Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

If you have been diligently pursuing a dream, unwavering in your dedication, keep going strong! You are almost there. This month, you could rally the support you need for that final push. This message applies to all areas of life. You are about to receive recognition, and the new moon on October 8 highlights that possibility. First, though, you may need to review past decisions. Life circumstances often repeat themselves, and each time they do, you have an opportunity to make wiser choices.

Professionally, you could receive favorable news at the beginning of the month, especially if you have been seeking a change. Personally, any shake-up in your social circle serves a higher purpose, like encouraging you to meet new people.

Venus stations retrograde on October 5, and you may question others’ motives. If you belong to a group or participate in an organization, stay neutral when it comes to internal politics.

Relationships from the past have newly realized meaning in the present. Honor your history, but be cautious about freely giving your trust if there were compromises made in the past. Value yourself and expect respect. If you are single, a reconnection with a past lover could lead to a needed apology, especially around October 24. Allow yourself the space and time to make healthy choices. If you are involved, maintain a balance between work and play. Otherwise, you could feel disconnected. Enjoy a date night on October 26, when the sun cozies up to romantic Venus.

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