Venus Retrograde

Once every 18 months, the planet Venus stations retrograde and then gives us the appearance of moving backward. That cycle starts October 5 and ends November 16, though you will likely feel the influence of this cycle during the shadow period before and after as Venus slows down and changes direction.

Venus is the planet that rules matters of the heart. She’s the planet we look to for insights about love, relationships, personal style, money, self-worth, and pleasure. During the retrograde cycle, you’ll feel a giant spotlight on all of these aspects of life, as you will have several chances to overcome fears, shift how you perceive yourself, and examine your relationships. Venus is stationing retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, which could bring up specific themes of intimacy, shared resources, and personal transformation through relationships. In addition to these relational themes, you could encounter financial issues related to long-term investments, mortgages, loans, or insurance.

Venus retrograde helps you look backward at your personal and financial decisions and course correct if necessary. Therefore, resist the urge to spiral into anxiety or fear about these matters. Instead, learn from the past, and resolve to make future choices from a more centered and authentic state of being. Chances are, things look and feel worse than they are. Try to see the bigger picture of your life if you feel disappointed or down on yourself.

This could be a period of relationship ups and downs because Venus retrograde can help raise any love-life issues to the surface. When these challenges arise, master any lessons before jumping to a conclusion. If you start to feel restless within a relationship or have an awakened desire to leave, then find help and support before making any final decision to end things. These heightened emotions can help you clarify your situation, but you don’t have to take action. It could be more relaxed after November 16, especially if you take the time to work through what’s triggering you. Patterns repeat themselves, and Venus Retrograde is a time to break those patterns.

People from your past could come back into your life, as Venus retrograde is often time during which you can gain altitude and shift your perspective of your past. That said, you could be tempted to reconnect with an ex. Take things slowly, and do not make a deep commitment until after November 16. It may be time to tell different stories about your finances and love life! You can reframe your past to give yourself a happier ending. This is especially true after Venus slides back into Libra on October 31.

You may find breakups happen during this time or divorce processes finalizing. Conversely, you and your partner may decide to cohabitate or merge in a more significant way. Venus in Scorpio wants depth, intimacy, and passion. If your relationship lacks these attributes, you could solidify a decision to move on. If, on the other hand, you desire more of these, you could deepen the commitment to one another. If you’re in, you might show you’re all in in a deeper way.

I have a very positive outlook on times of retrograde. It’s a time to pause, rethink, work through your most limiting fears and overcome feelings of lack and deprivation. In retrograde times, when you surrender, letting go of the desire for instant gratification, you open yourself to an experience of limitless possibilities and the flow of miracles in your life.

So, with that in mind, I want to focus on how you can make the most of this Venus retrograde period. First of all, look at your chart (or if you’ve never had your chart constructed, email me and I’ll send you a copy). Look for the symbol for Scorpio and Libra. These are the areas of your chart (and life) that will be in focus. Since Scorpio is the sign of transformation on a soul level, you might want to work with healers, therapists, or other lightworkers during this time to clear financial or relationship karma, fears, or outdated beliefs. Read below to see what this means for your sign.

Venus Retrograde for Aries:

Venus retrograde spotlights all aspects of partnership and committed relationships. This cycle offers you an opportunity to look back at past relationships and review all life lessons you learned. If you are in a relationship, you could question specific relationship dynamics. Remove the critical lenses, and see your partner through the eyes of compassion and love. Understand your differences, and try to gain perspective.

Venus retrograde is also a time to dig deeper and experience more intimacy. If you are single, find out how to let your guard down if you want to attract love. You might consider taking a workshop or going through a counseling process.

Memories of past experiences can rise to the surface for you to gain awareness. This may bring people from your past back into your life or situations that mirror those past experiences. The key here is to go into the fire and heal those experiences so that your present relationships can transform. Venus retrograde is also a time when you might feel frustration or resentment with your shared finances, especially if you feel unsupported. You may also evaluate your investments. This is just a time for evaluation, though, and not a time for speculation or change.

Venus Retrograde for Taurus:

Venus retrograde shines her light in your sector of partnerships. You could go through a period of reevaluation of your love life. What are your needs and wants in relationships? Are they being met? Maybe you’re single, and this is a turning point for you. If you feel complacent in your partnership, you might experience a good shake-up to help deepen your connection. When conflicts ensue, you could find yourself striving for peace, even if it means to compromise. This retrograde period could help you lower your stubborn guard.

