December Horoscopes

December Horoscopes

This last month of 2018 will feel like the resolution chapter of an intense novel. It’s a time to reflect and recharge before beginning 2019.

We start the month with Mercury still retrograde until December 6. This Mercury retrograde has been particularly challenging for decision-making and communication within relationships. When Mercury goes retrograde, it asks us to fine-tune the way we express ourselves to others, and it’s a time to be honest without hiding or holding back. Mercury stationed retrograde in Sagittarius. The nature of Sagittarius is adaptable, and you may have overlooked details or had a few do-overs, which can be frustrating when you make a holiday purchase only to change your mind the next day.

Keep in mind: Mercury retrograde is a time to go inward and to deeply explore your inner worlds. Anything out of sync in your life will present itself for you to see and remedy so you can be in alignment with your higher self.

On December 1, Mercury slides back into Scorpio, and hidden truth comes into light. If you have had trust issues come up over the past several months, you could learn or intuit clear answers. Mercury’s move back into Scorpio will be especially important for helping us uncover the facts in recent political/social matters. It’s a good investigative influence.

On December 6, Mercury stations direct, but it will still be in shadow until December 24. Therefore, take extra precautions as you travel for the holidays, and focus more on connecting with those you love than on the details of what you do when you’re together. Make self-care and relaxation top priorities, even if you only have a few extra minutes for deep-breathing exercises during the day.

Fire and Water: The Astrology of November 6-11 and the CA Fires

Fire and Water: The Astrology of November 6-11 and the CA Fires

As I write this, the Woolsey Fire is still blazing in Los Angeles County, sending waves of destruction over more than 90,000 acres. My heart has been broken for days thinking of the losses. This fire hits home for me because I’ve recently bought a house in a neighboring community, and for the past several months, we’ve been driving up and down streets in the same neighborhoods involved in the fire. It has been intense to watch the fire spread so quickly and erratically knowing that our new home is just a few miles away.

Several people have asked me about the astrology of these wildfires. I’ve written up a brief overview of some of the most significant transits of that day. These are just preliminary thoughts, but I’ll be adding more in the future as I take time to do more research.

What I found so far can shed some light and also offer a note of caution as we head into 2019.

November Horoscopes

November starts with Scorpio Season when we are asked to plunge the depths of our deepest yearnings, core truth, buried emotions, and limiting fears. It's a time to slay your inner demons and then experience the grace that follows processes of transformation.

Two significant cycles change this month.

On November 6, the nodal axis shifts from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. The North Node will be moving from expressive, dramatic Leo into emotional, maternal Cancer. The nodes change signs every 18 months, and the North Node symbolizes our point of focus, our North Star. The North Node in Cancer invites us to care for and protect those we love, to understand the difference between emotional safety and guardedness, and to balance ambition with emotional connections. The South Node will be in the sign of Capricorn, which is the sign related to the public life. At the opposite end of that axis is Cancer, which is all about the home and family. You could feel an inner tug-of-war between these two polarities, especially if you are a Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, or Aries.

Since this is happening on Election Day in the USA, we might expect to see new themes emerge in our political conversations as well. This auspicious change on such an important day could symbolize a shift in values for the collective whole. Also, this nodal shift marks the end of the USA's lunar node return, which is a time during which there can be a crisis point in determining a sense of purpose and core identity. Everyone experiences a Lunar Node individually about every 18 years. This country has been going through its Lunar Node return this year. If you are around 18, 36, 54, or 72 years old, you are close to your Lunar Node return.

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 8, signaling an end of the 13-month journey through Scorpio. Jupiter can magnify and intensify themes represented by the sign it transits. Scorpio themes include death, sex, shared resources, anything hidden beneath the surface, debt, and more. Jupiter in Sagittarius will shine a spotlight on truth, philosophy, expansion, broadening our worldview, higher education, publishing, travel, and law. If you are a Sagittarius, this will be especially favorable for you. I will be writing a full article about this transit early next week.

