Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Imagine you’re driving toward a steep hill. You can see it in the near distance, and you start to accelerate, pressing on the gas pedal so you can gain the momentum necessary to keep moving forward at a consistent speed. If you let off the gas, you might not make it to the top; in fact, you may even slide backward. To reach the top, you have to keep looking forward and maintaining your drive.

Think about your career this way. You could feel driven to reach new heights of recognition and success. However, with Mercury in Retrograde until April 15, you might encounter some delays, communication challenges, or technical issues. Don’t let these minor inconveniences disturb your overall incredible flow. Stay focused on your goals, and charge on!

The New Moon on April 15 signals the start of a career opportunity. If you are pitching a new business or starting a side hustle, this is a favorable time. You may not see the results of your efforts for several months but stay committed.

On April 2, Mars meets up with Saturn in your opposite sign. This influence could add an element of stress to a business partnership or primary relationship. You may even feel stuck in a conflictual situation, and you could find it difficult to reach a peaceful resolution. Therefore, try to avoid making any rash decisions about the relationship. Watch your words, too. Use this energy to commit to working together to solve issues. Focus on synergy and collaboration instead of compromise or argument. Ask more questions, engage in brainstorms, and find ways to meet minds.

The Full Moon on April 29 highlights romance for you. This could be an excellent time to make amends for any issues that arose during the Mercury Retrograde early in the month. All interpersonal connections will seem lighter, more enjoyable later in the month. It is a time for fun. If you can make that a priority, you can more peacefully flow through the ups and downs of this month.


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