the world could slow you down. Keep moving forward; your future is calling.

In your professional life, network with others and expand your social circle. You might consider joining a professional organization or association to help you connect with others in your field. Any stranger could become a lifelong friend. Your curiosity will lead you. Engage by asking questions. 

On May 3, your ruling planet stations direct, and you can finally move forward with pending projects or deals. The past three weeks may have been hazy, and the uncertainty may have caused you to doubt recent decisions. We have all been on a journey back through time, reflecting, reviewing, and releasing the past. You may have had to face regrets, grieve losses, and let it all go. The process is about to reach completion by May 20, and your faith will be restored. Until then, access your spiritual side. Meditate, spend time outside, and attend gatherings with inspirational people. 

Any financial concerns clear up after the New Moon on May 25 in your sign. You could receive an inspired idea for attracting new business prospects or opportunities into your life around May 9. Pay attention to all signals and signs from the universe. Your angels are watching!

If you are single, Mars in your sign activates your power of magnetic attraction. When you walk into a room, you are going to get noticed. If you are on the lookout for love, this could prove favorable for you. If you have considered online dating, now might be the right time. Mars inspires the courage you need to make the first move. If you are in a relationship, you might fall in love with your special someone all over again. Return to the spot you first met for date night early in the month and rekindle the romance. 

Cancer  (June 21-July 22):
Congratulations! You survived April and all its astrological ups and downs. Perhaps fate’s twists and turns have led you to places you never imagined possible. True to your daring cardinal sign nature, you took a leap of faith. In fact, you have been taking one after another since December. While you may want to settle down and relax, you have only just begun a new chapter in life. There is still creative potential to explore. You can make the most of that energy by connecting with friends, socializing in new circles, and branching out to reach a new audience, professionally. 

The Full Moon on May 10 highlights your creativity. Is there a project you’ve wanted to pursue? A script you’d like to write? A business you want to start? Plant seeds early in the month, and by May 15, the details will come together with synchronicity. Under the retrograde planetary activity in March and April, you may have encountered some tests of faith. Did you pass? If so, you might want to revisit those endeavors after May 3. 

Our collective energy is a little chaotic right now, and if you encounter any challenging circumstances with friends or loved ones, try not to take it personally. We are all living in a time of massive change when old paradigms are shifting and new ones beginning. Root yourself in your intuition, and you can better help others navigate their changes. Near May 9, you may be called to help coach or mentor someone. For now, lend a helping hand and consider it a gift of service. Do not expect paybacks; open your generous heart. Remember that no good deed goes unpunished! 

If you are single, you may find yourself in the middle of a game of cat and mouse. In general, focus on what you want in a life partner and do not compromise. The clearer you articulate your relational desires (to the universe), the faster you can manifest true love. Be honest with yourself and write it all down in a journal. If you choose a relationship with major red flags, you will always have a way out. So, do not sabotage yourself! Choose wisely by choosing according to your ideals…instead of settling for one who’s here right now. 

If you’re involved in a relationship, this is an excellent month to take things to the next level. The Full Moon on May 10 sparks romance in significant ways. This is an excellent time to connect intimately and communicate about your deeper feelings; break down the walls and let the healing power of love surprise you. 

Leo  (July 23-August 22):
Right now, you may be seeking answers to big questions about your relationship, career, health, or another aspect of your life. If you look for those answers outside of yourself, you might be disappointed by the outcomes. We live in a time of full creative potential, and an entire spectrum of possibilities is open and available for you. What do you want? Ask yourself this, and you’ll have all the answers you need! However, to realize your core desires, you may need to pull away and take some time to yourself in a mini-retreat, preferably at the beginning of the month. If you can focus on YOU and shut out the rest of the world, you may reach new levels of creative genius, especially on May 9. 

This month is packed full of activities and social obligations. Graduations, weddings, and other celebratory events fill your weekends with activities. You may feel obliged to attend these festivities, even though your soul craves some other types of adventure. Balance the self-directed and other-directed activities to make the most of your time and not burn any bridges. As a loyal Leo, you may find it easy to make your needs secondary to those of others. This is not the time for that. You have too much to express and offer the world. You have received your sacred calling, and you are being asked to live your purpose now in a big way. Therefore, realize that your time and space are sacred, too.

Your ideas and beliefs about the world are getting a bit of a makeover. Perhaps you have connected with new friends who have challenged your entire worldview. This is called expansion, and it is exciting to learn new philosophical ideals. You could feel led to study at an ashram in India or attend a retreat for deep soul searching. Consider going early in the month. 

The last few months have been tough with some retrograde planetary activity, which has slowed everything down. If you have wanted to make a career change or launch a new endeavor, wait until after May 3, when Mercury stations direct. You could be presented with some remarkable, unexpected opportunities on May 9, when your creative potential reaches a new peak. 

Though this month could be intense, it can also be fun. If you are single, this month’s transits suggest that your heart is more open to the prospect of love. Nothing magnetizes love like an open heart! Try to connect with new people outside of your social circle. You never know when that special someone is going to appear. With the New Moon on May 25, a friend could express deeper feelings. Keep everything in perspective, but do not limit yourself. If you are in a relationship, this month offers chance after chance to connect on deeper levels. Your love life could get hot; you might think it was summer. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22):
When Mercury (your ruling planet) stations direct on May 3, all will be right with your world again. For the past three weeks, you have had to look back at your life and reflect. Minor delays and upsets, while frustrating at times, have motivated you to make some real, necessary changes in your life. Now, you are unstoppable! Ready to go! Use this momentum to take a leap of faith. Ask for a raise, seek investors for your brilliant idea, or reach out to new potential clients. You may be surprised as doors that have previously slammed closed now open with ease. 

On May 10, you may feel a sudden urge for adventure. Restlessness settles in, and you might want to take an extended road trip or long-distance journey. This urge to get away is due to a spiritual expansion, and you might find teachers, guides, and helpers all along your path. Stay open to the possibilities and let go of any worries associated with taking a step in faith. 

You are undergoing a profound change or shift that starts from the inner core and could lead to a significant move. We all live in a highly creative time, and you are no exception. Not only are your ideas more innovative than usual, but you are also powerful in manifesting outcomes in your life. For that reason, surround yourself with positive people. The last thing you need is to feed fear; feed hope instead. With Jupiter in your second house, you could receive an unexpected financial gift or return on investment.

If you have questions about your overall life purpose and direction at this time, expect greater clarity later this summer. As part of this transition, you are gaining clarity about how you can contribute to the world. Right now, rather than seeking definite answers, focus on developing your spiritual side. Meditate, spend time in nature, converse with open minded friends, or see a professional to help navigate this time of change. 

In love, you have been on a healing journey, and you have reached a new level of clarity about what you want in a relationship. Whether you are single or involved, you have had to master the art of reciprocity. As a Virgo, you are skilled at helping others, coming to the rescue whenever you can. The tides have turned. Now, you are the one who needs a little extra TLC. Can you ask for support and readily receive? If you can let go of your “I-can-do-it-all” mindset, you might have more fun in all areas of your life. 

Libra (September 23-October 22):
Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage...” This month, you could find yourself playing a primary role in others' stories. You have the power to decide whether or not those stories become dramas or comedies. So, use your words carefully and let wisdom determine your responses to others’ actions. You are gaining new awareness about the axis of self and other -- autonomy and interdependence. Your challenge this month? To achieve balance without ignoring your needs or compromising your interests. Communicate honestly, assertively, and gracefully. If you feel energetically zapped by others who need you, go ahead and give yourself a little space.  

Your personal magnetism is off the charts; and you can draw others into your life, especially single Libras looking for love. Because your energy is so attractive, be clear about who or what you want to attract into your life. You can have all you want…and more. If you want a deeper experience of love, ask for it! Open your heart and be in a state of receptivity. Venus, the planet that helps magnetize money and love, is your planetary ruler. Venus symbolizes the power of the divine feminine, the creative and receptive qualities of self. If you have romantic feelings for someone, embody Venus and allow yourself to be pursued. Venus would never go on a chase! 

Your higher mind gets activated this month, and you could have a sudden urge to take a class and learn a new skill. The good news? You can learn faster than usual. Focus on one thing at a time to avoid distraction. If you wanted to start a new creative project, wait until after May 3, when Mercury stations direct. By the New Moon on May 25, your idea could reach a new level of completion, and it has success written all over it.

The Full Moon on May 10 could amplify your earning potential. This would be a good time to start a promotion of your products or services, ask for a raise, or market yourself to new clients. Before you engage in these sorts of activities, do something to boost your self-esteem. Indulge your love of luxury. An attitude of confidence is a powerful attractor. 

Scorpio (October 23-November 21):
Have you noticed all of the movement happening in the world right now? Friends are leaving town, buying property, or downsizing. Kids are heading out of the house to start their adult lives. Job transfers are happening. Change is in the air. You are in a transitional phase, yourself, even though you might not see it clearly. As a result, your mental faculties may not be as sharp as usual. Let the dust settle a little before you try to make any new plans for the future. Assess your current situation, and then create a strategy for how you can get what you want.  

This month, you may have extra tasks on your to-do list that need your attention. In addition to that, social activities can add to your busy schedule. Try to find time to relax and recharge. Indulge in self-nurturing activities to help you stay healthy. This is also an excellent time to start a new workout or diet plan. 

Finances may occupy more mental energy than usual. Perhaps you have had some unexpected expenses or needed repairs or upgrades. You will soon make up the difference without too much stress. On May 25, you could have new thoughts about how to generate more passive income. You could hear about a stock tip or investment opportunity; follow that lead and do your research.

Relationships have been... interesting. You may have found yourself reminiscing about past loves or questioning decisions you previously made. Hopefully, you gained clarity and perspective. You cannot change the past, just your thoughts about it. Now that Mercury and Venus are both direct again, it’s time for romance. Bring harmony back into your love life by letting go of any unprocessed resentments. Then, you will be ready to move into a whole new phase of love. By May 15, all communication lines can open, and you and you can align with your special someone once again. If you are single, this month offers favorable transits to help you attract a new partner. Be clear about what you want and go out on the prowl, especially May 10, when the Full Moon puts you in the spotlight.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21):
Spread your wings, Sagittarius; it’s time for you to fly! Your goals are crystal clear, and you have a more defined vision for your future. What’s next? Step forward in faith Optimism is your keyword, or at least it could be if you expand your perspective. Some people focus on what could go wrong, but not you. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, you have hope. And hope keeps you in a positive manifestation mode. That’s where you want to be to have the abundant life you know you can have. So, have faith. 

At the beginning of the month, make health a top priority. You might want to schedule annual check-ups. This is also a good time for a detox or cleanse. If you feel comfortable inside your skin, you reflect that positive energy out into the world. Spending time outside in nature is one way to align the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of yourself. 

Your inner artist wants to play this month, and you have a lot to express. Therefore, you might enjoy cultural or artistic activities that can inspire your creativity. On May 9, innovative ideas come from out of thin air. Keep a writing journal close by to write them down. You never know; that crazy idea could become a million dollar enterprise. 

Because you have so much of that creative juju right now, you are also in a fertile time. You know what that means? If you have been thinking about bringing a little one into the world, you could start trying to make it happen. If not, you could receive good news from someone close to you about their conception. New life abounds, and you are in the heart of it all. 

Your love life features prominently in this month’s horoscope. If you are single, Venus in Aries heats up your fifth house of romance. You could meet someone when you least expect it. On May 20, the Sun enters your seventh house of marriage and partnership. A sizzling affair could move into something more serious. If you are in a committed relationship, you have good influences for rekindling romance, especially after two months of retrograde intensity. Instead of heated discussions, you can have hot passion instead. It’s time to reignite the flames that first attracted you to one another. Relax and enjoy. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19):
Everywhere you look, you see people moving. The past few months have been full of transition for all of us, but for you especially. Moving can be stressful, but it is also exhilarating. You are about to enter a whole new chapter of your life. Congratulations. Even if your recent changes have resulted from unexpected circumstances, trust that a bigger divine plan is unfolding for you. Keep an open mind, and make gratitude your daily prayer to help you maintain equilibrium in this time of change. 

Your future is a blank canvas; create wisely. Focus intently on your goals and eliminate all distractions. If you have thought about starting your own business or creating a product to sell, this is a great time to strategize next steps. You may have additional support from collaborators or investors. Luck is on your side. 

If you have thought about making a career change or seeking a new job, extend beyond your network at the beginning of the month. You could receive favorable news around May 10. You have worked hard, and success will follow. 

As the school year winds to a close, you may have a busier schedule, especially if you have school-aged children. You’ll get through the next few weeks, and then you can relax and enjoy a brief period of calm. If you need to escape it all, you might want to take a short getaway around May 9. Recharge yourself early in the month. 

After May 20, you might need to take extra care of your health. If you have considered having elective surgery or other procedures, this is a favorable time. Your best bet for good health? Stress relief. Meditate, drink lots of water, and connect with nature. 

In love, you may have had to master lessons in privileging your heart over your intellect. The head wants to make sensible decisions, and it listens to the part of you that wants security. The heart feels what’s true. If you have had relationship challenges, perhaps it is time to bring these two aspects of yourself into balance. Maybe you truly can have it all: a stable, committed relationship that is also passionate and fun.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18):
At the beginning of the month, the Sun shines in your fourth house of home and family. Under this influence, you might make a move or renovate your existing space. You might feel as if your home is under the spotlight, which makes you more aware of needed updates or repairs. If you take one step at a time, your home can truly be the sanctuary you desire.  And you do not have to do it alone! You have the remarkable ability to bring people together. Allow others to help your creative efforts. 

All month long, you have winning ideas. Your imagination takes you to places that will blow your mind. Keep a writing journal handy, especially on May 9. You will want to capture some of those thoughts; they could provide the foundation for successful ventures in the future. Writing, in general, is a highly favorable activity for you. You don’t consider yourself a “creative” person? Well, if you believe that, then you could prove yourself wrong!

Your inner free spirit could feel restless if you stay in one place for too long. You might need to travel, even if it’s just a weekend road trip. Your entire world view could expand with a simple change of scenery. Therefore, indulge that urge and see a new destination. This is especially true after May 20. In times of rest, your mind lets go; this is the best condition for creative expression.

We are all living in a time of change and need more leaders. You could be called in to help organize charitable events or volunteer to help a cause. Your contributions, no matter how small they seem to you, make a world of difference for others. If you can lend support, your generosity will be rewarded in intangible ways. 

On May 20, the Sun shines in your fifth house of romance. With Mars in compatible Gemini and Venus in compatible Aries, your love life could become more pleasurable. For you single Aquarians, open your mind and explore new ways to meet other singles. If you are tired of online dating, consider participating in outdoor activities with other singles. Find things that stretch you beyond your comfort zone. This will help break down some of your resistance to finding “the one.” If you are in a relationship, any challenges you’ve experienced over the past few months can finally smooth over. You can access greater clarity about your situation at this time. You may feel feisty right now. Indulge your passionate side. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20):
Congratulations, Pisces! You have reached new levels of success, and now all of your efforts are paying off. Recent professional changes may have allowed you to see a little more money in the bank. Wait… Hasn't it happened yet? Well, then, let’s remain optimistic. Things could turn around for you this month. Money is on your mind perhaps more than usual. This is a highly creative time when anything could happen. Keep your thoughts positive and hopeful to help the law of attraction work in your favor. 

Many people in your life may be going through major life transitions, and you may be called to offer advice or wisdom. Remind your loved ones to go with the flow if they feel overwhelmed, and use your keen intuition to discern how you might help out. With all of this change, you might receive divinely inspired insights about your life path, your sacred calling. To better access this information, meditate and practice techniques like breath work. Still your mind and tune into your heart. 

The Full Moon on May 10 highlights some possibilities for travel. If you can get away, even for a day, then you will want to make it happen! Come back feeling recharged and ready to take on the world. You may want to explore a destination that helps you get in touch with your spiritual side, like a retreat space. This is a time, too,  for workshops or classes.

In matters of the heart, let your intellect take a break! You might have been overthinking or analyzing your relationship status, especially during the past two months. Your heart knows the right path to choose. It is the feeling center of your being, and your feelings are indicators of your truth. If you feel fear about moving into a relationship, ask yourself what that fear is trying to tell you. You cannot ignore fear or doubt, but you can use them as a messaging system. Perhaps your fears are not rooted in any real concern, but products of past hurt. Consider reading David Richo’s book, “How to Be an Adult: A Handbook on Psychological and Spiritual Integration” to help you navigate the triggers that come up for you in relationships. 

If you are happily involved in a relationship, you could find ways to deepen your connection this month. If you find yourself withholding anything from your partner, let go of your need to control. To experience change within a relationship, you need to start with personal change. To be more intimate, open to trusting. 

Aries  (March 21-April 19):
Venus in your sign gives you magnetic attraction! What do you want to draw into your life? A romantic relationship? More success? Abundance? With Venus activated, your best bet is not to chase what you want but to let it come to you. Open your arms wide in receptivity and allow the universe, in its infinite goodness, to come through. You have already done all you can do; so, just be. Open. Receive. This is the Venus way. 

Your entire look could be in flux. Do you want a makeover? A new style? This is the time to make any updates to your appearance. Your self-esteem is perhaps a little higher than usual, so take advantage of that vibe. You will be turning heads all month long. The planetary influences are also favorable if you want to have a cosmetic procedure of any kind, but wait until after May 3. 

When you feel good about yourself, you are ready for adventure and excitement. You can almost feel that electric sense of possibility that precedes any new beginning. Yours will start on May 9, when you tap into divine inspiration. What you dream can become a reality. To access of all that creative energy, you might want to keep a notebook nearby or have your phone’s voice memos handy. Your bright ideas could lead to successful ventures in the distant future. 

Your mind wants to stay active this month, and you might consider attending classes, workshops, or other activities that satisfy your curiosity and help you develop new skills. Travel is also stimulating for your mind. If you are a student, you can finish the school year strong. Use your imagination wisely; it is powerful at this time. 

If you are single, Aries, you could meet someone very special this month. Even if you insist on being single, life could throw a curve ball your way. If you are looking for a new relationship, keep your eyes open and accept all invitations. Synchronistic encounters could mean magical connections. For those of you involved in a relationship, this month is hot for romance. If you want to take your relationship to a whole other level, find ways to relax and play. 

April Horoscopes

Aries (March 21-April 19):

Happy birthday! Springtime is a season of renewal and rebirth, and no one will feel that more than you this month. You are part of an unfolding cosmic story. At times, that unfoldment requires you to take action, while occasionally, you need to sit back and allow events to unfold. The Venus retrograde period that began on March 4 and lasts until April 15 amplifies the interplay between initiatory Mars energy and receptive Venus. Your heart could get stretched and pulled, hurt and healed, and ultimately, opened to greater love.

Under the retrograde phase, we do a lot of letting go:
Of the past
Of unhealthy relationships
Of dreams that did not manifest
Of expectations of how you thought life would turn out
Of ego

Letting go frees you for new beginnings as part of a spiritual renewal process.

Ask yourself: What do I want? Do this in all areas of your life, like work, family, home, health, and relationships. Take a moment and honestly, clearly identify those desires, and you’ll move closer to manifesting them. You might even want to write down a personal manifesto to clarify your goals. If you know what you’re working towards, you can better carve out a path to reach that destination.

Professionally, you might receive bursts of inspiration leading to new pathways. If you are an entrepreneur, this is the time to update your marketing and promotional strategies. Don’t just think outside the box, break the box open and be as weird as possible. Your creativity could pay off at the end of the month. With your pioneering spirit, you might start a new project. Keep going onward, despite setbacks or delays. Mercury stations retrograde on April 9, so make sure to double-check all facts and figures.

Negotiations will eventually lead to resolutions, although you might have to make a few concessions. Try to contextualize every decision, keeping the long-term vision in mind, especially on April 10.

Venus stations direct on April 15, and by then, your heart will be more fully open to the possibilities of love. If you are in a relationship, the Full Moon on April 10 highlights your house of relationships. If you’re single, work on YOU. Be a little selfish with your mental and spiritual energy. Take advantage of your single time and play! You might also want to explore different ways to meet new people. You have more energy for socializing, and heart opens wider when you spend time with good people. And an open heart is a great big magnet for love!


Taurus (April 20-May 20):

With your birthday approaching, you might find yourself in a state of self-reflection. A birthday is also the beginning of a brand new astrological cycle. Reflect on the last year and pat yourself on the back. You survived! You thrived! You achieved successes, learned valuable lessons, and reached new milestones. So, what do you want to create with your new year?

Because this is a sensitive time, conserve your energy and make recreation a priority.  Springtime is perfect for planting a garden, hiking your favorite trails, or hugging trees. Outdoor time will recharge you for what’s ahead.

In work, focus is your keyword, and with the right strategy, you can achieve anything. Mars in your sign turbo-charges your drive to achieve. However, your ruling planet Venus is retrograde until April 15, and you may need to reassess your priorities and rethink your budget. Free up some time and space to access more creative energy.

Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on April 9 in your sign, kicking off a three-week period of “say what you mean, mean what you say.” You might be the voice of reason for your friends and family members. You may even have to cheer up those glass-half-full people in your life. Start the month with a dedicated spiritual practice, like meditation or a gratitude journal, to stay aligned with positive vibes.

A seasonal change involves a wardrobe transition. Pack away the bulky sweaters and break out your tank tops and shorts. Shop for your summer wardrobe after April 15, or you could end up in the return line. Venus in retrograde can shake up your sense of style. By April 19, you’ll have a clearer sense of the image you want to project to the world.

Mars in Taurus could heat up your love life. If you are involved in a relationship, you might consider a romantic getaway early in the month to maximize the potential of this influence. If you are single, you might try to find social activities that appeal to your adventurous side. Branch out of your usual social scene. You may not meet “the one,” but at least you’ll be having fun! 


Gemini (May 21-June 20):

Your creative inspiration reaches an all-time high this month, especially on April 28. You have a finger on the pulse of pop culture; you’re in the know. With your tech savvy ways, you could reach new levels of leadership. Think outside the box? Forget it! You crushed the box long ago. The rest of the world is finally catching up with what you knew years ago. Therefore, use your words, social media posts, creative projects, and voice, to inspire others.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde on April 9. Under this influence, you might go through a three-week period of personal reflection. During this time, reassess your goals and map out a plan for the future. Think long-term and work your way back to the present day. Then, review your accomplishments to date. Wow! Right? Can you feel appreciation for your exponential spiritual growth? Gratitude plants seeds for future manifestation.

We have an intense Full Moon on April 10. The energy builds up to a climax, and you may be triggered to make a change in a significant personal relationship. There’s a part of you changing, too. Your Venus retrograde lessons have all been about balancing your needs with those of others. You may have felt more sensitive than usual, more inclined to take some time to yourself. You needed this recharge, and now you have some information about how to move forward.

Adventure is calling, and will you respond? Go out and explore something new. What better way to handle the delays and minor mishaps that can happen during Mercury retrograde? Answer that call after April 21.

In your personal relationships, you may have to clean up some past karma with someone. Even if you do not have a physical encounter with this person from the past, you can at least heal the connection for yourself. You might see a healer or therapist to facilitate the process. After the healing, you will be a healthier partner for your special someone. On April 21, Mars moves into your sign and awakens your sense of romance. You could meet a significant someone at the end of the month.


Cancer (June 21-July 22):

Our astrological story reaches new climaxes this month; we have some interesting transits that could represent plot twists in your personal story. As a sensitive Cancer, you feel it all - excitement for the future, concern about making the right decisions, fear of change, and tension from being stretched beyond your comfort zone. If I had a metaphor to describe your month, it would be a bow and arrow. You are releasing your past and shooting forward on a new path, YOUR path. Welcome to a new stage of spiritual growth.

Business and romantic partners could push you to make significant professional strides. Your ambitions run high, and you could see signs of success, particularly at the beginning of the month. With several planets in retrograde, complete past projects and attend to any work that stuck on the back burner. Clear energetic space before starting something new. I know you want those new beginnings because your creativity is at an all-time high! Let those ideas percolate, and trust divine timing.

The Full Moon on April 10 highlights changes to your home environment. You could feel a sudden urge to start renovations or expand your current space. Well… not so fast! Venus is in retrograde until April 15, and your sense of style may be a little foggy. Wait until later in the month to make significant decorating decisions, unless you have had plans in the works for quite some time. In that case, this is a great cycle for completing those projects. The Sun enters Taurus on April 19, and this influence can elevate your aesthetic sensibilities, signaling the green light for moving forward with new changes. 

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into compatible Pisces on April 2 and hangs out there until the 28th. Under this influence, you feel more hopeful about all matters of the heart, and your romantic inclinations could reach new heights. If you are single, activate your heart chakra by spending time with people who make you feel warm and fuzzy. You might even plan an adventure with friends to break out of your routine; you could meet someone on your journey. If you are involved in a relationship, you might experience a few emotional ups and downs at the beginning of the month. These will smooth over by April 15. The challenges you face are part of a deeper spiritual transformation. Try not to obsess about problems; infuse your relationship with positivity. Or passion. Mars in compatible Taurus until April 21 can help heat things up in that department. Kindness begets kindness, and if you want more love and affection, give generously. The favors will be reciprocated… and then some!


Leo (July 23-August 22):

Cue that classic cross-the-finish-line song, “Chariots of Fire.” You’re about to reach a victory of your own, and this month could offer positive news. If you have projects on hold, you can muster up the energy to make them happen. Go, go, go!! Your commitment makes you unstoppable in every area of your life. Have faith: in your talents, in the help of others, and in divine providence. You are an essential part of an unfolding cosmic story, and your dreams are guiding you. There may be unexpected challenges or setbacks, but don’t give up. You’ve got this!

April is a favorable month for business expansion. Reach outside your region to network and connect with influencers to help you reach new audiences. Marketing is your keyword, especially on April 10, when the Full Moon shines a light on your communication skills. You might consider writing a blog or launching a platform for self-expression.

With tax season here, your finances might provoke more concern this year than in the past. Venus is retrograde, after all, and on April 2, it moves into your house of long-term investments and shared resources. If you share business affairs with anyone else, you might want to revisit contractual agreements. There could be an opportunity to rewrite those contracts or reconfigure financial arrangements, especially after April 9. While this is not the best time to ink the deal on new partnerships, it bodes well for reaching final agreements. Keep in mind: Every detail counts.

On April 19, the Sun crosses over into your tenth house of public recognition, making you more creative with your Instagram or Twitter. You might even rebrand your online dating profile. Seek help from professionals if you feel totally lost. People are going to be paying attention to you, so make updates to look your best.

Most of April, your career and personal image take your attention, but your love life gets interesting toward the end of the month. On April 21, Mars moves into feisty Gemini. Under this influence, you may want to go out and meet new people (if you’re single). You could even try online dating. If you’re involved in a relationship, you may have recently experienced some tension between your autonomous and relational needs. Take deep breaths and trust in a miraculous turnaround by April 28.


Virgo (August 23-September 22):

Money, money, and more money. Does your mind need a break from the constant thinking (or worrying) about finances? If the answer is yes, then I will assuage your concerns. Money is up for you, yes. You may have more expenses than usual, but you also have more opportunities opening up than ever before. A growth cycle has just begun, and you will have resources in reserve. For now, take calculated risks. Talk with your financial advisor early in the month to reapportion investments, and make sure to follow your intuition. You could get a sudden urge to invest; pay attention and seek advice. Your gut instincts could be right on the money.

You have done all you can to solidify contracts or negotiate deals, but you could be in a holding pattern until April 21. The waiting game may feel frustrating, but you will see the unfolding of events in divine timing. You will get what you want and maybe more than you can imagine, even if the deals don’t go through.

You could earn a bonus or raise near April 10. Keep pushing through, even if you want to quit. You will come out a winner.

For those of you in times of transition, you are not alone. April is full of movement. If you are one of those movers, have hope! Each change in your life is part of a bigger spiritual evolution. You are stepping more firmly onto your path and could be having some ascension symptoms as a result. If you feel mentally foggy, take it easy. Give yourself lots of rest.

Astrological cycles repeat themselves over and over again. If you have any relationship challenges, reflect back to that what was happening in 2009. What themes were up for you? What decisions did you make? The universe may be giving you a do-over. If you have any regrets or missed connections, discern whether or not to take action. By April 26, you can be in a whole new relationship paradigm. For those of you in committed relationships, take your special someone on a spring break adventure at the beginning of the month. If your relationship has felt a little blah, you might need a total change of scenery to help spark more fire.


Libra (September 23-October 22):

Renewal and rebirth. Hatchling chickadees, butterflies fluttering in the air, and bunnies scampering in the bushes symbolize a season of new life. The world is waking up, and you are, too. If your new beginnings haven’t quite manifested, you could still be in a gooey, dark chrysalis phase of the transformation process. So, hang in there. By April 19, your life will look different, and you’ll be so happy you stuck through!

At the beginning of the month, you may have more demands from friends and family or extra household chores. Your primary relationship could also feel more out of balance. External forces tug at you, which fuels internal tension. As one who likes to please others, you may need to make your “you” time a top priority. The Full Moon on April 10 brings this energy to a climax. If possible, plan at least one self-nurturing activity that day - a facial, massage, golf outing, nap, or any other favorite indulgence.

Mercury stations retrograde on April 9, signaling a three-week cycle for spring-cleaning. Create a schedule for clearing your space, detoxing your body, and emptying your inbox. Before you bring home a summer wardrobe, make space in your closet by going through a big purge. This is also a time to ink contracts that have gone through rounds of negotiations, finalize deals, and complete projects.

Your career path leads to success, and this month is favorable for professional opportunities, like a new job or promotion. What preparations will you need to make for the future you desire? Start strategizing and implement a plan. Sudden chance encounters could result in the manifestation of your dreams.

For single Libras feeling lonely, take advantage of this solo time and indulge your creative side. While other people had some relationship challenges during the Venus retrograde, you have bypassed all that stress. Be grateful for this sacred single time, and trust that it will turn around by the beginning of the summer. For those of you involved in a relationship, deep conversations lead to personal growth. Any challenges you face this month could reflect back onto you: Be clear about what you want and don’t expect your special someone to read your mind. Speak your truth courageously. You’ll get through the ups and downs. By the New Moon on April 26, your relationship status will be, "Divine!"


Scorpio (October 23-November 21):

The devil’s in the details this month, Scorpio. Several planets are shifting directions, and you could feel this in your everyday life activities. What's your secret to success? Paying attention to every detail, especially if you have to sign contracts or finalize deals. Make sure you protect your interests.

People can change their minds, cancel plans, or otherwise move the target. It could be tough not to take the inconsistency personally. Not everyone is as honest with themselves as you, and they may not always know what they want. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, has been retrograde, giving us all a chance to reevaluate past decisions. It’s been a “did I really want that thing I said I wanted?” kind of transit. These retrograde periods require more flexibility and compassion.

The Full Moon on April 10 highlights your spiritual side. Have you been thinking about attending a retreat or workshop? These activities can help you access more of your spiritual gifts as well as heal any resistance keeping you stuck.

You might also want to attend to health matters and start a new diet or exercise routine. Find a workout partner to keep you motivated for optimum success. If the weather is delightful, enjoy being outside. Breathe in the fresh air to help alleviate some of the pressures of the day-to-day.

After April 19, your love life takes top priority, and you might want to plan a romantic getaway with your special someone to enjoy the change of seasons. If you are single, Venus in compatible Pisces for most of the month could help open your heart to the possibility of falling in love. By April 15, you will have completed a personal healing process, and that’s when the magic can happen.


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21):

The optimistic, jovial planet Jupiter rules your sign, and you may be considered the free-spirited one of your friends. You probably need a little more fun and adventure than others in your life. Live up to that reputation this month, and you'll begin to feel more like yourself again. What fun activities will you plan? What trips will you take? If life has felt hard, with more pressure than usual, let April be a month-long sigh of relief.

You might start this month of fun by planning a get-together with some of your friends. The Full Moon on April 10 highlights your social scene. This is also a great day for networking and making new professional connections.

Soak up some Vitamin D by spending as much time outside as possible; the rays will boost your immune system and also raise your vibration. Nothing is more energizing for a Sagittarius than time outside in nature, no matter what the temperature might be. Your inner Mars would love to train for a race or other sports activity. 

At the beginning of the month, find outlets for bursts of creativity. Use the momentum to finish projects that have been on the backburner, but only lend your energy and talents to ones that excite you. Otherwise, you could feel stuck in a rut. You have too much life and spirit to waste on uninspired activities.

Your love life may have felt like a roller coaster ride over the past few weeks, with Venus in retrograde. Any drama will come to a stop, and you will stabilize. After April 28, you could feel back on track, on your game. Until then,  enjoy the ride. 


