Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

You find yourself coming full circle this month in many ways. It is a time of manifestation when the intentions you’ve planted long ago are blossoming. Unlike before, you are approaching decisions from a wiser perspective, with greater awareness. At one time, you might have left your stable situation for a bright, shiny new beginning. Now, you balance your urge for freedom with your commitment to meeting long-term objectives. This will serve you well at the beginning of the month.

The new moon on April 5 inspires new ideas. You might sign up for a class or webinar to learn new skills. Your mind is open for expansion. Throughout your life, you may have felt different because of the way you think, but in reality, you have a visionary mind. Own your idiosyncrasies this month, and you will access the courage to change the system.

Despite a hectic social schedule, you may feel more introverted this month. You are undergoing a spiritual transformation, and though it seems intangible, honor the process. Give yourself time to dream, journal, meditate, be in nature, or connect with friends on the same wavelength.

Romantic interests could captivate you, as Mars moves through Gemini. Resist being swept up in a fling if you suspect things could get messy. With Mercury still in shadow until April 16, your heartstrings could keep tugging you back to the past. Examine the relationship patterns that keep showing up. You have the chance to do things differently this time.

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