Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

Happy birthday! Life is moving fast, and it requires your full presence and attention. If you blink this month, you could miss something. So, be here now. In the present moment, you need not worry about the future or dwell on the past. At this moment, you can relax your mind. Try this several times throughout the month to stay out of overwhelm.

Unexpected financial opportunities, like a new client or bonus, could knock on your door. Answer by following up with all leads, no matter how random they seem. Whether long-term investments or extra income in the short term, take advantage of any positive cash flow, especially after the solstice on June 21. You might also consider a new approach to investing at this time.

The Full Moon on June 27 highlights business partnerships. Though this is not the best time to sign a new contract, you can begin a building process.

The New Moon in your sign on June 13 signals a fresh beginning in your life. "Focus" is your keyword. You can direct this palpable energy. Use it to work towards achieving a long-term goal. The sky’s the limit. Develop a step-by-step process and outline your plan. Celebrate each success along the way.

Mars stations retrograde on June 26, and you might have encounters with people from your past. This influence can help you reconnect with a lover for a fresh start. Conversely, you could finally get closure from a past relationship with still unresolved questions. You are in a period of feeling and healing. On June 21,  Venus opposes Mars, compounding that relationship energy. It could be intensely beautiful or confusing. If you are in a relationship, have faith and work out any trust issues. Mars in your ninth house activates your sense of adventure. You and your partner could find yourselves making last-minute travel plans this month.

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