Capricorn (December 22-January 19):

Changes and more changes. April’s astrological events could shake up the core of your solid, steady foundation. It’s all going to be okay. We feel resistant to change because our brains are wired to perceive uncertainty as a potential threat, triggering our physiological stress responses. Capricorns, ruled by stable Saturn, probably experience this stress response twice as intensely as other signs. But I’m here to tell you; these changes are all your brilliant manifestations!! So, go with the flow of the quantum universe. It’s working for you at this time.

You may make a move or home renovation project this month. If you have been in negotiations, you could sign the final contract this month, especially on April 13. If you are just starting a home decoration project, your tastes could change in early April. You might consider waiting until after Venus stations direct on April 15 to make major decisions. Until then, keep a Pinterest board with ideas and make plans.

On April 5, your ruling planet stations retrograde. You might experience a few minor setbacks in achieving your professional goals. If so, consider every little delay a blessing in disguise. The universe could be ultimately protecting your best interests. Find a healthy outlet for your stress if you feel frustrated. With Mars in compatible Taurus, you might take up a sport. Or… engage in other sorts of physical activities...

Speaking of which, you could catch a spring fling at this time if you are single, which could evolve into something deeper later in the month. Romance will find you in the most unlikely circumstances, whether or not you're looking. For those of you involved in a relationship, find ways to rekindle passion, especially if you have walked a rocky path lately. After April 15, your love life will feel like a fresh start.


Aquarius (January 20-February 18):

April’s transits could mean major manifesting mojo for you. Here is your personalized manifestation protocol:

1.    Ask the divine for what you want, and be as precise as possible. For example, if you want to expand your social circle, specify what kind of friends with whom you want to spend time. If you want to have more time to create, think of how many hours a week you’d like to have. You get the idea.

2.    Sit for at least five minutes and bring that desire from your head, the center of ideas, into your heart, the center of feeling. Feel what it would be like to have what you want. Feel that feeling for five minutes.

3.    Send that energy you just generated into the soles of your feet and feel it move down into the earth. You are planting your desires like seeds.

4.    Shake the excess energy from your hands, saying, “And so it is!”

Do this anytime you get obsessed with the outcome of your desires or start to feel fearful thoughts creep into your mind. You are in a co-creative process, and you can start to lean back and trust in divine timing.

You might feel a strong need to travel and experience new landscapes. If you can’t ignore that urge, make plans for a getaway near the Full Moon on April 10.

Professionally, this is a time of self-promotion. If you have thought about starting a blog or other social media outreach, set that plan into motion early in the month, before Mercury stations retrograde on April 9. Your horoscope looks favorable for attracting new customers, clients, likes, clicks, and sales. If you are a job-seeker, reach out to new contacts and spend a little time on sites like LinkedIn to form new connections. Though the Internet is your friend, there’s nothing like one-to-one interaction. So, you might coordinate a few coffee dates or happy hour meetings.

Create more balance between your volunteer activities and your “you” time.  After April 5, you might reassess your commitments and priorities.

Does your love life resemble Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream?” It's as if everyone around you took a love potion, to either attract love or drive it away, especially you single Aquarians! The fog of uncertainty will lift by the end of April. When Venus moves into Aries on April 28, you will have clarity. Until then, keep following the rhythm of your heartbeat. If you are in a relationship, the end of the month is favorable for deepening your commitment to one another. We could even hear some Aquarian-style wedding bells, meaning unexpected and out of the ordinary.


Pisces (February 19-March 20):

On an average day, your ESP ranks relatively high on the spectrum, and your intuition ranks greater than most. This month, your perceptive awareness amplifies to a new level. You may even receive sudden insights to help others navigate life changes. You can also use your expanded gifts to access insights about your life circumstances. But there’s a catch to this heightened awareness. It can make you receptive to any and every frequency out in the memosphere right now. In short, you could be feeling a lot of others’ energies, and this may even cause some confusion.

If you have decisions to make and find yourself vacillating between logic and feeling, quiet your thoughts through meditation and tune into your heart. The voice of your inner truth often sounds like a small whisper, not an obnoxiously loud call. You will recognize it. Trust that voice, and you will make wise choices. Journaling can help, too.

Over the past few weeks, you may have had to restructure your finances or make big purchases. With Venus in retrograde until April 15, you focus on saving more resources. You could use that savings later this year for a big life transition. For those of you on the hunt for a new car, house, or any other kind of investment, you could receive good news this month.

Mercury stations retrograde on April 9, ushering in a three-week period for finishing projects and completing any delayed business. If you have any contracts to finalize from April 9 - May 3, pay careful attention to the details and have others help proof anything before you sign. This also goes for any letters you write, social media posts, newsletters, or any forms of outreach you do for business.

With Venus in your sign from April 2-28, your heart glows a little brighter, and you could easily fall in love. To start the falling-in-love experience:

1. Begin with self-acceptance. Appreciate yourself without condition. Embrace where you are right at this point in your life, releasing judgment for past decisions. You made it this far, and you have survived some wild adventures to get to this point. At any point, you can change your life for the future. For now, though, celebrate this moment.

2. Make peace with the past. Wave a white flag of surrender to end the internal conflict with your former self. At all stages of life, you have chosen as best you could given the circumstances.

3. Finally, love big. Take a deep breath and think about people in your life whom you love. Imagine all of that love from them coming back to you.

Now, you’re falling in love. From this point, you can draw in a new partner or fall deeper in love with the one you have now. 

January Horoscopes

Capricorn (December 22-January 19):

Happy birthday! I invite you to kick off your new solar year with a moment of reflection. Take a deep breath and think about 2016. What was your major theme for the year? What accomplishments did you achieve? Did you fall in love? Did you grieve a loss? Did you let go of something or someone? It was a transformational time for all of us on the planet, but you may have felt it more intensely than other signs because you experienced a culmination of changes that began in 2012. For four years, the Universe has been working with you to co-create your life in significant ways. As we enter 2017, you are beginning the next chapter of your life.

Because this is such a powerful time of manifestation for you, each word you speak is like a magic spell. If you find yourself saying, “life is hard,” you might find that you manifest hard times. Likewise, if you catch yourself saying, “We’re never going to make it through traffic,” your experience on the 405 could drag on and on. I’m not suggesting you sugarcoat your reality or slip into denial. Rather, consider infusing a little positivity into each utterance. Make the glass-half-full mentality more of a baseline, and your life will start to reflect that shift.

You walk a fine line between the past and present this month. Mercury starts this month in retrograde, an excellent time for playing catch-up and finishing projects before kicking off the new year.

The influence of the New Moon on January 27 could inspire your inner entrepreneur. You have the perspective of a visionary, but your ideas might need to percolate a little longer. Take time and outline the necessary steps to take toward reaching your goal. In the meantime, enjoy a positive cash flow. You could get a bonus or raise at work or come into some extra money from an unexpected source after January 19.

What changes would you like to see in your life? Think about this question, and maybe create a vision board or list of intentions. Rather than waiting to see what events unfold, take charge of your life and set yearly goals in your finances, relationship, career, family, home, and health. In doing so, you create a framework to live within, which is more efficacious than mapping out resolutions. You might want to check out “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire,” by Deepak Chopra or "E2" by Pam Grout for inspiration. If you are unfamiliar with concepts like the universal law of attraction, you might benefit from learning about it this month to fine-tune your spell casting.

As the year begins, you might find yourself traveling to visit friends or taking short trips for work. Because there are considerable life changes on the horizon, celebrate the new year, your birthday, and everything else with friends as often as you can. Go ahead and be a little selfish! After all, you have the entire year to give to others. It’s your time now.

Emphasize romance in your love life, nestling up with your special someone on cold nights. Though you might normally be the practical one in the relationship, try to treat your love more tenderly than usual. A little bit of sweetness can go a long way this month. If you are single, enjoy the freedom you have, and make time to get together with friends. The more you get out and about, the more you increase your chances of meeting someone new. You may have become jaded about love over time, but hope can always be restored if you believe in the power of love. Heal the past on January 12 for a brighter love future.



Aquarius (January20-February 18):

Let me start your horoscope with a story. Once upon a time, Humpty Dumpty lived inside of a commune protected by fortress walls. He loved the compound, and enjoyed the very few people he met inside the giant walls. However, he became curious about what he might see on the other side of the walls. The walls had been built to protect him, but he had begun to feel restless inside the contained space. As an Aquarius, he knew his purpose was to see beyond the box.

He searched for and found a ladder, climbed up on the wall for the first time, and sat there, observing the view. The view was magnificent, more than he could have imagined. It took his breath away, in fact. All of a sudden, thunder rumbled in the distance, and winds started to blow. He hurried to climb back down, but in doing so, the ladder fell. He sat back on the wall, strategizing how to get down. That’s when he lost his balance. Yikes!! He fell from the wall, calling for help as he landed on the ground. He couldn’t move his body. His bones had been broken. The king’s horses and men heard his call but could not get beyond the walls of the compound to put him back together again. 

Night after night, Humpty Dumpty called for the horses and men. He asked for help. However, life on the outside of the wall worked differently than it did on the inside. He had to open his mind to other possibilities. He learned to reach out beyond his comfort zone. He prayed, and interacted with elemental creatures who offered him food and company. Though he grieved the life in the fortress, he was aware that a new life was starting to begin. He felt excitement about the new possibilities opening for him, ones that would have never manifested had he not fallen apart. Suddenly, one night, a woman on a white horse rode by, saw him lying on the ground, tended to his broken bones, lifted him onto her horse, and rode him to her home, and he healed over time.

We all put up energetic walls that keep people from seeing our soft, tender, vulnerable sides. We keep our emotions trapped by intellectualizing our experiences or wearing masks of stoic exteriors. In falling apart, we break down unhealthy ego structures that keep people out. In breaking down, we rebuild even stronger. This month, you are being asked to experience some deep emotions, perhaps ones that have been suppressed or repressed. Honor the process unfolding for you at this time, and take time for healing.

The New Moon on January 27 will kick-start your year, and you will rise more powerfully than ever. In the meantime, let others into your heart. Break down your resistances or emotional barriers to intimacy and connection. You are opening yourself to big love, and a big relationship shift will follow in the summer, about six months from now. In the meantime, you may want to work with a healer or therapist to help release old unhealthy patterns.

The more you open to all creative possibilities in your personal life, the greater you can manifest in your professional life as well. See all aspects of your life from a more expanded view, a higher perspective, as we start the new year. 


Pisces (February 19-March 20): 

Have you ever been ice-skating? The first time I tried ice-skating, I hovered close to the wall and hung on for dear life. Eventually, I found the courage I needed to let go of the wall and gradually found my balance. After an hour or so, I glided around the rink like other novice skaters. 2016 may have felt a lot like this for you, as tremendous changes and tests of faith pushed you to let go of your old systems of support. You let go and found your balance. You have laid the groundwork for remarkable new beginnings. As you enter 2017, maintain your stride and keep going.

As a Pisces, you might not always want to admit your sensitivity to others' emotions and vibes, which is why you need to find trusted friends you can lean on.

You are on fire in so many ways, especially in your professional life. You may have recently passed a huge milestone in your overall career path, which could connect you to a new community and social circle. Before you pop the champagne, realize the abundance available to you requires your participation. Listen to your gut, your intuition. It never leads you astray. Focus on your soul’s urge. What is that calling? If you try too hard to control the outcome of events or resist the tug of the universe, you could experience some delays. Let it flow, and then let go.

I propose this mantra for you as you start your new year:

I open my heart. I am receptive to the abundant love and goodness available for me right now and always. I welcome the spirit of generosity. In receiving, I have more to give; in giving, I receive.

In the first part of the month, you might he aware of items in your home that you want to purge. A good solid cleaning would be a great way to get ready for the new year. Out with the old and in with the new. Your physical body could also use a little detox. Finally, clear your thoughts if you have any recurring negative ones that eat away at you.  

Venus enters your sign on January 2, and under this influence, you could feel inspired to update your look. Consult with your stylist friends and gather information at the beginning of the month, and then make any desired changes after January 20.

Under the influence of the Full Moon in Cancer on January 12, your romantic sensibilities could reach an all-time high. This is the beginning of the year and perhaps the start of a new relationship as well. Trust in the synchronicity you have experienced over the past two months. With Mars and Venus both transiting through your sign, love is an absolute highlight of your month. To add to the power of all that love-full energy, Venus and Neptune join up on January 12 in your sign. If you are single, you could meet your person, your love. If you are involved, you might heal any major conflicts and recommit to one another. Even if you have no interest in a partnership, you will feel deepened connections and openness to intimacy. Neptune activates the higher octave of your heart chakra, and you could be incredibly aligned to the vibration of love.


Aries (March 21 – April 19): 

Every rocket needs propellant to generate the force required to zoom up into space. Fuel and oxygen. Of course, you want to fly unencumbered into your magnificent future, but do you have enough energy to move at lightspeed? We start this year with Mercury in retrograde, giving us the idea that we are moving back in time. Your reflection on the past is consuming too much energy for you to fly forward. For a moment, take a deep breath and remember, your goals, dreams, desires, and manifestations have their own divine time. If you try to force your life to follow a specific timeline, you may find yourself hitting your head against a wall in frustration when you feel frustrated; plans change, or delays occur. Every disappointment is a doorway to magic. Only in retrospect can we see the divine plan unfolding. Magic happens when you live in the present moment, reveling in the wonder of the beauty unfolding in your life and following synchronicity. So, while you may create a vision board to start 2017, the manifestation of those dreams happens when you live in the now.

I offer you a mantra for this first month of January 2017.

Passion is my fuel, and breath my oxygen. I am a rocket ready to launch. I breathe in the fullness of this moment in time, filling my lungs and body with the air in this room. In exhaling, I release any tension. My life unfolds intentionally, according to a co-created divine plan. I never have to wait for what I want because it is manifesting every moment of every day.

Your work/life balance may need some adjusting when the influence of the Full Moon on January 12 polarizes your professional and personal desires. Added responsibilities at work could mean less time with your family (including your pets). While this may play out in actual scenarios at work and home, it could also present itself more subtly, in your thoughts and emotions. You may feel a deeper divide between your drive to promote yourself in the public eye and a quieter but a more urgent internal call to emotionally find equilibrium. Because so many circumstances have shifted and changed over the past four years, you may have stayed on the run and not taken the time to step back and assess your emotional needs. In times of sudden losses, you can easily avoid grief by staying busy. Likewise, in times of transition, you tend to move into the new without saying a proper “goodbye” to the past. Without a solid emotional foundation, anything you build professionally will be like a castle on sand. Therefore, at the beginning of the month, while Mercury is still retrograde, reflect on the highs and lows of 2016. Play them back in your mind. In stillness, feel the emotions that come up for you, like grief, disappointment, regret, pride, joy, or love. Write it down in a journal or speak it out to a healer, astrologer, therapist, or other trusted witness.  By the time Mercury stations direct on January 8, you will be ready to lay groundwork for new endeavors. Until then, heal the past.

Because freedom has been a key word for you this past year, you may feel restless within relationships. Assert your needs and wants, and you might find your partner agrees with a less-than-conventional approach to your relationship. If you are single, take advantage of your independence. You might want to travel or become more active in outdoor activities. Find ways to fuel your passion, energize your body, and enliven your spirit. This month, it’s all about you. 


Taurus (April 20 – May 20): 

Let’s start your horoscope with an activity. Take five minutes and listen to your favorite version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

"There's a blaze of light in every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken hallelujah”

Now, after listening, can you feel your hallelujah?

If you have ever experienced an extreme passion for a person, cause, or idea, you understand how the intense pulse of that emotion could overshadow the sometimes quiet voice of conscience. Passion creates heat, pure kinetic energy, that inspires action. Yet, we understand that certain actions under the influence of unbridled passion could have unpleasant consequences. If you have been reflecting on your past decisions and feeling any regret, remember these lyrics. Your consciousness, higher self, and the divine work miraculously in your life no matter what decisions you have made or what consequences may follow. If you read the stories of Sampson and King David (to which Cohen alluded in the "Hallelujah" lyrics), you can see the synchronistic unfoldment of history, foreshadows and miracles. From the cracked open, broken Hallelujah, a new story hatches, one in which God’s goodness and beneficence shine as healing light. All “mistakes” can lead to new pathways of enlightenment, as they offer opportunities to break patterns and learn lessons.

As you reflect on your life during this transition from one year to a next, you may feel pings of regret stinging inside. Before setting resolutions or intentions for new beginnings, offer your broken hallelujah and praise each twist and turn in your life path. You are close to the miracle, ready to experience the divine light and synchronicity that is only available to you now because of your journey thus far.

After January 8, your 2017 kicks off with a bang. Celebrations, parties, and social events could crowd your calendar. Accept any travel invitations and help honor your loved ones’ milestones or big events. You have stellar influences for deepening friendships, as well as for networking and meeting new friends, especially at the Full Moon on January 12. 

Finish work projects and tie up loose ends in the early part of the month. By January 19, practice unapologetic self-promotion. Use social media to build your audience, win recognition, attract new business, or earn a promotion. You might even consider hiring a publicist or agent to help, especially if you are shy about your work.

In love, focus on the positive if you are in a relationship. If certain of your partner’s behaviors disappoint or bother you, raise his or her awareness gently and preemptively try to diffuse any unsettled resentment. This year is incredibly powerful for you, and you have creative power. Therefore, avoid complaining or criticizing, or you will just create more of the same. Try to identify three points of gratitude each day about your love life, whether you are single or involved. If you are single, check to make sure your bedroom has room for your special someone. You may consider placing roses on the nightstand to symbolize your readiness and desire for love. Anything you do to spark that feeling of romance will help attune you to the vibration of love!


Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

You may pride yourself on your talent for multitasking. Your mind moves swiftly from one thought to the next, and you have programmed yourself to essentially focus your attention in two or more places at one time. While your talent gives you the ability to master your calendar program and attend to logistical details, it can create a dilemma if you are trying to allow more magic to happen in your life. 2017 can be a year of magic, miracles beyond imagination, and brilliant new beginnings for you. Therefore, I propose this mantra for you:

I trust that Spirit works through everything seen and unseen in my created reality for the purpose of meeting my needs and wants. I willingly allow myself to participate with everything, releasing my need to control my destiny. I see my future as an unfolding series of magical events, and I look forward to watching the story of my life unfold.

Little synchronicities in your life can add up to big miracles. That traffic jam you hit on the way to made you five minutes late for work, but you arrived just in time to slip into an open elevator where an attractive someone (who was also running five minutes late) happened to be pushing the button to close the door. After a brief introductory conversation, you two realize you live just blocks away from one another and decide to meet up for coffee. The magic of romance sparked when you least expected it and in perfect timing. If you have ever fallen in love, you probably have one of these sorts of stories. That's magic.

This month, in moments of frustration, delay, or anxiety, try to pivot your awareness from those stressed out emotions toward playful curiosity.  Release your grip on the outcomes of your life and allow divine intervention to show you more abundant revelry than you could even imagine for yourself. How do you let go? Take deep breaths, still your body, meditate, and relax your muscles. Relaxation is a key that can unlock magic in your life. 

2017 starts with opportunity and intuition. You have an overarching sense that something good is about to happen. When your ruling planet, Mercury, stations direct on January 8, your writer's block clears. Your mind-blowing creative ideas could gain an audience after the Sun enters Aquarius on January 19. This is an excellent time to promote your work, hire an agent or representative, or dive into a video project.

The influence of the New Moon on January 27 inspires you to explore new destinations, from the new restaurant down the street to a foreign country across the ocean. Follow the signs you have recently received. They are giving you the go-ahead to journey afar. Allow magic into the mix and the details will come together in perfect order.

Now, once you have unlocked the key to magic, love keeps it flowing in your life. If you are in a relationship, find new ways to appreciate your person. If you are single, Mercury in retrograde could present you with a repeat performance of a past relationship early in the month. Learn your history lessons, but shift away from the unhealthy paradigm. Ask yourself, “Is this the best I can do?” Then, make decisions according to your answer.  


Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Like a phoenix, you have risen from the ashes over the past year, and don’t you look stunning! Did you ever believe you could shine this brightly? Okay, before you fly off into 2017, you might want to do a quick review of all you released in 2016.  You have worked with dedicated focus to heal and transmute the psychic debris from your past. You have dug deeply into your subconscious mind to unearth buried beliefs and emotions, learned to be more honest with yourself and others, and established new boundaries in relationships. In 2016, you may have encountered times when you had to put you first, and in doing so, requested reciprocity in your closest relationships. You broke down walls, allowing more intimacy in your connections. You broke down, emotionally, and in the process opened your heart to receive. Supported by the wind, the breath of spirit, you can now start a test-flight and find your balance as your soar through the air.  

I offer you a mantra to start 2017:

From the ashes, I rise, whole and radiant. I am safe to express my truth, to sing my song. Spirit touches each moment with breath, and I trust the gentle guiding wind that lifts and supports me as I soar into this new beginning. I am loved. I am love.

Stellar influences at the beginning of the month could accentuate dynamic tension between your autonomous and relational needs. With outer planets activating your angular houses, you could feel pulled in different directions, and you may have to make some choices about how to best allocate your time and energy. You might have to be more selfish this month than usual and practice saying “no” to extracurricular activities or social outings.

Your professional ambition requires a certain level of self-directed energy, while your sweet Cancer heart needs love and intimate connection. For most of you, any drive for material success stems from your desire to build a secure home and future for your family. Internal tension can grow if you do not practice self-care. Therefore, make this your number one priority. You can find your center in many ways. Here are some examples: engage in a yoga practice, meditate, hike, take a bike ride, journal, read for fun, cook delicious food, or receive a massage. The more nourished you feel from the inside, the more gracefully you can show up for others.

January 12. Wow, what a day for you! Mark it on your calendar, as you may want to participate in some sort of Full Moon meditation or ritual. Make the most of the powerful energy, as any number of magical, miraculous events could concretize in your life. (For magic tips, read Gemini!) On this no-turning-back, life-changing day, Venus and Neptune meet up in Pisces, a compatible water sign, adding to the heart-opening influence of the Full Moon in your sign. The Venus-Neptune conjunction can allow you to experience an outpouring of divine love, enabling you to heal past heartbreak. If you are in a troubled relationship, this influence could help you access the clarity you need to make decisions about whether to stay or leave. If you have a healthy relationship, you may experience an exponential expansion of love, along with a deepening of commitment. This is the most romantic night of the year, when he or she could "pop the question” or together, you might decide to take your relationship to a whole new level. Whether you are single or involved, you head into the year with a surge of romance, heart-centered connections, the spark of Eros, and the poetry of partnership.


Leo (July 23 – August 22):

The Sun is your sign’s guardian light, which means, symbolically speaking, you were born to shine brilliantly, to share your gifts with the world in a way that garners visibility and recognition. On some level, your soul knows this, and you could feel it in your palpable, undeniable urge to create. You have been called to express yourself, whether you do that through styling hair and makeup, fashion, photography, theatre, performing onstage, leading trainings at work, or writing blog posts. If you do not use your gifts, you may have bouts of depression or manifest interpersonal dramas. These are symptoms of a larger issue: a misalignment to your true path. How can you get back on track? Start small, in your everyday life. Experiment with art, make up social media memes, sing karaoke, or tell your spouse how you really feel about the household budget. David must have practiced his slingshot hundreds of times before aiming and hitting Goliath. Likewise, your talents require focus and discipline to effectively make a difference for others. 

You might want to start your new year by writing your own mantra to repeat throughout the month. Here is a suggestion:

I have an abundance of creative energy that I can direct and focus in my everyday life. I feel secure about my ability to make a difference in the world and trust God to support me in all ways as I discern the next right steps forward on my path. I am loyal to my calling and dedicated to my purpose.

Over the past few weeks (since December 19), you may have entered into a state of hibernation to rest and recharge. Mercury has been retrograde, giving us all an opportunity for self-reflection and quiet. This influence lasts until January 8, which gives you time to revisit the major themes, lessons, events, and relationships of 2016. Before setting resolutions, let go of the past.

As we exit the season of cookies, cakes, pies, parties, eggnog, and candy canes, you might consider going through a physical detox to optimize your health. The Full Moon on January 12 could inspire a new health routine for you, one that includes a spiritual component, like meditation. Seek to balance body, mind, and spirit.  

You might wonder what the stars say about your love life. If you are single, you may have attracted someone from your past back into your life during the past few weeks. By now, you have hopefully gained some clarity about the relationship and can make decisions accordingly. With Mars and Venus both moving through Pisces from January 2 - 28, any romance can deepen, revealing a more intimate connection. You might have had a rocky start, but your loyalty pays off, especially after January 19. If you are happily involved, your relationship could undergo some necessary changes to support your evolution as a couple. If you have thought about making a move or changing anything in your financial portfolio, wait until after the New Moon on January 27. The lunar influence promises a beautiful new beginning for you regarding true partnership.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22): 

There's nothing you can know that isn't known.
Nothing you can see that isn't shown.
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where
You're meant to be
It's easy.
All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.

Love in this Beatles’ song might seem a bit optimistic, even unrealistic, to you. Sure, it’s an ideal: Love as absolute acceptance of everything that is and will be. Love as forgiveness, giving do-overs. That may be the love for which we strive, divine love if you will. But actually, we often find it difficult to love even ourselves in this way, much less another person. Love and relationships aren’t always, well, easy. We shame ourselves for past mistakes, criticize ourselves, and say some harsh words in our self-talk. Then, we get into relationships with others with that same back story.

People are complex. We are born into dysfunctional families and have different ego structures built up as a result of early childhood experiences. We come together to help one another evolve and grow, but our soulmate relationships and partnerships push us to the limits of anger, fear, hope, and joy. They trigger us, making us feel vulnerable and uneasy. But they are also, in many ways, our lifelines. Love sustains us, feeding our hearts and nourishing our souls. Love allows us to touch souls, and in doing so, to dance with the most divine aspects of ourselves. It brings us closer to God.

As we start the New Year, the idea of love might steal your focus and attention. The planets stack up in your relationship houses. Even if you deny your desire for romance or avoid people altogether and hide away, your soul calls for connection...and souls always get what they need.  

In the beginning of the month, you may have some past business to finish up. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde until January 8. Under this influence, you may encounter a few setbacks or delays in your day-to-day work life. Go with the flow, and maybe even take a break if you get stuck.  

Mercury retrograde is also a time to purge. Clear out your computer files, clean out your closets, or organize your space. While you’re on your purging mission, you might want to clear your energy field, too. See your favorite Reiki healer and get an energy tune-up. This new year is a prosperous one for you, and you might want to prepare by giving yourself an energetic blank slate to start. So, do what you do best: Clean.

The Full Moon on January 12 spotlights innovative thinking and collaboration. I encourage you to keep a notebook with you the whole day and write down any fresh ideas. Use your powerful connection to the collective mind; you could change the world.   


Libra (September 23 – October 22):  

Let’s face it; every family has its own magnificent dysfunction. Strange inherited personality traits, siblings who bicker, crazy aunts or uncles, grandparents who live in the past, and more. Our families are like constellations- groups of individual stars all made to shine but locked into pictures with one another. You may feel like the only way to shine your brightest would be to separate yourself from the family constellation.  

Home means something more grounding, more internal, than family. Your family members are the people whose lives shape yours and whose lives you shape. Home encompasses a deep sense of belonging and security. You can internally experience home within yourself; even a complete nomad can feel at home. This month, life circumstances and changes within your family structure could cause you to reimagine your sense of home. Libras often feel most at home within a significant relationship. As I write this, I reflect on the song Homeby Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros,Home is wherever I’m with you…”

2017 is a 1 year in numerology. The numbers 2+0+1+7=1. This one year kicks off a nine-year cycle, and the seeds you plant right now in your life will manifest as reality over the next nine years. You cannot afford to allow the opinions of others to cloud your perception or influence your path. Now is the time to set goals and maintain momentum for achievement throughout the year. You also get to be a little selfish, with Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, illuminating your first house of self. You will know your path more than anyone else in your life. You have authority over your life and can make it what you want. Try to take up more space (well...without gaining weight, that is). In business meetings, you might try speaking louder or with more authority. In your personal relationships, you could try being the one to choose date night activities or dinner venues with friends. In crowded settings, spread your elbows like Wonder Woman or Hercules. Embody your inner warrior, especially from January 19-22.

I offer you this mantra as we head into the first month of the year. Look at your reflection in the mirror as you say:

You undeniably belong and are at home wherever you go. You contribute to the whole each day through your thoughts, words, actions, and interactions with others. You have a purpose. A destiny. This is your year. Now is your time.  

At the beginning of the month, you may have unexpected family obligations. Balancing your needs with those of your family members could present some challenges as the month moves on. Any heated conversations will smooth over because they are part of a deeper healing process happening for you. Things might get a little more complicated before the healing processes reach completion. By the Full Moon on January 12, you will have a newfound appreciation for your past and clarity about any conflictual situation. Your Libra scales will tip back into balance. Until then, you may feel stretched in different directions.

Love surprises you this month. If you are single, expect the unexpected, especially if you still hold a flame for someone from your past. Try online dating to meet people from outside your usual social circle, especially after the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19. You could find yourself in the throes of a steamy affair. If you are in a relationship, the heightened sense of romance featured at the end of the month could lead to exploratory conversations about the future. Plan a romantic getaway or date night on January 27, when the New Moon in Aquarius inspires your passion, especially if you and your special someone have been thinking about having a baby (or adopting a pet). 


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Producers, directors, writers finishing a novel, accountants at tax time, lawyers on a case, artists finishing a masterpiece, new parents, and almost all of us at one point in our lives go through periods when all reserves of energy must be intensely focused. The creative process, in whatever form it takes, usually involves a period of deep focus, which can feel like being in a cocoon tucked away from other people. The result is almost always met with a sense of accomplishment, a triumph of dedication and commitment. The real testament to the resiliency of the human spirit is not in the outcome; it is in the process. I invite you to think of your month this way. Let’s think of 2017 as your creative endeavor. You probably envision events you hope will occur, set intentions, map out a vision board, or jot down resolutions. These goal-setting activities ritualize the process of active co-creation, even if (and especially if) you do not get the outcome you wanted. The intention, itself, is a doorway to possibility. Therefore, maintain a positive outlook, trusting in divine providence to work in your life. Your attitude at the beginning of the month about the future can set the tone for the entire year.

I offer you this mantra to start 2017:

2017 will be a creative and magical year. I have set intentions, resolutions, and dreams, and surrender any desire for a fixed outcome because I trust in the unfolding of a divine plan. I am aligned with good things because I am dedicated to following my authentic life path. I am supported in all I do in ways I can and can’t see. Thank you, Spirit, for your generous love.

Mercury is still in retrograde until January 8, an influence that can trigger those nostalgic and sentimental feelings. You might hear from people from your past or reconnect with a previous partner. This is a time of healing in all relationships, and communication is the key to reaching that objective. When having reparatory conversations, speak from your heart with compassion. Others in your life may not communicate as honestly as you do, but they may not have gone to the depths of self-reflection you have. If you sense any mixed messages, ask questions, be curious, and probe a little deeper.  

The Full Moon on January 12 highlights your adventurous side. You might need to take a mini vacation or at least have a weekend getaway to experience a new landscape. Take a break from it all, especially from worry about financial concerns.

On January 19, the Sun moves into your solar fourth house, where it will shine its light on your home and family. If you have been on the search for a new house, plotting a move, or considering a renovation, you could get the green light on January 27, under the influence of the New Moon. 

Neptune, the dreamy planet of imagination, and Venus, the planet of heart-opening connection, will be meeting up in the heavens and shining on your love life. This is a time of sacred engagements, synchronistic meetings, and fated encounters. If you are single, your prospects look good for meeting someone new, with Venus moving into Pisces January 2 and Mars in that dreamy water sign until January 28. If you are in a relationship, you might feel suddenly foggy, dreamy, and ungrounded under the Neptune/Pisces energy and may not have as much clarity about relationships as usual. What Neptune wants more than anything is to inspire poetry inside of you, to turn up the volume on romance, and to dissolve any resistance to love. So, go with it! Soften your approach with your partner and try a little tenderness. When you experience a mind-blowing connection, you can thank your lucky stars. This is an important time for healing, especially if your relationship has had more downs than ups.


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Happy New Year! You are probably jumping up and down with excitement as 2016 ends and a new year begins. Congratulations! You have released decades of energetic sludge and psychic debris; now, you’re ready to move forward in your life boldly. Turbo-charge your life by turning up the volume of your YES. This could mean trying new things (saxophone lessons or even skydiving), breaking up your routine, talking to strangers, setting up a account, traveling abroad, or writing a book. Make this a year of adventure and push the limits of your comfort zone.

