Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Our deep desires can inform us of our soul’s intentions. When you want something like a career change, relationship, new home, family, or fresh start, your soul is asking for an expansion opportunity. These types of wants offer an indication of what next steps to take on your life path, and your journey to manifesting them can be an epic hero’s journey! When things don’t manifest quickly, you often have to surrender to the process and let go. In doing so, you open yourself to possibilities you could never have imagined. As an Aquarius, you probably had a couple of months full of desire, motivation, surrender, and starting anew. You likely had to keep your ego in check throughout the process. That cycle has been completed, and this month, you will likely see the benefits of all your efforts.

At the beginning of the month, you could likely have financial matters on your mind. Try not to dwell on any past decisions you would do differently today. Picture the past through a positive frame, and you may have new insights about ways you can build upon past experiences. Perhaps you can find ways to change your money mindset, and then you better think about modifying investments, especially after September 10.

If you are in a relationship and newly cohabiting or recently married, you might have some adjustments to make with your partner. This is a favorable time to adjust any imbalance in the relationship and find ways to have a more harmonious partnership. Mars, the planet of individuation, moves back into your sign after its retrograde cycle on September 10, and you could feel a need for personal space and freedom. If you are single, great! Use the powerful influence of Mars in your sign to exert energy. Work out harder at the gym or dedicate some time to completing important projects. You’ll feel the extra motivation. If you are in relationships of any sort, you might want to schedule some you time, especially around September 18. Because Mars is the planet associated with passion, you could experience more of a spark in your relationship at the end of the month. Balance your individual needs with those of your relationship.

Professionally, this is a favorable month for making introductions, team building, and self-promotion. The Mars influence offers you a lift in confidence, and it will show in all you do. So, take advantage of it and start a podcast, submit articles, create videos for YouTube, increase your presence on Instagram, or anything like that, especially around the time of the full moon September 24. The sign of Aquarius is often associated with friendship and community. This month, build your team, connect with your people, and socialize.

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