Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) 

You will do some of the most in-depth soul work in your intimate relationships because they involve taking risks, being vulnerable, stepping outside your comfort zone, and having the courage to meet fear. Love is a force so powerful it can magnetize you toward it and away from fear, often despite practical considerations. This month, you will experience it all.

Venus enters your sign on February 3, and her influence can help you unconditionally accept yourself as a foundation point for self-love. So, mute the voice of your inner critic, especially around February 18. If you are single with intentions of meeting a partner, focus on self-love and have faith in your ability to attract someone remarkable (and available).

In addition to love, your finances could be in focus, especially at the beginning of the month. You may come up with strategies for earning more income, especially around the new moon on February 4.

If sudden shifts occur with your home, property, or finances, find ways to stay grounded in the present, no matter how excited you might be. You are living in a significant chapter of an unfolding story, and there will be more changes to come throughout the year.

The full moon on February 19 turns your attention to philosophical or spiritual matters. You could receive guiding messages from unlikely sources. Attune yourself to receive them. On February 14, Mars moves into practical Taurus, and you could enjoy an energy boost for a productive end of the month, especially if you are completing a creative endeavor.

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