Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter changes signs every 12-13 months, taking a whole 12 years to travel around the Zodiac. On October 10, 2017, Jupiter makes another big move, transiting into Scorpio where it will stay until November 2018.

If you are a Scorpio, this could mean good things to come this year! For all of us, it suggests a time of digging deep beneath the surface, and in doing so, getting in touch with some truth that may have been hidden. We will see this in our personal lives as well as in the collective. 

What does Jupiter Represent?

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, faith, and wisdom. In your natal chart, Jupiter offers insight into your soul's spiritual purpose, where and how you experience "luck," your ability to manifest opportunities and goodness in your life, and the nature of your beliefs. Transiting Jupiter in your horoscope can help indicate the areas of life in which significant growth occurs through opportunities and positive life circumstances.

If you are a Scorpio, the next 12 months will be full of such opportunities. For other signs, Jupiter will transit through a different area of your chart, activating major themes represented by that sector. 

What it means for your sign: 

Aries / Aries Rising: 8th House

This is a good time to invest your money or to merge with another person and share resources. If you're in a relationship, you might consider deepening your commitment with your partner during this transit. Additionally, this could be a time during which you could receive an inheritance, finalize a loan, or apply for a line of credit. Spiritually, this is a year of mystical and psychological seeking. 


Taurus / Taurus Rising: 7th House

During this year, you might form a solid business partnership with someone or ally yourself with influential people to achieve common goals. Marriage is strongly represented during this time. So, if you are single and looking for love, this is great news! You experience growth and expansion through your connection with others, and people may come into your life unexpectedly to offer help and support. Legal matters are also favorable at this time. 


Gemini / Gemini Rising: 6th House

Take care of your health and well-being during the next twelve months. If you have had health issues, you might find solutions at this time. You may experience growth and opportunities in your career, possibly through a new job. Try not to take on too much at one time in your day-to-day life. Set realistic goals for your work and health so you can feel accomplished. Also, avoid trying any extreme dieting or sports unless you're trained and ready! This is a great time for a detox or medical procedure. 


Cancer / Cancer Rising: 5th House

You are about to start a year of creative expansion. If you have always wanted to take the stage in some way, now is the time! Write, play, and have fun. That's your year. Children are a definite highlight of your life over the next 12 months. If you have been wanting to start a family, Jupiter offers some "luck" with the process. If you have children, your bond with them might grow stronger. Love and relationships also expand during this time, and you might find more enjoyment with your partner. This is overall a favorable transit, one that helps your authentic self shine in a way others will definitely see. 


Leo / Leo Rising: 4th House

Jupiter shines its light in all matters of home and family for you. This is an excellent time to make a real estate transaction or remodel a home. This year, you will seek to find stability in your life, creating a nest from which you and your family can grow and evolve. If you have had conflicts or estrangements within the family, you might find ways to heal and repair the relationships. You may receive help from your family or be asked to help others. Your spirit of generosity runs high; take advantage of it and truly connect with loved ones. 


Virgo / Virgo Rising: 3rd House

Social media, communication, writing, and education are prominent themes during this Jupiter transit. If your work requires you to build an audience and network with others, you will find success at this time. Your mind will work in expansive ways, allowing you to be more creative in your work. Don't be surprised if you become more open-minded with regard to your beliefs and ideals. Any fractured relationships with siblings may smooth out, too. Travel opportunities could come up unexpectedly, especially in the form of business trips. Try to stay focused on your ultimate goals to avoid distractions. 


Libra / Libra Rising: 2nd House

Jupiter moved through your sign since September of last year, during which time you planted new seeds and sought opportunities. Now, Jupiter moves into your second house, and your work can pay off. The second house is associated with money, and you are likely to grow your material resources at this time. There could be extra expenses as well, though, so focus on prioritizing your budget. This can be an incredible time of financial growth, and so create realistic goals to save and increase your earned income. The second house also relates to our core values and self-worth. You might have a surge in confidence as you realize how much goodness you truly deserve and learn to better value yourself. 


