Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

During any creative process, you meet resistance. It’s the ego’s way of making sure you stay in your safety zone. So, you might procrastinate, lose focus, or busy yourself with other tasks.  Pushing through those blocks, however, leads to significant personal growth. This month, rather than fight with resistance, embrace it as a sign of great things to come. Distraction is one of the ego's greatest tools. So, stay focused and determined.  

February is the month for love, but it is also a favorable month for business expansion, which could come through travel around the new moon on February 4. You can grow your social network and form significant professional relationships with people you meet. Venus in cautious Capricorn after February 3 helps you carefully enter into new associations, being aware of any potential red flags.

Mars in fiery Aries until February 14 could spur your desire to debate those with differing views. Though you have a way with words, take time to understand the other perspective so you can have a more productive discourse, especially in your primary relationships.

With Valentine’s Day in the middle of the month, you may have romance on your mind. 2018 closed disappointing chapters for some of you. Don’t regress into those storylines! Instead, live in the now. If you are in a relationship, dare to stand still and be present with your partner. You are in a growth phase now, with greater access to your truth and in your power. Rather than run or create distance, open up and express yourself.

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