Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This is a money month for you, Capricorn, and you could achieve the rewards of your recent hard work. On August 11, the solar eclipse highlights investments and shared resources. You and your partner might share ideas about how to maximize your financial potential. If you have had financial setbacks, this could be a turning point, as you could have profound realizations about your beliefs around money and how they shape your experience. Consequently, this month’s transits could compel you to invest in yourself, whether through advanced education or personal development.

While we are talking about finances, if you have been thinking about refinancing your house, taking out a loan for a considerable expense, or making changes to your investment portfolio, Mercury retrograde asks you to act with caution. While you have the motivation to make changes, you might need to gather more information. Triple check all details before signing any contracts, too. This applies all month long, even after Mercury stations direct on August 18.

Venus enters Libra on August 6, and her movement into your career sector is favorable for forming new connections, either through work or volunteer activities. You might take advantage of this influence by becoming more involved. Professionally, this is also a favorable time to update your public profiles. If your work has been slow this summer, it could speed up again after August 27. If you have considered expanding your business, travel opportunities could open new possibilities after August 22.

The full moon on August 26 highlights your curiosity. You could be inspired by a talk, lecture, or workshop. Maybe it’s time for you to lead one, too. Think about what you could offer and how you might share your expertise.

In relationships, your positive thoughts and attitudes can help you stay uplifted through any uncertain times, especially at the beginning of the month. Throughout the past month and a half, you have come to some important realizations about the changes you need to make in your love life. These can begin to manifest at the end of the month. In the meantime, stay focused on your relationships goals and seek help from a relationship coach or therapist if you need it.


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