Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

With boundless curiosity, you often search the Internet for new information, venture into new territories, try new hobbies, and strike up conversations with strangers. You are a generalist, with knowledge about many subjects. So, knowing where to focus your time and attention (when you actually want to do it all) could be a challenge for you. Well, your usual M.O. changes a bit this month, as you find your focus. Even though your ruling planet (Mercury) is retrograde and giving the appearance of moving backward, your mind is sharp. So, take advantage of the solar eclipse energy on August 11, and push through internal resistance or mental blocks to finish any projects you have started, especially any creative passion projects. You have wisdom and story to share. Trust the power of your voice.

You could also apply your mental focus to start a course of study. Your mind is expanding right now and may crave a good challenge.

Your curiosity could lead you down a slippery slope in relationships, however. For example, if others’ affairs pique your interest a little too much or you get swept up in hot gossip, you could become distracted from your top priorities. When helping friends or family, make sure you do it in a healthy, balanced way. In personal and professional correspondence, communicate articulately and honestly this month, using simple language to explain your point.

Your love life might seem like a blast from the past. Often, during Mercury and Mars retrograde periods, exes tend to come out of the woodwork. You could hear from people you thought were long gone. When this happens, rather than focus on the outcome of the reconnection, examine what it means for the bigger picture of your life. Any encounter with the past offers you an opportunity for self-discovery and healing. That person could be reflecting back aspects of yourself you would like to integrate. For example, perhaps that person has an air of confidence you’d like to have, yourself. Or you might miss how you felt and experienced yourself in that relationship, and maybe you long to feel that way again. Revisit the past, but test it out before staying there too long. If you don’t have encounters with people from your past, you may have to revisit repetitive patterns in your current relationship. Either way, by August 27, you will be ready to leave the past behind and begin a new chapter of your love story.

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