Have you stepped into an altered reality? Do you feel as if you’re living in a dream? Take a deep breath and be here now. Your life is in transition, and it might feel unsettled, but you are on your path and ready for expansion.

Your ruling planet, Mars, is retrograde and appears to move backward in the heavens. Mars is the planet of action, initiative, and passion. When it’s retrograde, life feels slower than usual, and you might not have as much motivation. It is a time to slow down and recalibrate. If you feel stuck, take a break and step away from your routine rather than force an issue. During this time, you might gain clarity about your future and adjust your mindset about your goals. With Saturn at the top of your chart, you are at a peak point of your career. That said, you may have reached the apex of your current line of work and might be thinking about what’s next. Open your mind to the possibilities but know anything you wish to start will take more time than you expect. Be patient with any new beginning.  Think big picture and strategize for the long term.

On July 12, the solar eclipse falls within your sector of home and family. Eclipses signify change, and you could experience shifts within your family structure. You might be inspired to revisit your childhood home or connect with distant family members. On a practical level, you may encounter unexpected issues with your house. Attend to anything needing repair ahead of time just in case.

Then, on July 22, the sun moves into Leo and shines a spotlight on you. You could attract someone special into your life (if you are single). If you have children, your parenting becomes more purposeful. You could have a stronger desire to be active in their lives. If you don’t have children, you could decide to open up to that possibility this month, especially around July 27.


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