Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

Your mind is like a giant radio tower tuning into every nearby frequency; you pick up vibes from everyone around. During times of collective upheaval, you may be more sensitive than usual, and these are unquestionably some of those times. What can you do to protect your headspace?

Well, you could go on a spiritual retreat and take a break from your everyday life. Or you could start a technology fast, and turn off your computer and phone for some time. Or you could incorporate grounding rituals into your everyday life. Your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde until April 15, which is a great time to unplug, and in doing so, you might come up with everyday ideas for how you can calm your mind and still your thoughts. You might try meditation, mindfulness exercises, spending time in nature, or journaling, for example. Incorporating these types of activities into your day-to-day life will help keep you stay centered when others close by are off balance due to fear, worry, doubt, or sadness.

Changes in your social circle could inspire you to venture out and meet new friends. Perhaps you have been thinking about joining an organization or group of like-minded people. Explore your options early in the month, but don’t commit until you have a more apparent sense of whether or not the ideas resonate with you. You will have clarity after April 24, when Venus enters your sign.

Professionally, you have a more precise vision for your future, especially if you have recently felt a lack of real direction. However, you are only receiving glimpses right now. The full picture will need some time to manifest. Have hope, and trust the right pieces are coming into place. Keep your ideas sacred, and protect your intellectual property.

Venus moves into your sign on April 24, which will boost your confidence. This influence is favorable if you wish to update your style. It is also great for your love life. If you are in a healthy relationship, your partner helps you shine this month. If your relationship has been rocky, work through the difficulties during Mercury Retrograde. After April 15, things will improve if you communicate honestly with your partner and access the help you need. If you are single, the energy of Venus can help you attract someone special into your life.

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