The Scorpio new moon on November 7 could be quite intense. I recommend doing a ritual of some sort to honor the energy of this lunation cycle. Set intentions about what transformation you would like to experience in your life. For example, you may light a candle and speak aloud your intention to manifest opportunities for spiritual shifts that open your heart to experience greater fulfillment in your relationships and finances. Or you could gather with friends and do a group meditation to hold one each others' intentions.

November 16 is a tricky day for us all. Venus stations direct after its retrograde cycle (that began on October 5), and Mercury stations retrograde (until December 6). You could feel confused about relationships or encounter communication challenges. Retrograde cycles are excellent for helping us come full circle. They can also help clarify issues in life that may have been forgotten or swept under the rug. When a planet stations, it feels like it comes to a standstill. Therefore, pushing any decision through could be a futile effort. Give yourself plenty of time and space to make big decisions, and try to avoid signing new contracts at this time.

On November 22, the Gemini full moon takes place with the Sun in early degrees of Sagittarius. Early degrees are what we call "critical degrees" because they are the first degrees of the sign and full of fresh possibilities. There will be a lot of energy with this one, as a few days later on November 25 the Sun meets up with Jupiter. These few days, you could feel more optimistic, you may even receive opportunities from out of the blue. Those of you born on the cusp of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces will feel this the most. Jupiter's influence can also place a magnifying lens on issues in your life. Therefore, try to maintain perspective and don't let any one thing overwhelm you.

Read your horoscope….

Warriors in a Spiritual War don't Fight

Warriors in a Spiritual War don't Fight

Within the past three weeks, I have worked with dozens of clients in my intuitive astrology practice who expressed similar sensations. Tightness in the upper back behind the heart and unexplainable anxiety. At times, individual stories can reflect a microcosm of what we are experiencing as a macrocosm or whole. So, I began to see links between their experiences and what’s happening in the world right now. My conclusion? We’re in a spiritual crisis, but there’s hope.

Conflicting collective thought forms (like beliefs, rules, and cultural norms, for example) are simultaneously tugging us back toward the past and pushing us forward into a more progressive paradigm. As the old thought forms die, new ones come to life.

We have been spiritually evolving and fast, and we are experiencing a cultural renaissance in many ways. For example, we have more access to personal development resources of all kinds, like online courses, books, workshops, and podcasts. As we deepen our understanding of human consciousness, expand our awareness about our power to manifest change, and consciously link our mind/body connections, we better understand our creative potential. Our power.

As a result of this evolution, the collective beliefs, ideas, and ways of being that have served as our culture’s guiding principles no longer resonate. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of white supremacist patriarchy, and most of our collective thought forms were rooted in that paradigm. However, the ground for new societal constructs has not yet been solidified. Therefore, we are finding root systems in our individual truth and in like-minded communities. As we transition from one paradigm into another, we have an opportunity (and a great need) for some collective healing.

Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde

Once every 18 months, the planet Venus stations retrograde and then gives us the appearance of moving backward. That cycle starts October 5 and ends November 16, though you will likely feel the influence of this cycle during the shadow period before and after as Venus slows down and changes direction.

Venus is the planet that rules matters of the heart. She’s the planet we look to for insights about love, relationships, personal style, money, self-worth, and pleasure. During the retrograde cycle, you’ll feel a giant spotlight on all of these aspects of life, as you will have several chances to overcome fears, shift how you perceive yourself, and examine your relationships. Venus is stationing retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, which could bring up specific themes of intimacy, shared resources, and personal transformation through relationships. In addition to these relational themes, you could encounter financial issues related to long-term investments, mortgages, loans, or insurance.

Venus retrograde helps you look backward at your personal and financial decisions and course correct if necessary. Therefore, resist the urge to spiral into anxiety or fear about these matters. Instead, learn from the past, and resolve to make future choices from a more centered and authentic state of being. Chances are, things look and feel worse than they are. Try to see the bigger picture of your life if you feel disappointed or down on yourself.

