Spiritual and Psychic Development for Astrologers, Therapists, and Healers

When you work in a service capacity, you best meet your clients’ needs when you have access to your full range of spiritual gifts. To do this, you need to find ways to work with both hemispheres of your brain- the intuitive and creative as well as the rational and logical. This class is designed to help you deepen your access to clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience, as well as fine-tune your intuition. These skills can help you interpret astrological forecasts, work with Reiki, trust yourself in a therapeutic setting, and more. This is an intensive workshop with “homework” before and after to help you hone your innate skills. It is designed for professionals, but anyone wanting to develop their spiritual gifts is welcome to attend.

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Learn Astrology Basics in this 4-Week Online ClassFour Consecutive Thursdays Starting 9_13.png

Astrology 101: The basics

Four consecutive Tuesday afternoons in June. If you have been curious about astrology and have wanted to learn more, you will enjoy this class! Whether you know nothing more than your sun sign or you have a very basic understanding, this class will help you understand the symbolic language of astrology and use it in your everyday life. By the end of the class, you will understand the basics of how to read your birth chart and use an astrological calendar to understand planetary cycles.

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Learn Astrology Basics in this 4-Week Online ClassFour Consecutive Thursdays Starting 9_13 (1).png

Advanced Astrology: Working with Transits

Four consecutive Tuesday afternoons. If you are interested in taking your astrological knowledge to a new level, Advanced Astrology is for you. In this four-week class, we will discuss astrological transits, an astrological forecasting technique. This will be an in-depth class exploring the spiritual significance of transits as well as how transits can manifest on an events level in your life. We work with your chart and will focus especially outer planet transits. This class covers part one material in a two-part Advanced Astrology: Forecasting series.

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