This month’s astrological news features a partial solar eclipse on February 15. Eclipses signify change, and because this eclipse happens at a degree opposite from the one we all witnessed this past August, it could magnify any themes present for you or for the collective at that time. So, before reading your horoscope, reflect back over the past six months. What life challenges have you experienced? What themes have been up for you? The answers to those questions could determine how this month’s energies play out for you.

Leo rules the heart, and its opposite sign Aquarius rules the circulatory system. Your heart informs you of your purpose and connects you to your soul’s desire. When you open your heart chakra (through prayer, love, celebration, grief, creative projects, or intention), you have access to more courage to live your life. When your heart is open, you can only live your truth because anything else causes spiritual and even physical pain.

When you live authentically, honoring your deepest soul desires, you circulate positive energy out into the world. The Aquarius/Leo axis emphasizes the relationship between the expression of the self and contribution to the community— the heart and circulatory system.

Because Valentine’s Day is also this month, and we are thinking about heart-centered things, I wanted to try something a little different with this month’s horoscopes. I want to focus this month’s messages on the subject of love. I also am writing this the week of my wedding, and love is on my mind right now! Next month, I’ll be back with my usual monthly forecast, but for now, let’s let love rule!

So much has shifted in the world, and more change is on the horizon. We are living in an exciting time during a paradigm shift. As a result, our thoughts and emotions are more influential in determining our destiny. You may have been contemplating how you can live your purpose on a deeper level; as a result, you have perhaps become more in touch with your personal desires and goals. Living the purest expression of yourself could be the key to unlocking your potential. If you were ever told you weren’t good enough for something in the past, give it another try! Maybe the timing was off. Let your deep desires express themselves in incremental ways, and you will avoid disrupting all you have built thus far.

By the time the Sun enters Pisces on February 18, you can more easily surrender to the magic of a co-creative process. Release any potential resistance to positivity by allowing yourself to feel more joy in everyday life up to that point.Finally, understand your limitations. You cannot singlehandedly solve problems or create solutions for big societal issues. However, you can connect with others, gather with friends, pray, and do at least one thing in your everyday life to make a difference in the world. When the Sun is in Aquarius, we feel more compelled to see beyond our individual lives and contribute to the whole, but we get to this point by more intensely feeling our passion and experiencing a heart expansion. From within, love radiates out.