This could be a period of relationship ups and downs because Venus retrograde can help raise any love-life issues to the surface. When these challenges arise, master any lessons before jumping to a conclusion. If you start to feel restless within a relationship or have an awakened desire to leave, then find help and support before making any final decision to end things. These heightened emotions can help you clarify your situation, but you don’t have to take action. It could be more relaxed after November 16, especially if you take the time to work through what’s triggering you. Patterns repeat themselves, and Venus Retrograde is a time to break those patterns.

People from your past could come back into your life, as Venus retrograde is often time during which you can gain altitude and shift your perspective of your past. That said, you could be tempted to reconnect with an ex. Take things slowly, and do not make a deep commitment until after November 16. It may be time to tell different stories about your finances and love life! You can reframe your past to give yourself a happier ending. This is especially true after Venus slides back into Libra on October 31.

You may find breakups happen during this time or divorce processes finalizing. Conversely, you and your partner may decide to cohabitate or merge in a more significant way. Venus in Scorpio wants depth, intimacy, and passion. If your relationship lacks these attributes, you could solidify a decision to move on. If, on the other hand, you desire more of these, you could deepen the commitment to one another. If you’re in, you might show you’re all in in a deeper way.

I have a very positive outlook on times of retrograde. It’s a time to pause, rethink, work through your most limiting fears and overcome feelings of lack and deprivation. In retrograde times, when you surrender, letting go of the desire for instant gratification, you open yourself to an experience of limitless possibilities and the flow of miracles in your life.

So, with that in mind, I want to focus on how you can make the most of this Venus retrograde period. First of all, look at your chart (or if you’ve never had your chart constructed, email me and I’ll send you a copy). Look for the symbol for Scorpio and Libra. These are the areas of your chart (and life) that will be in focus. Since Scorpio is the sign of transformation on a soul level, you might want to work with healers, therapists, or other lightworkers during this time to clear financial or relationship karma, fears, or outdated beliefs. Read below to see what this means for your sign.

October Horoscopes

October Horoscopes

Many of you are probably feeling glimpses of what October has in store for us. Venus stations retrograde on October 5, but the shadow periods started on September 2, when it started slowing down. Issues regarding relationships and finances could be at the forefront of your mind. Venus retrograde is a 40-day period to look backward, reviewing past decisions. If anything comes full circle, you get to make different choices this time. Therefore, you could encounter repeat performances of relationships or circumstances from the past that feel eerily familiar. These things happen because retrograde cycles help you break patterns to become a healthier and more integrated person.

Venus will station retrograde in Scorpio, and themes of passion, intimacy, and transformation will play out in your relationship. Because Venus also rules money, you could have some reality checks about investments or issues around shared finances.

Venus stations retrograde with a square aspect to Mars, activating tension. We’re getting a glimpse of that in the news right now. We’ve seen some public displays of anger (like in the Kavanaugh hearings), and conversations about gender and anger being prominent themes (the news regarding Serena Williams, for example). You could experience these types of tensions in your relationships, too.

At the core, Venus is the planet associated with personal value and self-worth. If you would like to make the most of this retrograde time, find ways to forgive yourself and others, be extremely compassionate with yourself, let go of past decisions, and reframe past mistakes.

With the sun in Libra until October 23, you could feel indecisive about moving forward with a financial or relationship decision, especially around the new moon on October 8. Pause, stand still, and take your time. If you feel impatient, understand that right now, you have to trust and align yourself to what is in your best and highest good. That might mean delaying gratification for something you strongly desire. If you do, though, in that waiting period, opportunities could open beyond what you could have ever imagined. The sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, offering you the opportunity for personal transformation. Therefore, early in the month, face any fears, feelings of unworthiness, or regrets. Then, by the end of the month, with a stronger sense of self-confidence, you can approach life from a more balanced perspective.

Read your personal horoscope here.

September Horoscopes

September is a month for transitions. With Mars finally direct and moving forward, life feels in motion once again. The eclipses in July and August helped shake things up for many of us. Eclipses spotlight the nodal axis line, and during that time, you gain more clarity about your soul's purpose. You can access the courage you need to make changes in life to better align with your purpose. However, with Mars retrograde throughout the summer, enacting those changes was a very slow process. In fact, you might have felt stuck, confused, or tired. The result might have been heightened awareness without action... and then frustration! This month, that all changes. 

