Mercury Retrograde

Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury appears (from our vantage point) to come to a standstill and then move backward. This phenomenon is actually an optical illusion like the kind that happens when two cars pass one another on the street. When Mercury stations retrograde, it asks for our attention. Consequently, Mercury-related issues come up for us in our day-to-day lives.

Some of these Mercury-related themes include communication, transportation, communication devices, computer programs, health, and organization. 

Sometimes during a Mercury retrograde period, you might encounter stressors, like technical breakdowns, travel delays, or things of that nature. However, retrograde periods (especially with the personal planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars) offer some positive experiences, too. They give us opportunities to reevaluate and revisit our big life decisions, relationships, health, jobs, family, and more. They help us clarify our goals and needs. They bring us back into focus about what we find most important in our lives and help us.  I like to think of Mercury Retrograde as a 3-week period of soul-searching, detoxing, clearing your mind, and cleaning house. 

What to do During Mercury Retrograde


This Mercury retrograde coming up is in the sign of Virgo, the sign associated with our elimination and nervous systems. This is an excellent time to start a diet or health routine. You might even start with a cleanse or fast to clear out toxins and restore health. Virgo has been associated with alternative therapies, too, so schedule an appointment with your acupuncturist to bring your body back into alignment, restore health, and prevent any illness. You might consider seeing a healer or an energy work specialist to clear your emotional and spiritual bodies as well. 


If you have an outdated phone or computer, back it up, and start researching options for a new one. 

I don’t recommend buying a new computer, car, phone, or other electronic gadgets while Mercury is retrograde unless you absolutely have to. You could change your mind or find a better deal after September 5.


When Mercury is retrograde, you might stress over minor details. Our obsessive thoughts, worries, and mental clutter can grow louder because you become aware of any unhealthy patterns. I recommend my clients find time to meditate and relax at least once a day to clear all of that mental chatter. 


Relationships can go through ups and downs at this time, too. People from your past could come back into your life suddenly. This is a time to bring closure to a lingering situation, heal from the past, or reconnect with loved ones. You feel more introspective and can have more awareness about what changes you want to see in your current relationship. Communication is key during this time of growth, but try to do so gently. Everyone feels a little more intense during this time, and you want to avoid miscommunications. Be honest and kind. 

MRx: Make the Most of It

Mercury rules communication and communication devices. People often complain of accidents or glitches with phones or computers during a Mercury retrograde, but I find that there are usually hidden gifts in each of those frustrating encounters. For example, have you ever had your phone screen crack and secretly thought to yourself, “I could actually use a mini break from looking at my work email 24/7.” Thank you, Mercury.

If you have been going nonstop and neglecting your health or wellbeing, you might need to rest and relax. When you consider each minor setback as a gift to help you slow down and take a break, you can embrace Mercury retrograde.

In fact, you might want to make the most of this period of time by setting aside time to journal, having a massage, scheduling a detoxing facial, seeing a healer or therapist, or any other self-care activity. 

If you have already been in the process of making a major purchase or decision, Mercury Retrograde could bring completion. Therefore, it’s okay to sign documents or contracts in those situations. However, double-check all fine print in those documents you sign, and give yourself extra time to proofread anything you send out. Especially check those emails and social media posts. You wouldn't want to accidentally "Reply to All" or BCC someone on a confidential email! 

Leave early for appointments and give yourself extra time to avoid feeling stressed in case of traffic or travel delays. Be compassionate to yourself and others; plans change and people do, too.

This is an excellent time to go through your closets and drawers and purge any stuff you no longer need. Clear your clutter. 

Mercury retrograde is a great time to finish up any old business and revisit past decisions so you can identify and clear any roadblocks to your happiness and well-being. You may even get a second chance or an opportunity to make amends.  

If you want to know where Mercury Retrograde stations in your chart or if you have other questions, please reach out! 

Listen to this Guided Meditation to Help Heal for the Retrograde Period