You made it through several weeks of astrological turbulence. Take a victory lap! You deserve it after exerting so much mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. Now, it’s time to recharge. You may still feel pressure, but it’s likely internal, not external. Call it inspiration or momentum for making life changes. You can and will succeed in accomplishing your goals; do not doubt. For now, though, let yourself breathe, trusting that you’ve properly laid the groundwork for an opportunity to knock.

The Aquarius full moon on August 15 activates your inner socialite, making this a favorable time to become more involved in your community. You can make a difference in small and large ways by merely following your curiosity. What do you enjoy doing? What are the causes dear to your heart? Follow those threads of inquiry to find a volunteer opportunity or social network with which to become involved.

You have a way with words and a gift for self-expression this month. Focus your creative energy on a specific project to maximize the potential of this month’s transits. Then, stay disciplined.

The Virgo new moon on August 30 invites you to set a health-related intention. You could decide to start a diet or cleanse. At the very least, observe what signals your body is sending, and do not ignore any issues that arise.

What supports enjoyment and relaxation more than romance? You have a draw toward it at the beginning of the month, no matter what your relationship status may be. If you are single, update your online dating profile and ask friends to set you up. Do not be shy about your desire to form new connections. If you’re already involved, leave last month’s challenges behind and start August with a new mindset. Allow your partner to surprise you and agree together to shake up your routine. This is a fertile month for you, too. You could be surprised by good news.


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