Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Saturn (your ruling planet) in your sign makes everything more serious. In fact, your love horoscope for this month could include an exchange of keys or engagement rings. At the very least, you could be contemplating ways to grow deeper in your commitment to your person. This isn’t a saccharine Valentine’s Day filled with chocolates, roses, and sentimentality. It’s deeper and perhaps even a little gritty. It’s real. You could have decisions to face and challenges to overcome. You have to experience love as commitment. Before any major relationship upgrade, Saturn puts us to the test. Are you sure you want this? How hard will you work for it? How much will you focus your energy on making it work? When you stay the course, overcoming obstacles and passing tests of faith, Saturn provides a reward. It’s like glue making the relationship stick. Those of you who are single may have opted to stay that way because you have experienced relationships as hard work. You might have instead focused your energy and attention on your career or community involvement. If so, you could be experiencing tests of faith and commitment in other areas of your life at this time. To all of you lovers, I offer this final message: Your ability to deepen your commitment to your partner depends upon your commitment to love and honor yourself first. Then, anything is possible.

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