Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

When the sun is in Cancer, it is in your opposite sign. At the halfway point in your solar year when you can more clearly assess your goals and priorities. You also face some challenges, as you have to let go of some things to manifest others. So, this is a month of letting go. The good news? This letting process can happen gracefully, and it starts with radically accepting what you cannot change. If a goal hasn’t come to fruition in the way you had hoped, it’s okay. Perhaps your soul wanted something different. The key to happiness can often be found when you release resistance to what is and detach from your attachment to a specific outcome. Flow with life. You will see this in full effect on July 12, with the solar eclipse in your opposite sign.

This month features two eclipses, a solar one on July 12 and a lunar one on July 27. Eclipses symbolize significant shifts, but the changes don’t happen overnight. Often, changes signified by eclipse cycles manifest over six months or more. Honor your process. You are where you need to be on your path. If you need to adjust people, places, or circumstances, do so consciously without burning any bridges.

On July 22, the sun moves into the sector of your chart that relates to shared resources. If you are in a relationship, you might have some honest financial conversations. Work through any money issues in your relationship by developing a strategy to clear debt and save for the future. Emotions are intense this month. So, try to keep everything in perspective and work as a team. This month may not be the best time to make significant changes to your portfolio. During eclipse season, tensions can run high, and you might make a fear-based decision. Consult with your trusted financial advisors if you have questions, especially around July 27.

In relationships, depth is your keyword. If you are in a relationship, communicate openly and honestly to avoid misunderstandings after July 25. The end of the month would be a favorable time to work with a couple’s therapist to uncover more in-depth issues.

If you are single, you might enjoy your freedom this month. While others are undergoing relationship transformations with Mars in retrograde, you are bypassing all of that potential stress. If you feel lonely during this time, spend time with friends for connections. You are less interested in shallow affairs; hold out for what could deepen into true love.


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