If July left you in a quandary, with questions about your direction in life, then you can now breathe a sigh of relief. We are starting a new month with a whole new set of transits to experience. So, start this month by relaxing, and try to enjoy life. Take a break if you can, and consider embarking on a travel adventure with your favorite people. As you do, access your inner child; you have some playing to do!

The solar eclipse on August 11 highlights your creative potential. You could have a new idea or find some new way to share your talents with the world. If you have had any mental blocks, you could find the key you need to unlock your creativity. This is also a time when you could experience heightened fertility. Eclipses symbolize change, and you could receive favorable news if you have been trying to conceive or start a family.

Your ruling planet Mars stations direct on August 27, and you can have full access to your energy, passion, and drive once again. Up to that point, find ways to channel your frustrations and anger. For example, you might want to spend some extra time at the gym. If your Mars-like emotions stem from social injustices, you could make the most of this influence by making phone calls to your representatives, volunteering with your favorite organizations, or starting a letter-writing campaign. If personal grievances trigger your inner Mars, you might try one of two strategies. First, you could sit in a still, quiet place, and close your eyes. In your mind, visualize yourself and the person with whom you need to speak. Then, have the conversation you’d like to have with that person’s higher self. You might be surprised by what you discover through the exercise! The second strategy is this: You could write an angry letter and then tear it up, burn it, or throw it away. Communication soul-to-soul is often as helpful as a real conversation, and sometimes it can actually shift the relationship dynamics in day-to-day life.  Whatever you do, release that feisty Mars energy. Work it out, move it out, and make it into fuel to drive a bigger growth and healing process.

Venus enters your opposite sign on August 6, and she shines her light in your relationship sector. Venus is the mediator, the planet of harmony. Her presence in this place in your chart can help relieve any romantic challenges you’ve encountered over the past month and a half. You might find it easier to back down from your position in a conflict, as well. If you are single, this is a month for meeting new people and enjoying a social scene. Romance is a definite theme. So, date and remember to have fun with it all.


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