 What holds you back from living your most bountiful, beautiful life? Have you been hard on yourself lately, tied up in regret or disappointment? Make it your resolution to compost self-criticism. That judgy inner voice might actually have some wisdom and guidance for you, but you can’t hear it when the tone is so harsh. The more you love you, accepting all of your nuances, the greater your capacity for the things you want, like more money, a relationship, a better job, and more. So, change your self-talk a little to change your life a lot.

Here is a suggestion, in the form of a mantra:

I am exactly where I belong, following my life plan perfectly, and navigating my path’s twists and turns. I am grateful for the abundance I experience in every area of my life and know that I participate in the co-creation of it all. I honor my inner guidance and commit to following my truth. I am ready to leap forward into my big, expansive life!

As we start this month, Mercury will be retrograde, and you might have to revisit and tweak your budget. If finances have been tight over the holiday season, this could be a good time to solicit some extra work to enhance your cash flow. There are countless ways to bring in extra resources; use your creativity to make it happen. The Full Moon on January 12 could inspire a brainstorming session to help you strategize for success because it is arguably one of the most creative days of the year for you.

The Sun’s ingress into Aquarius on January 19 could awaken your inner activist. Even if you have no interest in politics or current affairs, you may not be able to quell your desire to make a difference. Find ways in your everyday life to contribute and use your voice. Jupiter, the planet of faith and spirituality, rules your sign. The largest planet in our solar system offers its influence to you, giving you the ability to see the big picture. How can you see and not have compassion for others and the planet? With courage, speak out if something is bothering you.

The end of the month highlights your social skills, like writing, speaking, and social media. You could work with an agent or publicist to spread the word about your work and talents. Be precise with your messages and use your words carefully. Others are watching.

Your home is a foundation for you, but rather than an actual space, it is more of an internal sense (read Libra for more about this). You are the nomad, the adventurer. As a result, you may feel stuck sometimes if you stay in one place for too long. You like to be on the move. This month, your dream of moving could inch closer to becoming a reality, especially on January 12. This could be due to a long-distance relationship or other personal connection.

You hold onto a dream of love, but it may not exactly be the reality the Universe wants to bestow upon you. Let go of your preconceived notions- how you thought your love life would be. You will always get what you need, but it may not come in the expected package. There is a difference between holding out for “the one” and remaining fixed on romantic notions from childhood. For now, trust the divine plan. If you have been single for some time, you might try to do one thing each day to align yourself to the vibration of love. For example, you could read a Rumi poem or write a love letter to your "person" each day to feel those juicy love vibes. If you are in a relationship, use this month to nest with your special someone, and truly be at home with one another. On January 28, Mars enters fellow fire sign Aries, and the intimacy you build all through romantic January could activate passion all through February.




Happy Holidays! Here are December's Transits

Happy Holidays!

2016 shook our collective conscious- the web we make up through our intersecting spiritual cords. 2016 made ripples throughout it. We have all been changed by unexpected circumstances that carried us on a bit of a roller coaster ride. We had to either hold on to the status quo and make peace with ourselves and others, or we had to step away and move into the dark unknown of new beginnings. We saw this in our personal lives and also in world events.  

Our higher selves have been calling for pretty intense spiritual growth, and 2016 accelerated growth processes. Consequently, we now find ourselves more closely aligned to our North Node paths more than ever. 

What does that mean?

Your North Node represents a point of destiny in your chart, and it is directly opposite the South Node. Together, these points form an axis line that plays a significant role in your chart and life. Your purpose is what brings you the most meaning in your life, what fulfills your soul. However, it is unfamiliar territory. Thus, the closer you get to the realization of your North Node, the more resistance and fear you feel. Your Nodal axis tugs at your ego, urging you forward in often uncomfortable ways and then sends you backward to clear old karma/old emotional and psychological patterns. You slide back and forth between these two impulses throughout your life, finding a balance between the comfort of the South Node and the fulfillment of the North Node. 

The transits of 2016 pushed and guided us into our North Node territory, and as a result, we released many fears. We are now swimming in that collective energy of expansion and release. All sorts of emotional and spiritual debris have risen to the surface, and we are now clearing faster than ever before. Therefore, we might want to be gentle with one another over the holiday season. 

2016 is going out with a grand finale! This month’s transits are going to be quite amazing, powerful, and influential. Ride that wave! 

Venus enters Aquarius just in time to help us gather together in celebration. The next few weeks will help us gain mutual understanding, even for some of the most challenging disagreements. We are going to be showing up more authentically in relationships as well. Aquarius appreciates freedom, and it likes weirdness and eccentricity. 

The Full Moon on December 13 accentuates your need to maintain positive outlooks. If you feel waves of loneliness or regret, try to gain perspective by talking to a trusted friend or healer. You might just need a good cry, too. This is a spiritual Full Moon, and I encourage you to connect with your personal faith community or meditation group to gain insights. Self-reflection can help you prepare to move into Mercury Retrograde (that happens on December 19). 

Mark December 19 on your calendar. It is a wild one. Mars moves into Pisces, and Mercury stations retrograde. (And the Electoral College meets, too.) Things should get fascinating. 

In your personal lives, you may embark on a 3-week journey back through memory lane. You may feel more nostalgic and sentimental. This is a very good time to unplug and take a break from major stressors. Before the New Year begins, you will have several opportunities to say goodbye to some of the themes of 2016.Think about what big events you experienced this year. Then, write down some of the major life lessons you learned as a result. You may feel like your entire year is in a review as you move into the last week of the month. Pay attention to all of the symbols in your dreams, messages from Spirit in your environment, and emotional triggers you feel from others. All of this energy could be heightened to punctuate your soul growth themes. 

Then, pat yourself on the back when Mercury stations direct on January 8. You will then be ready to kick-start your new year and the new beginnings you anticipate. 

December 24 is another big day for you to mark on your calendar. Saturn, the planet of the past, and Uranus, the planet of the future, will have a nice trine between them. In your family relationships, you might notice shifts, as old systems, ideals, and values become more adaptable to changing times. Trines open the pathway for conversation between two planets. We are all, as a collective, releasing rigid systems and structures, moving through a dimensional shift. You could feel this personally, and gain clarity about troubled situations as a result. You could also feel more resolved about your personal goals for the future. 

The year finishes out with a transformational set of transits. All I can say is: Expect the unexpected.

Now, I write this while going through some Venus Transits. So, I’m feeling the love! Therefore, my holiday wish for you is this:

That you are a sponge for goodness,
soak it up from Spirit and from everyone you see. 
Follow synchronicity, 
so you can feel the power of your magic.
Deepen your commitment to your path,
and celebrate every step you have taken thus far.
Reach beyond your comfort zone
and open your heart to others.
Feel strength in times of openness,
joy in vulnerability. 
And that you know how carefully you are guided,
how deeply you are loved,
and how securely you are guarded
as you move forward on your path. 


December Horoscopes


2016 has been a 9 year in numerology. 9 is a number that signifies endings and change. You may have experienced this year as one full of twists, turns, ups and downs. All of this energy is going to rise into a great climax in the middle of the month, and you will see a resolution for the year’s main issues. You could feel caught in between the pull of the future and the lure of the comforts of your present. Change can require compromise, giving you a little security to brave the unknown. Go forth, Sagittarius! You are in a heightened state of manifestation, and you can have more than you imagined. 

Maintain that positive outlook, especially as you consider your finances. Your ambition has peaked, and that means your inner critic could be screaming a little louder than usual. This taskmaster wants you to succeed, but it also wants to make sure you have paid close attention to the necessary steps and thus protect you from possible mistakes. Take critiques with care; you are going through a process of refinement. Then, give yourself a little pat on the back! After all, you have surely achieved successes throughout your life. You may need to access more confidence in your ability to make it happen. You can do it! 

Meet and mingle with beneficial allies, ones ready to help lift you to a higher position. We start the month in a New Moon cycle (that began on November 29). That means you might have a sense that energy is rising, moving you forward. Oh, did I mention it is in your sign? You might want to create a vision board to capture some of your dreams and reference them in your daily life. 

Do you ever have the sense that something better waits for you out in the ether? A better job? A more fulfilling relationship? A new house? A new car? The phrase, “the grass is always greener,” may come up for you from time to time. This thinking, while it affords you a certain kind of freedom, also keeps you from relishing all you have created in the present. For this month, try not to think about your have-nots or what you lack. Stay put, and think of ways to water and nourish your own lawn. This is especially true with regards to your career and financial status. Yes, you could have made different choices, but you are moving beyond your limitations and building your future with each step. Emphasize the positive of this moment in your life. 

A financial opportunity could present itself around the Full Moon on December 13. Focus on your connections, and reach out to new contacts. By the Winter Solstice on December 21, you could have tangible signs of success. Keep building professional relationships, networking throughout the holiday season. 

In love, Venus moves into compatible Aquarius. You have a gift with words; you might write your special someone a love sonnet for the holidays. If you are single, try connecting to potential dates through social media. Even if you’re against online dating, you may agree the Internet can be one great big dating pool if you know where to look. Try out an app or scope out friends of friends. If you want to be single and play a little, you might want to keep in mind that people are extra sensitive at this time of year. Keep clear communication to avoid complications, especially near the Full Moon on December 13. If you want to attract big love into your life, start by finding ways to inspire more joy and laughter. Everyone loves a good sense of humor, and yours could secure a second date and maybe more.



Your internal compass has been directing you right, left, and anywhere but center. You want to achieve some form of balance, but your mind shifts with the wind, leaving you in a daze. Stop trying to think your way through the fog! You have other instincts, senses, to help steer you in the best direction. At times, the decision in support of your best and highest good might feel like the wrong one. I mean, sometimes, Spirit wants us to move toward enlightenment by showing us really hard times. A budding entrepreneur might experience financial struggle to develop more creative ways to generate income. There are gifts in each life event and every circumstance, even if you can only identify them in retrospect. 

I’m giving you a little optional homework this month: Spend at least 30 minutes in gratitude for your failures, specifically the gifts and lessons you received in each experience. For example, I am grateful for the typos in this article because seeing them in print will make me much more diligent in my future editing processes. Now, think of the big ones. Relationships, job ventures, missed opportunities. Focus on the gifts and feel the gratitude. 

Each mistake we make gives us the need to ask for more love, from others and ourselves. Mistakes can eat away at your stomach lining, and the only solution is through a process of atonement. In this process, humbleness dissolves ego temporarily and pulls your attention to your heart. The “I’m sorry” reverberates in your chest with intense feelings of shame, fear, sadness, or regret. The only way to find relief from the painful emotions is to open yourself to more grace, acceptance, and love. Each error invites us into a state of receptivity. We ask for forgiveness and make amends, relying on the generosity of others to accept us. 

With the holidays a prominent theme this month, you might feel more self-reflective. Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on December 19, sending you on a journey to your past, and you might reunite with childhood friends or former lovers. Take advantage of this influence and socialize as much as possible. 

Finances get a boost after December 7, and you could receive a bonus for your hard work. The Solstice on December 21 is a significant day for initiating new beginnings. You could branch out on your own in some new way, with surprisingly favorable outcomes. This is the time to take a risk. 

In the midst of the holiday season, you could find yourself wanting to sneak underneath the mistletoe and connect with a special someone. If you are single, shines in your sign until the seventh, which could inspire a December romance. Take advantage of the influence the first few days of the month. An invitation on the 6th could lead to an interesting proposition. If you are in a relationship, intimacy is your keyword. Find ways to connect spiritually with your partner, especially toward the end of the month, after the Winter Solstice on the 21st. You might consider dancing lessons or meditation classes. If you can deepen your bond, you will develop even more passion. 



This month finishes a rather interesting year, one that presented lots of unexpected surprises. You may have experienced it as a year of letting go while trusting in a divine plan. You might ask yourself, "What do I need to leave behind in 2016?” Followed by, “What do I want to create in 2017?” The new year will be a blank canvas, and December’s influences can help inspire a creative vision for you to manifest into reality. Like a great artist, you were born to deliver a masterpiece (maybe even many of them).  However, not all great works of art are clean and symmetrical. I mean, think of Jackson Pollock for example. (He was an Aquarius, too.) Masterpieces conjure emotion, drawing you into an experience. 

When you reflect on your life, consider this: You are part of an ongoing co-creative process, working in conjunction with the divine source and the entire cosmos. Anything you create this month, this year, or this lifetime, will be a perfect reflection of your truth, emotions, and life experience at a specific point in time. You are uniquely you and also connected to the collective in ways you might not ever know. Every thought you think and deed you do ripples out into the collective mesosphere. Do you think we need more innovators? More weirdos? More masterminds? Yes, we do. Therefore, be your gritty, honest, messy, imperfect, sassy, esoteric, iconoclastic, and rebellious self. Then, create masterpieces in every area of your life. 

While I acknowledge that some of you might be visual or performing artists, I want to specify a specific kind of creativity. Just like a painter can imagine a visual image to project onto a canvas, you can imagine an idea of something you want to create in your life and project it into your future. If you want to manifest a new Tesla, visualize it, feeling how exciting it would be to drive, and keep holding that sensation of excitement and passion. See yourself driving it on an open road. Feel it completely. Then, like a good painter, walk away from your canvas at the end of the day. Put it away, let it go. Surrender. You can keep going back to play with the idea as often as possible, but remember to feel it viscerally. I offer this information because Jupiter is in Libra, a fellow air sign, until October 2017, making this a year of manifestation for you. Take advantage of this influence by dreaming big and following up with concrete action steps to take toward the fulfillment of your dreams. 

There are a few energetic hiccups this month, starting with the Solstice on December 21. You might feel a little more introspective than usual, which could cause an outbreak of melancholy. The holidays can be challenging, after all, especially if you encountered significant losses in 2016. As the annual cycle winds to a close, it initiates a new beginning. Try to resist any urge to isolate from others. You have too much to gain through your connections with friends and colleagues. In fact, this is a powerful time to be networking and expanding your social circle. Venus shines brightly in your sign from December 7 through the end of the month, and you could meet some fascinating people. 

If you need some uplifting, consider boosting your self-care routine. All eyes are on you this month, with Venus in your sign, so take advantage of this time and think about having elective surgery or some type of treatment, but do all beautification procedures before Mercury stations retrograde on December 19. 

Venus and Mars will be together in your sign briefly from December 7-19, and the combined influence could be hot for your love life! The Full Moon on December 13 activates your romance sector. If you are single, you could meet someone significant at this time. If you are not on the lookout for a mate, have a little fun and play! Gather with friends and flirt; you will surely attract attention. For those of you in committed relationships, Christmas bells this month could hint at wedding bells in the future. You could discuss taking your relationship to a whole new level. This is a highly fertile time for you, too.



Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road. 

Did 2016 feel like a journey through the Land of Oz or what? This month, as we close the last chapter of this past year, remember to follow your own yellow brick road. Let’s look at this metaphorically, shall we?

In Jean Houston’s book “The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz,” the road is described (and I paraphrase here) as a path that leads to discovering and integrating all aspects of the self. Following the Yellow Brick Road leads to the hero’s journey indicated in all great myths.  (Look for “The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz” by Jean Houston. Atria Books, 2012.) Read that book if you have the chance. It may help you transition into the next year and free yourself from the ups and downs of 2016.

Over the past 11 months, you may have gained awareness about your purpose and why you have been born. What mark will you make on the world? The answer is only as great as your imagination. So, start with the question: What do I want? Then, don’t be afraid to assert it.

I recommend making a list of what you want, like a child makes a list for his or her holiday gifts. You, too, can ask for generous outpourings from the divine. Gather your courage and ask.

The Full Moon on December 13 highlights the tension between your career and home. If you have small children, you might question how much attention you give them in light of all you do for the world. This holiday season, you might want to quit it all.

At the same time, look at what you’ve built! You have all of the resources necessary to accomplish big feats. Your sole proprietorship might be a goldmine!

For now, find your voice and step into a new position of power. Then, work it, so you look like a rising star.



How can you stir up more magic in your life? Here is a simple recipe you can follow:


1 part desire 

1 part childlike wonder

1 part gratitude

2 parts expectancy

3 parts love

Start with desire. Can you feel what you want to create in your life? If you need inspiration, think about a sweet little child sitting on Santa’s lap, anticipating the fulfillment of holiday wishes. Perhaps you want more than a toy car or robot; maybe you want something intangible, like the repair of a fractured relationship. Put it in writing. Make your list. 

Step two, childlike wonder starts with amazement in everything around you. Can you remember the first time you saw a giraffe? Or how about the first time you saw a movie on the big screen. See if you can go way back in your memory and recall the first time you felt amazed. I will never forget the first time I saw a live theatrical performance. It was Snow White, and I could not believe the way the characters came to life right before my eyes. I felt as if I was a part of the story. Childlike wonder leads your imagination into some very interesting places, and it expands your creative capacity. 

Next, think about everything good in your life. Even some of the messiest situations have rich gifts to offer you. Feel the gratitude, viscerally, allowing it into every cell of your body.

Now, expectancy is a bit tricky. Right? You have to believe in goodness, trusting in the unfoldment of a master plan. Your personal history might want to trick you into believing you can’t actually get what you want. (We all heard the Rolling Stones song.) Question these beliefs, and confuse them. All life events and circumstances manifest for our best and highest good, for our evolution. Therefore, the things you want in your life were desires planted for this evolutionary process. Many actors with whom I work have fear about claiming their desire to be famous as if that desire is shameful. We want things for various reasons, and our deep desires lead us to spiritual growth. So, they are all good. When you trust your desires, you expect their fulfillment.

Finally, add love. For this final step, you have to balance equal parts fiery Eros love with sensual Aphrodite kind. As an Aries, you have a great relationship with the heat of your passion. Your heart leads, and you follow, even if you have to ram your way into brick walls and push open heavy doors. Whatever stirs that fire inside of you awakens love’s potential. For magic, however, we need a balance. Aphrodite love is sensual, waiting like a rosebud, trusting it will open into full bloom. It is receptive and welcoming. 

The power of Magic is generous, and it likes to surprise you when you least expect it. 

Holiday movies, songs, and stories keep the possibility of magic alive. You can see it in the faces of children anticipating the fulfillment of their wishes and wondering how Santa fits down the chimney with all of those toys. While we could talk about your big, dynamite Full Moon on December 13, one that inspires your words and adventures. However, in focusing on the details of your life this month, we might miss out on the real overarching theme of this season for you. 

You are a powerful creator, Aries, and you manifest great things in your life. Because of this, you need to set intentions carefully and consciously. You might feel impatient about getting what you want, as 2016 has been a strange year, and we are all in a transitional stage. A new cycle starts on December 21, at the new Cardinal ingress. Until that time, stir up a little magic in your life and inspire others as you do. 



Frosty the Snowman started his day just like any other, but something in the air felt different. He shrugged off the sensation of doom. He lifted his face to the sky, feeling the cool air on his button nose. The children would soon wake up, and he looked forward to chasing them up and down the streets of town. He had to wait a few more hours before they arose from their dreamy slumber. He imagined they dreamed of sugar plum fairies and nutcrackers dancing, or maybe snowball fight wars, or sleigh rides. He loved sleigh rides. As he daydreamed, he adjusted his top hat, took a puff of his corncob pipe, coughing slightly as he inhaled cool air and smoke, and blinked his two eyes made out of coal. He waited for the children, but something still felt off. The sky was still; no snowflakes fell. The sun was getting hotter, and the air grew heavier. He felt lighter as if he had dropped an entire pants size. Struck with a sense of doom, Frosty began packing more snow onto his body quickly, before the children came out. He moved swiftly around the yard, looking for a shady spot. But the sun kept following him. Rather than mourn his fate, he decided to make the most of his one last day. He said, “Let’s run, and we’ll have some fun.” Frosty and the children made magic together that day because they chose to play when times got hard. How can you be more like Frosty this month? The answer might lead you to discover a little holiday magic for yourself!

2016, a 9 year in numerology, taught us a lot about letting go and moving gracefully through unexpected changes. You may have felt at times as if your whole life swung upside-down. We faced collective upsets, disappointments, and losses, as well as triumphs. As you close out this year, you might need to dance through some of your grief, sing out some of your rage, and walk away from negativity. Move your body to move into a new spiritual or emotional state, gracefully and gradually letting go as you do. 

Career changes are favorably represented in your chart this month. Opportunities for recognition, bonuses, promotions, or awards could awaken new career possibilities after the Full Moon on December 13. At that time, you may even receive insight about how to improve your finances. Make any updates to your investments early in the month, before Mercury stations retrograde on December 19. 

A retrograde period always invites us to make assessments about long-term goals, finish business, and finalize pending deals. While these activities are often necessary, Mercury in retrograde also signifies a good time to give yourself a break! 

Mercury’s influence could work favorably for long-distant travel, though, especially if it involves visiting family or relatives. On December 21, the Sun moves into fellow earth sign, Capricorn, and joins Mercury in offering an invitation for adventure. You could hear good news about a trip to take place later in 2017. Let your imagination lead you to consider all possibilities. You can make magic in your life just by saying, “Yes.” 

As you look around at your social circle, you might see others in varying stages of love and romance. Some are breaking up, while others are starting new flings. What about you? Where is your spark of Eros? Well, get ready! Mars is moving into romantic Pisces on December 19, and you could meet someone special through work or a networking event. Social gatherings could energize you and help you forge new heart connections. If you are happily involved, you and your partner might want to get away from it all and spark some intimacy. Though schedules fill quickly during the holiday season, take the time to deepen your connection, especially around the time of the Full Moon on December 13. 



“It is better to be a trickster than a martyr,” Caroline Casey (one of my favorite astrologers) likes to say. Let this be your mantra as you move deeper into the hectic holiday season, when you might feel as if you're giving more than receiving. Ask yourself: Does your suffering really do anything life enriching or salvific for anyone else? As a Gemini, you have more accessible energy than most other signs. You can do more in one day than others do in a year! You work tirelessly to accomplish the ambitious tasks on your to-do list. The multitasking robotic maid Rosie on the Jetsons has nothing on you! But at times, you could feel drained, even lonely, with all of the energy output and little input in return. In times like these, you need to invoke your inner trickster for a little relief. Like your Cancer friends, you, too, get your own special invocation for the month. Here it goes: 

Aho, Trickster:

Strike within me

the spark of curiosity,

the flame of wonderment, and

the fire of playfulness.

Let the feisty dance of your grin

lift me away from struggle. 

Show me how to bring levity

into everything I do.

Send your elementals, sprites, and helpful creatures

seen and invisible

to aid me in my chores

so I can make the most of this

magical season.

Take a deep breath, integrating the trickster spirit into your serious life. You are guided by Mercury, the planet of intellectual curiosity, the story keeper of the Solar System. On December 19, Mercury will station retrograde, and you might have to take a mental journey back in time to reconstruct some of your traumatic or difficult stories. You might even have the chance to engage in a transformational conversation with someone from your past. Opportunities abound for moral repair, forgiveness, and closure. 

2016 has been a 9 year, one of endings. You are about to embark on some new beginnings in your career, and you may have seen glimpses of those possibilities emerging in your life. The best is yet to come! For this month, close out the year and finish any projects that have not reached completion. Attend to all details before December 19, and then you can begin to set intentions for the coming year. 2017 will be all about new beginnings for you! 

The planets align favorably for your love life this month if you invite trickster energy into every aspect of your life. With Venus moving into Aquarius, a fellow air sign, on December 7, you could have an adventuresome romance. If you have a trip out of town planned, you might meet someone interesting during your journey. Mars will be in Aquarius until December 19, inspiring some fiery passion. You might feel compelled to break free from your routine, try something new. Aquarius wants no limits, and neither does Gemini this month! So, play. 



If you could view the holiday season through a child’s eyes, you might see magical fairy dust sparkled snowflakes, reindeer hoof prints on icy rooftops, and twinkling lights around every pine tree. It’s a glittery, gooey wonderland, this season. Children feel anticipatory delight throughout the entire month, despite the schedules and chores often associated with busy times of the year. Anticipation = Expectancy + trust in immanent goodness. Close your eyes and try to remember a happy memory from a childhood holiday. Can you feel that anticipation?

As this year comes to a close, you may feel a bit, well, tired. 2016 has been a 9 year, one of unexpected changes and endings. Perhaps you want to take the month off, recuperate from the wild ride. The influences of 2016 guided you through processes of letting go, healing from the past, and opening your heart chakra, even when it didn’t feel altogether safe. You accessed strength in your most vulnerable times. You gained courage by speaking your truth, even when others could not hear it. You garnered wisdom from trusting the guiding voice of your intuition. Now, you are in a new transitional space, moving from one year to another. What will fill you with anticipatory delight? What gifts would you like to receive? 

I propose an invocation to kick off this last month of the year: 

Holy Spirit (insert your higher power name here):
I clear myself for you,
releasing fear, regret, anger, and disappointment.
Fill me with your light
so my very presence can help heal the world.
Fill my heart with love
so others can experience your goodness through me.
Fill my mind with truth
so my words speak your wisdom. 

Renew my spirit with each breath. 
Loving Creator, animate my desires
by purifying my intent. 
You are within me; you are my power.
Unbound from grief, 
I receive your grace.
With giddy excitement and praise,

I anticipate your generous blessings
as we co-create

Now, take a deep breath. 

So, yes, we could talk all day and night about the tasks on your to-do list and the goals you have in mind for 2017. We could map out future plans by analyzing your chart. Or, you could distract yourself with all of the activities on your calendar and things to do in preparation for your holiday celebrations. However, you have a deeper spiritual process unfolding at this time, one that requires stillness and receptivity. It calls you to listen to your heart for guidance instead of the stars. You are getting a good dose of healing from the Universe. So, soak it up. 

On December 19, Mercury stations Retrograde, pulling you back to your roots just in time for the holidays. Give the gift of time, attention, and presence to those you love this year. You may hear from distant friends and loved ones. Mending fractured relationships is part of your overall healing process. 

The Winter Solstice kicks off a new Cardinal season on December 21, and the sun will be crossing into your solar seventh house, illuminating the potential for true partnership. If you haven’t met your Twin Flame yet, this could be the time. If you are in a relationship, your connection with your person could deepen and intensify, especially with the passion planet Mars feeling extra romantic in Pisces. The New Moon on December 28 offers this image for the lunar degree: In A Sunlit Home Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously. Your seventh house symbolism couldn’t be better for nestling in with your lovebird and honeymooning into the New Year.



Twinkling lights line every rooftop, pine tree, and streetlight you pass. ‘Tis the season of sparkle and illumination. For a Leo, what could be better? How about the feeling of falling in love for the first time? Can you remember that experience? Perhaps you were in high school or college. With hormones raging, you may have felt a sense of urgency. Everything feels so necessary when you feel love for the first time! I’m reminded of that Björk song.

It’s oh, so quiet.

Shh shh
It's oh so still
Shh shh
You're all alone
Shh shh
And so peaceful until

 You fall in love
Zing boom
The sky up above
Zing boom
Is caving in
Wow bam
You've never been so nuts about a guy
You want to laugh you want to cry
You cross your heart and hope to die

 You might want to play that song a few times this month, Leo, as you settle into a new relationship reality. Venus moves into your opposite sign on December 7, kicking off a period of smittenness for you. The holidays will only stir up the romance you already feel. Are you painfully single? Good! The Universe may want to help you change that relationship status. Keep an open heart and mind, especially during the powerful Full Moon on December 13.

The season’s music, decorations, and festivities were meant to tug at your heartstrings. If you have little ones in your life, your heart might melt a little to experience their anticipation and wonder. If you can, from time to time, put yourself in their shoes. Let your own inner child come out in full blossom. Your playfulness often takes a backseat to your seriousness. This month, reverse the trend, and you can celebrate the magic of the season.

December 19, Mercury stations retrograde, sending you back in time. You may reminisce about a past relationship or friendship. See if you can make connections with distant friends for joy-filled reunions. You never know what possibilities lie in store when you rekindle old flames or find happiness in your history. A whole new story could start to develop for you in the here and now.

Finally, Christmas Day is action-packed in your chart, and the influences especially activate your seventh house of relationships. If you are in a romance, make time to spend with your special someone planning for the future. Fear takes a backseat to potentiality, and you could find yourself making a new commitment. If you’re single, the desire for love might burn inside of you. This begins the unfolding of true love. It starts with your ability to love yourself unconditionally.



I feel you, Virgo! You want to be upbeat, positive, happy, and ready to tackle the future…on one hand. On the other, you might question everything about your life. What should you do about your relationship? Should you clean out your storage unit and give things away? Is it time to move? These decisions (and others) place weight upon your shoulders and spur confusion. The truth lies in your gut, that intuitive sense of knowing that arises during challenging times.

You might feel as if different sides of your personality want different things. Perhaps one favors brunch while the other prefers dinner. In all decisions, and in all ways, you can inspire the sentiment of true friendship just by accepting invitations. You have charisma. Now, go and use it!!  

Underlying it all is this: You have never been so in love with life. And you have never been so willing to give love all you have. Furthermore, you are ready to let your love of someone else, your heart (if you will), lead you.

However, logistics have come into play. Moving in with someone takes detailed effort. Right? The process of packing, moving, and unpacking could lead to a phase of industry. You have things to accomplish and may feel impatient with others.

Let a sense of acceptance overtake you. Then, get away from the crowds and connect with friends for motivation and inspiration.

The Full Moon on the 13th illuminates massive income opportunities. A wise friend of mine once said, “If you want something, look at someone in your life who has it and live like him/her.” If you want more success, follow successful people, and observe their techniques. Observation, feeling, and right action are the foundation points of abundant success.

By the time of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2016, you will have wishes answered.

Take advantage of the generosity of others, especially around the Full Moon on December 13.

You may have learned to close off access to your heart, to bifurcate your feelings. Therefore, when you feel intense grief, loss, or sorrow, you might feel the burden of unreciprocated emotions. Try something new this time. Assert yourself. You are born under the communication sign, and you have a natural talent for expressing yourself. Open up to others, and you might feel more connected. Truth is your big-ticket item.



 Once upon a time, a reindeer named Rudolph cried because he did not fit in with the other reindeer in his tribe due to his unusually bright, glowing red nose. The other reindeer laughed at him for his difference, called him names, and excluded him from their reindeer games. All of this bullying gave poor Rudolph low self-esteem. He tried to tone down the intensity of his brightness, to hide his glow. But nothing worked. One dark Christmas eve, Santa gathered his reindeer together and lined them up to carry the sleigh full of presents for all of the good multi-gendered children. The night sky was dark; it was just a few days before the New Moon (on December 28). Let’s face it; the sleigh was no Tesla. It hadn’t had an update since 1823, before headlights or…well, sleigh lights. With no time to waste, Santa called Rudolph to the head of the pack. “Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?” He asked. Rudolph had been traumatized into believing his greatest asset was his biggest flaw. So, it took him a moment to realize the importance of that moment and what he was being asked to do. Santa cleared his throat, “You look like a deer caught in, well, headlights. Can you answer my question?” Rudolph shook his head, nose aglow, and said, “Yes, sir!” Then, he took his place at the head of the pack and felt pride swell in his heart. At that moment, his desire to contribute to the world, to fulfill his purpose, and to serve his mission felt more expansive than any yearning he once felt to fit in. 

You might not always want to admit you have some serious belonging needs, right? As the peacemaker of the Zodiac, you may tend, on occasion, to compromise your own wants or needs to please others. When these urges come up, access your courage and be different. Right now, at this time in our history, we need disruptors, people brave enough to exploit their talents in service of a bigger mission. That means you don’t get to sit back this month and sink in a post-holiday food coma. Or drink yourself through those awkward holiday gatherings. You actually have to be present so you can investigate possibilities, meet new collaborators, and get inspired. You also need to play detective and recognize deceptive behaviors. 

Several opportunities abound, professionally, and you have to lay some groundwork. Ask yourself: Am I prepared to shine my light? To lead others? To use my creativity? To step into the spotlight? Jupiter is in your sign, helping you connect to helpers, angels in disguise. Therefore, focus on fostering good relationships and expanding your network. Venus enters Aquarius on December 7, giving your social media presence a boost. You might feel inspired to share your ideas, especially on December 13, when the Full Moon highlights the power of your words. 

Mercury will be retrograde on December 19, and it stations in your fourth house of home and family. As you connect with loved ones for the holidays, you might remember Rudolph. When others cannot understand your talents or personality traits, they can be afraid of your difference. Identifying differences in others can lead to self-reflection, and this process can cause serious self-doubts to arise. If a boy tells his accountant father that he wants to be an artist, the father may have to examine his own dreams, career ideals, financial fears, and more. The disruptor son challenging the dad’s preconceived notions is actually pushing his dad to grow. He is expanding dad’s perspective. Disruptors are change-agents, healers and teachers. Do not hide your light. 

