Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

I hope you set some birthday intentions last month because you will start to see early signs of their manifestations this August. Even unconscious intentions will begin to take root. Reflect on what themes have been up for you; those seedling circumstances will likely be the main storylines in your life for at least the next six months.

Up to August 17, you work through any issues of self-worth regarding your career and finances. This soul-searching could stir up your ambition, helping you reach new levels of financial success over the coming months. The full moon on August 15 highlights your finances, and you could make a return on investments. If you have extra expenses, adjust your budget, and don’t feed fear. Security is a Cancer priority, and with Venus in Leo until August 21, you will realize stability starts from within. At the end of the month, your mind functions at peak performance, which is excellent for learning, studying, writing, or teaching.

After August 23, you could deepen bonds with siblings or address unresolved matters with them. The new moon on August 30 draws you out of the house to meet neighbors and become more involved in your local community.

If you have had recent breakthroughs in your relationships, you can rest easy this month. You’ve done some of the soul-work to shift unhealthy or codependent paradigms. What’s next? You have entered a new chapter. You can now find more enjoyment in connecting with others. In romantic relationships, this new way of being can help you break down walls of self-protection so you can receive the influx of love available for you.

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