If you are single, this is a great time to journal and come to terms with what you want. Use this time to clear old attachments. Also, heal deep relationship wounds. This is also a time to express your affection and love, and not withhold. Don’t stand in your way or sabotage great relationships.

This could also be a time to rethink your relationships with managers, agents, or representatives. Put yourself first, and don’t hesitate to ask for more from these partners, too.

Venus Retrograde for Gemini:

Venus does not like to restrict her food. She has an appetite. If you have been indulging in food and having extra drinks, you might feel an inner pull to detox. A clearer body makes for a clearer mind, and for the career changes represented with this retrograde cycle, you need your full attention and focus. Start the retrograde period with a cleanse- and set the intention to love your body and nourish it with goodness. You may even try a raw food diet or some plan that helps you clear your head as well as your gut.

You might also want to focus on the Taurus qualities of Venus- practicality regarding relationships and work. If you are having issues romanticizing a love interest or past love who is unavailable or ultimately not healthy for you, this is a time to surrender the fantasy and look carefully at your needs in relationships, especially from October 31-November 16. You are moving through a process of discerning where to focus your attention and prioritize your life.

Venus retrograde would also be an excellent time to clean closets, purge storage units, and toss photos and gifts from your exes.

Venus Retrograde for Cancer:

Venus retrograde stirs your creative juices, but you may feel blocked from expressing yourself. Others might pull you into their creative projects, which could help fire your motivation for finishing your own work. You could be drawn back into the past to reflect on unfulfilled creative visions, dreams, and goals. If you have had challenges with your children or with conceiving, you may have to do some soul-searching and find out how to approach things from a different perspective.

Romance could go from hot to cold. If you are single, stay unattached and free. If someone comes back into your life from the past, weigh your options carefully. Have fun without pressure, and above all, stay in integrity.

From October 31-November 16, Venus moves back into your fourth house of home and family, and you could wrap up or finalize any pending real estate transactions. Wait until after November 16 to start major home renovations. Your taste and style could undergo a metamorphosis in those last few weeks of the retrograde cycle.

Venus Retrograde for Leo:

This retrograde spotlights your home, family, and inner life. This is a time to examine at your early childhood influences and understand how they shaped your beliefs. Those beliefs set the foundation for your life. Self-inquiry can help you make adjustments or let go of anything no longer serving you.

You could feel inspired to make to your home environment, though I would advise against initiating major renovations. Your aesthetic sensibilities are going through a metamorphosis and will likely change by November 16. This is a favorable time to finish anything underway, however.

During the retrograde period, you may desire to stay at home but not be able to because of a hectic schedule. So, make time for YOU. Conflicts with family members could result from minor miscommunications, especially from October 31-November 16. Remember to be gentle with others, and honor your time and energy enough to steer away from drama or distraction.

Venus Retrograde for Virgo:

During this 40-day cycle, your communication skills will be under the spotlight. This is a time to reexamine how you express yourself to others. If others seem rude or curt, they may be reminding you to be gentler with others and more understanding. You may feel the need to be a bit more introverted to manage the outflow of your creative energy, especially if you have had creative blocks. This is a great time to finish past creative projects.

In relationships, the Venus in retrograde influence brings up nostalgia and feelings of love and compassion. This is a great time of healing in relationships with siblings. You might want to journal about those relationships, especially if there has been a strain. Maybe share your feelings of love with those people. It can open the door for transformation in those relationships.

When Venus moves back into Libra on October 31, watch your budget! Be realistic about how much you can spend, and resist the urge to make a large purchase if it doesn’t have a return policy.

Venus Retrograde for Libra:

Venus retrograde gives you the opportunity to confront situations that challenge your beliefs about money and values. During this time, you could tend extravagance. So, try to be practical and realistic about your finances. Are you indulging in retail therapy? Keep yourself on a budget, and stick to it to avoid large credit card bills or buyer’s remorse. On a positive note, if you find yourself wanting to spend more at this time- particularly on food, clothing, and luxury items, you could be inspired to find ways to increase your income.

One way to positively handle this situation is to spell out for yourself your values and priorities. Then, start a savings plan of some sort- even if it is just putting pennies into an account each day or week. That will allow you to have some focus and make headway toward your financial goals.

