Does life seem to be moving at a faster pace than usual? Do you sometimes have the urge to push the brake pedal and slow things down? Well, on June 26, you may get the chance because your ruling planet, Mars, starts its retrograde journey, helping you stop and reassess your goals. It’s a time to slow down and recalibrate, if necessary. Because retrogrades can lead to delays and setbacks, you might take advantage of this influence and give yourself a break from it all. Unplug and take a vacation.

Friendships could undergo shifts and changes during the retrograde, especially around the time of the Full Moon on June 27. If you encounter drama, you do not necessarily have to engage. As an Aries, you often feel a deep-seated need to defend your truth. However, choose your battles wisely.

On June 13, you might take inventory of your social media and personal brand. Are you fully expressing yourself to the world? If your image does not reflect your brilliance, make changes. You have a gift with words this month. Use them to finish writing proposals or preparing presentations. You might even be called to speak or teach as an expert in your field.

After June 21, the solstice spotlights your home and family. Consider taking mini-adventures or doing enjoyable things together to foster deeper connections. Rather than try to fix what’s not working, emphasize what is. This shift in perspective could help you accept the past and embrace the present.

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