Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

In the Wizard of Oz, when the character Dorothy clicks her heels three times and says, “There’s no place like home,” she discovers she’s had the power to access her heart’s desire all along. However, she had to find this out for herself by journeying along the yellow brick road. Think about your life. What twisted paths have you walked on your way to self-discovery? What heart’s desire do you seek to manifest right now? You, like Dorothy, have the power. This month, access it by defining your sense of home. Rather than looking outside for guidance or answers, plant roots, connect to your past, and lean on supportive people in your life. If you need inspiration, watch the classic film.

You could decide to make changes to your home this month, and if you have been thinking about starting a renovation or remodeling project, the energy of the new moon on September 9 could support you to finalize details and hire the right help. Start the month with a deep cleaning to tackle cluttered closets, drawers, or storage areas.

On September 22, the Sun enters compatible Libra and kicks off a new season. For you, this marks a time of fertility. If you have been thinking about starting a garden, you might consider meeting with a landscape architect or other professional for advice and help. Libra season features Venus, the planet of grace and harmony, and it’s a favorable time for beautifying your life. Fertility can apply to creative endeavors, too. If you have been creatively stuck or blocked, the full moon on September 24 could open your mind to new ideas.

Your ruling planet Mercury is moving forward again after a retrograde cycle last month, and you can now make up for any lack of motivation you might have had. If you own your own business or work in a creative field, you might think of ways to expand international sales or operations. No matter what kind of work you do, this is an excellent month to organize yourself. In doing so, you will lay the groundwork for positive shifts in your career.    

Reread the first paragraph of your horoscope and think about your love life.  If you have felt restless or unsure about your relationship, truly be present with your partner and find new aspects of them to appreciate. If you find yourself wanting to run, center yourself by focusing on the positive. If your relationship is stable and healthy, you could fall in love all over again after September 22. If you are single, come home to yourself this month, and from that centered, grounded space, you can attract love into your life.

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