Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

As an air sign, your intellect is one of your superpowers. However, some circumstances this month need more of your intuition. Slow your mind and tune in to your heart for guidance. Realize this is an empathic period when you might perceive others’ emotions, thoughts, or attitudes as your own. In fact, with conflictual energy cycling through the collective, you may be hyper-sensitive as your perceptive abilities expand.

On January 5 a solar eclipse stirs up past financial matters concerning long-term savings and investments. If you have been considering refinancing or taking out a loan, this would be a favorable time to explore options, but before signing documents, work through any underlying fears.

After January 20, your restless spirit could seek a new adventure. A business trip could pull you out of town unexpectedly around January 22. Or family circumstances could necessitate travel. Find ways to satisfy your curious spirit through writing, speaking, or immersing yourself in a new book. You may need to balance your social and professional activities with a few quiet nights at home to kindle passion in your love life.

Though the weather may be cold where you live, keep home fires burning. Mars in passionate Aries could help, but it could also spice up your temper. Take a deep breath before you speak your mind, especially January 8-13. If you are single, your calendar may be too full for a new love interest. So, enjoy some you time because things could quickly change as Venus enters your partnership sector on January 7.

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