Now, we can talk about love! Mars and Venus will be moving through compatible Aquarius for a brief time together, from December 7-December 19, imbuing your love life with a spark of Eros. You might feel a little more sentimental and dreamy during this time, and if you are single, you may want to make more effort to break out of your social circle and meet new people. If you have reached that special stage in your relationship, keep an eye out for small packages underneath the tree; you might receive a special ring on Christmas Day. Venus favors prominently in the heavens, and your ruling planet’s influence suggests magnificent changes to your relationship status. 



I believe nothing is random. Today, my “Word of the Day” was this:

  Thaumaturgy | THAW-muh-ter-jee | noun : the performance of miracles; specifically : magic

Provided by Merriam-Webster's Collegiate (R) Dictionary

What synchronicity! When I thought about Scorpio’s month, the word “magic” kept coming to mind, and moments before I began writing your horoscope, this word appeared in a separate window on my desktop. So, Scorpio, can you handle a little conversation about magic?

I thought so. Now, let’s go!

The holiday season reminds us of the potentiality of goodness- from others, from the Universe, and even from Santa Claus. I mean, no matter what you believe, you can’t help but cry a tear or two when watching The Miracle on 34th Street or It’s a Wonderful Life. In those movies, supernatural forces (magic) participate in a co-creative enterprise with people, places, and things. There are big needs in these movies. Saving the Savings and Loan during a major crash, for example.

Magic = Invocation + Surrender (Trusting in goodness when you need it the most)

How can you stir up a little more magic for yourself this holiday season?

First of all, let go of the disappointments, losses, and WTFs of 2016. It was a 9 year, and in numerology, 9 is often associated with completion, an ending of a cycle and transition to a new beginning. We saw this early on as we received shocking news about the passing of some of our greatest talents: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty, Glen Frey, Tony Burton, Gary Marshall, Prince, Gene Wilder, and many more. The deaths of Nancy Reagan and then later Fidel Castro reminded us that we reached the end of an error. Cancer diagnoses escalated, earthquakes destroyed homes and raised our primal fears. Brexit happened, and soon afterward, Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between felt shocked by the unexpected election results in our own country. Twists and turns of fate led us to question our reality. The “smoke and mirrors” kind of magic no longer works. We want something real.

So, here’s your horoscopic advice: Invoke all sorts of supernatural forces to work for you. What do you want to manifest in your life? Read Aries for a time-tested recipe for awakening magic, and read Cancer for your December Invocation.

What do you need to know about December? Love is complex and multifaceted. As pure creative energy, it wants to flow without boundaries or definition. Love is. Love. Memories may play in your mind, but they will never need to be relived. Only relieved. Healing comes from accepting where you are at this moment in time. Breathe deeply, feeling your breath fill your body in the here and now. Your finances are…well…a bit tight. It’s alright. They’ll adjust to your transitioning career goals and life circumstances. Stay focused on your overarching dream. You might make a major home purchase or decision as Venus crawls into your 4th house on December 7. Plant your roots where you are, albeit temporary. Your lesson in trusting the Universe and others may feel like a rite of passage; you are in line for greatness. By December 21, you’ll see it is your turn.


September Horoscopes

 September Horoscopes


Happy birthday, you! I offer you a metaphor to kick-start your month. Like the captain of a ship moving through turbulent waters, you must make careful decisions right now. Each twist and turn on your path requires more focused consideration at this time. You have been navigating some big shifts and changes in your life; and so far, you have succeeded in keeping your gaze fixed upon your destination. You will reach your goals. For now, discern the next right move. The Solar Eclipse in your sign on September 1 offers you unexpected surprises that may shock your system. Realize they have been designed to clear your path and eventually settle the rough waves. You have some proverbial angels protecting you and offering guidance. You’ll see them in action in the face of friends and strangers signaling to you from out of the blue. Anyone who miraculously enters your life will help connect you with influential people and financial resources. An investor or agent says, “Help is on the way!” Follow the synchronicity and then trust divine timing. 

Full Moon in Aquarius


So, tomorrow we have a Full Moon, right? It happens once a month- or twice in the case of a blue moon- and each month, your astrologers or spiritual bloggers write up descriptions about it and rituals you can do for it. But really, what does it mean for you? And specifically, what’s the big deal about this Aquarius/Leo Full Moon? Today, I will answer those questions for you and show you how you can make the most of this time in our lunation cycle to move closer to realizing and living your life purpose.

Think of a constellation in the night sky- one you are particularly drawn to. Let’s just take the constellation Leo for an example. Leo, itself has a story in its symbolic representation of the lion. Plus, it is made up of these stars, and each of these stars has a name and a story. Regulus is one of the stars in Leo’s constellation. It is one of the brightest stars we can see from earth and is actually a multiple star system. And because of that, it is named after the Latin word for “prince” or Little King.

Now, you look at this picture and see that if any one of these stars were to disappear, the entire picture would change.

Think about your life for a moment. You are you- a shining star. born into a family, a constellation, in a community, a solar system, in a country in the world, a galaxy.

You are uniquely you: Autonomous

And intricately connected: Intersubjective.

The influences of your family, community, city, country, and historical time period, shape who you are and enfold into the self that craves expression. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where you begin and the constellations in which you belong end.

We are all connected by invisible waves and particles of energy that link us together in one big spiritual superhighway network, and we feel our connections deeply whether or not we have conscious awareness. Sometimes, you might think of your friend moments before he or she calls. Or get a gut feeling about whether or not someone is trustworthy. These are ways you know you’re plugged in.

You were born exactly where you were at a specific time in history. And your purpose is to live your purpose to the best and fullest you can. To shine your light as brightly as you can. You were born with a specific life path, and you know when you’re aligned to it because you feel energized, alive; and even if you face challenges, you have an underlying sense of fulfillment, satisfaction. When you veer off from your path, you experience a deep spiritual suffering, a depression, that feels like grief or loss. It’s your potential that you’re grieving in those moments- potential you might be too afraid to live into.

You see, these constellations don’t always want a Regulus outshining them, right? But Regulus gives Leo a little power, a little added punch. And it makes all of the other stars in the constellation seem a little brighter, slightly more noticeable in the night sky.

The Sun is in Leo right now and for a few more days.

A Full Moon is the exact moment when the Moon opposes the Sun, They are 180 degrees apart from one another. The sign 180 degrees from Leo is Aquarius.

Leo emphasizes individual expression, stepping up onto the spotlight as the star, creativity, playfulness, passion, fierce loyalty, and courage.

Aquarius focuses on communities, constellations, contributions to the world through innovation and ideas, collaborative efforts, service for the good of all, and open-mindedness. It is the sign of the humanitarian and one who works tirelessly, sometimes behind the scenes, for a cause.

We are the earth, and the earth is always 180 degrees away from the Sun, so whenever there is a Full Moon, we are essentially looking at this polarity, this contrast, from our view on earth, more so siding with whatever sign the Moon is in than the Sun. We are balanced in the polarity, as the sun’s light shines on us both day and night.

This gives us aha moments and clarity. About what? About what we need to release and let go to really shine our light in the world.

A full moon is always a time of heightened emotions, the gravitational pull on our body is heightened, and we feel more deeply. It is also a time when we have new insights about circumstances in our lives. This is why people get more emotional and stress stirs up. Because we are not wired to like to go into change. But change is always happening in our lives, and the Full Moon illuminates for us what keeps us from moving forward in our lives.

This happens every Full Moon. It’s like we, the earth, hug the moon, which is also symbolic of the divine feminine. The moon in our charts is the soft, squishy, vulnerable part of us, and when the moon is full, we access our emotions more easily. We want to cry, pout, or even laugh in giddy outbursts.

The full moon shows us contrast, and makes us stand in polarity to some aspect of ourselves.

This particular one is a polarity between self and community. I like to think of it as the polarity between being the star on the center of the stage or being a team player in an improv troupe- or since it’s olympics season, it’s the polarity between being a gymnast performing your balance beam but still being part of a team.

Every single person  in the world- even you- feels a sense of purpose. Feels as if they were born to do something great. You were born with pure potential. That’s indicated by the astrological symbol of the sun. It’s the energy that drives you, that invigorates you and keeps you alive. But often we fall short of reaching our potential. Why is that? If we are born with this burning desire, why do we lose fire in important times in our lives?

To answer this question, let’s look a little bit more into the sign of Leo.

One of the challenges inherent in this sign is a need for external recognition. We all want acknowledgement, props, from people in our world- especially our friends and family.

That is what it means to be a star within a constellation.

But sometimes, that need translates into fear, and we become paralyzed to shine as brightly as we can. We fear stealing the spotlight from our friends, we need to fit in, to belong.

Also, if so much of our sense of our selves has been built on constructs from others and from society as a whole, we can fear saying, “Actually, no, that really doesn’t resonate with me…” and changing course to live more authentic lives.

If you’ve always been a die hard Republican or Democrat because your family and friends are all republicans or democrats and you all go to the same rallies and events…but then suddenly, your candidate disappoints you by enforcing policies that don’t line up with your morals, you’ve got a change in thinking ahead - that may mean a change in voting practices or political allegiance.

It can be difficult for us to speak up, to use our voices, to challenge those people in our lives, our communities. But that is what it means to live authentically. We were all born with different voices and ideas so that we could experience contrast and therefore grow. You don’t have to be someone else or ignore yourself- in fact, I’m suggesting that this Full Moon, you be completely and utterly, unabashedly you.

This Full Moon, allow yourself to be inspired.

Leo is creativity, Aquarius is innovation

Leo is playfulness, Aquarius is freedom

Leo is fire, Aquarius is air

Leo is luxury, Aquarius is philanthropy

As you consider how you might make the most of this Full Moon, I have a couple of things for you to think about and then an exercise.

First, let’s look at what keeps us from shining- from living our purpose.

You see, so often, what keeps us from living our purpose is fear and overwhelm. We get overwhelmed by thinking that we have to live all of our potential all the time in all ways. And since our souls are infinitely full of potential- pure potentiality, that can feel like a lot of pressure. Also, we feel overwhelmed when we do not feel prepared or ready to take on the challenges our purpose presents us.

The remedy for that is to do one thing each day to move closer to your purpose. And the good news is: you’re probably already doing that in your life right now. If you want to know how you’re doing it, think about what in your life right at this time makes you happy- what elevates your heart? If it’s volunteering at the food pantry, playing with your children, or writing poetry, or singing a song- that’s living your purpose. Because your purpose- the big picture of it- is made up of small frames of everyday experiences. Your purpose is a collection rather than a finite goal.

Then, let’s look at fear.

Fear comes into play because we have these belonging needs that relate to our survival. As babies, we have actual physical needs and need to fit into our families and navigate those relationships in order to get our basic needs met. The way we meet these needs, through performing for our parents and making them happy or getting their attention through upset or acting out helps define patterns we live throughout the rest of our lives.

When those patterns don’t work for us anymore, fear fills us on a physical level. We feel stuck. We have tightness in our chest. We feel an internal pull to stand still. We might even hear an, “I don’t want to do that.”

When fear arises, there are two types:

The type that relates to an actual warning, which feels more like being startled

and the type that relates to stepping into your bigness- to change- to shining your brightest. That is a spiritual urge that is actually courage in disguise. The more you step into that fear, the more empowered you become.

Leo rules the heart, and aquarius the circulatory system.

I studied theatre for a number of years, and I was an acting major for part of college. I remember getting "stage fright” right before a performance. My heart would pound like it was coming out of my chest, and my blood would pulse in my body so loudly I could almost hear it. No matter how much I had studied my lines and rehearsed, I would feel this sensation. Then, the moment I stepped on stage, it was as if that energy coursed through my system, and I felt absolutely present, whole, and alive right there in that moment.

Fear is just a sensation. It’s just a physical feeling. And its purpose is to encourage you to act- to push you out onto the stage… To help you shine.

So, I am going to propose a Full Moon activity for you.

First of all, just take a few deep breaths and we’re going to hit overwhelm head-on. For the next month, during this cycle, each day, think of one thing you can do in your everyday life to feel a sense of purpose. IT might be taking out trash for your wife to help with the household chores. It could be playing a game with your child. It could also be starting a blog and writing a few posts. What helps you feel alive and connected to others?

Then, we’re going to look at fear. Ask yourself: what do I most fear? Just write down the very first thing that comes to your mind- without judgment. It could be rejection or betrayal or making that call to my brother to tell him something I’ve been holding back. Just sit with it. We’re not going to do anything just yet. Over the next 30 days, reflect on your fear- imagine yourself playing it out- the scenario.

Meet the fear head-on- and give yourself permission to go there in your imagination.

By the time of the next Full Moon, see how that fear feels for you. You might see that it has been turned down considerably. By moving into fear, you step over the threshold into courage. Fear is just courage in disguise.

Horoscopes for the Week of 7/31-8/6

Weekly Overview:

The New Moon in fiery Leo kicks off a lunar cycle on Tuesday, August 2. Ruled by the Sun, the sign of Leo emphasizes self-expression. What makes you shine? The sign of Leo rules the heart, and the root word of heart iscor, which is the same root of the word courage. When you access the courage to live a heart-centered life, following the directives of yourcoreself, your radiant light brightens and heals the world.

You were born with an innate sense of purpose, and you may have always had the sense you were supposed to do something big. To follow your passion is not enough; you have to go deeper and move toward that which you most fear and resist. Your greatest fears inform you of your biggest, most expansive path. When your heart beats in nervous anticipation, you can either shut down or use the energy generated to empower yourself and live from your heart. It is not always the easy path, but it will be the most rewarding.

A challenging Saturn/Neptune square stirs up all of your emotional and spiritual stuff, but it also signals a time of tremendous healing and renewal. Neptune rules water, an element connected to the emotional realm. Saturn deals with infrastructure; it’s our skeletal structure, our bones. With these planets challenging one another, you might feel an internal tension between dream and reality; emotional and material. The need to take time off for self-care could conflict with your sense of duty or obligation to others or work. You do not need to feed your inner control freak (Saturn), but use its energy to restructure your life.

Focus on your spiritual and emotional growth as much (if not more) as the practical, material reality of the day-to-day. You are in a process of spiritual enlightenment, and this is the real work of your life because it brings you back into your heart, your core.

We are all seeing the tension of this current transit (that began in November 2015) evident in the global conflicts we have witnessed as well as in political unrest.

Observe your life. Have you dropped any emotional bombs, hurt others, or even harshly judged yourself? Moral damage to your psyche and soul can lead to energetic scars, which can create friction or blocks in your life. Forgiveness is tantamount to healing.

This week, Venus moves into Virgo and Mars slides into Sagittarius. When a planet moves into a new sign, it offers us new perspectives and ways of experiencing one another. If your relationship has been a bit rocky over the past week, by Friday, you get to press the "reset" button. With both planets in mutable signs, you might be tempted to run away from a situation or even a person. Stay long enough to master the lessons. By the final Saturn/Neptune square (September 10, 2016), you will ascertain the difference between the impalpable dream and the absolute possibility. Until that time, try to hold on loosely without gripping too tightly with your ego. Then, let go with grace when your intuition whispers from the core, "It's time to surrender."

Your Week, Sign by Sign:



I offer this exercise to kick-start your week: For a moment, sit still and quiet your thoughts. Now, listen to the steady rhythm of your heartbeat. You do not even have to think about it, and your heart never stops ticking to keep you alive. The functions of your body were made to work in perfect synchrony. There are a million or more processes automatically happening every second of every day. So, your mind can focus on other things, like fulfilling your life’s purpose.

If by divine design, each cell of your body contributes to the whole system, then each cell plays an integral role in the functioning of the body as a whole. Likewise, you are a valuable, important member of your community and contribute more than you can even imagine. As cells make up bodies, which make up communities, communities come together to create global structures. Your cells, your body, and you as a whole make a difference in the world just by being alive. Why then would you ever resist expressing your unique talents and perspectives?

August is your birthday season with the Sun shining in your sign. Activating courage can mean stepping into the trenches of fear, learning how to resist its force. This week, you have complete permission to speak the unthinkable, those words you have been holding back for some time; to rise into a leadership position; to take a leap of faith. There are no unquestionably right answers; trust your intuition. Hope will guide you. Have confidence in yourself and shine.



We require a certain amount of tension to function in the world. Muscles hold tension to move bones; our bodies need it to fight gravity and stand upright. On a spiritual level, the pressure created by undesirable conditions in our lives helps us grow. Think of this as you move through your week.

On August 2, the New Moon in Leo pulls you inward in reflection. There, you might discover your inner roar, the fire needed to motivate you to keep going when it all feels like too much effort. Do not give up five minutes before the miracle. Find ways to release some of that frustrated energy. Turn on some EDM and dance, take a strenuous hike, or participate in a martial arts class.

You have more discipline than almost any other sign and the extraordinary ability to move closer to a manifested goal one step at a time. Some have blind luck, which can be fleeting; you have focus, which is reliable, constant. Use this skill and the power of your mind to reimagine your life. Start by listening to your words. What stories are you telling? You can rewrite your past to create a great future. Feel the tension generated by disappointment, and use it to motivate your muscles to move forward in new ways.



You strive for balance, as indicated by your sign’s signature symbol, the scales. You have an exceptional talent for seeing different perspectives and can, therefore, mediate between opposing sides. While this skill proves useful during times of interpersonal conflict, you might have difficulty accessing it in moments of internal contrast. For example, how do you negotiate with differing desires? Between the pull to stay in an existing relationship and the tug from your heart when you know you need to leave? Indecision results when you ignore those messages from your heart and silence your conscience.

On the surface, everyone may think you have it all together. Your social life has reached a high point, with summer parties and gatherings. Friends come to visit you from distant locations. You appear to have a simple, rewarding life. Remember this when you sink into periods of questioning. Try to see your life through outside eyes.

The New Moon on August 2 reminds you to focus on your future. Your dreams can come true. Aim your sights on distant stars and hang on for the ride. Here is a moment of awakening, when you can access a sense of life purpose. Set intentions for the new lunar cycle, and soon you will step out of indecision, listening to the call of your higher self.



If you still yourself for some time this week, you might hear the Universe raising a round of applause. You have achieved some success, and you are climbing toward your dreams. The New Moon on August 2 in your career sector highlights a golden opportunity. Will you have the courage to make a move? Your yes will reverberate throughout the cosmos, and you may be surprised to see what changes occur in your life as the Universe opens new possibilities in all areas of your life. One change can catalyze others, and then, miracles abound.

This week, focus on your priorities in light of your goals and dreams. You can have it all when you practice patience and allow events to unfold in perfect, divine order. You have been learning how to trust others, and in the process have fine-tuned your intuitive abilities. Synergistic connections start to form for you at the end of this week. Where will your heart lead? Keep following to find out.



For months, you may have asked the Universe, “When is it going to be my turn?” You want to have that goal manifested, and you have become quite impatient! Your desire to stand out from the crowd stems from this deep knowing: You will make a contribution to the world. Focus on your message, clarify your intentions and then become the change you want to see in the world. The right opportunity will find you; you don’t have to go out and search for it or apply tons of effort.

You may feel as if you need to work hard at this time, but your effort could be counterproductive. When doors slam shut, they could signal divine redirection. Therefore, even the biggest disappointments could turn out in your favor. Say, “Thank you,” and move onto plan B.  Career opportunities miraculously open up when you let go of the need to control the outcomes. Engage in activities you love and anything that activates your heart’s unique beat. Then, follow the rhythm of that beat. After all, Mars, the fiery planet of movement, enters your sign on Tuesday, kicking off a period when passion is your keyword.

The New Moon on Tuesday, August 2, awakens your wanderlust. Plan a spontaneous getaway for inspiration, and open yourself to a little magic.



When you whisper a prayer into the ear of the divine or set an intention, you activate a whole manifestation process. The most unpleasant part of that process involves clearing psychic debris and remnants from the past to open yourself the goodness about to come your way. Think about it this way: If you want a whole new wardrobe, you need to create space in your closet for new clothes. Right now, you are energetically clearing house. Past frustrations, anger, pain, or fear, have been stuffed down into hiding, but now they have surfaced like your favorite pair of worn out jeans that no longer fits. What do you do with all this emotion? You have to feel and purge it. So, rally your support network of friends, advisors, astrologers, and healers. Then, put the past to rest. You might even want to embark on a spiritual journey through classes or retreats to facilitate the process.

On the other side of that clearing, expect a whole new beginning. Rise like the Phoenix from ashes. The New Moon on Tuesday gives you a powerful start to a lunar cycle all about giving birth to something new and incredible in your life. You may be starting a family, buying a new home, going on a first date, or accepting a job interview. These significant life events enrich your sense of purpose. The Universe asks you to step into the unknown, to have an adventure. Let every thought, action, and word be your yes.



Mars, the planet named after the God of War, moves into the sign of Sagittarius on Wednesday. Time to turn your swords into plowshares and stop the fight. For some of you, this means working in collaboration with your competitors to create something amazing, like a new app, business proposal or strategic partnership. You might be surprised by the people showing up to help you develop your ideas. You’re a community organizer, a passionate volunteer, and a purveyor of social justice. Compost the crap and prepare for a harvest.

The New Moon on August 2 turns the cosmic lights out in the sky and invites you to fire up a romance in your life. Does your relationship need a spark of passion? You might use the energy of this lunar phase to plan something together, such as an end-of-summer getaway. Some of you may be in crucial stages of your romance when plans could lead to wedding bells. With Venus moving into your solar eighth house and Mars in a compatible fire sign, intimacy is your keyword. Surrender to trust, and lead with your heart.



Mars moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, August 2, and into your solar tenth house of career. Your energy and focus for success reach all-time highs under this influence. You have been involved in a process of cleaning house, energetically and literally, preparing to move into a new dwelling. I can just hear the theme song to theJeffersonsright now. “Movin’ on up…” And yes, you are. Congratulations are in order.

With all of this success, your focus can finally shift to more romantic matters. Has your passion meter been turned down? If so, activate it by tapping into your feisty side. Are you suppressing anger? Holding back words? Before you speak your mind, practice in front of a mirror or role play with a friend so your truth can set you free, healing any strife in your relationships. You do not want to burn bridges but rather achieve closure and restore peace.

Here is your permission slip to say what you need to say. You are a powerful, intuitive being with wisdom to share. Offer it as a gift, and you will not only heal a relationship, you will practice speaking on a more public platform.



“Inch by inch, row by row, gonna to make this garden grow.” The song inked by David Mallett and sung by Pete Seeger and other folk singers articulates for you how this week might go. The metaphor of seeds in a garden could apply to many of your professional efforts. July’s energies offered you anticipatory possibilities. New ideas. Creative connections. Now, though, you might be left wondering what’s next. How can you achieve those dreams so magically conceived? You might ask, what’s the catch?

The Universe, by divine design, wants us all to move into balance. For you, that means opening your heart to trust and partner with others. Let go of your ego and merge in a united effort with another. Understand that you will only grow through your commitment to enter this deep, intimate relationship. First, you have to know the limits of your ego. Your competitive drive has served you well in the past, but you feel kind of lonely and ready to give in to love. Whether this relates to your professional partnerships or personal life, allow the message to spin through your thoughts. A metaphoric pinball, sliding through obstacles and getting caught in the inner recesses. Yes, Aries, this is the key to feeling alive. To feeling success. To sucking up the richness of all life has to offer. Are you ready to say, “Yes?” Then, sow those seeds. Plant that garden, and keep looking up for divine guidance.



Your week starts out like a champion thoroughbred sprinting out the gate after the gunshot fires. Your challenge: Maintain the momentum up to Friday to secure your place in the winner’s circle. Let me give you a more practical message. You have a little good luck this week and the ability to win a contract, new client, audition, or whatever you set to achieve.

As a result of this, you might think you can do it all. Your determination is admirable, but I’ll remind you to prioritize. Focus first on what feeds the bigger mission you have established for your life. What tasks will help you shine your light and contribute to the world? We all need your voice, your graceful, beautiful, Venus-ruled voice, one of reason in a turbulent time. Therefore, sing your song, write your blog post, or tweet out a statement on behalf of something (or someone) you love.

Now, a word about romance. Go ahead give in to your inner hopeless romantic. You might be surprised to find out that person you’ve been crushing on for a while has feelings for you, too. Let the affair begin.



Your passion has been activated like a rocket about to launch. Therefore, be careful where you target your energy. You do not want to misfire words or actions. The Law of Attraction works every time. Think positive thoughts and be the change you want to see in your life. Would you like more abundance? Then, try to be more generous through all channels, with your time, energy, and resources. Allow your life to reflect that which you desire to manifest. Find ways to give back without tapping out your reserves.

Tuesday’s New Moon highlights your creative spark. You might want to write your manifesto or at the very least engage with others through social media. You could form new connections that help you maximize the dynamic energy activated in your life at this time. Inspiration is an understatement! Any tension you feel this week serves to inform you of which people, places, and things to release from your life. Let go and open space for new possibilities.



Think for a moment about what brings your heart solace and love. The first answer that pops into your mind reveals a truth about where in your life treasures abound. So, this week, try to commence a treasure hunt, especially with the New Moon on Tuesday, August 2. Friendships are golden and love sparkles like gemstones.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Universe teaches lessons in keeping your boundaries. Earn that "A+" by saying no. In your desire to help others, have you neglected your needs? If so, remember to apply the oxygen mask to yourself before you help others. Sure,  you might disappoint some friends or family members. However, you have a tremendous supply of creative energy right now, and if you focus it wisely, you could start a new and potentially prosperous endeavor.

Venus moves into Virgo, grounding your commitment to love and partnership. Will you propose or accept someone else's proposal? Make Friday date night, and even if you're single, you could build more intimacy in good friendships.

July Horoscopes


Cancer June 21 – July 22:

Your birthday season starts with fireworks and a New Moon. Boom! Pow! The vibration shakes the ground beneath your feet. Bursts of light in the night sky dazzle your eyes. As a child, my grandfather ran a firework stand and donated 100% of the proceeds to charity. He rallied family members to help out. At the close of business on July 4, he handed each of us a large grocery bag to fill with fireworks. The entire extended family gathered together that night so our uncles could take turns lighting the loot. For days afterward, the celebration continued, leaving driveways covered with black dust, snap pop remnants, and powdery coils of those strange firework snakes.

I share this memory with you to inspire your reminiscences. For a moment, reflect on your childhood summertime experiences. You may recall pool time with friends, road trips, campouts, reunions, or lazy afternoons free from the pressures of schoolwork. Nostalgia provides soul food for those with planets prominent in your sign, but it could also trigger some sadness.

A recent NOVA episode taught me that we have the ability to change our memories. I invite you to try to reshape some of your own, especially if you feel stuck in your life. Accentuate the positive and reframe your life story.

With the New Moon happening on July 4, you might consider creating new memories this month. Venus and Mercury in your sign until July 11 and 13, respectively, open doorways of honest communication and true connection. This is a time for gathering, celebrating, and sharing. Why not mark a new beginning? Allow others to plan your birthday bash and arrive in style.

Beautify yourself this month, Cancer. Venus in your sign makes this the right time for some style changes and updates. Thinking about starting injectables? How about getting a laser treatment? Consult with your favorite cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to make it happen early in the month. You might also feel inspired to take a shopping adventure with your BFF. You have the feeling of abundance and prosperity, and with this energy, you can achieve favorable results with any wardrobe risks you take. Try new stores and ask for advice. You may not be able to see style options as clearly as someone with a neutral set of eyes, and it is time for a change.

If you are a writer, performer, or visual artist, realize the power of your voice in these important and changing times. What do you have to say? How can your words or ideas lead to revolution, to change? This is not the time to sit shyly on the sidelines. You have an opinion. Express it. Whether you identify reforms needed in your professional setting or you are more interested in global issues, you may be called to assert yourself. Lean into your intuition for guidance, and then, make some noise, especially on July 6 when the Sun joins up with Mercury in your sign.

When you feel passionate about something, whether it is a cause, project, or relationship, your entire body stirs with that sensation. You feel animated, propelled to move. You, more than any other Zodiac sign, feel the desire to dedicate your entire heart when passion stirs inside you. Because of this, you enter cautiously, testing the waters to ensure you will be safe. This month, you have to find unwavering security within yourself because you cannot rely on it from anyone else. Will you vow to honor, cherish, and love yourself in all circumstances? To nurture yourself in times of sickness and health? Will you promise to meet the needs of your most vulnerable, emotional side? If you can answer an emphatic YES to those questions, you are ready to deepen your commitment to another. If you are involved in a relationship, explore ways to increase the intimacy in your relationship. Take a trip out of town for inspiration. If you are single, open yourself to the possibility of love, then sit back and allow the magic to unfold.

Leo July 23 – August 22:

Water meanders, splashes, waves, and moves. In fact, still waters can become contaminated. Astrologically, emotions are ruled by the element of water. If we explore the symbolism of this, we might better understand how random, strange aches and pains might suddenly creep up after a significant conflict or time of emotional stress. That sore joint could be the product of an unexpressed emotion. To heal body, mind, or spirit, we have to feel those untapped feelings, the ones we push down. I have good news for you! When the Sun is in the water sign of Cancer, we all get the chance to feel our feelings more deeply and then heal aches and pains of the body or heart. You might kickstart the process and start this month with a detox or cleanse. Get deep and have a good cry. Then, spend some time in the sunshine to boost your spirits (and lift those Vitamin D levels). Like the day after a big rainfall, your outlook will seem clear. As will you! In fact, this is the way to shine your light brighter and attract positivity into your life.

Fortuitous opportunities at the beginning of the month come to fruition after July 13, when Mercury settles into your sign. Have you been thinking about a new job? Establish your financial goals and accept no less. If insecurity stands between you and your career dreams, you may want to try a new perspective. Would you like to earn more money? You can! The path to abundance requires the courage to change. Trust in the goodness of the Universe as you take that calculated risk. If you work in financial spheres, seek hidden treasures in small startups with great potential. You can make a difference for a company on the brink of success. If you, yourself, have been thinking about starting a new enterprise, wait until the Sun enters your sign on July 22 to take the leap of faith. You have planetary support backing your move.

If you have felt stuck in a rut, unsure of your purpose, tap into your creativity to find a way out. With any writer’s block, establish structure around your creative time. Carve out an hour to sit and write. Set a timer, and even if you write gibberish, you are writing something. That counts and will help move your ego (and its fear) out of the way. Write, sing, dance, sculpt or perform. For inspiration, you might want to watch someone else engage in creative works. The summer is full of outdoor concerts and art festivals. Invite your creative cohorts to join you in supporting fellow artists.

Now, let’s go back to the emotions. This year has been tough. Loved ones may have received cancer diagnoses, friends could be moving away, relationships may have broken up, or disappointments could have delayed significant deals or professional plans. During times of major change, you tend to be the stable ones, with fierce loyalty to others and tenacity to keep going in the most challenging circumstances. Therefore, let me cheerlead you a little. Keep going! You are doing great! In the midst of all the struggle, you can access your power and be light for others, guiding the way. Release any desire to take on the responsibility of fixing broken people; hold space for them and be the example of the power of positive thinking. Also, don’t forget to feel those feelings!

This message especially applies to your love life. Is your drive a bit weak right now? Could you use more passion? Try a summer vacation with your special someone to rekindle the romance. You have to relax and let go, and the best way to do that is to get out of your routine. By the time Venus, the planet of love and magnetic attraction, enters your sign on July 11, you will be ready to forge a connection. If you are single, you might consider online dating for fun (and maybe more). For you coupled Leos, play a little more to get to the other side of this intense time. Take a dip in the water and make a splash with your special someone.

Virgo August 23 – September 22:

Create a summertime playlist and set out on the open road. You have been working so hard. And what?! Have you seen a few new gray hairs on your head? Oh, no! That means one thing: It is time to play. Get giddy. Celebrate the culmination of your efforts, the success. Connect with family and friends to raise a toast to the turning of the tides, the new beginnings. On July 4, the New Moon kicks off a fresh lunar cycle, one that brings instant manifestation of a desire for you. Reawaken your sense of purpose and direction. If you need inspiration, shake up your routine. Spend time in nature and introduce yourself to strangers. Synchronistic connections will bring a little magic into your life, but you have to take an initiative. So, quiet your inner taskmaster and make time to socialize.

Professional goals come into focus more clearly than they have in months. Suddenly, you have direction. All of this certainty leaves you with a boost in confidence. Use it to accelerate plans for the future. If you are in a position to give a presentation or new business pitch, your presence has a little more power. Your effective use of words can win over those skeptics. If you work in sales, make cold calls and draw from your network. For those of you seeking to make a career change, look for clues and signs in the first week of the month. By the Full Moon on July 19, you will have definite answers about the next steps to take.

