Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This year represents an extraordinary time in your life when you can finally gain acknowledgment, recognition, and success because of your hard work. If you have been committed and dedicated to your mission, you will succeed. Stay the course, and keep your eyes focused on your desired destination. You will reach it in due time.

You may feel internal pressures, as well as a sense of the limitations of time and resources. This energy amplifies at the beginning of the month when Mars and Saturn team up in your sign on April 2. You could reach a tipping point, when you say to the universe:

Life can’t go on the way it has been going. I’m ready for something new. I’m ready to up my game, play with higher stakes.

Before you take a risk, wait it out. Let some of the intensity of this energy subside. By April 15, you will have more clarity about how to proceed. Until then, consider your options and develop a game plan.

If you are planning to finalize a real estate transaction or make changes in your home, you could receive the green light to close any pending deals. Perhaps you wish to make a move but don’t quite have the momentum to start looking. By the end of the month, you will gain clarity about these big decisions.

Your older relatives may need more of your attention than usual, and you could feel pulled in different directions as a result. After the Full Moon on April 29, this energy wanes. Try to prioritize your primary relationship and personal needs, even if that means setting boundaries.

Love and relationships are a definite highlight with fiery Mars in your sign all month long. If you are single, this is an excellent time to meet someone new. If you are in a relationship, you might consider embarking on a creative project together or starting a family.

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