Happy Holidays! Here are December's Transits

Happy Holidays!

2016 shook our collective conscious- the web we make up through our intersecting spiritual cords. 2016 made ripples throughout it. We have all been changed by unexpected circumstances that carried us on a bit of a roller coaster ride. We had to either hold on to the status quo and make peace with ourselves and others, or we had to step away and move into the dark unknown of new beginnings. We saw this in our personal lives and also in world events.  

Our higher selves have been calling for pretty intense spiritual growth, and 2016 accelerated growth processes. Consequently, we now find ourselves more closely aligned to our North Node paths more than ever. 

What does that mean?

Your North Node represents a point of destiny in your chart, and it is directly opposite the South Node. Together, these points form an axis line that plays a significant role in your chart and life. Your purpose is what brings you the most meaning in your life, what fulfills your soul. However, it is unfamiliar territory. Thus, the closer you get to the realization of your North Node, the more resistance and fear you feel. Your Nodal axis tugs at your ego, urging you forward in often uncomfortable ways and then sends you backward to clear old karma/old emotional and psychological patterns. You slide back and forth between these two impulses throughout your life, finding a balance between the comfort of the South Node and the fulfillment of the North Node. 

The transits of 2016 pushed and guided us into our North Node territory, and as a result, we released many fears. We are now swimming in that collective energy of expansion and release. All sorts of emotional and spiritual debris have risen to the surface, and we are now clearing faster than ever before. Therefore, we might want to be gentle with one another over the holiday season. 

2016 is going out with a grand finale! This month’s transits are going to be quite amazing, powerful, and influential. Ride that wave! 

Venus enters Aquarius just in time to help us gather together in celebration. The next few weeks will help us gain mutual understanding, even for some of the most challenging disagreements. We are going to be showing up more authentically in relationships as well. Aquarius appreciates freedom, and it likes weirdness and eccentricity. 

The Full Moon on December 13 accentuates your need to maintain positive outlooks. If you feel waves of loneliness or regret, try to gain perspective by talking to a trusted friend or healer. You might just need a good cry, too. This is a spiritual Full Moon, and I encourage you to connect with your personal faith community or meditation group to gain insights. Self-reflection can help you prepare to move into Mercury Retrograde (that happens on December 19). 

Mark December 19 on your calendar. It is a wild one. Mars moves into Pisces, and Mercury stations retrograde. (And the Electoral College meets, too.) Things should get fascinating. 

In your personal lives, you may embark on a 3-week journey back through memory lane. You may feel more nostalgic and sentimental. This is a very good time to unplug and take a break from major stressors. Before the New Year begins, you will have several opportunities to say goodbye to some of the themes of 2016.Think about what big events you experienced this year. Then, write down some of the major life lessons you learned as a result. You may feel like your entire year is in a review as you move into the last week of the month. Pay attention to all of the symbols in your dreams, messages from Spirit in your environment, and emotional triggers you feel from others. All of this energy could be heightened to punctuate your soul growth themes. 

Then, pat yourself on the back when Mercury stations direct on January 8. You will then be ready to kick-start your new year and the new beginnings you anticipate. 

December 24 is another big day for you to mark on your calendar. Saturn, the planet of the past, and Uranus, the planet of the future, will have a nice trine between them. In your family relationships, you might notice shifts, as old systems, ideals, and values become more adaptable to changing times. Trines open the pathway for conversation between two planets. We are all, as a collective, releasing rigid systems and structures, moving through a dimensional shift. You could feel this personally, and gain clarity about troubled situations as a result. You could also feel more resolved about your personal goals for the future. 

The year finishes out with a transformational set of transits. All I can say is: Expect the unexpected.

Now, I write this while going through some Venus Transits. So, I’m feeling the love! Therefore, my holiday wish for you is this:

That you are a sponge for goodness,
soak it up from Spirit and from everyone you see. 
Follow synchronicity, 
so you can feel the power of your magic.
Deepen your commitment to your path,
and celebrate every step you have taken thus far.
Reach beyond your comfort zone
and open your heart to others.
Feel strength in times of openness,
joy in vulnerability. 
And that you know how carefully you are guided,
how deeply you are loved,
and how securely you are guarded
as you move forward on your path.