Have you been thinking about buying or leasing a new car? Explore your options. You could score a deal right around July 6. If your vehicle needs work, weigh the costs of repairs against the price of something new. It could be time for an upgrade. Your money worries have slowed for a while. Therefore, think abundantly and act according to that prosperous attitude.

In July, many people vacation, spending time with family and friends, and perhaps you have plans to do the same. The Sun in the sign of Cancer stirs our sense of nostalgia and amplifies our cravings for connection with others and nature. If members of your family have felt distant, you might want to reach out. First, though, let’s talk about a little thing called resentment. Are you honestly going to hold on to that frustration? You may never receive an apology for the hurt someone else has caused. So, let it go. The energetic freedom from anger can drastically enhance your sense of happiness and wellbeing. You do not have to engage in others’ conflict or drama. Maintain your boundaries and stay in your happy place. Sometimes, situations have ways of working themselves out.

Your heart has blossomed open, and you may feel prepared for a new adventure in love. You have learned from the past and therefore have graduated to new levels. The threads have loosened in those relationship patterns you have woven for yourself over the years. Even those of you who have been married or partnered for years might find yourself behaving differently than before. Congratulations on all that growth! Now, you are ready for a deeper commitment. It started when you took a stand, claimed your power, and asserted yourself. No longer the martyr, you have activated your voice. Try this: Go all out and ask for what you want. Will he or she buy you that expensive gift? Take you on a vacation? Or watch the kids so you can have a weekend trip with your best friend? If you do not get a “Yes” at first, keep going back. You are changing the game. For you single Virgos, note: an open, ready, and relaxed heart is like a giant magnet. The heart falls under the rulership of Venus, a planet with a huge magnetic field. Your key to attracting love into your life is to be love for others. Give to charity, have get-togethers with friends, and fill your free time with activities you love to do. If your energy is more focused on the positive, you are beaming love into the world and attracting it right back into your life.

Libra September 23 – October 23:

Last month’s influences illuminated possibilities for your life. This month, you start the hustle of manifesting them into reality. Here you go, embarking on your own hero’s journey, climbing that mountain toward a new peak. You have been in a process of shining beams of your light into the world. Your Sun sign has been under the influence of some intense outer planet activity since 2010. Because of this, you have had to reinvent yourself in ways that help you have a brighter, stronger presence in the world. You have accessed your power, right? So, now is the time to focus on the step-by-step processes that will lead you to success.

For many of you, social media and marketing campaigns can expand your audience and brand awareness. Let’s face it; you have a lot to say! With the election in just a few months, everyone has an opinion. You have a unique way of asserting yours that engages rather than repels others. Diplomacy and charm are gifts of yours. Use them and take a stand. Silence can be a tool or weapon. Don’t avoid conflict. Mediate it.

This year has been intense so far, with surprise losses, illnesses, and sudden, shocking news. If your close friends or family members have encountered any of these setbacks, you might be called to offer help or support at this time. Remember to keep a generous heart and an open mind. A few minor sacrifices now (especially around the New Moon on July 4) could offer major rewards in the future, both financially and spiritually. Great healing in familial or friendship relationships can occur if you exemplify love as patience and kindness.

When Venus enters Leo on July 11, you might feel a little playful and feisty. Your sign is all about balance. Therefore, though work responsibilities take much of your focus, try to make time to connect with friends. In fact, socialize for success! Summer parties provide great networking opportunities, right? There. You just received permission to have a little fun. You are welcome.

Your love life has had a few minor (or major) ups and downs in the past few years. This month, the planet of love and magnetic attraction, Venus, asks you to state your wants and desires. You might feel tested at the beginning of the month, as you and your partner may have some miscommunication. Make sure you have both outlined your needs and expectations to avoid challenges. You tend to stay a bit emotionally detached and at times seem unsympathetic. While this makes you a great leader in times of crisis, your partner might not feel understood. On July 6, try to step into his or her shoes and see things from a different perspective. By July 17, with a powerful Grand Water Trine, your relationship will feel intimate, close, and deepened. That energy can last all summer long if you continue to practice empathy.

For you single Libras, stick closely to your friends. One of them may reveal his or her romantic feelings for you right around July 16. Are you ready to take the relationship to a new level? Before you say yes, test it out. Weigh the pros and cons to discern the right steps moving forward. Keep relationships light and free the entire month long. Commitment can happen later. For now, enjoy a summer fling.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21:

Open up Google Maps so that it reveals the entire world, Scorpio, and then close your eyes and place your finger down anywhere. Where will adventure take you this month? The possibilities are only limited to the boundaries of your imagination. Therefore, dream big and expect excellent outcomes. If you have financial concerns preventing you from traveling, look for solutions waiting to be discovered. You could even win a trip abroad. These things do happen. Allow the Universe to offer you a surprise. Open your hands and receive.

On July 4, a powerful New Moon in Cancer, a fellow water sign, kicks off a month-long lunar cycle dedicated to your spiritual and personal growth and expansion. You may have surprising insights that lead to creative exploration. Have you postponed writing that novel? Perhaps you have wanted to channel your creative efforts into the expansion of your business. Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Moon all give you the green light and signal you to GO!  Spend a little time this weekend engaged in at least one activity that moves you closer to the realization of that dream.

For some, new energies may have pulled you far away from your passion, and thus contributed to a period of questioning. What is your purpose? How will you reach your goals? You may need to begin again by reconsidering your path and its destination. Quite simply, if your dream has lost its essence, go back to the drawing board. Discern a new path. This is particularly true from July 1- 6.

On July 7, you may hear from someone from your past. Air all grievances and own responsibility for your part in muted conflicts. Unmediated interpersonal challenges can brew toxicity. The opposite, empowered healing, can lead to significant soul growth and heart connections. Have faith in your truth and speak from a heart-centered space.

Finances feel tighter than usual. You can thank Saturn for its role in helping you build up savings and manage debt. Your relationship with money is like any relationship: one in a process. What I sometimes recommend to my clients is that they take some time in meditation to speak to “Money” and find out more about the foundations of that relationship. Also, books like “Money and the Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks can help you gain awareness about your thoughts about finances.

Explore also the deep connectedness of your love life and financial picture. Your sense of power may have become interwoven into your notion of success, which means your mojo lifts or depletes with your sense of professional fulfillment. You can have satisfaction in both areas of your life by drawing from the energy of Venus, the planet of magnetic attraction. This heavenly body is in a compatible sign until July 11, shining down on your romantic affairs. Recognize that real power does not come from your position in life but rather from an unshakable faith in yourself. Embody this, and you are guaranteed to have a hot steamy summer, whether you are single or involved.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21:

What do you get when you mix water and fire? If you have pictured some ashy sludge, you have perhaps witnessed the element of water’s extinguishing force. Water. It can be fun for swimming in the summer months or sipping cold on a hot day. It cleans, purifies, and detoxifies. It makes the Wicked Witch of the West melt into a puddle on the floor. It’s a powerful substance and necessary for our survival. We are made mostly of water and understand it as a part of us.

The Moon regulates the movement of water and fluid in our systems. Astrologically, the Moon has rulership over our Synovial tissue and our lymphatic system. Symbolically, it is also associated with our emotions. Whether brought on by the burgeoning of a new relationship, an experience of passion in a romantic connection, or disappointment from loss, emotions form in our bodies on a physical level. If you ignore the emotional responses, you might feel wiped out. If you suppress them, you could feel restless. As a fire sign, your emotions make your body want to move, to act.

At the beginning of the month, spend some time near the water. A pool or beach day will help still your restlessness and give you a much-needed break from all the ups and downs of the past few months. Let’s call this an energetic detox. A day of relaxation. If you can get out of town, you will only deepen any purification process. If you do this early in the month, you can enjoy the benefits throughout July and into August.

Romantic changes and happenings in your love life could trigger some of this intensity. As a result, surrender to the needs of your heart: It wants to connect wholly, without resistance or fear. It also wants protection to stay safe from hurt. These desires could compete for attention. If you are in a relatively new relationship, you feel this tug of war perhaps more than anyone. Your heart is precious and only needs to open to those most worthy. Create a checklist of what you want in a partner and discern whether or not the one you have chosen fills the requirements. At the same time, be open to surprises. By July 11, you will have clarity, and by July 26, you will know what moves to make. If you are in a solidly committed relationship, this month offers you chance after chance for deep, passionate connections. Let fear move out of your body, and let go of any need to control your relationship or partner. Think fluidity and grace.

Professional doors have cracked open for you, but you have to apply extra effort to push through to realize the opportunities. After July 12, reach out for guidance and help to solidify a path moving forward. A new job, dream client or financial bonus could be yours if you have the courage to communicate your ideas. You might need to push yourself a little more than usual to achieve the level of success you desire. You have connected with new people and formed synchronistic alliances. The individuals who have entered your life will become lifelong friends. Not only are you expanding your network, but you have also begun to access a spirit of generosity. Suddenly, you want to give more than receive. Follow that urge and you may restore faith in the goodness of others. Many people appreciate a Sagittarius outlook on life, and you will be thanked for your service.

On July 22, the Sun enters Leo, another fire sign. The power of this ingress makes you want to get out and dance! Gather friends for a spontaneous get-together to celebrate the season. Live music would be a bonus.

Capricorn December 22 – January 19:

If you were to watch the daytime sky in time-lapse photography, you might see the miracle of a day, the dance of the Sun as it rises and sets, hiding behind clouds and then moving past them to shine brilliantly in the sky. Reflect on your life for just a moment. When you feel a surge of confidence, ready to take on the world and achieve success beyond your dreams, you fill the world with light. You may have encountered teachers, parents, or peers throughout your life who asked you not to upstage anyone, to keep quiet, or to fit into a particular mold. Let us for a moment imagine these notions as giant clouds in the sky. You see, your light still shines, even if others try to block it from visibility. Your energy, spirit and soul still have so much to express. This month, part the clouds, dismiss the haters and step out into the spotlight.

For some of you, this message applies to your professional life. Changes have begun to manifest as new opportunities came to fruition earlier in the year. Now, you feel the frustration of wanting to move far into the future but recognizing the step-by-step journey that must take place first. Each step prepares you for the next. The Full Moon on July 19 in your sign helps illuminate what distractions may have too much of your attention. Clear them out by saying no to drama or anything you have chosen to do because of a sense of obligation to others. This time is too valuable to waste on unnecessary activities. Focus on your end game.

Summertime means backyard parties, fireworks celebrations, and family vacations. While the easy schedule offers you space for relaxation, you feel a tug from your professional aspirations. Finding balance is your test this summer. You can do this by truly being present when with your loved ones. Turn off your cell phone and listen to their stories. Ask questions and expect surprises. Give yourself the gift of connection because sometimes you need to focus on something different to free up some energy to manifest your desires.

Finances may feel tight at the beginning of the month, but good news turns things around by July 12. You might not want to make major changes to your portfolio yet. Practice patience and then allow the markets to settle. After June 22, consult an advisor to revisit your long-term investments and short-term savings. You could then decide to move some funds.

If you are in the process of making real estate changes, try to close all deals and settle mediations by July 29. The negotiation process could have some unexpected ups and downs. Stick with your plan and hold tightly to your position. You do not need to make major sacrifices.

In romantic relationships, you may have begun to allow more love into your life. You have had a strong focus on your career; perhaps you fear you have missed the chance for true love as a result. If pain, regret, and disappointment have led to isolation, change that paradigm. Have hope for the future. Watch romantic comedies, read Rumi or romance novels, and bask in the bright light of possibility. Then, take practical steps. Ask friends to connect you to their single friends, go on a few blind dates, and in general, socialize a little more. If you are in a relationship, this month highlights intimate connections. Plan a weekend rendezvous to enliven the passion.

Aquarius January 20 – February 18:

Your heart has a physical position inside your chest. It also has an energetic chakra associated with it. Try this meditation with me for a moment. Take a deep breath and focus all of your attention on the physical sensation of your heart beating inside your chest. Breathe in rhythm with this beat. Sit in stillness, focusing breath and awareness on your heart, and feel your blood pumping through your body, from your heart out to your arms, legs, hands, and feet. Place your hand over your heart and maximize the sensation. Feel the spaciousness of the heart center in your chest and allow yourself to feel whatever comes up.

Have you ever noticed how people compliment you more when you are in love? “You look so young and vibrant!” “You look beautiful!” Love has the magical ability to transform your entire being. Studies have shown that it does improve your health and appearance. However, if you have experienced hurt, loss, betrayal, or regret, you approach love with trepidation. Fear from past experiences can cause you to construct fortresses of protection around your heart so that you never have to experience pain. The desire for love and fear of hurt can operate in a perpetual inner conflict that could cause you to sabotage amazing love connections or choose safe (but somewhat unsatisfying) partners. What can you do? You cannot live your entire life alone. We are made for community and relationships. We need them for survival. Risk being hurt. Protect your heart by developing your intuition so you can know which people are safe, trustworthy. Surrender to the sensation of love, allowing it to make you feel giddy and alive. From July 12 through the end of the month, love may surprise you. If you are single, this could mean that a new partner enters your life. If you have a partner, take the time to connect emotionally with your special someone.

Your schedule may have little flexibility this summer, with work, family commitments, and social obligations. Though you may have little time for yourself, attend to health matters early in the month. Consult with your favorite acupuncturist or alternative health practitioner for ideas about how to improve your overall wellbeing and fight any summer cold or infection. The Full Moon on July 19 reminds you to take probiotics and optimize your digestive system.

Mars is finally direct, giving you motivation and drive for your professional goals. Resist distractions and remain focused on the future and on your success. You might feel frustrated by the day-to-day routine. When Uranus stations retrograde on July 29, you will have a change of pace, perhaps even some exciting news from either a sibling or peer. Until then, make the most of this dedicated time and climb upward. You will receive recognition for your success by the end of the month.

Pisces February 19 – March 20:

Have you heard of the Rule of Three? The idea suggests that people remember information best when grouped in a sequence of three. Aristotle wrote about the matter in Rhetoric, and comedians applied the concept to the comic triple. You can see this in titles of books and plays, like The Three Musketeers, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and more. A triad sequence has an easy rhythm that we can feel. In astrology, a pattern called a “Grand Trine” functions in a similar manner. Three planets about 120 degrees apart from one another form one magnificent equidistant triangle in the heavens. A Trine aspect symbolizes a nice flow of energy between planets in the same element (earth, air, fire, or water). Because a Grand Trine is made up of three trines all at one time, that element has potency! Your element (water) gets its very own grand trine on July 17, which makes for a nice, comfortable flow of emotional energy that lasts throughout most of July. Under the influence of this pattern, you might expect three things: healing, a taste of your personal power, and an opportunity to shine in the spotlight.

Work and professional goals may have been your focus lately. Some new possibilities might have opened up for you almost miraculously. Bask in the success and trust that more will come. You have been in a growth cycle for several months, and now you have begun to see the culmination of the work and effort. The New Moon on July 4 provides high energy for kick-starting a new project or endeavor. Have you thought of writing a children’s book? How about starting volunteer work for your favorite charity? Initiate whatever most stirs your passion.

This month’s influences bring out your inner child. Summertime makes you feel alive. It is pool season! Spend some time near the water for relaxation and rejuvenation. This will help the healing aspect of your Grand Trine influences. The Full Moon on July 19 calls you to the beach. If you do not live near water, consider a getaway. You might get that dose of inspiration and creativity you crave.

The experience of genuine connection with someone special can improve your overall health and wellbeing. You feel young, vital, and alive. Try this: Let go of judgment. There are no “shoulds” when it comes to the heart. You may think you know what you want, but when someone comes into your life and sparks Eros, your intellect takes a back seat to the pull from your soul. Beautiful gifts lie in store if you wade into love cautiously open and optimistic. Trust in your senses, your intuition. That person you thought was bad news may surprise you. For those of you in relationships, expect a month of deeper connection and intimacy. With all of this intense passion, for those of you trying, the stork could send you notice of a special delivery!

Aries March 21 – April 19:

Here you stand. Centered. Confident. Ready to take on the world. Now that your ruling planet has stationed direct, you finally feel energized and ready for action. Under the retrograde period, you may have felt as if the Universe had pressed the pause button on your life. That time of stillness served an important function. You needed to feel the buildup of passion, then frustrated restlessness, and finally the determination to achieve. You have recalibrated and can see your goals more clearly. Now, you have more direction moving forward, and you can remain aligned to the path that leads to your success.

Your home may need a little renovation this summer. Before the hectic autumn season starts, make some minor improvements and clean out your storage spaces. The cleaning process will also help clear mental fog.

July is the month for family reunions and vacations. Connect with your loved ones for a July 4 celebration. You may be inspired to camp (or glamp) to get in sync with nature. The children in your life will have hours of pleasure teasing you about your fear of spiders or be impressed with your ability to build a campfire for smores. If the outdoors have never actually called you, you might consider a road trip getaway to visit relatives. You might hear entertaining stories, reminisce about childhood, and deepen those relationships.

After July 17, you could find ways to express yourself and stand on your soapbox. Others are listening, and you may convert a few people to your opinion. Political discourse runs hot, and you have a passion for your cause. Speak loud and proud.

This dynamic energy could also help your professional pursuits. Create and submit that winning proposal. Network with others to help work your way to a new job. Your innovative ideas need outlets for expression. You may be asked to speak at a conference or lead an initiative. Step up into the role, and trust that you will grow in all ways as a result.

On July 11, Venus moves into compatible Leo and kicks off a period of bliss in your love life. Have you thought about going online to find your match? If so, get your profile ready and click through to the end. You never know where you will be when Cupid’s arrow strikes. Stay open to surprises. Even if your relationship is rock solid, you will want to explore ways to make intimacy more playful. Use your imagination, and order some accessories if you feel stuck.

Taurus April 20 – Mary 20:

I have a vision for you to consider as we move through the month. A baby bird fully nourished and developed, spreads open her wings, feeling the wind. Her mother stands on a nearby perch, encouraging her to fly from the nest for the first time. Like that bird you pictured in your mind, you have a newfound sense of freedom and a craving for adventure. This is part of an overall growth process that has been underway for several months. You have learned to let go of preconceived ideas about the way things should happen. The order of your universe has been restored because you willingly took chances and let yourself bend flexibly as life circumstances changed. You resisted the Taurean urge to grip too tightly to any one person or situation. As a result, get ready to fly!

Honest conversations with others early in the month will help deepen and strengthen bonds. What have you resisted saying aloud to your family members and closest friends? Your sign rules the throat chakra, and as a result, if you stifle words, you might develop a sore throat. So, if you start getting a little ache, ask yourself: What am I afraid to say right now? Then, speak your truth.

With the relaxed summertime schedule, you might take a road trip or other getaway. You crave inspiration, stirring up your imagination. Visit museums and other cultural venues to help attend to that need, especially around July 4.

Professionally, marketing is your keyword this month. Look at your image and brand. Does your LinkedIn page need an update? You may not care about your online presence, but potential employers, colleagues, or audience members certainly will! Boost your image for optimal success. You have a burst of creativity this month, too, which you may want to channel into a blog post, podcast, or other means of communication. Focus on this project early this month, when your creativity is at a high point. Then, relax and unwind after July 13. If you need resources to help with your promotional efforts, ask close friends for suggestions. Even if you have a secure 9-to-5 position, you could benefit from this advice. You never know when someone could recognize you for your accomplishments.

Romantic connections may feel slightly out of reach for you single Taureans. If you feel disappointed or frustrated by those who keep you in the “friend zone,” keep the faith. All is not lost. You have some magic waiting to happen. However, you might have to walk away entirely to open a new door. If you are in a relationship, this month emphasizes passion, as Mars moves through your solar seventh house of relationships. Any unexpressed anger or frustration will need some expression, so it does not drive a wedge in your relationship. Find new ways to mediate conflict in your partnership. One suggestion I heard once was to have all arguments naked. Well…I do not know from personal experience if this works or even if I would recommend this course of action. However, I think on a symbolic level, this could mean in conflict, be transparent and speak honestly about your feelings. Then, after the argument has finished, you might want to get naked for the make-up session!

Gemini May 21 – June 20:

La-di-da. After the fanfare of your birthday month and the ongoing celebration, we move into Cancer season, a time when the Moon features prominently in our astrological story. The Moon’s prominence makes us want to get together with family members, spend time nesting at home and indulge in comfort food. Emotional security from nurturance is the Moon’s primary desire. Okay, now, let’s be real. This could feel a little dull for you adventure seeking, intellectually curious, and on-the-move Geminis. You need something to look forward to, even if it is a spa treatment next Tuesday (which I highly recommend). You have to find your groove and plot your month to include a nice balance of work and play, family and friends, clearing out and shopping for new things.

Start the month with a hand outstretched in goodwill gestures. Volunteer at your local animal rescue or soup kitchen. You will feel great giving back and might even make some new friendship or professional connections. This act of charity serves a larger purpose in the overall picture of your month. As part of the spiritual objective of the balancing act mentioned in the previous paragraph, you have an awakened sense of your priorities and values. What matters most? Lessons revolving around this question send you into introspective spaces. You may be more aware of your capacity to love than ever before. Your heart, not your head, has been blossomed open. How beautiful! How miraculous! However, what do you do with that? You give generously, speak truthfully but gently, act kindly, and wait patiently. You will not lose yourself in love if you outline for yourself what love means for you, well beyond the cultural construct that has defined love for you. It is neither a power struggle nor a competition. You might want to make a list (to appease your Mercurial mind) of what love means for you and how to best be love in all areas of your life.

We have to start with this conversation before we discuss professional pursuits and goals because the basis of your spiritual self stands rooted in love. You are love. Everything else is just a bi-product of that. So, when you look at your financial goals, you might have a little fun loving money! Isn’t money wonderful? Don’t you just adore the freedom it gives you to travel, buy books, attend concerts, and take spiritual workshops? Now, I have your excitement. Feeling the joy of abundance, you can better discern how to create it in your life. Your writing is always an idea. So is your ability to network and connect people together. You could package your gifts and skills into a new enterprise. Ideas emerge on July 4 as you watch the fireworks explode in the sky, and manifest after the Sun moves into Leo on July 22 through your personal contacts and social media connections.

Update your style and look after July 11, when Venus moves into Leo. You can have a sharp sense of fashion without being judgy, Gemini. Realize other people may just be in process. Give them space (especially if we are talking about one of your children). Our look is a reflection of whatever changes or energy we are feeling at the moment, and yours is about to shift! If you have thought about getting a new cosmetic procedure, schedule it for July 22-28, before mischievous Uranus stations retrograde.

Your love life may need a bit of a makeover, too. Spark fire, ignite passion, or your attention span may wane. It might be time for an adventure. Plan a getaway for the July 19 Full Moon and spend some time under the stars, maybe lounging by the ocean. If you are single, Venus in Leo may bring some magic into your love life. Keep it playful and let go of any commitment or abandonment fears. New beginnings are wonderful.

June Horoscopes


Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Happy birthday! Pop some champagne and celebrate Gemini season all month long. The tides have been turning and the seas restless. Life keeps moving, changing, and you feel the stir of excitement and anticipation as your life shifts in directions you could

Because you have visibility this month, with the Sun and Venus shining in your sign, take advantage of the energy and promote yourself through social media, speaking engagements, strategic PR campaigns, or anything else that inspires you. As one born under a sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you have the gift of gab. Use it to network and expand your audience reach. Talk up your skills. Go ahead and brag a little. No one else has your way with words. If you worry about appearing too egotistical or self-promoting, throw that fear out the window. Really. You don’t need it. You shine this month, and others will hang on your every word.

Friendships have been in flux. You have had profound realizations about trust, boundaries, and support. You might feel inclined to move into new social circles, abandoning your old ones in the process. Think again. You do not have to let go entirely when disappointed by the words and actions of others. Find resolution. Make peace. Think about expanding your circle rather than breaking it.

With Venus in your sign, you may want to change up your appearance. Get a makeover or go on a shopping spree. You might also consider any elective or cosmetic surgery at this time.

A special Full Moon in your sign on June 20 highlights your need for travel and adventure. This is the second Full Moon in your sign, a rare astrological event that falls in your solar seventh house of relationships. Do you think love will be a theme for you this month? Count on it. Love and commitment. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you feel a restless need to get away from it all and experience new places. This could lead to a spontaneous adventure that deepens your commitment to your partner. You are learning how to value yourself in relationships. This is a significant growth opportunity for you and your special someone. If you are single, you could experience a desire for intimacy and connection. Trust that this sensation is opening the door for true love to come into your life. If you have cleared the path, your person will certainly come.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

I moved to Los Angeles in June and being from the Midwest, I expected sunshine, hot summer days, and a lot of beach time. I had never been to LA before and had only known about it from films and others’ stories. I moved right during a phenomenon called “June Gloom,” which refers to the gray skies from a marine layer resting over the city. It usually clears away in the afternoon. During that particular summer, it was colder than normal and honestly, disappointing. Suddenly, in late June, the gray sky turned blue. The sun shone. In this clearing, I appreciated the light and warmth. Contrast is what makes our life experience rich. We have ups and downs so that we learn to profoundly access our emotions, and therefore our hearts. This leads us through a process by which we surrender to and connect with the Divine. Your month starts out with a little “June Gloom” that pulls you deeply inward, as part of a larger process that began in March. After the Sun ingresses into your sign on June 21, the skies will clear, and the sun will shine. Your life will have clarity and focus again. Until then, curl up into a cozy space and nurture your tender heart. Write, meditate, pray, dance, paint, and play. You are in a healing process.

Avoid involving yourself in too much busy work. Focus on your top priorities and try to delegate the rest. You can usually accomplish more than anyone else, and you have a keen sense of the bigger picture. However, taking on too much during summer vacation mode can make you want to crawl back into the sand and hide away like your sign’s signature symbol, the crab. Pace yourself.

You have motivation for success and brilliant ideas forming in your mind. Express yourself, and you might earn a promotion or secure a raise. Use the power of your voice, especially after June 18.

If you have siblings, you might expect some good news this month. Perhaps a reunion is in order or a long-distant journey. These relationships have shaped your history, but they can also contribute to a brighter future. Settle any ongoing disagreements and make time to have fun.

In love, passion is your keyword. Mars is moving backwards through the sign of Scorpio, a fellow water sign. What stirs your heart? Make bold moves for love. That may mean taking your relationship to the next level. I foresee engagement parties at the end of the month or standing with your special someone declaring vows in a destination wedding. Whatever that next level means for you, expect it after Venus moves into your sign on June 18. If you are single, you could meet someone out and about. Be free and play. You never know when Cupid will sling back that bow and strike you with his arrow. You could get a pre-birthday surprise.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):

Your inner lion may feel more like a lamb this month, but that does not mean you cannot roar. Any external chaos, like election season for example, causes you to question to whom or what you owe loyalty. The answer, Leo, is: to thine own self be true. You have a conception of truth in your own heart. Follow that pulse, and stand firm in your resolve. Then, others will ally themselves with you. In fact, you could uncover some leadership and community organizing skills. Now, I say this with a small caveat. This month, you may need to fact-check to ensure your truth is built on a solid foundation. Whether personally, professionally, or publicly, you have a stage, microphone, and platform. You do not need to fight; you just need to speak from the heart.

Expect good news about your finances at the end of the month. A surprise opportunity could lead to a little extra cash flow on the 26th. The bonus could set the mark of good things to come. Pay attention to professional opportunities coming into your awareness. You may have choices to make. When faced with these options, look always toward the distant future. What are your goals and dreams? Focus on the long-term and your decisions will become apparent.

You may have been so busy with other priorities that your home could use some organization and beautification. Give it a little attention in the beginning of the month and then host a gathering with friends before June 18.

Soak up the sun this summer, and start early. Your urge for travel may lead you to exotic destinations. bring your special someone for a romantic getaway. This could be the key to enhancing romance and reviving passion. Your love life may need a little sizzle with feisty Mars, the passion planet, in retrograde. You might have been reflecting backwards on the past, but your present situation looks pretty amazing if you frame it in the right light. Offer gratitude for what is, and you can start manifesting what you want, especially with the New Moon on June 4.  You can have the drama-free relationship you desire. And, if you are involved, you can build intimacy in your current one.

For you single Leos, enjoy your freedom in the beginning of the month. Go out with friends and have fun. Your sense of humor could turn heads. Open up and be yourself. The right person will notice.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

What will you do with your one big, beautiful life, Virgo? This is your reflection question this month. Worrying about minor details, stressing about the right words to say, or fearing making a wrong move keep you locked into a holding pattern. Stuck. The Universe offers abundance, possibility… and even pleasure. Indulge in all of the above, and you may be surprised by what miracles unfold in your life. Set intentions wisely; you are a manifesting machine.

Your professional path has reached a steep incline that peaks on June 20 with the Full Moon. Keep moving forward, pushing through the resistance. You have creative, innovative ideas. Share them freely to wow any potential clients or impress your boss. Pat yourself on the back for your good work, and others will follow suit. You have to believe in your skills and trust that recognition is on its way.

Family concerns have arisen, and maybe your stress levels have peaked as a result. Follow your heart when making any decisions and practice self-care. You do not need to take on all of the responsibility. Find support in any way possible. When childhood memories stir inside, triggering your emotions, realize you are in a healing process. It will unfold gracefully. In the meantime, you may need to talk things through to gain clarity. Maybe a therapist, healer, or astrologer can help you contextualize those feelings.

At the end of the month, you could take a spontaneous getaway with some friends. After the hard work, you deserve a vacation. The open road calls you after June 18. Stop in the little dive restaurants and bars to get a feel for the local flavor. Who knows? You may meet new friends.

Your love life has the feel of a RomCom soundtrack. A few melodramatic songs followed by some heart-tugging montage music. Discover new ways to connect to your special someone if you are involved. Implement date night and explore your town. Be curious together. Have fun and keep it playful. This way, criticism and fear cannot take over. If you are single, exercise your freedom. Ask yourself if you really want a relationship at this time. If not, enjoy the benefits of singledom.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):

Imagine a hawk in flight. The graceful soar. The gentle maneuvering through the air. They know how to be carried by the wind. Like the messenger bird, spread your wings and allow the meandering breeze to lift you to a new destination. Though your flight may be effortless, you can still be fierce. You have had a retrograde period (with five planets in retrograde in the beginning of May) to focus on your goals and envision your future. In the process of that thoughtful exploration, you have awakened to aspects of yourself that have been dormant. You have had to assert yourself and stand up for your rights. You have accessed the power of your voice. Now, you have a deeper sense of self. You are officially a little more of a badass. With all of this growth behind you, you can fly.

For some of you, travel is a definite highlight this month. Those long flights to foreign destinations can give you plenty of time to catch up on movies, read new novels, and maybe inspire your own creative endeavors. Expand your worldview and enjoy a little freedom from your daily responsibilities. You may never want to return.

Financially, you have drive and determination. Review your financial portfolio to make sure you’re making the most of the market. You could be able to afford a more aggressive approach. With Jupiter moving into your sign in September, you may not recognize gains until the fall. But you are motivated now. Think first, consider all options, and then take action after June 30.

Re-envision that hawk. It trusts the wind and it trusts itself to know how to navigate the ups and downs. So, too, you need a little bit of faith, (Cue George Michael, please.) The Universe has goodness to bestow. Your gut sense tells you how to access it. Trust your inner knowing. You might even take a spiritual class or retreat to hone your intuition. This would be best after Mercury moves into fellow air sign June 13, opening and expanding your mental awareness.

In love, expect some ups and downs as you navigate the tension between freedom and connection. Yours is the partnership sign, but you have had Uranus hanging out in your solar seventh house for most of the last six years. This rebel planet asks you to put yourself first, and you may have drawn some selfish people into your life to mirror how to do that. Thank them for the lessons, and now assert your needs. If you are coupled, make this month a bit more playful. Get out of your routine and experiment a little.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Let's get real, Scorpio. You love money. Love it. Crave it. Maybe even obsess over it. You can thank Pluto, that dwarf planet that has influence over your sign, for your drive to achieve and Mars, your other planetary guardian, for your competitive nature. So, the question this month is: How can you draw more resources into your life? First, believe in your skills and the possibility of success. Then, use your Scorpionic intuition to determine where you might make a little magic happen. Your power lies not in your ability to dominate others, but rather your ability to know when to make the right move. Trust yourself entirely and listen for internal signals. Ask your gut...or your favorite divination tool. This month, you will need your intuition to determine the best strategy for success, whether you are seeking a new job, asking for a raise, or securing new clients. Professional opportunities are opening up for you, but you need to carefully discern which ones deserve your time and effort. Some might not spark your passion or fit within your long-term career goals. The immediate cash flow could be tempting, but you want to keep your future in mind.

