Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Your horoscope starts out with an activity you can try. Sometime before September 7, see if you can meet three new people in your neighborhood. Take a walk through town or visit a nearby cafe, and strike up a conversation with a stranger. If you feel disconnected from your community or if you have recently moved to a new place, you can start to plant roots and feel more grounded. The more you experience a sense of connection and belonging, the more you, as a Cancer, can bloom.

You could spend more time with siblings or close friends who feel like brothers and sisters this month. Conversations could be brainstorming sessions for how you might host a reunion or family vacation. Work out the details, and follow through. The new moon on September 9 signals a new beginning for some of these relationships. You can overcome any challenges and improve communication with an open heart. If the past has been rocky in these relationships, try to look through the eyes of compassion, and, in doing so, you can see a bigger picture.

Several planets were retrograde last month, and you may have felt more nostalgic. If you spent some looking through old photos or reconnected with people from your past, you likely cleared energetic space in your life for new beginnings. This month, establish a vision for your future, personally and professionally. You may need to hone a skill to advance your career to the next level. Your mind is ready to learn new information. You might consider taking a class or working toward certification of some kind.

Professionally, you could move forward this month to solidify any partnerships. Work through all contracts at the beginning of the month, especially around September 7. Communication is a theme for you up to September 22. You may need to think outside the box for new ways to market yourself as well, especially if you own your own business or if you are thinking of hosting workshops or teaching a class.   

In your love life, you could have a stronger sense of security than you have in the previous two months. If you are in a relationship, you might feel more connected, surer of your commitment to your partner. If you are single, you could enjoy new romantic encounters this month with Venus, the relationship planet, in passionate Scorpio. Keep an open heart and mind, and allow yourself to be surprised. If you have felt jaded or disappointed in the past, offer yourself the opportunity for a renewed sense of faith.


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