Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

As an Aquarius, you have an interesting challenge. You love your friends, and you also love your freedom. Setting up boundaries to get your “you” time can be tough when your social circle is so wide. Plus, you’re often the one others call in times of struggle or stress. That can leave you in a bind, wanting to give and, at the same time, pull back. We are communal creatures, each with different gifts to offer the world. Because of that, you can't be everything for everyone. There are times, too, when you have to ask for help -- one of your great spiritual lessons.

You could find yourself juggling several responsibilities early in the month. Delegate and ask for support. You might be surprised by who shows up to help! Then, in the middle of the month, take your “you” time. Retreat for a few days to recharge after the hectic holidays and start of the new year.

This month kicks off your year with a Full Moon that activates all aspects of your career. Set your 2018 professional goals sky-high because you have favorable influences for accomplishing great things. If you have been thinking about making a significant professional change, wait for the right time. Leave with a bang, and your colleagues will talk about you for years to come. Make any big moves after the Sun enters your sign on January 19.

If you have had doubts about life or a recent crisis of faith, keep searching for inspiration. Doubt invariably leads to faith, and the toughest times can generate the greatest breakthroughs. You’re in line for those right now. You might want to read motivational books or listen to your favorite self-help podcasts this month to receive guiding messages.

On January 17, Venus enters your sign, and your love life could get interesting. If you are single and looking for a relationship, you might consider online dating. After all, Aquarius is the sign associated with the Internet and social media. If you are involved, you and your partner could plan a romantic getaway at the end of the month to make the most of this Venus energy. No matter your relationship status, you can expect flirtation and fun at the end of January, just in time for your birthday season.


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