Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Your ruling planet, Saturn, is like the risk manager of our Solar System. Its influence can help you assess and avoid potential pitfalls in life, and in the process, keep you safe and on track. Yet, if left unchallenged, that same protector within you could delay forward motion or halt progress in your life. When you assess all risks, you can grow to fear change. Your core life lesson as a Capricorn is to keep that part of you in check by balancing hope and optimism with discernment and caution. This month, no matter what the forecasts predict or what you read on the news about the state of the world and economy, keep your chin raised high. Several transits signify change, and you want to move cautiously, without either acting on impulse or stagnating.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, moves into the sign of Sagittarius on November 8. This starts a thirteen-month cycle during which your mystical sensibilities are heightened. You might begin this cycle by attending a spiritual or self-help workshop. Also, you might notice your dreams have more meaning and symbolism. Pay attention to the clues they are offering you. Keep a dream journal near your bed to write down a few bullet points when you wake up. This practice can help you tune into and work with your dreams.

The new moon on November 7 invites you to connect with like-minded people to build community. You might volunteer your time to help a cause or become involved in a networking organization. Leading up to that point, you could feel more driven to share your leadership gifts or grow more vocal in publicly expressing your thoughts. Choose your words carefully, as you could have a larger audience and platform in the coming months.

If your relationships have felt more complicated than usual, you will be glad to hear things are about to change on November 16, the day Venus, the planet of love, stations direct after her 40-day retrograde cycle. Up to that time, you may need to review past relationship decisions, confronting any unresolved issues with exes, or carefully examine how you communicate in your current relationship, especially about financial matters. If you are single, this self-inquiry could lead to the breakthrough you need to open yourself to love. If you are in a committed partnership, you may consider finding ways to relax and enjoy time together at the end of the month to balance out what may have been an intense retrograde cycle.

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