Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

On November 8, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters Sagittarius. For the next thirteen months, this planetary influence will shine a light in your sector of relationships, opening you to new adventures in love or helping you form valuable business partnerships. Jupiter asks you to follow your heart and to have the courage to move toward what inspires and excites you. During the first few weeks of this transit, assess your romantic situation. Have you grown complacent? Are you living in a comfort zone of security but missing out on passion? Are you afraid of making a commitment? If, after some soul-searching, you crave a different experience of love, you might be ready for a heart expansion. Lasting change in any relationship starts with you. For Jupiter’s beneficence to work for you, first, show up for and be true to yourself.

In business, helpful people could reach out. Do not dismiss emails or messages from acquaintances from your past. Life could surprise you, as alliances and circumstances come full circle. Miracles do happen when you expect good things and allow them in. Professionally, you are on the move after November 15, and your momentum and creative insights can inspire customers, clients, or members of your team. The following day, Mercury stations retrograde. Your ruling planet moving backward may slow things down, giving you a chance to reassess possibilities, but try to stay focused on your goals. Any perceived setbacks can lead to a change in course. Stay positive and driven.

After November 6, an 18-month nodal shift begins, which could help you face and restructure your beliefs about money and material resources. From now until May 2020, you gain better awareness about your values and priorities, and you could become involved in philanthropic work as a result of a deepening desire to use your gifts, energy, and resources, to help a cause.

On November 7, the new moon advocates on behalf of your health. Given that this is the day after the election, you may want to take it easy and relax as much as possible, especially if you have plans to volunteer or hold a voting party. If you feel fired up emotionally, you might need a good detox or healing treatment around this time. Restore inner peace by aligning with the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.

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