Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Saturn, your planetary ruler, is the workhorse of the solar system. Last month, it stole the show several times. If you felt as if life was more work than play, trust your efforts will pay off. By January, you will understand more about the significance of this time. For now, be frugal, intentional, and dedicated. This month, attend to any legal, financial, or health-related matters. Do you need to check insurance rates? Amend your will? File your taxes (if you got an extension)? Don’t procrastinate the inevitable; you will likely get busier this fall and the winter.

The full moon on August 15 spotlights income-earning opportunities. Hire extra help if you need more time to expand your business or launch a new endeavor. You could also find ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses. If you and your partner have been at odds about these matters, consider working with a therapist to help you communicate more effectively.

After August 17, you could decide to go back to school or learn a new skill. Your mind is open and receptive to new ideas. Have faith in yourself, and explore all options. By August 23, you will have a clearer idea of how to proceed.

In your romantic relationships, your focus centers on how you share your life with your special someone. If you’re single, you may feel some resistance about merging with another. If you’re in a partnership, you could have frank discussions about how to support one another in reaching long-term financial goals. Let down your guard and become a true team. 

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