On September 22, the equinox ushers in a time of movement. The Sun moves into Libra, a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs begin on solstice and equinox points. Cardinal signs are all about action and taking the initiative to make things happen. They also mark the change of seasons. Leading up to the 22nd, you might feel a burning desire to finish a project, reach a goal, or make a change. 

Any big shift in life involves a process. Be gentle with yourself this month, and take time to slow down to appreciate where you are at this moment in life, especially on September 18, when Mars challenges Uranus. You could feel some restlessness at that time. Those of you who were born during the first few days of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will especially feel that energy. 

The full moon on September 24 highlights the axis of self and other. Mars retrograde helped us examine our relationship dynamics-- how we handled anger, how we expressed our passion, and how we asked for the space we need. There may be some residual relationship stress at the beginning of the month, but things will balance out by the end, especially after the 30th. 

Read your full horoscope here... 

August Horoscopes

August Horoscopes

We have been in an "Eclipse Season," a period of emotional intensity between eclipses. It started July 12, and it concludes with the solar eclipse on August 11. Eclipses, being super full and new moons, wake dormant or suppressed emotions, which can rise to the surface of your conscious awareness. Heightened emotions alert us to what is in or out of alignment in our lives. They spur us forward, fueling our energy for personal change.

Because Mars is closer than it has been in 15 years and retrograde (until August 27), some of those emotions might include anger, frustration, passion, or courage. (You can see a live viewing of Mars here!) The heightened awareness you experience right now will ripple change into every area of your life. 

This eclipse (as well as the one on July 27), lies on the Aquarius/Leo axis, one that reminds you to use your talents to contribute to the whole. In living the truest expressions of yourself, you shape the global community. So, if you are looking for a way to make a difference, ask what most brings you fulfillment and satisfaction, and do that. 

Leo is associated with the heart, the connecting point in our bodies between the lower and higher selves. The August 11 eclipse puts a spotlight on this connection, and you could be more attuned to the voice of your higher self calling you to activate the courage you need to live a more self-expressive, visible, and purposeful life. But also, the sign of Leo emphasizes playfulness and enjoyment of life! 

This month, several planets are retrograde, including Mars (until August 27) and Mercury (until August 18). During Mercury retrograde, it's wise to communicate clearly, double-check all details, and go with the flow. To make the most of these planetary energies, take time to nurture yourself. If you feel stuck with a project or in any area of your life, then focus on whatever feels in the flow or enthuses you at the moment. Take time off if you can to reset and recharge. Mercury retrograde is also a time to finish projects, clear clutter, reconnect with people from your past, work with a healer, and self-reflect. 

July Horoscopes

July Horoscopes

This is going to be a month to remember because so much is changing both in our collective as well as in personal lives. You could feel fireworks all month long! If you feel like you're in a major transition but don't quite know what it's about, you're not alone. Several astrological indicators of change are all happening this month. 

First of all, we have two eclipses, a solar one on July 12 and a lunar one on July 27. In the two-week period between eclipses, you have powerful realizations about your life, including what changes you need to make to live a more purposeful life. You could feel heightened emotions as well, especially passion, frustration, or anger, as the moon will be conjunct Mars on the 27th just before the eclipse. 

Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde

On June 26, Mars stations retrograde, a time during which Mars appears to move backward in the heavens. Not only that, Mars is closer to the earth and all things Mars will be prominent themes until it stations direct on August 28.

