Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) 

After a sizable earthquake, aftershocks can occur as the earth's crust adjusts to the big shift. Likewise, significant shake-ups in your life -- even exciting ones -- may lead to emotional tremors as you ground yourself in a new normal. Last year, you likely had a few of these, with both Saturn and Pluto moving through your sign. This month, you could revisit some of those events. In light of changing times, you could have a heightened sense of vigilance right now. However, leave fear and doubt behind in 2018 by releasing judgment. Take a deep breath and relax, trusting the universe is ordered and consistent. If you have been working to achieve a goal, success is imminent.

The solar eclipse on January 5 could offer an opportunity for recognition. With several planets transiting through your sign, the spotlight shines on you. So, live like others are watching.

January 11 could be a life-changing day as the Sun and Pluto join forces in your sign. Be bold in speaking your truth, and heed your inner wisdom. Keep an open mind and heart; you could receive guidance from unexpected sources.

With kinetic energies this month, your love life could undergo a transformation. If you are single, your patience may have been tested. Try to shift focus away from disappointments. The eclipse this month triggers the axis line between self and other. Find your balance between the two. Also, address any relationship concerns rather than hoping them away. With conscious attention, you and your partner could resolve issues and strengthen your bond.

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