Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

As a Cancer, your life path begins and ends with home and family. That said, you often have to experience home as a state of being, one at which you can arrive and return no matter your external circumstances. Once you feel entirely at home within yourself, then you can root into a partnership, build a house, establish a family, and cultivate a community. This month, you’re more driven to deepen these roots. For some of you, this message applies to your physical space, and you could make a move. Others might feel compelled to commit to a person or course of action. Follow your inner impulse to settle down.

The new moon on October 8 could mean favorable news for real estate transactions. With Venus retrograde after October 5, however, you might have some challenges to overcome first. Try to keep the bigger picture in mind to avoid disappointment.

Venus retrograde also inspires captivating developments in your love life. Someone from the past could re-emerge and may ask for a second chance. Wait until after November 16 to make any promises. This retrograde period presents you with opportunities to learn and grow.

You start a highly fertile period after October 23, and the full moon on October 24 highlights your creative potential. Since romance can be unpredictable during this time, practice deep breathing and remember to remain open-hearted and confident. More than any other sign, when you are generous in love, your effect is contagious to all those around you.

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