Remember your last roller coaster ride? When you stepped onto solid ground, you may have felt shaky for a few seconds as you found your bearings. Life seems to have sped up lately, right? Changes happened fast, leaving you with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. The good news? You’re coming to the end of a seven-year cycle. So, find your bearings, plant your feet on solid ground, and adjust to a new normal.

Mercury stations retrograde on March 5. Dream big, think creatively, and allow your imagination to wander. Conversations could leave you with more questions than answers, or you could feel confused about life in general. When you walk through a fog, you can only see one foot in front of you. Life could feel like this, reminding you to focus on what you can see, which is the present moment.

Mars helps motivate you to earn more money. You might successfully ask for a raise. Be mindful of your budget, though, and avoid making any big purchases on impulse.

Aries season starts March 20, and you can attract all kinds of attention. Make sure it’s the right kind, however. Proofread every correspondence or post, and take extra care with your words. Note, too, that your body language speaks volumes, as does your wardrobe. Communicate your leadership, authority, and charisma by the way you carry yourself in the world.

The full moon on March 20 shines on your relationship sector. Single Aries, you could reminisce about someone from your past, but don’t get too carried away by nostalgia. If a friend expresses their attraction for you, follow your curiosity, but remember, this could be a confusing month. For those of you in a relationship, the end of the month offers clarity for any challenges. Keep an open heart and mind.

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