Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Happy birthday! This month starts out like a novel in that everything happening in your life foreshadows something to come. Therefore, pay attention to your dreams, signs from the universe, and clues in your environment. Buy a good dream dictionary if you don’t have one and look for symbolism in everything. Because you are on the precipice of remarkable life changes, be open to guidance. The universe wants to support you by giving you messages to assist with your plans. You may need to do a lot of letting go in preparation. It will all be worthwhile.

Financial changes in the middle of the month could lead to breakthroughs by the full moon on July 27, which will be a lunar eclipse activating your eighth house of shared resources, investments, and savings. Because eclipses can shake things up, this may not be the best time to make significant changes to your portfolio. After all, Mars is retrograde in that sector. However, this is an excellent time to review plans for the future and save as much as you can. It's also a great time to reduce debt.

The solar eclipse on July 12 is a powerful influence for you, as it’s in your sign! Breathe deeply and know everything happens for a reason. Look for meaning in every situation. Be extra gentle with yourself, as your health could be more sensitive than usual. If you face any conflicts or relationship challenges, clear things up with honest communication. Drop your shield and speak from your heart.

From July 5-8, romance is a highlight. If you are in a relationship, these few days could inspire positive growth and change in your partnership. July 5-8 is a great time to get away for a romantic adventure. If you are trying to conceive a child or hoping to adopt, this could be a turning point in your journey, thanks to Jupiter’s influence. Throughout the rest of the month, your love life could be full of twists and turns, whether you are single or involved. Relax and go with the flow. If you are on the fence about a relationship, you could reach a decision point in between the two eclipses. Own your power and make a choice. You do not need to compromise.


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