Aries (March 21 – April 19):

As an Aries, as soon as you reach a peak in your career, relationship, or any other area of your life, you begin looking for a new mountain to climb. The reward is often in the pursuit. Because of this, you can grow impatient or frustrated when your manifested goals seem less exhilarating than you imagined. When you land your dream job, you sign yourself up for hard work and responsibility. Manifesting a romantic partner presents challenges, too, like when you learn she leaves dirty clothes on the floor or he watches too much TV. The remedy for this pattern? Make it a habit to focus on the positive and practice gratitude for the manifestation of your deep desires. Remember with appreciation how badly you wanted the life YOU made possible. You are a powerful creator, Aries, and you can have anything you want. Therefore, use your power wisely, and focus your energy on making what you have even better.

Your commitments could be tested this month, especially concerning your career. 2018 could be a year to take your professional goals in a new direction. You are in a period of peak performance, and as a result, you might feel somewhat stuck, ready for a new beginning. Focus on what you really want for your future. Reserve judgment, too. What you want might not be practical in others’ eyes. You do you! You were born to take risks and lead others. Sometimes, taking a leap of faith can result in a successful outcome.

With hopeful Jupiter in your eighth house, you might consult with a financial expert and consider making changes to your investments. If you have been in an application process for a loan, you could receive favorable news on January 8.

Uranus, the planet of surprises, stations direct in your sign on January 1. As a result, you could receive news about a delayed project. After a slow December, now life is finally moving forward again.

In love, commitment is your keyword. If you are single, commit to doing something generous for yourself this month. Keep your heart open. If you feel impatient about your love life, socialize with friends to connect with others, even if you don’t quite feel like going out. Sometimes, it helps to break through resistance, as we can resist what we most need during times of change and growth.


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