After March’s Mercury retrograde, you start the month feeling passionate, driven, and ready to go. You are unstoppable. Why wouldn’t you be? After all, it’s Aries season and your time to shine. Before you take a leap of faith, pause to make sure your entire being is in alignment. Sometimes, the ego can be a trickster leading you down a treacherous path or dead end. Meditate, centering yourself and clearing mental chatter. Then, you can lead with your heart.

Professional opportunities abound, as you reach a peak point in your career. On April 4, you could have realizations about karmic patterns or mental blocks to your success. You have a chance to face and heal these by April 30, if you remain conscious and aware. Resist the tendency to blame others, but see yourself as a participant in an ongoing creation story with everyone and everything around you. At the time of the new moon on April 5, you could have a burst of inspiration or dream up a winning idea. Give yourself time to sit still and receive this divine download.

Venus, the planet of love and abundance, moves into your sign on April 20, offering you a boost in confidence and magnetic attraction. The full moon on April 19 spotlights your relationships. The combined energies of these two days could mean change for your love life, especially if you are single. Expect the unexpected, and be open to surprises. If you have been in a long-term committed relationship, you could start to see your partner in new ways. Perhaps you could even have a renewed interest in one another. At the very least, you could feel more appreciated and adored with Venus shining in your sign.

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