Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Your most intimate relationships allow you to see the best and worst qualities of yourself mirrored back. Annoying or irritating aspects of another person may trigger you before you can recognize those as shadow characteristics. For a richer experience of love, be willing to see and accept all your hidden parts. Notice when you feel frustrated or disappointed by others. Ask: What about myself can I learn from this person?

With Venus in your relationship sector from February 3 on, you could feel more connected to your partner or more enthused about the prospect of being in a relationship. Allow yourself to be surprised on the 14th.

You could be quite busy this month, as hard-earned professional goals begin to manifest. Opportunities may come from out of the blue. Mars raises your competitive drive, but only because you have raised the bar for yourself. In this season of personal growth, you could expect more from yourself and others.

On February 18, the sun moves into Pisces and awakens your sense of adventure. Explore new destinations or make future travel plans. The full moon on February 19 inspires curiosity to learn something new. The universe will leave messages, symbols, dreams, or guideposts for you to follow.

Now for the best part. Your love life is going through a metamorphosis-- one that starts as you let down your defenses and allow yourself to be seen. You are in alignment to have a richer experience of love. Keep facing relationship fears and steady yourself as you go.  

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