It’s time for us all to take a step (or two…or three) back, review life goals and revisit unfinished business. The Mars influence drives us to defend our perspective and fight if necessary.However, your ego is quite activated, and your view might be skewed by unconscious motives. Therefore, you could become caught up in the drama of a no-win conflictual situation if you’re not careful. It’s important to keep your ego in check and try to see a bigger picture, realizing you might need to raise the white flag of surrender from time to time

June Horoscopes

June Horoscopes

The sun steals the show this month as it slides into Cancer on the solstice June 21. Anytime the sun enters a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), we can feel inspired to take action or to move forward in our lives. Cardinal ingresses happen at each equinox or solstice point. The equinox in March starts the astrological year, and it is a time for planting seeds. By the solstice in June, we begin to see a harvest. We can better see the manifestation of our intentions. In the Northern Hemisphere, cultures have celebrated the June solstice as a feast of fertility, abundance, and harvest. 

Shortly after the solstice, however, Mars stations retrograde and begins to square Uranus, which moved into Taurus in May shortly afterward, starting July 9. Mars is the planet of action, motivation, and conflict for a cause. In retrograde, Mars slows things down, allowing you time to reassess goals. A retrograde period is not usually a favorable time to launch a new endeavor, as we often feel pulled inward and could experience delays.

Uranus in Taurus 2018 - 2025

Uranus in Taurus 2018 - 2025

Every 7 or 8 years, Uranus moves into a new sign, and it’s a significant astrological event. Today, Uranus moves from Aries to Taurus. This transition will stir societal shifts as well as changes in your life over the next several years.

When an outer planet changes signs, it’s a big deal because it happens infrequently. Inner planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars change signs frequently, with Mercury and Venus about once a month. The outer planets revolve around the sun slower. Uranus takes 84 years to make one full rotation, and it transits through each sign about every 7 years. 

Uranus is the planet of change, and its placement helps us identify where we will see changes taking place in our lives. 

May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes

As we enter into the month we get a nice break after April, when we experienced the buildup of dynamic cardinal energy... within a Mercury retrograde period. Quite frustrating! April ended with a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio that was pretty intense for us all because it brought up a whole a lot of suppressed or hidden issues, especially in relationships. Anything unsettled had to come to the surface and you likely have had to get real about working for you and what wasn’t. Now, take a deep breath. The first week of May is like the rest period In an interval training. Relax and enjoy it!! 

Then, on May 13, things start to change. The biggest astrological event happening this month features the planet Uranus, the planet of change, surprises, and shocks. It moves into a new sign, Taurus, on May 15. When you think about this planet, think about lightening- sudden, and exciting. It’s all about breakthroughs. It changes signs about every 7 years, and when it does, we experience changes in different areas of our lives.  

March Horoscopes

March Horoscopes

March Horoscopes

We start a new astrological year at the Equinox on March 20, when the Sun enters Aries. In the weeks leading up to that point, you may feel driven to start something new or take action to move forward in some area of your life. The influence of Aries can inspire you (regardless of your sun sign) to move, break out of your comfort zone, and overcome fears. I encourage you to take advantage of this energy, and let it motivate you to do at least one brave thing this month. 

At nighttime, when you first turn off the lights, you can’t see anything. Your eyes adjust, though, allowing you to see in new ways. You could feel this way at times throughout the month… in the dark. This month could feel transitional in many ways, and you might feel uncertain. Rather than looking for what’s next, try to see the present in new ways. 

Your logical mind might be confused about the future, wanting to know how to reach your desired destination, but your heart holds a reserve of faith. As the connecting point between your body and soul, it whispers to you, “Keep going. You’ve got this! It will all be okay.” 

Astrology for Weight Loss

Astrology for Weight Loss

If you’re like many people, you have probably tried diet and exercise routines to lose weight. Food cravings can make those diets seem impossible to maintain. Did you know astrology can help you stay on track and achieve your health and wellness goals? 

It’s true! Astrology is a symbolic language that can help us recognize connections between our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. You have every planet represented in your birth chart, each one representing an aspect of your body, mind, and spirit. In addition, every category of food (and thus every craving, from meat to cookies) has an astrological correspondence. Sometimes, when a planetary energy shifts out of balance, you crave corresponding foods. 

