Astrology 101: Your Basic Astrology Online Class

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Astrology 101: Your Basic Astrology Online Class


4 Consecutive Thursday afternoons at 3pm PST

Starting September 13

If you have been curious about astrology and have wanted to learn more, you will enjoy this class!

Astrology is a tool you can use each day to help maximize your strengths, gracefully move through transitions, and understand your world a little better. Whether you know nothing more than your sun sign or you have a very basic understanding, this class will help you understand the symbolic language of astrology and use it in your everyday life.

By the end of the class, you will understand the basics of how to read your birth chart and use an astrological calendar to understand planetary cycles.

This is a basic class for those who have very little astrological knowledge.

Each week, you will receive access to an online video module. We will then meet via Zoom to discuss the information and apply it to your chart.

In this four-week class, we will learn:

  • Planets, signs, and houses

  • Significant chart points

  • Aspects

  • How to delineate a natal chart

  • Ways to use astrology to help plan major events in your life


September 13

September 20

September 27

October 4

This is an interactive an personalized class, and we will be working with your natal chart. If you have to miss a class session, the Zoom recordings will be available for you to watch anytime!

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