The New Moon on June 4 highlights a time to think of new investment strategies. Consult with the financial guru in your life for ideas. You are in a building, growing period right now. Consequently, you might want to put more away at this time, rather than spending.

Your work life fires up your creative juices. You have so many new, fresh ideas to express. Allow this to move into every area of your life. You can find artistry in anything you do with the right mindset. Explore art galleries, attend theatre showcases, and hear live music for inspiration. Immerse yourself in creative outlets. You might even consider taking a class to develop a new hobby or skill.

For some of you, having a baby can be one expression of your creativity. This could happen unexpectedly, so heed the warning, especially around June 18.

Distant friends may visit you near the end of the month, after June 20. Enjoy the reconnection without feeling any pressure to create the perfect experience. The conversation alone will be worth the journey.

In love, intimacy is your keyword. Mars, the planet of passion, is in your sign. Have you ever connected with someone so deep you feel as if your souls are touching? Reach beyond the confines of your mind and ego structures. Open your heart, and you might find there is actually freedom in the surrender. You are not losing yourself; you are feeling your own sacredness. If you're single, you may need a different type of message. Namely, with all of that excess mojo, find an outlet. Dancing, drumming, singing, or yoga, can help you channel that passion into a tangible form. Don't let it bottle up, or you'll explode. You could find love later in the month, after June 18, when Venus enters watery Cancer.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

The summer sun shines down, warming the sandy beaches and heating up those hiking trails. You are in vacation mode, ready for adventure. What about those chores and responsibilities you have had on the back burner? Focused effort in the beginning of the month can offer you freedom later. Although you feel restless, ready for a break, your success has not even reached a peak yet. You have a little more to climb, and it will all be worthwhile when you receive the recognition you deserve. This month is pivotal for your achievement, and I mean this in terms of the big picture. Think long-term. How can you make the most of it? Keep climbing, and do not let go. Imagine the life you want, and know with every cell in your body it is all possible. Your biggest challenge will be to keep the faith.

If you have found yourself in the midst of some conflictual situations, you might have to hold tightly to your position. As a mutable sign, you have a gift for compromise and letting go of your tightly-held opinions. Your flexible nature is a gift. See it as such, and choose your battles wisely. This is especially true on June 13 when Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your opposite sign. Defend your truth while being open to new perspectives.

For you moms and dads, summertime lulls may make for restless kids. You can provide structure without micromanaging schedules. If your little ones need a bit more attention, you might think of family activities you can all enjoy. This will keep them out of trouble. Plan day trips and staycations.

The structures of your life have been in flux for most of 2016, and you might have changes within your family representing larger shifts. Losses and gains both lead to soul-level growth. You have ridden the wave, and you could still be feeling the reverberations throughout every area of your life. The only security you can find is within your heart and up in the Heavens. Even relationships are unpredictable.  Love takes many forms of expression. Love yourself first to open to more romantic possibilities in your life.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

With so much planetary emphasis on your work and career, you might need a little break. Let me help you shift the focus for a moment. Take a mini mental break with me. Visualize yourself sitting on the deck of a mountain chalet, overlooking a picturesque landscape. You can see peaks and valleys, dense wooded patches, rolling streams, and blue skies as the backdrop of it all. Now, look closer. See the birds soaring overhead, the hummingbirds feeding on flowers, scurrying creatures rustling shrubs and bushes below, and bees pollinating nearby plants. Nature has an order, and you are an integral part of it. You are connected to every form of life, whether or not you can see it. You may feel humble, small, and giant at the same time. When you feel buried by the day-to-day responsibilities, step away from it all and connect to nature. Allow it to feed your spirit.

You know what else plays a part in the natural order of the world? Your sex drive. I mean, how else can our species propagate? Summer is a wonderful time for romance, for that spark of Eros that draws us closer to one another and stirs feelings of love. Alleviate work pressures and stress by connecting with others in intimate ways. Are you single? You might try online dating to meet someone new. In doing so, you expand your relationship possibilities beyond your immediate network. If you are in a relationship, you might expect a surge of romance after June 18 that can renew your connection and deepen your love. You may feel as if you are falling in love all over again.

Have the little ones in your life started their summer break from school? If so, a family vacation might be just what you need to access your own inner child. Ride the Ferris wheel, climb onto the roller coaster, or splash in the ocean waves. Show the children your playful side. They will find new things to appreciate about you, and you might have more fun than you imagined. The end of the month is most favorable for this, especially June 26.

Now, we can discuss work. You have been in a slow, steady climb toward a new career peak. Continue along the path. You are just gaining momentum. Success is yours because of your determination and commitment. A little luck could connect you to an influencer in the beginning of the month who opens new doors of opportunity. Pay attention to the signals and trust your gut sense in moving forward. By the Full Moon on June 20, you will have more answers.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Your generous spirit makes you the perfect philanthropist. You have a genuine, selfless desire to help others.  While this is an admirable character trait,  at times, you may wonder: Where's the recognition? Where's the love? If it feels easier to detach from others than to make yourself priority #1, then maybe you want to reevaluate how you handle relationships. This month, your sense of optimism reaches a high point. With stellar mental acumen and a dose of creative inspiration, you might feel as if you can take on more responsibilities or tackle extra work. Set boundaries around your time and energy. Delegate chores you don't want to do. Your schedule, life, and activities are within your control.

Now, for those of you with little ones under your watch, the above message especially pertains to you. When taking care of children, remember to have fun! Allow your inner child to come out as you play with toys and games reminiscent of those from your youth. My Little Pony may want to make an appearance in your playroom. Or you might build a Lego castle. And did you rock at Chutes and Ladders once upon a time? Maybe it's time to host family game night. Playfulness inspires creativity, and this is definitely a productive time.

You might use your creative energy to start a new project that you could monetize at a later time. If you have been looking for ways to make some passive income, you alone can create your golden opportunity. Success is yours, but you will need to invest your resources wisely. Seek advisement and recruit a solid board of directors for any entrepreneurial endeavor. Did you know that a lot of businesses work with astrologers to determine timing of events, investor strategies, and more? Keep this in mind. Your ruling planet, Uranus, is the planet of the New Age, and you have some visionary tendencies as a result. You might want to take a more nonconventional approach to your startup activities. Think about the future, especially with the New Moon on June 4.

Travel early in the month and give yourself a break. That restless spirit needs an outlet. An open road or airplane runway calls you on June 13. Answer the invitation with an affirmative response, even if it is a bit spontaneous.

In love, hold nothing back. Give freely, openly. Let your love be as generous as your big spirit. Your heart won't break. Rather, it will stretch wider than you can imagine, and this will inevitably lead to healing. You single Aquarians may meet someone special in the beginning of the month. Sure, your mind may be focused on other matters than those of the heart, but that is precisely when it happens. If you are in a relationship, expect romance all month long.

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Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

If you can dream it, you can have it. So, allow your imagination to take you to new places this month. For some of you, this will manifest professionally. You may find yourself on stage in some way. That crazy idea others convinced you was impossible might just be the golden ticket you've been waiting to cash in. Do not give up. Hold tight until the miracle happens. For others, this message applies to your personal life. Have you been wanting to find that special someone? Or take your current relationship to the next level? Anything can happen if you keep a positive outlook, and hold onto your dream.

If your ordinarily cheerful disposition gets challenged by naysayers, you might need a healthy outlet for your stress. Have you tried kickboxing classes? Perhaps yoga or Pilates is more of your speed. You might also try taking tap dancing lessons, since you've become a master at tap dancing around difficult issues to keep peace lately. A good physical outlet could help you keep the emotional ups and downs a little more manageable.

The New Moon on June 4 could inspire you to start a new house project. If you stay realistic about your vision, you can have it all in the end. Try not to take on too much at one time. Pace yourself to reach completion without losing motivation. If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, this month could offer the golden opportunity. Sign the papers and close the deal after June 13.

Your love life may feel like a bit of a roller coaster ride. With the twists and turns, you might wonder about your fate. That person you thought was "the one" turned out to be an excellent teacher while the one you thought was just a fling actually had relationship potential. Hang on and enjoy the ride. By the time Mars stations direct on June 29, you will have more clarity. Venus moves into fellow water sign on June 18, signaling a time of romantic possibility. You single Pisces might make a new connection. Sparks of attraction inspire passion. Things could get steamy.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19):

Use your Aries spunk to initiate conversations with strangers, network at special events, and connect with acquaintances. Hold no expectations about what you want to gain from these connections, remain curious, and you will be surprised by the synchronicity. Ask questions, and you might just get some interesting answers. You are in the process of forming new collaborations that could lead to successful ventures. Your ideas are brilliant, and you have the right strategy for positive outcomes. Trust that the right people will step up when the time comes.

You may feel as if your mojo has been tapped out. You have so much energy, vitality, usually. Why have you felt so exhausted? Oh...just...wait. You are about to take off. This is a time of realization. You are not quite ready to act, to move. Patience, my friend. Mars, your ruling planet, is retrograde until the 29th, and after that, your fiery spirit returns.

Professionally, this month is perfect for social media engagement, PR and marketing initiatives. Plan networking meetings after June 13. You might have a project go viral. The opportunity is certainly there for your taking. If you are looking to make a big leap of faith, you might want to wait until after your ruling planet starts to move direct. Plan wisely in the beginning of the month, and then start laying out a solid foundation with Saturn's help until the end of the month.

The Full Moon on June 20 might trigger your urge for travel. Invite your close friends for a spontaneous getaway, perhaps up or down the coast. Such beautiful landscapes will give your spirit a lift and make you feel connected to the bigger picture. It could be a spiritual experience for you.

In love, Venus, the planet of relationships, is in playful, feisty Gemini until June 18. If you are single, use this influence to have some fun. Meet new people at parties or other social gatherings. You might even try online dating to open your social circle.

If you are in a relationship, see what kinds of adventures you and your partner could have together. By June 20, your heart shifts open in a new way. Your love deepens, maybe through some challenging conversations. Until then, maintain the romance by keeping things fresh.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

So, you may have gotten cheated out of the full birthday month experience with Mercury retrograde and other retrograde planets during your birth month. All of us were recognizing triggers, feeling intense emotions, and dealing with significant life issues. You may have felt lost in the energetic mix. On behalf of the cosmos, I offer an apology. Can we have a re-do? Of course! I officially declare this a month for celebration. Start by buying a cake and some decadent ice cream. Then, invite your closest friends over for a party June 4, the New Moon. Set intentions, ritualize the moment. Your bold, beautiful life is unfolding before you, now that you've cleared some stuck energy from the past. Those difficult conversations, losses, break-ups, moves, and exciting surprises that shook you to the core helped crack open your heart. Can you feel the new rhythm of your pulse? Can you hear a new drum beating? March to that. Follow your heart.

Professional opportunities abound, if you access the courage to move out of your comfort zone and make new connections. Promote yourself through social media and attract new followers in the beginning of the month, up to June 13. You might also think about asking for a raise or promotion. Mercury in your sign in the beginning of the month gives you a gift with words and power of persuasion.

You may also discover your inner writer and start a novel. Jupiter shines a little magic on your creativity. Use that influence to express yourself. You might take an art class or try belly dancing. Music, rhythm, and dance help you hear your own heartbeat. And you could meet some new friends.

Good news in the beginning of the month about your finances makes your Venus-ruled self giddy with delight. The New Moon on June 4 could inspire a whole new concept for to make a little extra spending money. You don't have to sweat it out (unless you're a spin instructor). The idea will come almost from out of the blue. Be open to the possibilities. Some ideas include: Starting a YouTube channel, monetizing that recipe everyone loves, driving for Lyft, matchmaking for business deals, or investing in promising new companies. Whatever strikes a chord with you, move toward that impulse.

Feeling a bit more feisty than usual? That restless energy makes you want to or out of a relationship, perhaps. Mercury in retrograde gave you plenty of time to re-evaluate your current relationship status. Now, you have a little more resolve about where to go next, and the time to act is almost upon you. Mars, the passion planet, stations direct on June 29. If you possibly can, hold off on making those major moves until then. You are still gathering information. Preparation is essential. This applies if you are thinking about online dating, pursuing someone special, considering taking your current relationship to the next level, starting couples' counseling, or leaving altogether. Whatever your current heart's condition, ride the wave of emotion to a still point.

May Horoscopes

Taurus  (April 20- May 20):

Happy birthday! Even your personal superhero feels fear on occasion. In fact, fear inspires courage. They function together in tandem, two sides of a single axis line. You cannot be truly brave unless you have fear and the willingness to face it. Fear is only a physical sensation- an emotion. It activates your heart and pumps your blood. It will never destroy you. So, resistance is futile. Think of that which you most fear, and start your birth month by moving toward it full force. Revel in the discomfort of the unknown. Fall in love. Publicly speak. Fight for a cause. Allow the power of fear to inspire you to act through courage.

Love calls you to step forward toward someone special this month. You may have resisted making a declarative statement (especially with all of the retrograde planets happening right now). However, your resistance may not be serving your best and highest good at this time. The mutable squares that have been activated since March and all of the intensity we’re still feeling from the eclipses, have been shaking up the normally stable structures of your life. This means the safe and easy path is no longer a trusted one. You have to take risks. Speak your truth and go out on a limb. Venus, your ruling planet, is in your sign all month long, shining a little glow in your love life. If you are single, you might consider exploring new art galleries or music venues. You could meet someone who shares your passion for creative expression. If you are in a relationship, this may not be the best time to make commitments. Enjoy the pleasures of the moment. Celebrate your love as it is right now. The future will unfold. For now, there are rich moments to be shared in the present.

Venus’s influence in your chart also makes this a great month for a makeover or shopping spree. The New Moon on May 6 symbolizes that new beginning you’re trying to create for yourself. You might consider taking a shopping trip out of town. Forget your budget for a moment. Money is coming to you; in fact, you might even get lucky if that shopping spree happens to coincide with a Vegas getaway. If Vegas is out of the question, you have a little extra luck landing those big deals or even that dream job. The possibilities are endless for you.

Travel and adventure are definitely represented this month. Escape the stress of the season with at least a weekend getaway, especially after Jupiter stations direct on May 9. You look your best, feel pretty good, and could use a break!

If you have been feeling a bit more spiritual with all of the retrograde activity leading you back into the past for reflection, this could be a great time for a retreat. Maybe try writing or meditation for a change.

Your friendships may feel in fluctuation, as people in your life move and experience their own shifts and changes. As with all areas of life, you are learning beautiful lessons in letting go and moving in rhythm with the flow of the Universe. By the end of June, we will feel a bit more settled in place. For now, remain curious about how your friendships and other life circumstances will balance out. Practice shrugging your shoulders and saying, “I allow myself to be surprised by the magnificent goodness of the Universe and its infinite wisdom.” Then, go out for happy hour and tap into your playful side.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

I have always been mesmerized by the dance of the ocean tides. The magnificent force of the sea pulls back and forth from the deep of the water to the shore. If you intend to swim in the ocean, you have to learn to navigate this motion, to run in at just the right time. Otherwise, the water will crash you into the sand or pull you down into its current. The jump into the ocean is exhilarating, and once you learn to swim with the tide, you can avoid getting hurt. It works this way with life, too. Timing is everything.

Your ruling planet is retrograde until May 22. Do not underestimate this influence for you! There are four other retrograde planets, and there's a veritable storm of astrological activity. The combined influence of these planets could inspire some powerful realizations for you. Expect your own internal storm of tears and rage and fears and wild laughter. At some point this month, you might have to go back on a nostalgic journey through your past, revisiting relationships and rekindling bonds with people from whom you’ve been separated. This is a time of introspection. Whether personal losses or exciting changes inspire this awareness, trust yourself to weather the ups and downs with grace and ease. If all else fails, keep constant contact with your therapist or BFF for those reality checks.

I encourage you to resist entering into other’s dramas this month. Most of your friends and family members lives will seem like major soap opera storylines with all of these retrogrades. You could lose yourself in these plot lines…and let’s face it: You have your own stuff going on. Be a little selfish with your time and energy, especially in the beginning of the month, close to the New Moon on May 6.

Professionally, you might experience ups and downs, stops and starts. Revise your goals and set your course for the future. Any missed opportunity or connection could be a divine redirection. You may not be able to see clearly until we get further into June. Allow the dust of disappointment to settle if that too-good-to-be-true opportunity turns out…well…to be too good to be true. All possibilities expand your expectations for your life. They increase potentiality. By the time the Sun enters your sign on May 20, you will get the green light to move forward in significant ways in your life.

In love, your fears and insecurities rise to the surface at the beginning of the month. What are you doing? Are you ready for commitment? Yikes! Then, there’s that abandonment fear. Oh, no. Relationships allow us to do our great soul-level work. We grow, evolve, and spiritually expand through the rising and falling of these fears. You have the power to rewrite your history. To move out of your victim story, rise brave, and say, “I do!” to love and life. Give yourself permission to stand still in the turbulence of the unknown and weather this time. Don’t run. Stay. By the time Venus moves into your sign on May 24, you will understand the bigger picture. If you are single, use this time to heal from the past.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

Your inner child begs you to play this month, and it might reach out to you in some unusual ways. Did your computer crash? Did your plans change, freeing you to have a little down time? Disappointments and upsets could be opportunities in disguise. The playful trickster inside of you might actually be orchestrating these divine redirections for your ultimate benefit. You can preempt any struggle by giving into the urge to play. Get to the water as often as possible (even if the closest body of water is your home bathtub), and take yourself on mini adventures in your town. Discover new hidden treasures in your community. These types of activities will give you a little break from an otherwise intense month.

Work demands may weigh heavily on your shoulders. You have been in a building process, establishing a new foundation for your professional life. This has not been easy, but you will be rewarded with favorable outcomes. If you work for yourself or have your company, use this month to boost your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a new job, market yourself more effectively by updating your LinkedIn profile or attending networking events. Use the power of your words to expand your reach. You might even consider affiliating yourself with a professional organization or getting involved in volunteer work. Political causes could connect you with like-minded new friends.

The New Moon on May 6 inspires your creativity. What you can dream, you can build. Your future needs you to suspend disbelief for a few days and revel in possibility. You might even think about getting out of town at the beginning of the month to expand your worldview. The break will fire up your creative juices. You could even start that bestselling novel.

May is the month of Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, and reunions. These activities fall under your domain, Cancer. You may find yourself hosting relatives and friends for some of these gatherings. Remember to keep a little balance. You don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing to show others a good time. Take good care of your health, and get plenty of rest. That will help you be your best when entertaining.

In love, the planet Venus is in grounded, earthy Taurus all month long. Under this influence, your romantic focus may be commitment. Whether you are single or involved, this month gives you good reflection time for thinking about the future. There are five planets in retrograde, and this could bring someone from your past back for a redo. Trust is a big issue for you, and you will want to move into any romantic situation slowly, being gentle with your heart. Resist judgment, and go with the flow. If you are involved, this month may show your relationship a few ups and downs. Keep it playful, light, and fun. Laugh as often as possible, and have fun together to avoid any major relationship pitfalls. This is especially true May 21-25.

Leo (July 23 - August 22):

As you begin your month, I encourage you to step in front of the mirror for a few moments. Now, repeat these affirmations to yourself: “You are brilliant. You are super hot. You are talented. You are a star.” Good job!!! How does that feel?

You have some professional opportunities happening this month, and you need to turbo-charge your self-esteem. Own your awesomeness! Once you do, the rest of the world will see it, too. This especially applies to you at the beginning of the month. The New Moon on May 6 could introduce a new professional relationship into your life that would have lasting benefits. Could this be the agent, manager, or business partner for whom you’ve been looking? You did send the intention out into the Universe, and now it is ready to manifest as a reality in your life.

You secretly crave the spotlight, but you fear drawing too much attention to yourself or alienating yourself from your friends. However, you were born to shine! Your sign is ruled by the Sun, the brightest luminary in the heavens from our perspective on earth. The Sun’s influence gives you the need to express yourself creatively. For a little inspiration, explore music, art, or theater venues to discover new artists. You might even consider hosting a salon to allow your friends to share their talents. You need to activate a little of your star power. You never know who will discover your hidden talents.

Though fear can have a toxic influence in your life, it is the only gateway to enlivening courage. When you move toward that which you fear, you usually face the choice of whether to give up or move forward. In making the decision to continue, you empower yourself. Self-doubt and fear may come up for you this month. Repeat your affirmations, and meet fear head-on. Roar in the face of your doubts like the lion that is your signature symbol. Speak up, stand up, and let fear motivate you to take the most expansive path. For some of you, this will play out professionally. Others may experience this decision personally. For example, leaving an unhealthy relationship is another way of facing the fear of being alone and making a stand for your best and highest good.

This month is full of retrogrades. When planets appear to move backward in the heavens, we all get the chance to revisit past relationships and situations. If you have regrets, you might get a do-over opportunity. Check in with your intuition to determine whether the past ought to remain behind you. Your intuition might lead you to a new path. If you are single, you will want to play this month. Any romance has the vibe of a hot, steamy affair. This may not be the best time for significant commitment. Rather, this is a time of exploration. By May 24, Venus moves into the lively sign of Gemini. Friendship could develop into more. If you are in a relationship, you might want to steal away with your special someone at the end of the month, when the Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius on May 21 highlights your romantic inclinations. Any sparks that fly at the end of the month will keep your romance steaming hot all through the summer.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

The strength of the bamboo tree lies in its flexibility. It can bend and sway under the pressure of stormy winds and survive hurricane conditions when other trees lose limbs or fall. You have this talent, Virgo, as a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet in our solar system. Flexibility, the ability to flow with the current of the river of life, is a strength of yours.

For most of this month, your ruling planet is retrograde, and it appears to move backward in the heavens. When this phenomenon occurs, you might need to revisit your past, reconnect with family and friends whom you have not seen in a long time. You may experience losses or changes in current relationships. You might get emotionally triggered and need to face any unhealed circumstances. We are in a perfect storm of astrological activity, and you need to flow like bamboo to weather the emotional ups and downs, Virgo.

Retrogrades can also present opportunities to revisit past business agreements or deals. Jupiter in your sign suggests this is a month filled with good news, professionally. You have a little luck and might find yourself fortuitously sitting next to a perfect connector. Yes, angels of sorts will be coming into your life through the magic of synchronicity. You have prepared for these conversations and have your elevator pitch practiced. Execute the plan, and expect perfection. If you are looking for a new job or hoping to expand your career track, the New Moon on May 6 highlights positive news.

May 10 is the luckiest day of the month for you, and your friends may have good advice for you. Mark this day on your calendar for an intimate gathering with some of your closest friends or colleagues. You might even join Leo in hosting a salon or other type of event to showcase your creative work. Your ideas are brilliant, and you have so much to share.

Your home is a matter of concern. You may have been hoping to make updates or renovate your space. You might also think about buying or selling property. Revisit past decisions and trust in divine timing. Pending deals can finally close under this retrograde influence. You could be signing documents on May 22.

Travel is strongly represented for you this month, as the Taurus planets activate your inner adventurer. Celebrate successes with spontaneous trips to exotic locations.

With Venus in the complementary sign of Taurus, your love life feels a little more magical this month. If you are in a relationship, your connection with your special someone deepens, and you experience more intimacy. You find yourself wanting to indulge in all sorts of pleasurable activities, going out for delicious dinners, enjoying fine wine, and exploring new ways to express your passion. Root yourself deeper in love. If you are single, you might feel the desire to connect to someone new stir inside your heart. Focus on loving yourself more deeply, and you can help open the possibility of a relationship in your life. Spend time with friends to feel connections. You never know when a friendship could evolve into something more. This is especially true on May 13.

Libra (September 23 - October 22):

As an air sign, you have the remarkable ability to rationalize your way through any situation. Your sign's symbol, the scales, reflects your ability to see various perspectives and weigh out the pros and cons to make the wisest decision possible. But what happens when there is not one right answer? What if a decision is perfectly balanced on either side? Sometimes, all you can do is commit to something, knowing that your choice may not be perfect. Knowing that you might have later regrets for the choice you did not make. When faced with these tough decisions, follow your feelings. Focus all your attention into your heart. Turn off your thoughts for just a moment, and feel the yes or no. Your mind cannot always be trusted because of your amazing ability to rationalize. Your heart will never let you down.

On May 6, the New Moon in your solar eighth house stimulates a spiritual awakening. You might need to make some significant life changes, start a more focused meditation practice or join a spiritual community. For some of you, taking yoga, music, cooking, or dance class might also serve to help expand your spiritual awareness. Anything you do to facilitate healing and deepen your connection to your higher self will offer lasting benefits, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Professionally, this is a very good time to pick up projects that have been on the back burner. With Mercury in retrograde most of the month, this is not the best time to start something new. If you have been thinking about looking for a new job or embarking on a new career, wait until the Sun and Venus move into Gemini at the end of the month, after May 24. Until then, use this time to close chapters and prepare for those new beginnings. The Full Moon on May 21 highlights your ability to connect with others through social media and networking. You might strategize how to engage your friends for a charitable cause or political movement. Your words have extra power of persuasion. Maximize that potential.

At the end of the month, you might think about planning a big trip for the summer. There are so many reasons to celebrate and friends with whom to gather in celebration. Plan a friends’ trip to the beach or the mountains. You could all use a getaway, and no one knows how to plan festivities like you social butterflies of the Zodiac. I mean, your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of friendship connections. Break out your credit cards and enjoy a little shopping, too, but remain mindful of your budget. There could be a bigger trip or experience in September and October, and you might want to save.

Your love life gets a little intense this month, as the retrograde planets remind you of the past. You might be taking a trip down memory lane, and this could lead you to reconnect with an ex to gain closure. Resist the urge to go backward. Keep your focus on the future. Stay in the possibility of new love. If you are in a relationship, your connection can deepen under this month’s influences. However, you might have some tough conversations and choices to make in the process. Think of your long-term desires. Then, move forward accordingly. Love can transform your life.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

This month starts out with five planets in retrograde. Oy vey! Do you feel as if the Universe has pressed the "rewind" button on your life? You review past decisions, reflect on your past, and maybe even return to your childhood home. Ah, nostalgia, that intoxicating force. The tug of your heartstrings brings tears to your eyes and stirs emotional responses throughout your body. The root of such sensations? A rich combination of love and grief. You may have heartwarming memories of times when you felt secure as if all your needs would be met. Conversely, you also might mourn for relationships that have slipped away or choices you wish you would have made differently. As you wade through the muddy waters of memory and history, you might consider standing still for a moment of reflection to make peace with your past self and accept a new path forming ahead of you.

May is a month for celebration, with weddings, graduation ceremonies, Mother’s Day brunch, and more. You could find yourself traveling to visit relatives and friends. Enjoy this season, but pay attention to your spending! Those extra expenses could add up. Remember your long-term financial goals. You are building a future and laying a solid foundation.

Professionally speaking, this month could offer you some exciting possibilities. This could mean the closing of a deal that has been pending for months or good news about the job for which you’ve been interviewing. With Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, stationing direct on May 9, those prospects could come to fruition. Finally, you have the green light to move forward and what could feel like a lucky break. If you have felt stuck, unsure of what moves to make next, seek advice from a career counselor or your favorite astrologer. You might need someone to help you see other ideas and strategize for future success.

For inspiration, you might consider dusting off those creative projects that have been on the back burner. Finishing past projects can provide such relief and could motivate you to exercise those creative juices. Have you been writing a novel? Learning an instrument? Organizing your photos into albums? Redecorating a home? For you, these types of activities can be meditative and spiritual. Plus, you might realize talents to share with others, especially on May 9-10, when your creativity reaches a peak.

Love is perhaps the highlight of your month, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your solar seventh house of relationships. With Mercury retrograde until May 22, you might take a jaunt down memory lane with an ex at the beginning of the month. If you are both single, this could lead to a fun, playful exploration. However, I encourage you to avoid making significant commitments with anyone with whom you’ve shared too much history. By the time we reach the end of the month, your energy will be focused on moving forward into the future, leaving the past…well, behind you. Keep yourself open to the possibility that you could meet your special someone this month with all of the relationship activity represented. If you are involved, you might want to take your relationship to that next level. Cue the 70s love songs (can I hear some Bee Gees?) and slow dance your way through the month.

As a final note, I have to offer CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite Scorpio, my sister, who gets married this month to her incredible partner (a Capricorn). I wish a lifetime of happiness to you both and cannot wait to celebrate your marriage later this month.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

As I begin to write your horoscope, I am suddenly aware of all the songs that focus on the subject of climbing mountains. It’s as if your spirit guides or angels are giving me a glimpse into your world. “Climb every mountain. Ford every stream…” “There’s always gonna be another mountain…” “I would climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest sea…” “If you climb a mountain, and you turn around…"“I could climb the snow-capped mountains…” Should I keep going? As these song lyrics play in your mind, you might ask yourself for whom or what you would take a risk. The biggest challenges often come with the greatest rewards. This month, take a stand for something you desire and climb toward that peak. You will be guaranteed to reach the summit.

For some of you, this message applies to your professional life, and you might find yourself going after your dream opportunity. This is the time to access power over your future and take charge of your destiny. If you are an entrepreneur, this month offers good news for your business. This is a very good time to pitch proposals for new business leads and to reconnect with former colleagues or clients to see how you might work together again. Your creativity is at a peak, so take advantage of the momentum.

If your schedule feels overwhelming at this time, realize that all seasons eventually come to an end. You will be able to restore some balance eventually. For now, continue to ride the wave.

Attend to your health during this busy time. You might want to start a new workout routine and get in shape for the summer. Food sensitivities are also up for you right now, and seasonal allergies may make everything feel inflamed. So, look at your diet and pare down a little for optimum health. Also, boost your supplements to keep your immune system working better than ever.

The Full Moon in your sign on May 21 challenges your self-esteem. The Universe may be calling you to reprioritize relationships. Do you have any codependent tendencies? If so, you may need to revisit some of those relationship patterns. Try asserting your needs and wants. When you can put yourself first, you need not fear commitment to a relationship. You might experience more freedom with the right person.

Your romantic life might be on the back burner because of the career successes represented at this time. By May 22, that all changes. If you are single, you could find yourself falling head over heels for someone new when Venus enters your solar seventh house on May 24. Sparks will fly when you least expect it! For those of you involved, make sure to keep open dialogue all month long. With Mercury in retrograde, there can be some miscommunication. All conflicts smooth over by May 22. In the meantime, play, explore new destinations and let passion fuel your connection.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

You have made some bets and taken a few risks, and now you get to see results as your investments of time, energy, and resources, reach a culmination point. There is a universal law: That which you reap, so shall you sow. This law suggests that the energy you send out into the world through your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and words, comes back to you. Think about the past four months. What energy have you been projecting out into the world? With your unique combination of focus, determination, and drive, I would bet you are about to sow success, personally and professionally.

Your career is right on track this month, and you may even have opportunities for expansion internationally. You might need to start thinking about ways to promote yourself through writing, blogging, or social media. Have you been thinking about starting a podcast or YouTube series? This is an excellent time to be planning and thinking about how you might build more of an audience. You are the expert in your field, and others will want to hear what you have to say!

Graduations, reunions, and other celebrations make May a month to remember. This is a month to connect with family and friends. You are usually the consummate host, and no one throws a gathering like you. You consider every detail and dedicate yourself to your guests. Let’s face it; people will be talking about your event for years to come! This month, as you engage in festivities, remember to take the time to enjoy yourself. The frenzy of activity can send you out of the present moment. Delegate responsibilities so you can have a little fun, too.

Travel to new destinations, even if you do not think you have time to break from your routine. Your worldview is in a process of expanding. There is nothing better than a road trip for experiencing new sights. You might even have a spiritual catharsis as a result. With all of the planets in retrograde this month, you could revisit your childhood home or reconnect with people from your past. These connections can provide healing for you and may even help you access new realizations about your childhood.

Your love life is a definite highlight of the month, with romance as the keyword for you. If you are involved in a relationship, this is the time to make a deeper commitment, especially with the New Moon on May 6. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in a compatible earth sign until the end of the month. Under this influence, you might find yourself singing love songs in the car or serenading your special someone. The romance opens your heart and fires your creative juices. This is good news for you Capricorns who are interested in trying to bring a new baby into the world! If you are single, try online dating or other ideas for broadening your romantic possibilities. Cupid is pointing his arrow in your direction. Help him out a little and put yourself out there.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

As we start the month, five of the planets in our solar system give us the illusion that they are moving backward in the heavens. From an astrological perspective, retrogrades symbolize times in our lives when we press the “rewind” button and look backward. Now for a little Aquarius astrology lesson. Your sign’s modern guardian is the planet Uranus, the planet of lightning-fast action, change, and new beginnings. It is the planet of the future. Your planetary co-ruler is Saturn, the planet of the past, systems, and structures. As a result of this pair, you have vision and the ability to innovate ideas to make a difference in the world. You also have the discipline to form a foundation upon which to bring those ideas to fruition. You learn from history and create for the future.

