Advanced Astrology: Working with Transits

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Advanced Astrology: Working with Transits


4 Consecutive Thursday afternoons at 4pm PST

Starting September 2

If you have a basic knowledge of astrology and want to know more about forecasting techniques, this class is for you.

A transit refers to a planet in the heavens applying an aspect to another planet. When a transiting planet aspects a point in your chart, it sets into motion a cycle. Transits can symbolize significant turning points in your life, spiritual and psychological themes, and life events. When you learn to interpret the meaning of transits, you can work with them to optimize each cycle’s potential.

In this class, we will work interactively with your chart. The class size will be intimate so everyone will have a chance to apply the information to their charts. All sessions will be recorded. So, you will never have to miss the information we cover in class.

By the end of the class, you will understand how to read and interpret planetary transits for yourself and others close to you.

This is a class for those who have already have a basic astrological understanding and want to go deeper with this topic.

Each week, you will receive access to an online video module. We will then meet via Zoom to discuss the information and apply it to your chart.

In this four-week class, we will learn:

  • Aspects and what they symbolize

  • How to find significant transits

  • How to read and interpret astrological transits

  • Generational transits

  • A deeper understanding of planetary influences

  • The soul-growth themes of each outer planet transit

  • How you can use transits in your everyday life to plan career, relationship, home and family, or health-related changes


Sept 3, 10, 17, 24

This is an interactive and personalized class, and we will be working with your natal chart. If you have to miss a class session, the Zoom recordings will be available for you to watch anytime!

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