Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

When you surrender to the will of the divine, you fall back into the arms of faith, a process which is ultimately freeing, but only after your ego lets go of its need for control.

Perhaps you have set 2019 goals. If so, good! They will help you stay focused. Keep in mind, though, the divine could have a different plan. Surrender your need for a fixed outcome, and trust in the process. You are accepting new responsibilities and commitments in your life as you live with more purpose.

You have the courage to start something new, like a relationship or business partnership, and the solar eclipse on January 5 could help speed the timeline, helping prepare you to enter a new chapter. You start the year with ambition and drive, which could help you become more of a leader in your field or in the community. This competitive edge could help you set yourself or your business apart. So, promote yourself. For extra support, you could hire an agent or representative later in the month, after January 13.

As a natural caregiver, you tend to step in when those you love need help. This month, though, give from a place of free will rather than obligation. In your partnership, strive for balance by honoring your needs as sacred and setting boundaries accordingly.

If you are single, the eclipses on January 5 and 20 help you release any foundational relationship fears, like intimacy, to help prepare you for big love.

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