Scorpio / Scorpio Rising: 1st House

This is YOUR year!! You have access to a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose and can grow in confidence because of this awareness. Your faith in yourself and your abilities is at a 12-year high. Reach for the stars, and do not compromise. Angels or people who feel like angels to you will come into your life to help you reach your goals. If you are offered opportunities professionally, make sure they align with your ultimate dreams. Distractions can happen easily- you can manifest a lot of different things all at once. Stay focused so you do not become overwhelmed. Be very clear about your goals and desires; think about your 5-year plan, not your day-to-day. 


Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising: 12th House

Your spirituality will deepen and grow during this transit. If you have wanted to explore your intuitive or other spiritual gifts, now is the time to seek a teacher. This year, your guides, loved ones in spirit, and angels may be more present to you. Journal and meditate to connect with your spiritual helpers. This is an incredible time for healing as well. You might consider volunteering to help others to facilitate your spiritual growth and offer a contribution. This is a time for deep soul work, and the deeper in you go, the more you will enrich your life for the future. 


Capricorn / Capricorn Rising: 11th House

Friendships of all kinds grow during this transit. You may meet new people, especially through groups or organizations. This is a time to socialize. Your capacity for connection is at a high point, and you never know who you'll encounter. Volunteer work may help you connect with people who will play an influential role in your life. You may also become clearer about your future goals. If you have been thinking about expanding your online presence, this is an excellent time to start a social media campaign or YouTube channel. 


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising: 10th House

Your focus turns to your career and public presence during the next twelve months as Jupiter shines in your tenth house. You could be recruited for a new job or decide to make a major career change. This is an excellent time to promote yourself, especially if you own your own business or are an entrepreneur. You could also receive new insights about how to have a more fulfilling career. Try to apply for fellowships or grants, submit your work for publication, work with a PR or marketing professional, and enter competitions to advance your career. Your confidence reaches a new high, but be careful to stay balanced. If you overcommit, you could become overwhelmed. 


Pisces / Pisces Rising: 9th House

This is an exciting transit for you, one that opens you to new adventures and possibilities. Your faith is at a high point, which is excellent for helping you manifest more positive experiences into your life. You might have opportunities to travel abroad that will help expand your worldview. You are attracted to spiritual studies at this time and may find yourself taking more workshops, retreats, or classes. Publishing is also strongly represented. If you are a writer, this is a great time to submit manuscripts for publishing. 


What does it mean for us all? 

If you want to gain additional insight about this transit, think about what was happening in your life 12 years ago. Big themes from that time may be up for you this year.  Also, reflect on the major world events of 2005. 

Scorpio's key themes are death and rebirth, money, investigation, sex, power, and psychological underpinnings. Jupiter will bring these themes into the forefront of our lives at this time. You may even see evidence of this in the news stories you read or throughout your social media feed. We are already getting a preview with the news about Havey Weinstein, which was a very Scorpio case involving sex, money, and power. 

Jupiter in Scorpio brings us deeper awareness about matters of life and death. For example, one big story of 2005 was the Terri Schiavo right-to-die legal case that caused us to question the nature of life. 

Scorpio's power is its ability to heal and transmute negative energy, often by bringing to the surface anything buried or suppressed. Deeply buried truth comes out, and sometimes it can be painful to realize. Once the truth becomes integrated, however, acceptance initiates a powerful healing process. After all, secrecy can become toxic to relationships and overall wellbeing.

Jupiter in Scorpio can help us all as a collective reach heightened levels of awareness about corruption and deception in the public and political spheres. As a result, this transit may facilitate a great clean-up of corruption within institutions and systems. (Let's hope so. We need it!)

Under this influence, the collective seeks deeper meaning and truth. It may help us uncover more incriminating evidence of corruption, deceit, sexual harassment, and abuse. That said, anyone acting out of integrity needs to modify their behaviors and live in alignment with their higher selves. This is a time to live authentically and follow your heart. 

Jupiter's transit through Scorpio will be a powerful time for us all, one in which we can heal and transform on personal and societal levels.