October Horoscopes

Many of you are probably feeling glimpses of what October has in store for us. Venus stations retrograde on October 5, but the shadow periods started on September 2, when it started slowing down. (Read about Venus Retrograde here.) Issues regarding relationships and finances could be at the forefront of your mind. Venus retrograde is a 40-day period to look backward, reviewing past decisions. If anything comes full circle, you get to make different choices this time. Therefore, you could encounter repeat performances of relationships or circumstances from the past that feel eerily familiar. These things happen because retrograde cycles help you break patterns to become a healthier and more integrated person.

Venus will station retrograde in Scorpio, and themes of passion, intimacy, and transformation will play out in your relationship. Because Venus also rules money, you could have some reality checks about investments or issues around shared finances.

Soon after Venus stations retrograde, she moves into a square aspect to Mars, activating tension. We’re seeing a glimpse of that in the news right now. We’ve seen some public displays of anger (like in the Kavanaugh hearings), and conversations about gender and anger being prominent themes (the news regarding Serena Williams, for example). You could experience these types of tensions in your relationships, too.

At the core, Venus is the planet associated with personal value and self-worth. If you would like to make the most of this retrograde time, find ways to forgive yourself and others, be extremely compassionate with yourself, let go of past decisions, and reframe past mistakes. Also, make resolutions about your love life and finances by setting goals.

With the sun in Libra until October 23, you could feel indecisive about moving forward with a financial or relationship decision, especially around the new moon on October 8. Pause, stand still, and take your time. Mercury in Scorpio after October 9 can help you research to make a more informed decision.

If you feel impatient about anything in life right now, trust that things will work out and align yourself to what’s in your best and highest good. That might mean delaying gratification for something you strongly desire. If you do, though, in that waiting period, opportunities could open up beyond what you could have ever imagined.

The sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, offering you the opportunity for personal transformation. Therefore, early in the month, face any fears, feelings of unworthiness, or regrets. Then, by the end of the month, with a stronger sense of self-confidence, you can approach life from a more balanced perspective.

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