Your early caregivers had rules and codes of ethics they passed on to you. You also inherited cultural norms and societal laws. As a result, these layers of "rules" have structured your life and formed the foundation for your faith practices. Now, ask yourself: Are those internalized rules still working for me? If your answer is no, you might want to use this month’s astrological influences to write your own personal constitution, calling into question every ideal with which you were raised. Then, structure your life according to your truth.

The new moon on November 7 invites you to revisit the financial decisions you made in February. Are your investments working out for you? Do you need to rethink your long-term strategy? Do not act on impulse or out of fear. Instead, remain open to suggestions from more knowledgeable people. Focus on saving and investing more. If you’re starting out in a new chapter of life, you may discover new ways to build a nest egg.

Your ruling planet enters the mystical sign of Pisces on November 15, inviting you to relax more and fight less. Take deep breaths to let go of tension, and find ways to deepen your spiritual practice. The following day, November 16, Mercury stations retrograde. Forgiveness can help restore balance in your relationship, and it may be the key to inner peace throughout the month.

After November 22, restlessness sparks your curiosity. What do you want to learn? What new things would you like to experience? Take a step beyond your comfort zone and open yourself to a new adventure. For some of you, this message applies to your love life. Creative potential flows through open spaces (like your heart and mind) and enlivens possibilities in your life.

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