Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

Congratulations! You have passed the most recent tests, and now you’re ready to exceed the limits of your life. When you face fears and push beyond, you energetically free yourself to shine like the bright star you are. You are ready.

Enjoy this highly creative and industrious time. You could be asked to more publicly showcase your work or step on stage to present your ideas to the masses. On April 5, the new moon kicks off a very social month for you, and you could meet new people or spend some quality time with friends. If a friendship has been on the rocks, being the communicative Gemini you are, you may have to initiate a clarifying conversation. Listen and keep an open mind; you could learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Mars in your sign motivates you throughout the month. On the plus side, you can accomplish a lot. At the same time, though, you could feel restless, especially if any aspect of your life feels stagnant. Burn some of that extra energy off at the gym; it’s a great time to get into shape. Mars also fires up your competitive drive, making this a favorable time to submit a proposal or enter a contest.

Financial concerns could preoccupy your thoughts on April 4, especially regarding taxes, insurance, or loans. When discussing these matters with your partner, remember to work as a team to avoid unnecessary arguments. Financial issues could trigger insecurities. With conscious awareness, you will understand the deeper layers of fear underneath those triggers by April 30.

April’s astrology highlights your independent side, and those of you in relationships may need more space early in the month. The full moon on April 19 awakens your desire for connection, though, and shifts your attention from *me to us. If you are single, allow your resistances to dissolve. Trust in new beginnings, as you have learned enough from the past to repeat those patterns.

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