As Above, So Below... When I look at the stars, I feel connected to everything. The macrocosm and microcosm. The heavens. Particles of air I breathe. The earth beneath my feet. Plants, animals, minerals. People -- I feel connected to those I've met and strangers, too. The feeling of awe and wonder I see when I look at the night sky makes me want to find meaning in it all.


As an astrologer, healer, writer, and speaker, I work with individuals and companies to make the most of upcoming astrological influences. I offer very practical guidance to help you navigate life transitions. I may even give you "homework" to help with a healing process. I help provide an astrological framework within which you can contextualize events happening in your life. I also combine psychic and mediumship gifts with astrology to offer guidance about major life issues, like breakups, financial shifts, career changes, new relationships, health questions, or trying to conceive a child.  I don't predict the future: I help you pre-script your destiny. 



Rachel works with individuals around the world and offers consultations to businesses. She combines astrology with psychic and mediumship skills, is a Reiki Master Teacher, and energy healer. In addition to her practice, Rachel offers classes, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. Find out more about Rachel's services here.

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advanced Astrology: Working with Transits

Four consecutive Tuesday afternoons starting in January. If you are interested in taking your astrological knowledge to a new level, Advanced Astrology is for you. In this four-week class, we will discuss astrological transits, an astrological forecasting technique. This will be an in-depth class exploring the spiritual significance of transits as well as how transits can manifest on an events level in your life. We work with your chart and will focus especially outer planet transits. This class covers part one material in a two-part Advanced Astrology: Forecasting series.

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Listen to one of several guided meditations to help release fear, relieve anxiety, and expand your heart center. 

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Astrology Insights

Read your monthly horoscope and posts about significant astrological events.

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