From October 31-November 16, Venus moves back into your sign. You may need a boost of confidence. Turn down the voice of your inner critic, and look at yourself through the eyes of love and compassion. If you struggle with this at any point, you might try self-forgiveness meditations or exercises.

Venus Retrograde for Scorpio:

Venus retrograde asks you to boost your confidence and self-esteem. You could be more concerned about your appearance and how you present yourself to the world. If you feel it’s time to reinvent yourself, start with a makeover. It’s not the time to do anything too out of the ordinary, as the retrograde period might influence you to make changes that you could regret once Venus stations direct and you are back on track.

It’s a time when you want to avoid conflict so that you appear peaceful and harmonious, which can be tough when everything feels so much more intense. If people seem rude, try to take the higher road. Act with compassion. Someone might engage in a conflict. Play the mediator. You have the opportunity to bring peace and harmony to your environment and attract new people into your life. If you need to make amends, do so early in the retrograde period. Forgive yourself and others for past situations, and you can experience greater inner peace.

From October 31-November 16, trust your intuition, especially if you are confused about a relationship. Be willing to see the whole truth.

Venus Retrograde for Sagittarius:

Nurture yourself. Have compassion for yourself. Try to understand others’ perspectives, but prioritize yourself. Honor your truth first. You may experience difficulty having a clear sense of what you want in your relationships, and things could feel elusive as if anything could change in a moment’s notice. Therefore, keep a healthy detachment, trying not to cling too tightly to any relationship or financial outcomes. Maintain your goals, yes, but go with the flow.

Using this period for volunteer work and service would be great. Love for all of humanity is coursing through your veins right now. This is a very spiritual time, and you may become inspired to join a faith community or meditation group. Connecting with others for a higher good, while keeping your ego in check, would be the best use of this transit.

Venus Retrograde for Capricorn:

Venus retrograde shines a spotlight on your friendships and social networks. You could undergo a period of questioning motives of friends. It could be a time to rethink friendships or find ways to communicate your needs better. Friends you haven’t seen in a long time resurface, and you could have a chance to revisit those connections and even gain closure. It is important not to feel obligated to engage in any relationships that aren’t supportive of your future. Sometimes, past relationships resurface to show us how much we’ve grown, and they can offer us a chance to make a different choice this time. You may want to narrow down your social obligations, particularly if you are involved in many groups or organizations. Figure out what’s important to you.

If you suddenly feel feelings for a friend or co-worker, you don’t have to act on impulse. Take your time, delaying gratification, to make sure you stay in integrity. If even one tiny part of you says, “No,” honor that part.

Venus Retrograde for Aquarius:

How do others see you? How do you want them to see you? Venus retrograde spotlights your reputation and presence in the world. Refine your public persona this retrograde. Primarily, you can project an image of success, financially and personally. Also, you can do it without spending an extra penny. Start with your social media profile.

Venus retrograde is a favorable time for working on your professional mission statement. Narrow in on your skills, talents, and abilities. At any moment, be prepared to defend or promote yourself.

Redecorate your resume as well as your office space. You might attract a mentor or a guide at this time, too, who can help you refine your image.

In relationships, try to avoid starting a romantic fling with a coworker, as it could hurt your reputation. The same message applies to any romance that compromises your integrity. In all matters of the heart, work through power issues and gain clarity about the relationship messages your parents passed down from your childhood.

Venus Retrograde for Pisces:

What allows you to feel free? Answer that question, and you can continue to move beyond your limitations. You may have dreams and visions of long-distance travel or creative pursuits. If financial fears seem like setbacks to fulfilling those dreams, take a few deep breaths and relax those worries. Your vision may be greater than the reality at this time, but let that desire fuel your impetus to change. Also, you may wish to share your ideas and philosophy with others. Release any fear of judgment. Honor your truth, but keep an open mind to expand your perspective.

Practice enthusiasm. Dream big. Write it all down, and then you will have more focus on the practical steps to take once Venus goes direct. The key is to let go of disappointment and remain open to movements in your life.

From October 31-November 16, alleviate any financial concerns by sticking to your budget and saving as much as possible. Do not tap into the collective economic fears. Instead, focus on your goals and improve your faith.