Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

As an Aquarius, you love your independence, and you are inclined to make community and friendships top priorities.  But what happens when you fall in love? Or when you decide to merge your life with another? Your challenge then is to honor your freedom and strike a balance between your social life and intimate affairs. On July 27, the lunar eclipse shone a spotlight on this tension for you. It asked you to be very clear about your boundaries and needs in relationships. You may have had to face some of your relationship fears head-on. Even if you’re single, you may have had awareness about these themes in your love life. This month, a solar eclipse on August 11 in your relationship sector suggests you could have another significant breakthrough in this area of your life. The universe could be asking you to stretch into some uncomfortable territories, deepen your emotional connections, and grow in remarkable ways.

This month’s transits offer favorable influences for travel. You could make a last-minute plan to get out of town, especially around August 7. Keep Mercury retrograde in mind as you make plans. Things could change unexpectedly, reminding you to go with the flow.

Professionally, you might experience a few stops and starts. If your drive to achieve is taking a vacation, you could consider taking a break from it all. Relax and trust everything will work out. After August 27, you will have access to 100% of your energy and focus.

In the meantime, you might decide to take up a passion project or dedicate some energy to your side hustle. The key for you is to follow the flow. Dedicate time and attention to whatever seems to be moving forward. Then, balance the rest.

Uranus, the planet associated with your sign, stations retrograde August 7, and you could revisit some decisions you have made during the past several months, especially home-related ones. If you have been involved in a remodeling project, you could have a chance to reassess changes made and course-correct if necessary. You could take advantage of this natural reset and declutter, clear out your closets, repair anything broken, and make your home a real sanctuary.

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