When you understand the link between your food cravings and the planets, you can tap into a mind/body connection happening in real time. Then, you can assess whether the needs are emotional or physical. This can be super helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

      This month’s astrological news features a partial solar eclipse on February 15. Eclipses signify change, and because this eclipse happens at a degree opposite from the one we all witnessed this past August, it could magnify any themes present for you or for the collective at that time. So, before reading your horoscope, reflect back over the past six months. What life challenges have you experienced? What themes have been up for you? The answers to those questions could determine how this month’s energies play out for you.  Leo rules the heart, and its opposite sign Aquarius rules the circulatory system. Your heart informs you of your purpose and connects you to your soul’s desire. When you open your heart chakra (through prayer, love, celebration, grief, creative projects, or intention), you have access to more courage to live your life. When your heart is open, you can only live your truth because anything else causes spiritual and even physical pain.  When you live authentically, honoring your deepest soul desires, you circulate positive energy out into the world. The Aquarius/Leo axis emphasizes the relationship between the expression of the self and contribution to the community— the heart and circulatory system.    Because Valentine’s Day is also this month, and we are thinking about heart-centered things, I wanted to try something a little different with this month’s horoscopes. I want to focus this month’s messages on the subject of love. I also am writing this the week of my wedding, and love is on my mind right now! Next month, I’ll be back with my usual monthly forecast, but for now, let’s let love rule!  So much has shifted in the world, and more change is on the horizon. We are living in an exciting time during a paradigm shift. As a result, our thoughts and emotions are more influential in determining our destiny. You may have been contemplating how you can live your purpose on a deeper level; as a result, you have perhaps become more in touch with your personal desires and goals. Living the purest expression of yourself could be the key to unlocking your potential. If you were ever told you weren’t good enough for something in the past, give it another try! Maybe the timing was off. Let your deep desires express themselves in incremental ways, and you will avoid disrupting all you have built thus far.  By the time the Sun enters Pisces on February 18, you can more easily surrender to the magic of a co-creative process. Release any potential resistance to positivity by allowing yourself to feel more joy in everyday life up to that point.Finally, understand your limitations. You cannot singlehandedly solve problems or create solutions for big societal issues. However, you can connect with others, gather with friends, pray, and do at least one thing in your everyday life to make a difference in the world. When the Sun is in Aquarius, we feel more compelled to see beyond our individual lives and contribute to the whole, but we get to this point by more intensely feeling our passion and experiencing a heart expansion. From within, love radiates out.              


































































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February Horoscopes

This month’s astrological news features a partial solar eclipse on February 15. Eclipses signify change, and because this eclipse happens at a degree opposite from the one we all witnessed this past August, it could magnify any themes present for you or for the collective at that time. So, before reading your horoscope, reflect back over the past six months. What life challenges have you experienced? What themes have been up for you? The answers to those questions could determine how this month’s energies play out for you.

Leo rules the heart, and its opposite sign Aquarius rules the circulatory system. Your heart informs you of your purpose and connects you to your soul’s desire. When you open your heart chakra (through prayer, love, celebration, grief, creative projects, or intention), you have access to more courage to live your life. When your heart is open, you can only live your truth because anything else causes spiritual and even physical pain.


