Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

This could very well be the best month of the best year of your life. How is that for a horoscope? That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy, but it will be rich, deep, rewarding, and life-changing. Love—in all its manifestations— is the big theme for you. What do you want to learn about love? How to attract more of it into your life? How make loving relationships last? How to receive more love from others? How to express your love more fully? Think about this question this month. The universe is opening and expanding your heart chakra through acts of kindness and generosity from others. Open yourself to receive all that goodness. Only by truly receiving (without feeling guilt or obligation) can you experience the joy of giving.

Marriage and partnership are prominent themes in your horoscope this month. If you are in a loving relationship, you may decide to take your romance to a whole new level. If you are single, you might feel finally ready to let your guard down and fall in love. If you are happily married, you might want to start a family or build a new nest with your special someone. If you are in a challenged relationship, you can reassess and even recommit to loving in new ways. All of this culminates with the New Moon on January 16, when that love energy reaches a new peak.

On January 1, a Full Moon in your sign activates a Grand Water Trine between dreamy, idealistic Neptune, and passionate Mars. This influence heightens your sense of hope for the future. This is an excellent time to establish goals for the year. You might even want to create a vision board to help your manifestation process.

In business, you could form new partnerships this month that set you up for greater success. New people entering your life could feel like “angels” here to help you out. Reserve judgment, as sometimes things aren’t too good to be true. 

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