Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

You have the initiative of a cardinal sign, and because of this, you have an intuitive sense of the future and a vision of your desired destination. So, you might grow impatient with the step-by-step path you must take to arrive. This month, understand the future is the past is the present. We are timeless beings, after all. You have already set intentions into motion with your thoughts and prayers. Now, focus on the present moment and give your all. If you feel frustrated at any point, shift your focus, relax, and enjoy where you are right now.

The new moon on April 5 energizes your career, and you could learn of an opportunity or pursue a lead. Whatever strides you make at the beginning of the month will take some time to manifest; you are creating long-term opportunities for yourself and may not realize short-term gains yet. After April 19, your outgoing nature pays off. Even if you are a total introvert, you can be a connector when it counts. Keep this in mind as you attend events. Consider everyone you meet a potential ally or friend.

Throughout the month, you have rare chances to dig deep within your psyche and uncover what may have been hidden for lifetimes. This soul work will most likely shift your relationships for the better. If you give more than you allow yourself to receive, you could find out how to have more reciprocity in relationships. If you tend to shut down rather than honor your boundaries, you could learn how to say no with grace and ease. To have more fulfilling relationships and avoid feeling resentful in the long run, prioritize yourself this month.

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