This month, you have to delve into your personal history, exploring your family of origin, examining past relationships, and maybe even revisiting your childhood home. You have to allow repressed emotions to surface from your subconscious mind for healing. You have significant energetic/spiritual shifts to make. All of this revisiting the past will help you create a brighter future for yourself and future generations. So, gather support from your trusted advisors and friends, and go spelunking into the caverns of your emotional past.

For some of you, family relationships will highlight your month. May is a time for transitions, with graduations, weddings, and other personal mile markers. You might receive news early in the month, around the New Moon on May 6, that could change your life. A visit from a friend or family member could result in significant celebration. Could it be a new baby? Alternatively, a dear friend or family member moving closer to your town? There are many possibilities!

All of this reflection may lead you to wonder what’s next for your professional life? This is a time to form new connections, to reach out to mentors, and start strategizing ideas for future success. Though you might not be quite ready for a big professional change, you can start dreaming now. If you are considering branching off on your own, you might get good news when the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20. You could even develop a new friendship that could lead to a business partnership later in the month. After May 21, you can start moving forward toward new goals and objectives.

In your romantic life, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into your solar fifth house in the sign of Gemini after May 24. This influence suggests a time of beauty and romance for you! If you are single, you might broaden your horizons through travel for a romantic adventure. With all of the retrograde planets, you may even meet someone through a friend, at a wedding, or other celebration. Remain curious and keep it playful. If you are involved, Mercury in retrograde triggers your need for honesty and communication. Avoid crossed wires and missed connections by tapping into your emotional side. Speak from your heart (and give your mind a break), without overanalyzing what you say. You have so much to share with your special someone. Let it out. You will deepen your connection if you do.

Pisces (March 21 - April 19):

Oh, the places you can go! The travel bug may have bitten you this month, Pisces. Friends, family members, and networking opportunities have opened up possibilities for you to get out of town and explore new destinations. You have a little magic accompanying you on your journey, so follow synchronicity. Everything in your experience symbolizes a greater spiritual shift happening for you at this time. Pay attention, and stay in a state of gratitude, the happiest state of all!

Neptune, the dreamy planet of spirituality and creativity, is your ruling planet and happens to be moving through your sign. This influence means that you have a little extra optimism at this time. As a result, you are setting your expectations sky-high, and while this is excellent for attracting goodness into your life, you have to remember to pay attention to the fine print. You might miss some details when negotiating contracts. A little healthy skepticism might help you ground your ideas into practical plans.

We have five planets in retrograde at the beginning of the month. This can cause you to review past situations and relationships. Your musical playlist might feature more easy listening tunes than usual. Remember that favorite album from high school? Is it on repeat? Nostalgia pulls you back into a simpler time in your life. Make peace with your choices so you can soar to new heights in your life.

Professionally, you may feel uncertain about the direction in which you would like to take your career. If you have been resisting making a move or taking initiative, trust in divine timing. You might need to gather more information before taking that next step. Believe in your intuition, and wait for telltale signs from the Universe.

Your love life has a few ups and downs this month. Ride the wave without getting too hung up on any down times or conflicts. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in the complementary sign of Taurus, suggesting a time when you might want to make a deeper commitment to your special someone. Think engagement or at the very least, that DTR conversation. “Yes, I will finally delete my online profile, dear.” Allow yourself to sink into a little romance during those up times when your heart flutters with the spark of love. If you are single, this is your time to shine. A special someone might find you when you step up on stage in your creative or professional pursuits. Your work and love life can grow together in perfect rhythm.

Aries (March 21- April 19):

Cue the Rihanna song “Work,” Aries. Can you relate to it now more than usual? You might be feeling as if your list of responsibilities has reached an all-time high. Where are the joy and fun? You have to find ways to play this month, even if that means reframing your ideas of work. You can even make chores fun with the right attitude and turn any task into an adventure. You might consider practicing the art of balance by giving yourself a break, even if it is a weekend away, to recharge and relax.

This time of responsibility and duty makes for a positive cash flow. Financially, you can enjoy more success. You are building for the future, but you might want to spend a little something extra on yourself. You could update your look or shop for some new clothes.Tell the Universe you are putting YOU first, and prioritize your needs, especially in the beginning of the month up to May 9-10.

We have five planets in retrograde, meaning that they appear to be moving backward in the heavens. This means you might hear back from opportunities that have not yet quite manifested. If you have had a job offer on hold, a deal pending, or brakes on any sort of business arrangement, expect good news this month, especially on May 13.

You might also hear from childhood friends, distant relatives, or past lovers. This is a time to revisit past connections for healing and closure. You can gain understanding and peace in any conflictual situation. Your inner warrior can stand down and make space for your inner pacifist. Raise the white flag in surrender, and trust that you can still stay in your power.

A long-distance journey might be on your calendar this month. As you prepare for the adventure, stock up on spiritual books for the catharsis underway for you at this time. As you expand your perspective, the Universe might give you signs and symbols to follow. Pay attention to everything around you. Strange birds, interesting conversations, new connections, butterflies in your stomach. You are going through a sacred time. Make the most of it. Write down your thoughts and some of the synchronistic occurrences.

In love, this is a time to focus on yourself. If your relationship has been going through some ups and downs, you need to find some balance. You do not need to walk away just yet. Find ways to assert yourself that don’t close the doorways to communication. The past may be more of an influence than you thought possible. Consider seeing a therapist or other healing practitioner for some perspective. Release those old triggers and gracefully step into the future.

I was Going to Write a Post about Mars Retrograde… but I Couldn’t get Motivated.

It is true. I’ve been working on this for a week but found so many distractions! That is when I knew I needed to write about Mars Retrograde and its relationship to the three other retrograde planets.

When planets slow down, station retrograde, and give us the illusion of backwards motion, they offer us the opportunity to understand their symbolism in deeply personal ways.Right now, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto are retrograde. Mercury will join the group at the end of this month, on April 28.

You might already feel circumstances and events in your life slowing down, too. Have you been waiting to hear back about a job offer? Did your latest crush go MIA just when you were starting to feel possibilities of a love connection? Did your current partner have a freak-out moment about moving forward into a deeper commitment? Do you find yourself wanting to cozy up at home and binge-watch your favorite shows? You can thank our retrogrades for this short break.

Any astrological phenomenon coincides with a bigger soul growth theme. You might find yourself wondering about this particular period. Why would the Universe usher you into a time when you feel as if you can get nothing accomplished?

Well, let me take you on a little journey intoRetrogradeville, the magical land of self-reflection and personal/ancestral history. You have already started your hero’s journey into this territory. Now, I will help you navigate the path. Let’s move into a little creative visualization.

Life is like a train sometimes. We chug along, moving as fast as possible to our destinations. We can change tracks, reroute our journeys, and stop here and there for a change of scenery. Imagine yourself on that train. It is cozy, comfortable. You have a sense of purpose and a direction moving forward, although you may not be entirely clear of what you’ll find when you arrive. Now, imagine that your train stops suddenly on the track. As you look out the window for the interruption, you notice another train slowing down next to you. When it slows down and eventually stops, four people climb on board. Let’s call them Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto. You silently pray they’ll go to another seat and let you have your space. But… like your “Godfathers," they are making you offers you can't refuse. They fill in the seats next to you and edge closer, crowding your personal space.

Jupiter, the largest of them, with a huge grin, exaggerated gestures and an oversized midsection, begins talking. “We have been sent to help you prepare to move beyondRetrogradevilleand into your future. We want to keep you on track. We each have a challenge you will have to complete. And a reward to offer upon completion."

Jupiter Retrograde Jan 7 - May 9Planet of faith, luck, expansion, and adventure.

Jupiter’s challenge is a test of faith. Think about your greatest desire, the one that only a miracle can bring. Is it a baby? The funds needed to start a charitable foundation? A deep, committed relationship? What is that deep craving in your heart? Jupiter’s influence in your personal chart enables you to believe it is all possible. It inspires your optimism and allows you to dwell in the impossibly possible. If you ever believed in Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas, you understand how Jupiter works.

However, Jupiter also magnifies doubt during challenging transits by presenting you with too many options or doors slamming closed just after they have opened. "Why, Jupiter?" you might ask. Doubt and faith operate on a continuum. You can only face enough hardship before things start to turn around, and when they do, you can begin to believe in goodness again. You feel gratitude and happiness. This turnaround of events inspires faith.

During this Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Virgo, some doubts may have arisen in the everyday climb toward that ultimate desire. Faith comes from reaching beyond ourselves in service of others. It comes from understanding the beauty of simplicity, of putting boundaries on your time, resources, and energy. Of discerning which next steps to take.

Jupiter stations direct on May 9, and you might receive your reward. Sudden insight about whom to call for help, a bountiful gift from an unexpected source, or a new opportunity. Jupiter gives because it wants you to believe in miracles and sacred assistance.

Saturn Retrograde March 25 - August 13Planet of structure, discipline, responsibility, and commitment.

Saturn challenges you by asking you to take responsibility for your life choices. On some level, we choose every experience. We learn and grow through hardships and trauma, and we are constantly in a process of co-creation. Sometimes, the most difficult moments in your life transform you in such a way that you access profound clarity about your purpose. A job loss might spiral you into a deep self-reflection, upon which you realize your true calling. A loss of a loved one might give you the desire to volunteer as a grief counselor to help others, finding purpose in giving back. I hear these kinds of stories every day. Saturn can symbolize struggles in your life, but it also shows what good might grow.

Saturn is in Sagittarius, and it especially asks you to take risks, follow your heart, have faith in yourself, and choose a more expansive path. If you have made choices according to what you perceived you should do based on others’ ideas, these circumstances in your life may be falling apart. Without blaming others, you have the chance now to revisit those decisions, take charge of your future, stand up, and say, “I want (insert objective here)!” Tell Saturn why you want what you want, and insist upon his help.

Saturn’s reward for this challenge comes in the form of help from others. A trusted friend offers good advice. You find the courage to reach out to a mentor who helps you make new connections. You find people to help you structure your finances, career, relationship, or other aspects of your life.

Mars Retrograde April 17 - June 29Warrior planet of action, energy, passion, drive, and willpower.

Mars in retrograde challenges you to fight the good fight. In fact, you cannot move forward until you do. Defend your truth and stand up to oppressive situations. Activate your inner warrior and demand justice. This might manifest for you politically and personally since we are in a highly contested election season. Choose your battles wisely. You will be called to speak your truth.

The reward Mars gives is a victory. However, it might not come in the form you expect. (Thanks, Mars…) Your win is more of a soul-growth win. In fact, in stepping up to fight the good fight, you might liberate yourself from a dysfunctional situation. I am talking break-up or loss. You could find yourself tumbling head-first into the unknown. Yay! How exciting. If you believe that everything happens for a greater good, you might welcome the conflictual conversations with grace and ease (even Libras). Your victory also might mean the coming together of opposite forces, mediation, and peace, as well. Relationships can grow as a result.

Pluto Retrograde April 18 - September 26Planet of power, things unseen, death, and rebirth.

Pluto's presence infiltrates your dreams and penetrates your psyche. It arrived last but gives you a test that pulls you deep inside, into the darkness of your past and the subconscious mind. You might have sudden insights or awarenesses about your past that inform present situations. Are you stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns? It is time to get to the root of those psychological issues.

Take a deep look at your life and assess what isn’t working for you. At the base of each of these situations lurks a hidden belief. If you have great business success only but no money to show for it, you might have a belief that “money is the root of all evil.” These hidden beliefs have more power than we might realize. It is time to find and uproot those beliefs so you can live a rich, rewarding life.

Pluto also empowers us to step up into leadership, personally and communally. If you receive such a call this retrograde period, thank Pluto for the chance to step into the spotlight.

Now that you have your four challenges and promises of rewards, you suddenly realize that other trains near you are moving forwards, giving you the feeling that you’re moving backwards. However, you are actually moving forward, and these four planetary guardians are here to help you.

Throughout this period, draw on the energies of these planets to maximize your soul growth…or at least help relieve some of the frustration of the retrograde journey.

April Horoscopes

Aries (March 21- April 19):

Happy birthday! Springtime beckons you to step outside and move. Walk on sunshine and dance on rain. This is your season. As the most daring of the Zodiac signs, your guiding principle might be “act first, think later.” Under this paradigm, what will stop you from moving forward in the direction of your dreams? Certainly not any need to ask for permission. Allow your spiritual life to move in this manner and direct the Universe this month. You are divinely protected and guided. Take that leap of faith and trust that your desires are in alignment with your higher path. Once you commit to action, all magical forces will conspire to assist you. You cannot choose a wrong path at this time.

On April 5, Venus moves into your sign and remains until the end of the month. Your words have a little more punch than usual, but your heart is all aglow. Therefore, when you want to speak your truth, add a little tenderness. Your need to express yourself is at a high point right now, and you have an abundance of charisma to secure your place in the spotlight.

You might also consider making changes to your appearance with the planet of beauty in your sign. Consult your stylist for suggestions and give yourself a shopping spree on April 14 or 15. This is not the time to make extreme changes (like elective surgery). Wait until later this summer to execute those big decisions. Start planning now and make small, incremental changes to your look.

This month offers tremendous opportunities for career growth. Share your brilliant insights in the beginning of the month, and you will win over prospective clients. With Mercury in your sign, your ideas could lead to the development of solutions for problems within the organization. Use your imagination to find the answers. Your unique approach may result in a financial bonus near the end of the month, after April 19. You could also receive a job offer toward the end of the month if you are ready to make a new start.

Your professional life may be the highlight for your month, but romance is also strongly represented with the planet of love and romance in your sign. If you are single, any new connection could lead to lasting love. You are ready to open your heart and take that next step toward commitment. For some of you, this may mean making (or receiving) a proposal. If you are single, make a manifesting list for the Universe. Your perfect partner may be just around the corner, ready and waiting for you. Mars, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on April 18, which could bring someone from your past back into your life. Expand your social circle by trying new activities. This will help keep you open to the possibilities of new love. Leave the past behind you; embark on a new romantic adventure. This is particularly true on April 22.

Taurus  (April 20- May 20):

Like Shakespeare, a fellow Taurus, you have a gift for using words to convey symbolic and literal meaning. Your gift is the simplicity with which you form ideas into sentences. Your sign rules the throat, the center of communication, after all. This month, make time to write down your thoughts in journals or letters to loved ones. In doing so, you will strengthen the power of self-expression, and your voice will reverberate in more ways than you can imagine. This is an emotional time, and many shifts may have occurred in your life. You might need additional processing time to release some intensity or work through the unanswered questions. Although writing is nicely represented in your horoscope, any form of creative expression will work for you this month.

Have you recently felt a crisis of faith? The structures of your life may be tilting around you. Your closest friends stand in to remind you: Don't give up just before the miracle,  believe in yourself, and trust in the unfolding of a divine plan. Maybe they can also hold up a mirror so you can see how magnificent you look during this existential crisis. You will come through the rough patch and be ready to shine your light. By the Sun’s ingress into your sign on April 19, you will experience a tremendous turnaround. Keep looking upward!

If you and your partner have contemplated expanding your family, this month might offer good news. Stay optimistic, and start that baby registry. For those of you uninterested in bringing a new life into the world, consider this a metaphoric message. Think of the projects you and your significant other might attempt together? Bring those to fruition, and let those creative juices fuel your love.

Spruce up your home and invite guests over to celebrate springtime. You might even have an Earth Day gathering to celebrate the elemental nature of your sign. Dig your hands in the dirt and plant some flowers.

You may feel feisty, ready for a change. Could it be Spring Fever? Everything seems to be moving slower than usual, with all of these planets in retrograde motion. In order to move toward your future, you might have to revisit the past. Upsets and disappointments could still weigh heavily on your heart. Make peace with the past and let go to open the road ahead. See your favorite healer to clear all stuck energy from the past and align to your most expansive path.

Your romantic life starts out a bit rocky in the beginning of the month. Stale emotions have been stirred up from the past, and you may question the health of your relationship. By the time Venus moves into your sign on April 29, you will have clarity, and good news will follow! Hold on through the rough patches. If you are single, take inventory of your life to identify roadblocks to love. Do you have any fears of abandonment? Or fears of commitment? Work through these by talking them through with a professional or even a good friend. Seek guidance to move into a new love paradigm, one that emphasizes reciprocity. You pride yourself on self-reliance, but now your heart seeks nurturing and support. Open yourself to the possibility of effortless and unconditional love.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

You free-spirited wanderers need variety and change, but you want to have it on your own terms. When others push your triggers, your "evil twin" may surface in an unflattering display of resistance. How dare that person surprise you with a new agenda? Do they not realize that YOU are the master trickster? Perhaps you are getting a dose of your own medicine, so to speak. This is not the month for a tantrum. Let the "good twin" move you up toward a new spiritual height. Practice flexibility. Imagine yourself floating on the river of life and relaxing into each new current. You are being divinely carried toward peaceful waters. For now, rest in that knowing and trust.

In the beginning of the month, your ruling planet, Mercury, makes its way into grounded Taurus. Structure your ideas by forming carefully defined strategies for implementation. If you want to write that novel, begin with an outline. If you are seeking a new job, rewrite your resume and work on your LinkedIn profile. Utilize social media for your benefit by gaining followers. Engage your audience through your Gemini wit. Each action step you take can result in a success milestone. Ask for guidance from your marketing gurus if you need a bit of a boost.

All areas of your life may seem in flux right now, especially your career. Have you had challenges striving for a work/life balance? Too many responsibilities may weigh your shoulders down. Take some time off this month for rejuvenation, especially on April 14. Plan a weekend getaway with some of your closest friends to play. Spring break may have passed, but you can still celebrate the season. A trip to the wineries would do the trick!

Jupiter is retrograde in your solar fourth house of home and family. You may revisit a decision to move or renovate your home. You have more awareness now than you did several months ago. Plus, positive financial news may make expansion possible at this time. Make house-related decisions early in the month, before your ruling planet stations retrograde on April 28. The New Moon on April 7 gives you the green light to move forward.

The astrological transits have highlighted commitment and intimacy for you over the past several months, with Saturn in your Solar seventh house of partnerships. Mars stations retrograde in this sector of your chart on April 17, allowing you to revisit past relationship decisions. If you have ever abandoned yourself for someone else, now is the time to heal those past wounds. Reclaim aspects of yourself that have been suppressed or hidden. Change starts from within. Therefore, if your current relationship does not support your growth, you have to stand up for your best interests. Assert your concerns and identify the red flags. Then, propose techniques for healing the challenges in your relationship. If you are single, you may be looking for your twin flame connection. When Venus moves into Aries on April 5, you might find that special someone through mutual friends. Keep your heart open, and let your eyes wander across the room. You never know where Cupid’s arrow will strike.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

Your life may feel like a long climb up a mountain right now. You have your eye on the peak, and you have almost arrived. Just imagine the spectacular view from that summit as you determine your next step. The closer you get toward the top, the more carefully you must move your body, finding the cracks and crevices that can support you as you climb. You will reach your personal and professional goals if you focus on one step at a time, remaining present as your journey unfolds.

In your career, you might feel change on the horizon. Perhaps you are seeking a new job or business venture. On April 5, Venus moves into the fellow cardinal sign of Aries, signaling a time of social networking and connection. If you are on the job search, reach out to former colleagues or mentors to schedule lunch dates. Brainstorm about possibilities and look for ways to expand your reach. An unexpected conversation could lead to a lasting opportunity, especially with the New Moon April 7. Watch for synchronicity. As one of the more intuitive signs of the Zodiac, you might have had experiences withsimulpathity, a phenomenon articulated by Bernard Beitman, psychiatrist and author of the book “Connecting with Coincidence: The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in your Life.”  He considers this an ability to feel something at the same time as someone else. You can use this to your advantage by activating your powers of intuition in any situation, from making a sales pitch to interviewing for a new job. Just follow the bread crumbs of synchronicity laid out for you by the Universe. The path has been set out before you.

Work pressures may be a bit more challenging than usual. Your mind has been stretched further than you imagined possible. Travel to get away from it all. Even a short road trip would give you a much-needed break from the routine. This message especially applies on April 14, when restless energy stirs within you. The cure for this spring fever? Get outside and play. Fire up your grill and invite your friends over for a spontaneous gathering.

Take care of your health this month. With April's allergens stirring up around you, along with the stress from everyday pressures, your immune system needs a boost. Take a little extra precaution. Exercise and eat well to feel your best.

In romance, resist the chase. Venus, the love planet, is in Aries almost all month. This influence will have you running after hearts, hoping to capture one. Mars, the passion planet, is in the fire sign Sagittarius. These hot planteary influences may prove frustrating for you sensitive water signs. Where is the tenderness? The affection? Your love seems to be on the move, and you need attention. If you are in a relationship, wade through the month, gently and gracefully. By April 29, Venus will move into the more stable sign of Taurus. That is when you can feel cozy, safe, and comfortable in love again. Until then, think of this time as an adventure. Celebrate the ups and downs as part of the journey. If you are single, focus on having fun until the end of the month.

Leo (July 23 - August 22):

Oh, the places you will go this month! Restless energy stirs inside of you like a wave of fire. It invigorates and animates your spirit. Everything inside urges you to move. However, as a fixed sign, you like to have a plan in place and a path mapped out. What would happen if you got into the car and drove to some remote destination? Or better yet, what if you sailed away to a beach resort? This April, adventure calls your name. Follow your heart’s desire.

The New Moon on April 7 awakens the visionary within you. Capture any new insights or ideas on paper. You are the architect of your own dreams and have the luck to make them real. There are angels all around you waiting to connect you to resources or investors. Stay in that creative flow. Writing and publishing are activated in your chart this month. On April 5, start that new blog or showcase your stand-up comedy. By April 9, others will applaud your brilliance.

Creativity also takes the form of playfulness, and your inner child wants to come out of hiding when Mars stations retrograde on April 17. Play to cut through life’s monotony. Jump on a trampoline or jog in the park. The springtime air is healing, and the sunshine revitalizing. You may also revisit a decision to bring a new little life into the world. You could get a surprise from the Universe…one delivered by a stork! If you are not quite ready for this sort of surprise, take the cautionary note.

Financial gains come from unexpected sources. With that extra luck this month, you could win a contest or receive a generous gift. Perhaps these resources could come from the sale of property or other assets. Someone from your past could play a role in this unfoldment, so take notice of those coming back into your life. Your earning potential is high this month, especially after the Sun enters Taurus on April 19. The Full Moon on April 21 could trigger a job promotion or even a new career opportunity. Keep an open mind as you pursue a more expanded path.

Your love life heats up this month, too, as Venus and Mars both occupy compatible fire signs. Spice up your relationship by taking your special someone on a romantic getaway. Your love will deepen, and intimacy will occur on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. If you are single, you could meet that special someone this month. Take giant risks. Accept set-ups and blind dates. By saying, “Yes,” to all possibilities, you open your heart. Mars, the passion planet, animates your libido. Go ahead and play!

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

The spotlight shines in your direction. Will you have the courage to step up on stage? Turn the volume down on the voice of your inner critic, and liberate your creativity. Do not worry about the outcome; revel in the process of making everything you do a work of art. You have the talent and charisma to win an audience, whether in a sales pitch or though social media. Engage your Virgo wit without censoring your words. If you are a writer, explore new genres. If you are a marketing guru, try to enhance your messaging. If music is your thing, take up a new instrument. In all facets of life, let your creative mind have free reign and you will amaze others with your brilliant ideas.

Professionally, this month offers the opportunity to expand into new markets. You have a gift for promoting yourself and your company. Open new doors of success beyond your immediate region. Use your intuition to decipher where best to target your efforts.

Saturn, the planet of restriction, moves retrograde through your solar fourth house this month, signaling a time of nostalgia. You might be called to help with a challenging family situation. Maintain the balance between honoring your own needs and helping others. Revisiting the past can be quite healing if you reframe difficult circumstances for yourself. Forgive and let go. That will help you say, “No,” gracefully if you need to draw a line in the sand. For some of you, this influence could signify the completion of a real estate transaction. You are providing a nest for yourself and your family. A retrograde time can bring closure and completion. Expect a favorable conclusion by the Full Moon on April 21.

You may see your friends and even your special someone through a pair of rose-colored glasses at this time. Your ordinarily healthy sense of skepticism has been replaced by overwhelming compassion and a willingness to see the very best in others. Though this is a favorable change, even one indicative of spiritual growth, you have little tolerance for disappointment. Your heart is too open, and you feel vulnerable. You are attuned to the subtle shifts and changes of those closest to you. Therefore, give your friends and loved ones space to make mistakes. Let love overpower worry. Trust is your keyword.

In romance, Mars, the passion planet, stations retrograde on April 17. At this time, someone from your past may reach out to you. While the past is familiar, maybe even comfortable, your life is all about moving forward. Aim your focus in the direction of the path before you. Heal the wounds from the past, but stay present to your needs and wants now and for the future. If you are in a relationship, find new ways to connect with your special someone. Engage in a healthy escape.

Libra (September 23 - October 22):

Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, and equilibrium. You’re the one others call in a crisis because of your ability to remain calm and see all sides of a situation clearly. What happens when external circumstances in your life tilt you a little off balance? When your body loses balance, you engage the muscles of your core to stay upright on solid ground. So, too, when your emotional being loses its center, you must activate yourcoeur, your heart. Listening to the pulse of your own rhythm can inspire courage. Others may overstep your boundaries or test your truth this month, and you will need to wake up your inner warrior. Stand up to the challenges with grace and strength. Prepare for exponential growth.

Some of these conflictual situations may be politically motivated. It is an election year, after all. Choose your battles wisely, and avoid unfriending too many people. Make sure you check all facts and keep a balanced perspective. What are those off-limits topics? Politics, money, and religion? Think of yourself as a neutral party rather than an instigator. Ask questions to those with differing views rather than challenge them with argument. Their answers will back themselves into a corner.

You have a way with words this month, which could prove useful in business. Work on branding or messaging yourself if you seek new opportunities. If you are pursuing a new job, rewrite your resume or fine-tune your online profile. If you have entrepreneurial aims, consult with a marketing guru to help you devise new ways to reach an audience. Carefully craft your words in all written communication, especially after Mars stations retrograde on April 17. Avoid the devil in those details. Proofread and cross-check more than usual. Mercury is preparing to station retrograde at the end of this month. Get a head start on the influence.

Be cautious about forming new business partnerships in the beginning of the month. Weigh the pros and cons, and check all facts and figures. This also goes for major financial decisions. Pluto stations retrograde on April 18. If necessary, revise all investments early in the month to avoid any complications.

When it comes to love, partnership is your keyword this month. With your relationship sector prominently represented this month, you might make a new commitment. Your challenge? With all of these planets in an opposing sign, how can you deepen intimacy without losing your autonomy? Establish boundaries so that you have as much YOU time as together time. Trust in the unfoldment of the connection without trying to overthink it. If you’re single, this is a prime time to meet someone new. You may have to revisit past relationships first to clear energy from the past. Keep facing forward toward the future you want to manifest.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

Take a quick mental inventory of your life. You might have succumb to an unspoken pressure to become more successful. You recognize your potential and continually strive for more. Accept your fundamental right to a more prosperous, abundant future. You are involved in a co-creative process with the Universe and the Divine. Start by creating a manifesto and state your intentions. Outline your desires for every aspect of your life: relationships, family, health, and career. Manifestation starts with intention. Saturn, the task master of the solar system, stands at attention, helping you form strategies to meet your goals. You have the right combination of power and structure this month. With this mix, you might actually be able to have your sky full of stars.

Now that I have your attention, I will remind you that tax time approaches. Focus on all aspects of your financial picture. Work on your budget and find ways to save for those bigger purchases coming down the road. Money may feel tighter than usual this time of year, with a few extra expenses leading into the summer. This overall period in your life emphasizes growth. You are building assets. Therefore, you may not see a windfall yet. Maintain hope, and success will follow sooner than you think.

This is a great time to expand your social network. You also have a remarkable ability to be a connector for others this month. Any new professional relationships you form now will have lasting benefit. You will see hints about the importance of these contacts under the illumination of the Full Moon in your sign on April 21. Pay attention to synchronistic alliances, those seemingly fated meetings. Nothing is random; everything operates under divine plan. Coincidences are the Universe’s way of letting you know you are on the right track.

You might want to change your day-to-day routine. I recommend getting outside and playing in the sun at least three times a week. Hike, bike, or take a beach stroll. You may even consider signing up for a race or other competitive activity to help motivate you. Physical activity will help boost your immune system and ensure a healthy month.

Now for your love life. The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, are moving through fire signs this month, which can make you water signs feel a little feisty. How can you channel that restless energy? Use your imagination and shake up your sex life. Untether yourself from restrictive relational patterns and develop new ones that help you feel free. You may even want to see a couple’s therapist to help with this. This is especially true after April 18, when the retrograde planets might send you on a nostalgic voyage into your personal history. Rather than resurrecting ghosts of past relationships, keep your attention focused on the present. If you are in a relationship, you might take it to the next level after April 19, when the Sun shines through your house of partnership. If you are single, friends ask to set you up in the end of the month. By May 1, your relationship status might entirely change.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

Your voice speaks truth, and your words compel others to listen. This month’s influences urge you to express yourself. Your creativity is at an all-time high, and you have a winning approach to securing an audience. Shakespeare wrote, “All the world is a stage...” Take this to heart, gather your courage, and step into the spotlight. This message applies to you no matter what your professional aspirations. You have a unique perspective to offer the world, and during this political season, we need to raise collective voices to help heal some of the unrest. You stand poised to respond to political, environmental, and social injustice with the most powerful force, love. Practice compassion for those with narrow lenses, and help imbue them with insight. This is particularly the case with the New Moon on April 7. Take a balanced approach to controversy. You see more than you might realize, and others might benefit from your ideas. Activate your inner visionary or prophet by adopting a nonviolent approach. Draw from the masters: the Dalai Lama, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Pope Francis, Sojourner Truth, Cesar Chavez, Rachel Carson, or your own personal favorite.

Creativity abounds for you this month. Your ideas cannot be contained by pages of a journal or conversations over coffee. You need large platforms. Get out your canvas and paint big brush strokes. I mean this metaphorically and literally. You may want to take up a painting or ceramics workshop. Likewise, a memoir-writing class could help you focus your ideas into a tangible form. Focus on structuring your inspiration to make the most of the energy.

You might have felt a recent urge to change up your appearance. Have you taken your wardrobe from just casual to more business casual?  Realize that any external change is a manifestation of a deeper shift happening within your spirit. You are dressing for success, and this happens on every level. You may have even lost a little weight as a part of your overall updated appearance. Enjoy your new look. It may attract attention from a special someone!

This month also emphasizes your relationship with children, whether yours or those of your closest friends or family members. You may decide to plan a vacation to spend time with the little ones in your life. Even a couple of days will give you time to connect with them and share precious memories. In the process, you might engage your own inner child. Fun and play can help you survive the stresses of tax time and everyday life.

In your love life, this month highlights romance. If you are in a relationship, your connection will feel renewed. Rekindle the romance you felt in the very beginning. Mars, the planet of passion, is in your sign all month long. This influence could add a little spice to your sex life. Experiment and try new ways to enjoy being together. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in a complementary fire sign, Aries. Together, this is a combination that makes for dynamic interactions, whether you are single or involved. If you are single, you could meet someone significant. Say, “Yes!” to every social engagement and try online dating to expand your circle. You never know when Mr. or Ms. Right will appear. Follow the synchronicity and look for signs. This could be your ONE!

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

Your concept of home may change as you move through life. At one time, it may have meant a residential structure where you and your siblings marked your height on a kitchen wall each year. Now, it may mean the quality of connection you feel with a trusted friend or loved one. This month, you have the opportunity to again redefine your notion of home, as the past and future merge in the present moment. This could cause some of you to feel like you have one foot on the brake and one on the gas pedal. Your life may feel like a series of stops and starts. The Universe asks you to move forward. However, it wants you to practice discernment about the way you move. Take one step at a time: Move then pause to assess next steps.

Your family needs a little extra TLC this month, and this could challenge your desire for autonomy. This is a time of action, when a number of planets are moving through cardinal signs. These astrological influences inspire you to take charge of your life. You want to move onward and upward, without limitation. Therefore, when your family members pressure you for time, money, or other resources, you might need to establish better personal boundaries. You have permission to say, “No,” with grace and ease.