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    Happy New Year! 2017 was tough for so many of us because it was a year of change and movement. With Saturn's transit through Sagittarius, we had to face some truth that may have been difficult to realize. Losses resulted in some incredible new beginnings, but change is not always easy.  The good news? 2018 is likely to be better. It’s a year of grounding, stabilizing, connecting, uniting, and making commitments. It's a year for being intentional about how you move forward in all areas of your life. Hard work, dedication, and excellence will be rewarded.   Our year starts with a  Full Moon on January 1 activating a Grand Water Trine . This is potent emotional energy and sets the tone for the entire year.    Love and relationships are big themes for 2018.    I have been working with many clients to manifest relationships, reframe past experiences, make sense of a WTF world, clear energetic (and actual) debt, and live more purposefully. The basis for much of this work? Returning to the heart. Feeling and receiving love.  Maybe the subject of love is also on my mind because  I’m getting married in a few weeks!  So...      Love.     Love is powerful energy for transformation.   When I talk about love, I mean that pure source energy that you feel when you hold your baby for the first time; meditate or pray to the point of oneness; start a relationship; support someone going through a hard time; grieve the loss a loved one; make love; or experience a creative catharsis. It’s the feeling you have when you lose yourself and experience connection to others and to source. That ecstatic feeling is a version of love. And that’s what we are at our core- it’s what we are here to feel and be. Ecstatic. Love.  When we experience ourselves as love, we make right choices and take right actions. We understand on a fundamental level beyond words and thoughts:   Love  is  power . It is a basis for miracles unfolding in our lives.    So, if you want to feel more power in your life, and if you want your life to change,  feel  more love. Make it a habit. Do something to  fall in love with life  every day.  This month is a good time to start because we have Venus/Sun conjunction on  January 8  that can help us commit to loving.  Our relationships are going to go through some amazing transformations. Saturn has just moved into Capricorn, ushering in a three-year period of commitment and dedication. Saturn is the planet associated with our limitations, and its move into Capricorn urges us to get real with ourselves and others throughout 2018. You will gain clarity about who you are and what you want.  If you are experiencing struggles in your relationships right now, trust that you are growing and evolving. You might have a “make-it-or-break-it” moment near January 8-9, in fact. Use any challenge as an opportunity to explore everything. Some of our biggest spiritual expansion comes from the work we do in relationship with one another.   Many of you have received a “calling” of sorts or felt urged to make a difference in some way.  If so, let love lead the way, and perhaps, you can clear any fear-based obstacles on your path to greater abundance, success, love, and fulfillment.  The past two years have been trying. We are at a crucial turning point in our history, moving into a whole new paradigm of  quantum reality .  This means our thoughts and feelings are more influential in determining our futures than ever.  I encourage you to make a  habit  of  feeling  more love, joy, and happiness in 2018 (regardless of your life circumstances). In doing so, you can manifest more joyful, loving, and happy experiences in your life this year and beyond.   Let love encourage your actions. Love big and bold. I promise, if you do, 2018 will be  your  year.    Read your January horoscope here:      


































































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January Horoscopes

Happy New Year! 2017 was tough for so many of us because it was a year of change and movement. With Saturn's transit through Sagittarius, we had to face some truth that may have been difficult to realize. Losses resulted in some incredible new beginnings, but change is not always easy.

The good news? 2018 is likely to be better. It’s a year of grounding, stabilizing, connecting, uniting, and making commitments.

Our year starts with a Full Moon on January 1 activating a Grand Water Trine. This is potent emotional energy and sets the tone for the entire year. 

Love is a theme for 2018. 

I have been working with many clients to manifest relationships, reframe past experiences, make sense of a WTF world, clear energetic (and actual) debt, and live more purposefully. The basis for much of this work? Returning to the heart. Feeling and receiving love.

December Horoscopes

December Horoscopes


I hope you have travel plans this holiday season. Your wild spirit and sense of adventure could reach an all-time high. If you don’t make the most of this vibrant energy, you could end up feeling stuck in a rut. And I ask you: Is there anything sadder than a bored Aries? So, plan mini-adventures all month long. Then, you will close the year with a bang.

That doesn’t necessarily mean this month will be all hearts, smiles, and laughter, however. In fact, Mercury in retrograde from December 3 through December 22 could stir up a few conflicts or, at the very least, misunderstandings. You always have a choice. To engage or not to engage; that is the question. What is the best course of action? Is it to fight or let things slide? This month, you don’t want to allow minor squabbles to get you down. So, choose your battles wisely, and try not to let others' mistakes or misunderstandings cause you to go down an anxiety spiral.


November Horoscopes

November Horoscopes

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

Happy birthday! November kicks off what might be the best year of your life! Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, moved into your sign last month, and it will stay for the next year. Use this time to plant seeds, start new beginnings, and take risks. Anything you begin this year, whether a new job, relationship, health routine, or creative endeavor, will pay off in the future. So, think big, and resist being distracted by short-term projects, half-hearted romantic interests, or place-holder jobs. Use this dynamic energy to manifest great things in your life.