The past two months have sent you back in time, and you may have had to clear clutter from the past, metaphorically or literally. With new self-awareness and perhaps even a clearer future vision, you’re now ready to take strides forward in life. You have access to reserves of energy, and while you don’t want to push yourself to exhaustion, this month, you can make up for lost time.

Focus is a keyword for you this month. Think about your top goals and priorities, and embrace a disciplined approach to meeting them one step at a time. Because life is moving faster than it has in quite a while, you may want to do it all. However, be careful not to disperse your energy into too many different directions. Organize your time wisely.

Professionally, if any door appears closed, stop knocking and try another one instead. After September 6, Saturn, the planet of discipline, moves forward again in your career sector. You become more in touch with your true north and deepen a sense of purpose in the work you do. You could receive a calling of sorts or become inspired to commit to a new course. This is a peak period for you, and if you feel as if you have reached the highest level you can in your current work, you may be ready for a change. If this applies to you, but you aren’t quite prepared to take the leap, find ways to stretch yourself by learning new skills that would support a future job.  

Your ruling planet, Mars, ended its retrograde cycle on August 27. Now that it’s moving forward again, you could be motivated to move, too. Find a workout partner or try new classes. The new moon on September 9 is favorable for any diet or detox plan you intend to start.

The sun shines in your relationship sector after September 22, illuminating awareness about this area of your life. A few days later, the influence of the full moon on September 24 could help clarify issues you may have had in previous or current partnerships. Understand what triggers your insecurities or what you might be projecting onto others, and you could have an entirely new experience in love. If you are single and hoping to manifest love, relax and allow it to unfold. Trust in divine timing. Patience can be one of your life challenges. If you are involved in a relationship, you could feel more connected with your partner at the end of the month.

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