I encourage you to pause throughout the month, pinch yourself, and say, “Yes, this is real.” Whether your life circumstances are extraordinarily joyful or unbelievably strange, you will never forget these times. You will look back on this month with an appreciation for the life circumstances that led to your profound personal growth. You might even pat yourself on the back next month for successes and triumphs. However, that’s in the future. Let’s focus on the here and now. If you are to succeed at anything this month, then you will want to come back to the present moment over and over again. The future is a giant question mark, and memories of the past are hazier than usual. So, be. Here. Now.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde in your sign until April 15. This influence might put a damper on any professional momentum you’ve had since the beginning of the year. Go with the flow, as delays are likely to happen. Do you know that saying, “Rejection is often divine protection?” Let that be your mantra if you feel any impatience with others or life circumstances in general.

On April 2, Mars, the fiery planet of passion, meets up with Saturn in your tenth house of career and reputation. You might be ready to be more of a leader in your professional life, and as a result, you could encounter some tension at your job, especially if you feel micromanaged by others. Your internal drive to climb to a new professional level could lead to an overall shift in power dynamics in the workplace. If you work for yourself, this could mean clients or customers. By the time of the New Moon on April 15, this tension will subside.

After April 17, when Chiron moves into your sign, you may feel more sentimental than usual, especially when it comes to your love life. You are undergoing an energetic shift, healing if you will, and this will reach into every area of your life. What do you desire? You deserve all that and more. If you are single, know you are worthy of love. If you are in a relationship, this month could feel like a roller coaster, with ups and downs. Hang on for the ride!

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