Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

As an Aquarius, you have an independent streak. At the same time, when you commit to something or someone, you stay for the long haul and don’t give up easily. For this reason, committing is a big deal. How do you appease your inner free-spirit while still staying true to your commitments? This will be the question of the month for you. The answer lies in how you balance self-care with other-care.

At the beginning of the month, relationships are your primary focus. You may form new professional alliances or partnerships that could be significant in the long run. Also, you may have realizations about your current relationships. If conflicts arise, talk things through without assigning blame or being too quick to say, “I’m sorry.” You have reached a growth edge in many ways in your life, and your relationships reflect this.

If you are single and want a relationship, take a risk to allow others to see you. That means dressing up and going out or starting a dating profile. It could also mean having the courage to express your feelings to a potential love interest. If you have a partner, you could decide to deepen your commitment and make it official with a ceremony.

The new moon on August 30 invites you to organize your life. Attend to legal documents, file your taxes (if you asked for an extension), and make sure your will is up to date. Meet with your financial team to make updates if anything seems off. Use your intuition if you’ve been feeling inspired to sell property or cash out an investment. You have some real opportunities coming up, and you could be busy! So, use this time now to prepare.

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