A real estate transaction might reach completion in the early part of the month, around the New Moon on April 7. Sign all documents and seal the deal before Mercury stations retrograde on April 28. Preemptively pop the champagne! A negotiation that has been ongoing for some time is about to reach completion.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is moving through your solar ninth house of international expansion. Do you own a business or manage expansion efforts for another company? If so, this is a perfect time to think about broadening your horizons. You might find luck in overseas markets. If you are a job seeker, think of the possibilities beyond your immediate environment. Pursue new avenues to reach success. A trip overseas might help you secure contacts to help you make your dream become a reality.

In love, you might be looking backwards this month, as the passion planet, Mars, stations retrograde. Nostalgia can cloud your perspective of reality. Remember the good times, but do not ignore the bad and the ugly. When it comes to your heart, you might find yourself stuck in relational patterns from the past. Do you always attract the same type of person? If so, change up your routine! Try online dating or ask a friend to set you up with her attractive neighbor. You never know what possibilities lie just outside your door. By May 1, you will feel hope for a deeper connection. If you are in a relationship, refrain from making new commitments until after April 28. The Full Moon on April 21 offers new insights about your romance. You could receive surprising, game-changing news that can influence your path moving forward. Focus on what you want long term, and let the relationship evolve gracefully.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

Many mystical creatures may have existed at one time, but we do not know for sure. Unicorns, mermaids, and fairies, for example, have roles in fairy tales and fables. Whether or not they actually existed remains a matter of belief. Faith. Your beliefs open you to possibilities of all kinds this month. Make magic happen in every area of your life by recognizing the impossibly possible. If you can believe a unicorn into being, you might experience magic in other areas of your life, like a new house, career promotion, or romantic connection. All manifestation starts…or ends… with belief. Limiting beliefs create roadblocks to success and abundance. You can restructure your beliefs to change your reality. Start by identifying any belief buried in your subconscious mind that might be operating beneath the surface. Then, change up your story.

Your mind is engaged and on fire this month. This means you have a dynamic ability to communicate your ideas. Brainstorm with friends or colleagues about ways to take your career to the next level. Use your creativity and express yourself through writing. You might even be called to mentor or teach because of your unconventional approach. This is especially true on April 9, when the Sun and your ruling planet join forces in fiery Aries. Your thoughts verge on genius. Keep a pen and paper ready for those winning ideas. Write them out first and then express them.

We have four planets in retrograde after April 18. This means you might want to listen to tunes you listened to in your early teenage years, when life felt a lot simpler. You could take on a stroll down memory lane. Your dreams might bring you back there, and also a few unexpected reconnections through social media. Did your ex reach out to you through Facebook? What you want to avoid is a tendency to enter into a relationship from the past.  Kindly decline, and recognize the attractiveness of safety and security. Move onward, but ask yourself first: what part of me does this person represent? This part wants to be integrated into the whole.

Your home gets a makeover after April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus and your fourth house of home and family. If you have been waiting for news about refinancing or securing a mortgage for your dream home, expect a favorable outcome with the Full Moon on April 21. Your family delivers a surprise in the end of the month, right as Mercury stations retrograde on April 28. There could be a new little one ready to join the tribe. Alternatively, you could be invited to attend a family gathering later this summer. Accept the invitation and work it into your schedule.

In love, Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, are in compatible fire signs. Your passion meter is at an all-time high. If you are single, this is an excellent time to connect with new people through online dating, speed dating, or any other way possible. If your relationship status reads, “It’s complicated,” try to let go of any expectations you have. You might even need to walk away from the unhealthy dynamics that keep the connection messy. As a fixed sign, you can hold on too tightly, even when the other person offers no hope for a future. New possibilities lie ahead, and the beautiful connections will amaze you! Wait for the real thing. If you’re involved, find new ways to experience affection in your relationship. For example, drive up to a scenic view for a picnic at sunset. Then, dream together about the future as you look over the expanse. The intimacy you feel will deepen your love. Before you know it, those syrupy sweet love songs will play through your mind, helping you feel a warm glow in your heart.

Pisces (March 21 - April 19):

April Fool’s Day was made for you. You have the right combination of playfulness, creativity, and intuition. You just know the best ways to make your friends and family laugh…at their own expenses. Despite the fact that your work responsibilities may have increased recently, remember to allow yourself to have a little more fun on a daily basis. In fact, you might even want to incorporate laughter into each hour of the day. Set a timer on your smart watch or phone so that each hour, you remember to laugh. Open up a funny cat video on YouTube or listen to your favorite comedian. This will help you get into the habit of feeling more happiness in your life as a whole. Your world is shifting and changing, and there is little you can do to control the outcome. Therefore, you have to adjust internally and consciously respond by choosing a positive attitude.

Saturn, the guardian ofchores, stands in your career sector, handing you a long to-do list. Your professional pursuits focus on growth at this time, and you are near a peak of success. Keep moving toward that summit. While Saturn moves retrograde, you might have to revisit past obligations. You have an optimistic outlook, but this can lead to overcommitment. Find balance by recognizing that you might have to say no from time to time. Honor your path and commit to you first. Also, allow others to step in and help.

Springtime offers hope. The winter months have ended, and the sun shines in the sky. Take advantage of the longer days by spending more time in nature. You might want to volunteer at a community garden or you might offer to walk dogs at your local animal rescue for an afternoon or two per week. These sorts of activities will allow you to connect with new people and awaken that warm feeling you get when you give back.

Financially, you may receive good news with the New Moon on April 7. Splurge on some new clothes or accessories later in the month. Your income can increase as you boost your sense of self-worth. What do you deserve? The Universe might say, “More than you can imagine.” Why? Your soul was made for abundance and prosperity. Remember that as you ask for a raise or pursue new business opportunities. Bring the power of positivity into your negotiations.

In love, rather than seeking security and safety from external sources, look within. Trust that you will not abandon yourself when a new partner enters your life. In fact, he or she may even enhance your life experience. Trust also that a divine plan is unfolding, and you will meet your person no matter what dating app you try or which grocery store you visit. To manifest that sacred contract to meet your special someone, keep an open heart and allow destiny to unfold. Surrender to the process by maintaining a spirit of curiosity and wonder. This also applies if your relationship is going through a tough time. With all of the retrograde activity this month, past triggers may be up for you or your partner. You will make it through the uncomfortable period of growth, and it will all be okay. If you are happily involved, this month could feel like a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the adventure by planning a little escape with your special someone for a Full Moon getaway on April 21.

Solar Eclipse March 8

Today, at 5:54pm, we have a powerful New Moon and total Solar Eclipse. The symbol for this degree,19 Pisces, is "MASTER AND PUPIL COMMUNE IN STRENGTH IN A LONG WALK."The symbol reminds us that we are both master and student, and that sometimes, the only voice we need to pay attention to is our own. Challenges within relationships may serve to reflect back to us our own fears.

Each of our intentions are like seedpods. We are all expectant with possibility. Certain astrological events engage new frequencies. They mark a point in time when Divine Source breaks open that seedpod, and those intentions scatter. You determine what happens next and how those intentions grow into full bloom.

An eclipse symbolically represents that moment when- SNAP- everything can change. But you have to OWN the moment.

How do you do that? Sure, you can do a ritual dance around the fire. Rituals are powerful. However, you can also let the fire inside you burn away fear.What are you afraid of? Most of us fear disrupting the personalities we have presented to the world. The good son or daughter. The successful businessman. The nurturing parent. The Democrat or Republican. But those are facets of ourselves. The core of who we are is our light- and that is our spirit- our holy spirit. That spirit is all beings and all things. It encompasses all identities.

That light is our power to create changes in our lives. It is the dynamic and pulsing force that pulls us in new directions.

What do you want to make happen in your life? This month is not easy. We have two eclipses. We have a couple of mutable squares. People are moving-- in and out of relationships, to new destination, leaving jobs. Shifts are happening all around us.

Therefore, you might find you cannot cling to certain facets of yourself. This is a month of not just letting go, but tearing down.Underneath all of the facets of yourself, you are YOU…undefinable, incomprehensibly big me.I invite you to join me on a little intention-setting mission. We’re not going to sit back and wait for things to happen in our lives. Wait for that interview. Or the relationship. Or the lottery. Or that big check. Or the new house. Or anything else.

We are going to say…NOW, Universe. I want it now. And clear out of the way any resistance we have to being our biggest, boldest, brightest selves.

Our mission starts now, and it concludes with the Lunar eclipse on March 23.

To start out- we need to see what’s in our way.The eclipse features the Sun and Moon moving up to meet with Chiron, the wounded healer. Ask for signs about what you can’t see in your life. Are there hidden fears? Unhealthy relationship dynamics? Past wounds that haven’t been healed? Maybe someone’s lying to you- or you are not paying enough attention to your finances. Something’s up, and you’re not aware of it. Get real with your life. Ask questions. Look for clues. Pay attention to your intuition.

Then, purge.

Let go of stuff in your environment- and if you need some advice about this, check out my friend Tisha Morris’s website for Feng Shui advice, especially about de-cluttering. what are you holding on to? Get rid of it, and let it go.Look at the ghosts in your house and the monsters under your bed. What sparks fear?When we relate to that which scares us, we hear the messages our fears have for us. If we keep our focus on the good and positive without acknowledging that which scares us, we can never see that the dark. the unknown forces operating in our lives, are actually helpers. Pluto is power. Going into those dark, painful, fearful places in our psyches and in our lives gives us access to our power.

How do you apply this practically? well, you could consider getting therapy, healing, or something like that. Or you could take an evening out-- preferably today-- and feel your feelings. Have a good cry.

Then, the last part of our mission- forgive.Yourself, others, and even God. We can get stuck in feeling that things were just not fair. But when we realize that we are light- and we are creators- we can see how we draw into our experience that which we need in order for our souls to grow.

When we realize we are not victims but powerful beyond measure, we can say “NO” to limiting circumstances and rise up in courage.

You’re on this mission with me now. We’re on it together. And so, here’s what we’re going to do.

Each day from now until March 23, I invite you all to do a simple meditation.

Then, share your experiences on my social media page Facebook or twitter. Tell us how we can support you in growing . Share your miracles. Heartbreaks. Shifts.Make shifts happen in your life.

March Horoscopes

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

Your birthday month might sound something like the second movement of Shostakovich’s Symphony Number 8. Brace yourself for a wild ride of a month. We will witness waves of contrasting astrological energy, and your sign of Pisces features prominently in those planetary dynamics. You and your sign are center stage this month. Therefore, expect the unexpected, relax into the changes manifesting for you at this time, and surrender to the hand of the Divine active in your life right now.

You will not have to find the spotlight because it will find you. Therefore, your outer appearance matters a little more than usual. You might consider starting the month with a makeover, so you look and feel your best. Then, practice your award acceptance speech so you can be ready when the moment arrives to make your appearance.

Professionally, you have reached new levels of success. The path continues to expand, and opportunities can open for you if you maintain a positive approach. Boldly move toward your goals. Minor setbacks or hurdles can help you strengthen resolve and build faith in yourself. They urge you to keep going, even when nothing makes sense. This is especially true right after the Solar Eclipse on March 8.

Between March 8 and 23, you might feel pressure mount as you navigate the tension between the old and the new. Memories surface, giving you the chance to heal and grow. Friends are in the process of changing, too, and relationships could feel shaky. Try not to take disappointments too seriously. Realize that we are all feeling these intense cosmic shifts and having to adjust accordingly.

Mark March 20 on your calendar for the most romantic day of the month. Venus will be meeting up with Neptune in your sign. This influence could spark a little magic. If you are single, you might consider making new connections. Friends surprise you by asking to match you up. This could get fun for you, Pisces! Let yourself play all month long.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):

Go ahead and admit it. To the outside world, you present yourself as a fierce, pioneering powerhouse of a person. However, when the lights turn out, your inner mystical dreamer comes out to play. This aspect of yourself can get lost in the frenzy of everyday life. This month, it emerges from the dark and steps into the spotlight. Get your dream journal ready and start jotting down some of what you see. Use your imagination and daydream about the future. The energy of the Solar Eclipse on March 8 could intensify your vision, allowing you to see a new spectrum of possibilities.

In professional matters, "focus" is your keyword. You might feel a bit more scattered than usual. However, you have gained momentum on particular projects and need to maintain the positive flow. If you feel as if you have started too many things in a short period, choose one and nurture it throughout the month. One real milestone of success will help keep you aligned for prosperity in the future. To reach that step, you need to give it your all.

Your creativity reaches a peak on March 19 when the Sun moves into your sign. You might find inspiration by taking a travel adventure or spending time near the water. Give yourself a spring break to make the most of this time. You might even want a quiet writing retreat, for example, with plenty of activities at night to appeal to your social side. If you have wanted to write a book, start working on your outline March 21, when Mercury enters your sign.

You might consider starting a new workout routine or consult with a personal trainer. You have some extra energy this month that you can channel into your fitness goals. Start getting ready for beach time! This will also help boost your mood and bring you out of any winter doldrums.

Your love life gets steamy this month, as Mars, your planetary ruler, enters fire sign Sagittarius on March 5. You have dynamic energy and may attract more attention than usual. You single Aries might need to hire a personal assistant just to manage the date requests coming in. For those of you who are involved, dream about the future without making definite plans. Allow it all to unfold.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Your horoscope begins with a little assignment. To kick off this month, I invite you to create a playlist. Log into Spotify, Apple Music, or another music library of choice, and search the word “change,” then begin to add songs to empower you during this time of incredible shift. Start it with David Bowie. “Turn and face the strange…” Then, end it with whatever song makes you want to get up and dance. As the stalwart of the Zodiac, the very suggestion of “change” can stir resistance. However stubborn you may feel at times, when presented with a shiny new opportunity, you will want to move. Onward and upward. Your life could look very different by March 23.

Devise new ways to expand your social network at the beginning of the month. Engage with new groups of people and pass out your business cards. Strategic partnerships can lead to successful ventures. From March 5-9, focus on your social media presence. Then, schedule some power lunches later in the month.

The open road might be calling you to an adventure. Gather a few close friends for a Spring Break trip on March 14. You could probably use the break, and you could experience a few fun surprises on your journey.

We have two powerful eclipses this month that could stir up some drama in some of your friendships, especially at the beginning of the month. We are all in a time of rapid movement and trying to manage the turbulence stirred by the winds of change. Practice compassion for your friends while maintaining your boundaries. You do not need to take on anyone else's stress, and it is perfectly fine to screen your calls.

Now, let's talk about your love life. Cupid's arrow could hit when you least expect it. You might consider consulting your astrologer, healer, therapist, or advisor to do some inner prep so you can move forward into love without fear. Find obstacles or barriers to love and release them. Then, trust in divine timing. Congratulations. You are ready to invite more intimacy into your life.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

If we drew a metaphorical picture of your heart, it might look like a medieval castle protected with brick walls, hedgerow mazes, thorny rose bushes, and drawbridge gates. Yes, people can enter, but they have tests to pass and secret code words to learn. What if you opened the path? Could you trust your guidance to protect you? The vulnerability is quite attractive. It can be powerful, too. Think about it for a moment.

Your mind works so sharply you can think yourself into or out of any situation. This month, that ability could present challenges for you. Try to lean into your sixth sense instead. Tune up your intuition because so many different energies play out this month. Your antennae could be picking up all kinds of static from others, but your physical body and its guidance will not fail.

The planetary influences at the beginning of the month highlight your career. Choose your words carefully until March 21. Others are a little more sensitive and may need more mental processing time.  On March 8, the Solar Eclipse signals dynamic change that will ripple into each area of your life. A new job opportunity could mean a major move. By the Lunar Eclipse on March 23, you will step forward into your new beginnings. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Mars, the fiery planet of passion, moved into your solar seventh house, upping your libido all month long. While you might be inclined to follow the urges of your lower chakras, those of your heart will deepen your connection with your special someone. After the Equinox on March 19, your relationship will reach a whole new level. If you are single, meet new people. What starts as playful banter may turn into something more.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

In the month of March, we transition from harsh winter to mellow spring. For some of you, this change takes place literally as the weather shifts. In more temperate regions of the world, this change happens metaphorically. Astrologically, too, we move from the influence of the Sun in Pisces to the cardinal, initiating energy of Aries; the Equinox on March 19 marks the transition. A zero degree cardinal point is a powerful influence that motivates us to initiate change in our lives. We feel inspired to take a step forward in faith. Your sign is a cardinal, initiatory sign, but your deeply sensitive nature leads you to take action only if you feel a sense of security. Remember that no relationship, job, house, or another life circumstance comes with a guarantee. We learn the art of surrender when things do not work out the way we intended or when God offers us a “Plan B.”  During these times, we deepen our faith in cosmic order. Everything has a season and seasons change.

Awaken your sense of adventure early in the month, and plan a long-distance journey. You might even consider making a sacred journey or pilgrimage to make the most of the month’s influences. The Solar Eclipse on March 8 could trigger some inner restlessness and urge you to make a move out of your comfort zone.

You might also seek out creative or cultural activities. You are in a personal Renaissance period when inspiration streams in from new directions. Music, theatre, art, and dance can help you channel that energy.

Professionally, new opportunities can open for you near the end of the month, especially on March 21, when Mercury enters your solar tenth house of career. Submit new business proposals, in particular for those opportunities that seem like long-shots. Embolden yourself and trust that the universe will never give you more than you can handle. After all, you have set the intention to reach new levels of success. Manifestation time starts now!

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters Pisces, a fellow water sign, on March 12. This influence can help you magnetize more romance into your life. Are you single? If so, ask your friends to set you up or try out one of the dating apps. It is time to meet new people. For those of you in relationships, let Venus help you rekindle the romance. Add sweet words to your conversations and soften your touch.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):

Invite a little magic into your month, Leo. As a powerful creator, you have all you need to create a brilliant future for yourself. Start this month by observing what thoughts keep cycling through your mind. Have you focused too much energy on negative stories from your past? These streams of thought can play like broken records until they eventually get old. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, try telling new stories. For example, if you have felt as if you do not have enough money, focus instead on how you always get what you need when you need it, sometimes almost miraculously. Change your story to change your life rather than waiting for your life circumstances to change. Money can flow smoothly into your life in surprising ways.

Magic also comes from unexpected gifts from the Divine, and this month, you might find angels around every corner. Follow synchronicity and notice those telltale signs. Have you seen certain numbers everywhere? Have you been catching 11:11 on the clock? These symbols indicate you are on the right track. Think about what you started manifesting in your life a year ago. Many of those intentions will begin to come true faster than you imagine.

As a sign ruled by the Sun, you find purpose in creative expression. You have the extra energy this month for initiating new projects that could launch your career in a new direction. Brainstorm early in the month, and by March 19, you might find collaborators to help implement your ideas. Mercury will be moving into fiery Aries on March 21, which is an excellent influence for pitching work to new clients or investors. If you are a job seeker, send your resume early in the month, and by the end of the month, you could receive good news.

Spring fever is contagious, and you are not immune! Mars is in your solar fifth house, sparking passion all month long. Your love life has extra intensity. Emotional intimacy enhances the physical aspects of your relationship, and the combination deepens your relationship. For those of you who are involved, this could mean healing any challenges in your relationship or unhealthy patterns. You can start the process by having some real, open conversations. Have you resisted speaking your mind about complicated matters? Bring those concerns to the surface for resolution. Your partner may surprise you with compassion and understanding. For those of you who are single, explore the city. Venture into new cafes and clubs. Just one cautionary note: make sure anyone who piques your interest is uninvolved. Check for that ring! Otherwise, go ahead and have a little fling.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Hold onto your seat. This month takes you on a wild ride, Virgo! Yes, you need to stay committed to your goals. That is important. Internal tension mounts when challenges pervade. How can you determine when those hurdles are tests of your resolve or divine redirection? The answer lies with your intuitive sense. Deepen your inner guidance and pay attention to that voice. It urges you forward in the direction of your dreams. Let go of your need to know how things will unfold or when answers will come. You cannot control the outcome. The Universe asks you to trust in perfect unfolding.

The month starts with negotiations. You have formed new partnerships that will pave the path to future success. These relationships grow significantly by the Solar Eclipse in your solar seventh house on March 8. This dynamic energy can catalyze change for your career. You might want to prep for this by reaching out to helpful people and mentors early in the month. Make bold asks. What do you have to lose?

If you have involvement with a charitable organization, you might find ways to recruit others to help with the cause. Anything you do to make a difference in the world will come back to you tenfold. You might want to contribute your time and energy after March 19. In addition to feeling good about giving back, you could connect with like-minded people and expand your social circle.

Focus on finances after March 14. Revisit your investment portfolio and make changes. Though the markets have been unpredictable, you have a little extra luck and may be able to make the most of the lows. Do you have real estate investments? If you have been thinking about purchasing a new home or investment property, financing options could open up after March 19.

The shifting currents of astrological activity could influence your romantic relationships. Pay attention to the stirrings of your heart. Where are you being led? Though you may want to make big changes, think about waiting until after circumstances settle down. The answers will come on March 23. Throughout the month, focus on healing from your past and mastering the lessons coming up for you at this time. Your heart is breaking open in new ways, and the process is magical. If someone new has recently entered your life, he or she will likely play a significant role in your future. Hold on without trying to control the outcome. Think about allowing it to unfold with grace and ease.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):

The Universe has handed you the energetic equivalent of a final exam. Will you pass to the next level and graduate from this set of lessons you’ve been studying for three years? Right now, it might feel like much work. You might even feel frustrated as if everything you want is inches beyond your reach. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. You have heard or read this scripture, right? To pass the final test, have faith in the goodness of the Divine. Then, surrender. Release any ounce of perfectionism or desire to control the outcome.

Make health a priority this month. Exercise to release stress. You might even consider working with a trainer or taking exercise classes to keep you motivated. Your immune system could use a boost at the beginning of the month, and it starts with your digestive system. If you have had some digestive issues, you might visit your naturopathic doctor or acupuncturist to optimize your diet. You might try taking probiotics and alkalizing your body, too. By the end of March, you will be in top shape if you start early.

Professionally, this is a big month for you. Prioritize your schedule so you stay focused on the most important tasks. You could become distracted by all of the competing demands of your schedule. However, with all of this positive flow headed in your career sector, you might have to turn down a few social engagements. Your tireless work will pay off richly. At the end of the month, new business relationships help you generate more of an audience. If you have been thinking about making a job change or cutting back your hours to have more family time, options could open by March 21.

Your romantic life may seem a bit unsteady at the beginning of the month. Your partner may be in the midst of a whirlwind of change. Try to stay centered to avoid cloudy judgment. You can be more easily swayed in one direction or another this month. By the end of March, after the Eclipse on March 23, you will have some clarity about the direction your relationship is heading. Until then, trust and surrender. If you are single, refrain from making major decisions or commitments. Just get out and play!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Think of your favorite comic book superhero. When danger strikes, he or she responds to the call by activating special powers, ones markedly weaker in everyday life. In extreme circumstances, an ordinary life can become extraordinary. Like your hero, you have a purpose to follow, and this month helps you frame it into focus. What extraordinary powers will you animate to answer the distress signals happening around you? Do you have hidden talents to discover? Hobbies you have wanted to try? Perhaps you have wanted to deepen existing strengths. This month's influences signal significant changes for all of us. You might find opportunities to access your inner superhero and more fully realize your power.

Express yourself and find ways to step into the spotlight. Audiences want to hear what you have to say. You have the dynamism to inspire crowds. Write your TED talk or even launch a YouTube channel to share your ideas with others. Release any limiting thoughts and imagine how many lives you could touch. Anytime you assert yourself in this manner, you open a new career possibility. You can expand your network by using your voice.

Your financial picture could change for the better after March 5. Strategize ways to build long-term wealth, and invest in your future. To do this, you might need to tighten your budget and save. Resist extravagant purchases and focus on your goals, even if you earn additional resources at this time.

Attend to any health concerns early in the month and take antioxidants to boost your immune system after March 19. Your schedule has been busier than usual with new work projects and exciting celebrations. Consider taking a Spring Break getaway for rest and rejuvenation. A spa weekend with some girlfriends would be the perfect way to nurture yourself. Alternatively, a trip to a mountain chalet with your special someone could also work for you.

Your love life has the energy of a hot summer affair. If you are involved in a relationship, keep romance playful and fun. If your love life has become somewhat bland, spice things up. Surprise your partner with gifts…just because. If you are single, Venus enters Pisces, a compatible water sign, on March 12, signaling a time of magnetic attraction. Sparks will fly.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Passion is the fire of the heart, and it often provides fuel for courageous life choices and actions. What does your heart urge you to do this month? Follow that inner stirring, even if it leads to a more uncertain path. Revisit Robert Frost’s “Road Less Traveled” and see what nuggets of truth you might find to inspire you during this magical time of incredible wonder. Revel in possibilities, even if they seem far from mainstream. To find your center, you may have to move from one extreme to another.

Some changes in your family life could mean additional responsibilities for you. While you love helping others, the extra duties may limit your free time and cause you to feel stuck. Balancing home, work, and social engagements feel daunting now, and you might need a break from it all. Consider taking a Spring Break trip with your family to strengthen bonds and heal frustrations.

Mars enters your sign on March 5, making you the champion in all types of competitions. You might think about running a race or starting a new workout routine. Step up to the challenge and make a name for yourself. You might even find ways to incorporate fundraising efforts for your favorite cause. By March 19, you will hold the trophy, metaphorically or literally.

Mars also helps your love life by sparking a little passion! If you are in a relationship, you might see fireworks igniting all month long. Perhaps you and your special someone might play a little and explore new ways to connect physically. This month’s turbulence needs some outlet. So, why not choose intimate connections? If you are single, this influence signals a time of positive attention. Step out on the dance floor and show your moves.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

March emphasizes all manners of communication for you, Capricorn. You might set aside time to work on your masterpiece novel or memoirs. Perhaps you would like to start a blog our journal. Use your words wisely, as they could leave a lasting mark. If you have considered writing a TED-style talk or speaking at a professional organization, start reaching out to potential supporters at the beginning of the month, when the influences stir your passion for justice and truth. What platform can you stand upon to deliver your message? Try social media or even an actual stage.

You might seek a mentor or advisor with whom to work this month. A relationship of this kind can help you strengthen areas of weakness and become more successful. Network until you find “the one.” Then, start the process of engaging with him or her.

Likewise, you may have people in your social circle, or even siblings, who need help integrating. Perhaps they have undergone a life crisis and are trying to get back on their feet. Show support by refraining from judgment. Make them feel included, and you can celebrate your role in helping them heal.

Professionally, you have the stamina you need to weather ups and downs. Since 2012, you have been on a journey to develop faith in yourself and a positive outlook on life. You have met and overcome significant challenges as a result. Look at you now! You are ready to go forward. Stay focused and commit to you first.

In love, Capricorn, Venus is in dreamy, mystical Pisces after March 12. Romance can feel soft and sweet in even lasting marriages. The key to deepened romance is intimacy. What dreams do you and your special someone share? Take time this month to reflect on that question, and start engaging with one another to support your future goals. By the date of the Eclipse on March 23, you will remove any obstacles from your path and commit more fully to your relationship.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

“Money flows in with grace and ease.” Allow this to be your mantra this month, Aquarius. You have discovered new ways to open yourself to abundance and prosperity. Recent wins, inheritances, or professional successes may have gained you more resources. Invest wisely now, and the future payoff will be considerable. Real estate transactions or refinancing also looks favorable this month. Make this a month to honor your resources. Budget wisely and practice gratitude for the goodness flowing into your life at this time.

New friends may unexpectedly enter your life through groups or organizations, especially after March 5. This is an excellent month to get involved with a local charity or political cause. Your participation will help you network, but more importantly, it will fulfill a humanitarian need you innately have. Super Tuesday is a great time to start speaking up on behalf of your favorite candidate. Go ahead and voice your opinions! With your level of intelligence, others want to hear what you have to say.

As a result of the changes in your social circle, you may undergo a reassessment of your future path. How can you reshape your goals and dreams to better reflect your future path? Only you can determine this, but you might want to brainstorm innovative solutions with a trusted mentor or advisor. You want to do it all, but time limits you.

The intense planetary energies of this month could have you reminiscing about the past. Realize that your reflection backward indicates the swift motion forward about to take place in your life. This could happen in your romantic affairs. Are you single? If so, the beginning of the month is quite promising for your love life. You might want to update your look a little, give yourself a little more of an edge to attract that special someone. If you are in a relationship, ease into challenging conversations and keep communication clear and honest. Passion is a keyword for you all month long!

Valentine's Day Horoscope

Aries: Passion features prominently in your Valentine’s Day chart. If you are single, connect with other single friends for a celebration of love. Friendship is heightened on this day. For those of you in relationships, you definitely want to slip away with your special someone and have a romantic evening together. Your romance can get spicy!!

Taurus: Sensuality is your keyword for this day. With your ruling planet Venus in complimentary Capricorn and the Moon in your sign. Your nervous system fires up your physical senses more powerfully than usual. If you are in a relationship, surround yourself with things that bring you pleasure. Rose petals, warm baths, champagne, strawberries…or other delights your imagination conjures. Think of yourself as Venus emerging from the half-shell, or if you are a man, imagine being fed grapes and fanned with giant palm fronds. Purrrr….

Gemini: Deep, emotional connections are what you crave this day. Long conversations with your special someone about the future. You may even get a proposal of some sort to take your relationship to the next level. If you are single, get out your vision board and start the manifestation process. What do you want in a relationship? This is a creative time for you- imagine your ideal scenario, and feel into the joy that brings you.

Cancer: You might not want to leave the bedroom this Valentine’s Day…whether you are involved or single. Ask for breakfast in bed and then take it from there.. What you do is up to your imagination! If you are single and looking for love, get online! Find a date. Go out. Open yourself up to the possibility that you could be in a beautiful relationship- one that supports you. Don’t think about the future…it’s unpredictable. Just enjoy the moment. For those of you involved, umm… Mars is in Scorpio. Really? Do I need to say more?

Leo: You are a bit curious about love right now. If you are single, Valentine’s Day may feel like just another day. Keep from the “why me” syndrome. If you start to feel sad or reminiscent of the past and disappointments in love, turn things around. Get the book Calling in the One by one of our previous guests, and start manifesting what you want. Maximize your potential for healing under the influences of the day. If you are in a relationship, make the moves. Ask for what you need. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Virgo: Your Valentine’s Day forecast is quite romantic! With the Moon in a favorable sign and Venus in a fellow earth sign, even if you are single, this is a day of incredible connections. You may reconnect with friends or lovers from the past. Take yourself out on a date! The embodiment of love opens you up to experience all kinds of love in your life. If you are involved in a relationship, read or write poetry and express yourself through words. This is also an exciting day for you. Surround yourself with beauty in all forms.

Libra: With Mercury moving into Aquarius, you’ve got creativity and new insights. This is a time for fun, spontaneity, and play. If you are single, change up your routine. Go to a different coffee shop or grocery store. Find a cool used bookstore to connect with like-minded people, or connect with someone new through online dating. If you are involved in a relationship, Adventure is your keyword. Focus less on the future and more on the moment.

Scorpio: Your Valentine’s Day forecast is... sensational. Mars, the passion planet, is in your sign. You’ve got all of the ingredients for deep, intimate connections. If you are single, take a risk. Put yourself out there. Communicate what you feel. You may also just want to spend time at home by yourself with a glass of wine and a good romantic movie. If you are involved, this is a healing time for your relationship. Don't let minor disagreements trouble you. Focus on the positive.

Sagittarius: If you are single, you might proceed with the day as if it is like any other. Your insights are brilliant. Channel your passion into work. If you are in a relationship, communication is emphasized. Focus on making your relationship better by articulating your thoughts. Do you need a starting point? Try: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Capricorn: Venus, the planet of love and affection is in your sign. This is an extremely favorable influence for you and your fellow earth signs. You might just have the hottest Valentine’s Day of all the signs. If you are single, stop waiting! Get one of those little apps. Swipe left or right. See if you can make a connection! An unexpected date could be in your very near future. If you are in a relationship, pleasure is your keyword.

Aquarius: I foresee interesting conversations in your Valentine’s Day future. You are the star of the day, with Mercury in your sign. Slip away from others for a while to engage in your creative work. Write, sculpt, dance- whatever you enjoy doing. If you are in a relationship, resist any urge to insist stubbornly on your plans or ideas. You might be missing a fabulous surprise. Be open!

Pisces: Your day of love is filled with beauty and inspiration. If you are single, channel all of your passion and eros into creative ideas. Fill yourself with love, connecting to your heart chakra. There’s significant healing available for you today. If you are in a relationship, take big risks. Open your heart. Love so big that you transcend the minor challenges or problems facing you right now. Allow the limits between you and your partner to dissolve so that you can genuinely connect.